How to Make Your Cat Happy Indoors?

How to make your cat happy indoors..

As a pet parent who cares so much about his or her pet, the happiness of your feline companion should be your greatest concern at all times.

You might have even asked questions such as ‘’how can I be sure my cat is happy?” “What are the things I can do to make my cat happy?” all these questions are expected to have been asked about just making your cat happy, just as you will want to please and make your friends and family happy at all times

This article has been written to provide answers to questions you can ask as regards making your cat happy indoors without them having to go outside before they can be happy and satisfy their natural instincts.

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How to keep a single cat happy

Research has shown that cats are very social and they require all the attention they can get. They suffer attention when left alone for long hours which is more peculiar to single cats. As a pet parent getting a perfect companion that will make your feline happy at all times will be the perfect solution

There are several tips that if followed can help keep your single cat happy at all times, some of which include:

  • CREATE A PLAYGROUND INSIDE: It is a myth that cats can only satisfy their natural instinct of climbing jumping etc. when outside. With proper planning and the right set of toys, cat trees, etc. your cat can enjoy itself without being lonely indoors.

Is true that cats are designed to climb, jump and move from one place to another. In this situation, a cat tree is a perfect spot for your cat to relax, scratch, jump and climb. Majority of cat trees comes with spacious rooms, toys, etc. that will keep your cat engaged at all times

  • PLAY WITH YOUR CAT EACH DAY: To get your single cat happy at all times, you have to give him or her the attention they require. Try different types of cat toys that allow your cat to jump, chase, kick, climb, etc. This is not only important in making your cat happy, but it also helps build a great relationship between you and your cat. It is very important to get toys that are safe and would not pose any threat or danger to your feline companion.
  • PLACE YOUR CAT TREE OR CREATE A WINDOW CLOSE TO THE OUTSIDE:  Cats love fascinating and jaw-dropping views which will get them engaged at all times. They love to see the birds fly, see squirrels climb, etc. all this makes them feel like they are outside and it makes them really happy.

The life expectancy of an indoor cat is 13-17 years while for an outdoor cat is just 5 years. All you need to do is just bring the outside indoors for your cat to enjoy!

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What do indoor cats need?

A cat can live indoors and be very happy, most especially if he or she has been living indoors since he or she was a kitten. An indoor cat has some particular needs because they cannot go out and because if this reason adequate provision should be made for him or her. Some of the needs include:

  • A scratching post: A cat scratching post is used for stretching and exercise for your cat. So, getting a cat scratching post is very essential to the health and general well-being of your cat. Most especially when your cat is a single cat.
  • A litter tray: A cat litter tray is a must-have for all cat parents as the advantages are very numerous. It potentially helps prevent accidents and the risk of stress in your cat as well as bowel problems because your cat will not have to go outside or you getting involved when him or her need to visit the toilet
  • Food and water: Food and water are very essential for the growth and development of your cat. It is very important that the right combination of food is given. Using a cat feeder from Closer Pets is a great way to ensure your cat eats the right amount at the right time. They can also help you regulate the amount of food your moggie can access throughout the day.
  • Regular exercise: Regular exercise is very essential for your cat’s overall health, it is needed for his or her mental well-being. Ensure that your cat engage in activities that will help him or her exercise his or her hunting abilities and in the same way exercise
  • Cat toys: Cat toys are needed to help your cat grow and acquire cognitive and motor skills and to also socialize. There are a variety of toys that they can play with ranging from small toys resembling mice etc.

The needs of an indoor cat are numerous and as a loving and caring pet parent, it is very essential that you know the basic needs of your cat.

Do indoor cats get depressed?

How to make your cat happy indoors

Just like humans, cat feels great and strong emotions which could be due to one reason or the other. Yes, Indoor cats can be depressed and this is due to many reasons. Just like humans, when left alone we get lonely and this might lead to a depressed state. This case is the same for our feline companion as research shows that cats that are not given attention have the tendencies of getting depressed.

Lonely cats do not have who to bond with or who to interact with and because of this they get so depressed and one of the signs is that they are extremely quiet and sometimes may refuse to eat. It is necessary to have toys, cat tree, cat condos etc. for your cat to have fun and be happy.

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How to make your cat happy

These tips are necessary to be followed in ensuring that your indoor cat is happy at all times. They are numerous, but some of them include:

  • Provide your cat with toys
  • Ensure they have a spacious and roomy environment to play and have fun
  • Spend enough time with your cat
  • Feed your cat well
  • Keep its environment clean

A final word on how to make your cat happy

It is expedient that the general well-being of your cat is taken into serious consideration at all times. A depressed cat is not a happy cat and you don’t want to keep a depressed and unhappy cat. Ensure to do all to please and make your feline companion happy at all times

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