Games People Play With Their Dogs

Games People Play With Their Dogs

Dog flirt poles are a very old invention, dating back to the 18th century. They’re actually quite simple: you rig up a long piece of plastic pipe with a hook on the end and a small line through it on the other side.

The idea is to hang your dog in front of your face and look at them as you walk past. Your dog would get so worked up that they would make themselves into an unyielding barrier between you and your potential romantic interest (or whatever) and thus keep you from getting too far ahead of yourself.

Seeing as there are now so many versions of these devices floating around the internet, I thought it’d be fun to build my own version from scratch since I already had all the materials needed for this one.

What is Dog Flirt Pole?

Dog flirt poles

The Dog Flirt Pole is a tool you can use to hold your dog’s collar in place while it is doing its business and then use it as an aid to exercise your dog.

It came about after a series of personal experiences with my dog and the fact that I constantly had to stop my dog’s poo train, take his leash and turn him around in order to get him to go poop.

The idea is that, instead of having both hands free, I could have my leash held by the Dog Flirt Pole in one hand and use the other hand to hold my dog.

The Dog Flirt Pole was invented by myself and is called the “Dog Flirt Pole”. I started working on it as a way of helping myself keep a good grip on my dog when he had an accident.

I was also interested in using this product as a way of training puppies so they would know how to get themselves out of trouble instead of running off into bushes when they escape from their owners.

The Dog Flirt Pole has been designed with all types of dogs in mind: large, small dogs, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Springer Spaniels (my own dog), small-breed dogs such as pugs and terriers (my favorite breed), shy dogs such as Yorkies (I have three Yorkies), Labs, Bulldogs (they are amazing), extreme breed dogs such as Rottweilers (I have 3 Rottweilers) or purebred Pit Bulls (I have 3). I’ve also been asked if I could make it for cats!

How to Make Dog Flirt Pole?

dog playing with flirt poles

The Dog Flirt Pole (also known as Doggie Flirt Pole) is a relatively simple DIY craft project, which is not too difficult to master. The pole is made of 1/4 inch PVC pipe with two curved pieces of 2×3 inch oak or pine boards nailed on the ends.

The main attraction here is the fact that it’s light enough to be carried around and used almost anywhere.

It’s also easy enough to make, so you can do it by yourself.

The material and tools required are as follows:

• PVC Pipe: $1.80 (2in x 4in)

• Sand Paper: $0.25 (for sanding)

• Glue: $1 (glue gun)

• Wire: $0.20 (for wire cutting)

• Pine wood stakes: $1 ($1 each, 3 per board)

• Magnifying Glass: $0.20 ($0.10 each, 6 per magnifying glass). These are available at a variety of hardware stores or online retailers such as Amazon and Lowes.

Almost all the items are available for purchase for less than half the price at home depot or other hardware store branches or online stores such as Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, etc… You can also buy them from Amazon in bulk at a discounted price.

I used 2×4 boards from Home Depot. You’ll also need 4-inch-long oak sticks to hold up the pipes in place on each end of the pole once it has been joined together. Be sure to label each stick with your name so you know which one belongs to which side of the pole when you remove it from its pack!

How to make a Dog Flirt Pole? Step 1 – Use PVC Pipe Cut two pieces of PVC pipe 3-inches long with a right angle between them and a right angle at either end.

Cut some small slits at intervals along this length using a wire cutter, then screw them together using screws 1/2″ in diameter & 3″ apart across both ends of the pipe piece being joined together onto itself to form an “X” shape over the top edge until its finished length is about 6 inches long, then cut off any excess off one end like shown below:

Benefits of Dog Flirt Pole

Do you want to get a dog, but don’t have a yard? Do you want a dog but don’t have a yard? If so, then getting your new pet is the right time to start building it. First things first: make sure the dog you are picking up is happy and healthy.

The next step is to pick an appropriate place for it to live. There are many different ways to get a dog, and some of them are cheaper than others. We can help you understand which one (or ones) will work best for your situation.

With that understood, let’s talk about how we can make this puppy feel like family by giving him access to the only place he has really ever belonged, with the only people he has ever truly known – his owners!

We can provide all of the basic necessities for keeping a dog happy on site: food, bedding, water, medication, and toys or exercise equipment.

As your pup grows up in our company and lives through his entire life within our walls (read: not being killed by other dogs), we will take care of him until he gets too old for the regular day-to-day care and we think he is ready for retirement when he reaches his senior years (we don’t plan on selling him as pets forever). We will even pay housing costs while he is at our place!

This includes everything needed to keep him safe and comfortable while living with us – in addition to all of the above!

And if that isn’t enough motivation on its own, consider that this puppy was once homeless too. He was rescued, nursed back to health until he was old enough (and fit enough) for adoption then fostered until he could find his own home where he could be part of one family who loved him as much as they did when they got him in their care!

That was an incredible journey – it only makes sense that yours would be just as special too!

As always, we hope you enjoy this post from MacRumors Labs. If you have any thoughts on what should be included or what could be improved please send us an email at [email protected].

Tips on Using Dog Flirt Pole

Flirt Pole for Dogs

A dog flirt pole is a dog toy usually used as a form of training and to play with your dog. It’s also a tool for people who want to teach their dogs tricks or basic obedience tricks.

This post shares some tips on how to make the best use of this great little toy.

Good Dog Flirt Pole – DIY Dog Flirt Pole

1. You will need a metal rod, steel pipe or metal angle (I used angle at home), and a small piece of metal (in this case, I used an old screw).

2. Cut the metal rod into 8 parts (there’s no need to do more than that). I found that if you put all pieces together you can easily cut the end off by hand but it’s not necessary – just make sure you have enough length left to get around your dog’s collar if needed.

3. Attach the piece of metal to one end of the rod (you don’t need any adhesive here). The rod should be long enough so your dog can comfortably reach it from his side without having to bend over for it – about 2-4 feet long is about right for most dogs. If there is any length left after attaching it, then cut off any extra that you don’t really need (this may take a bit of fiddling), or just hang it on your wall by using Velcro ties if you have enough space for it.

4. Next we will attach the other part of the rod: put one end into the hole in your dog’s collar and pull down on it until you hear something snap – then turn your dog upside down and pull up again – this should make him wag his tail as he curiously looks at what has happened – then repeat this couple of times until he gradually stops looking at you and starts watching what happens instead; eventually, he will be wearing himself out in no time!

As soon as he starts wagging his tail like that I know he’s ready for more work with me! In addition, it may help if I give him treats when we get into trouble because they are tasty too! If he knows where I put them when I give them out, they will be more likely to come back when they are needed next! If anything goes wrong with my instructions here please let me know in the comments below so that I can improve them.


It’s been a busy year for the dog flirt pole DIY community. In the 2016 edition of this column, we brought you all about our first dog flirt pole DIY-related product and launched a new site, as well as featured a few projects from the community in this issue. We also gave our readers (and dog flirts) some insights into the state of their flirting careers and we gave some updates on our own projects.

We got to talk with many people about their work and there was some great insight into what it’s like to work in the dog flirt pole DIY industry, both from people who have been working there for years, as well as from people who just started out in this field recently.