8 Stylish Fashion Tips for Dressing Your Dog

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A dog has been man’s best friend since ancient times, and it is quite logical that the owner takes care of his pet, giving him love, attention, and a home. Having a dog in the house is a trend for many people today, and more and more often we can see dogs dressed up as if they were going to a fashion show. Let’s just think of Paris Hilton and her chihuahua Diamond Baby, who is always impeccably groomed. Dog owners often wonder if they need to dress up their pets in winter, given that sometimes even a coat or jacket, with a cap and a scarf over the nose, is not enough protection against the cold. The answer to this question can be positive or negative. Small breed dogs are generally more sensitive to winter and need a warm piece of clothing during winter. Speaking of dressing, why shouldn’t it look good? Read below how to make your dog comfortable and look good with a few simple tricks.

Fancy dog necklace

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This fashion accessory will complete the look of your pet, but it is also very useful in case the dog gets lost. A fancy collar with your dog’s name on one side and your name and phone number on the other is just what you need. For those who want to go a step further with fashion, there is the collar with the scarf.

Something for colder days

It is rare for an owner to resist buying a piece of clothing for his dog. For many, this is a matter of grooming, but others see it as a benefit for the pet. A winter jacket or t-shirt that will warm your dog in the coming cold days, combine interesting and useful, why not? If you are thinking about this, the best solution is to observe how your dog behaves when you take him for a walk. If you notice that he is shivering, walking slowly, and seems as if he will collapse from the cold, this is a sign that he would benefit from a layer of clothing.


The heat your pet can accumulate depends on breed, size, and age, but remember that if it doesn’t have enough fur, it definitely needs something to keep it warm. Smaller breeds such as chihuahua, dachshund, and miniature pinscher have shorter hair, dress them when it’s cold. It looks a bit funny when the dog steps unsteadily in small shoes, but it is definitely something that will be of great use on cold winter days. So, what if the first few steps look a bit funny, sometimes we have to make sacrifices for fashion, don’t we?

A backpack

A bag that dogs will carry on their backs? Why not! A small purse is a perfect fashion accessory that you can combine with the rest of your outfit. In addition to looking interesting, this bag can be useful because it holds your favorite snack and poop plastic bags.

Keep your dog clean

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Hygiene never goes out of fashion. Cook your dog regularly, that is, when you feel that there is a need for it. It is recommended once a month, but you can do it more often if it gets dirty. Clean your pet’s paws after each time you go outside. Some breeds also require going to the groomer once a month, when the dog will receive a real spa treatment – bathing, vacuuming, as well as trimming the claws. When it’s clean, your dog won’t need much to attract the attention of passers-by, a simple T-shirt with an interesting inscription will do the job.

Fashion bag for you

If you like long walks, your dog will get tired at some point. To avoid lying in the middle of the road, put your dog in a dog bag that fits perfectly with you and its styling.

Party king/queen

Do you know that Halloween is very close and you can also dress up your dog? Make him a scientist, a pumpkin, a worm, or anything else. Today there are many who are engaged in making puppy apparel, and you can see a lot of it on pawspurrs.com.

Choice of materials

It is always important to pay attention to the material from which the clothes are made so that your dog feels good and can move freely. Choose breathable, natural materials such as cotton. Simply put, choose what you yourself would feel comfortable in.

Can all dogs get used to clothes?

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Although many houses benefit from additional heating during cold winter days, there are still those who cannot get used to this and should not be forced.

What does your dog really need?

It is true that your pet does not need an interesting collar, fancy coat, or funny boots. True, it can be useful, but you can do without it. What he really needs is you, your dedication, love, and attention, the feeling that he is your best friend whom you gladly take wherever you go.


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Toys are an important addition to a dog’s equipment because they stimulate his mental and physical development. However, caution is necessary because it does not matter what kind of toys you give your dog. It is important that they do not have parts that can be easily torn off and swallowed. This especially applies to stuffed toys that are easy to tear and swallow. Also, avoid hard plastic because it can easily break and injure the dog.

All proud dog owners, as well as those who intend to become one, must be aware of the responsibilities they assume regarding the care, care and hygiene of these wonderful four-legged pets. First of all, care, includes the basic hygiene of your dog, by which we mean taking care of your dog’s hair, regular washing and trimming, cleanliness of ears and teeth, and regular visits to detailed veterinary and cosmetic examinations.