Dogs for Lazy People: Laidback Dog Breeds

Low Maintanance Dogs for Lazy Owners

Dogs can be your active companion, from long walks to play fetch. There are breeds that have boundless energy to catch up with your busy schedule and physical demands.

Wherever you are or whatever plans you have in mind, they are always there – even if your definition of hanging out is right at the comfort of your own couch. With lots of dogs available right now, it is certain that some breeds can be considered as the best dogs for lazy people.

The main problem of some pet parents that are not physically active and prefer to stay at home is that they select the wrong breed to meet their companionship needs. Some pet parents pigeonhole smaller breeds, thinking that the smaller the breed, the lower the need for exercise. This is usually wrong.


There are a lot of dog breeds that are small, but they are bursting with energy that needs to be channeled properly or else they will become a household headache. Some of the dog breeds that are quite small but extremely active are listed below:

  • Toy Poodle. Toy Poodles are dainty-looking and charming dogs that are often labeled as low-energy dogs. Well in fact, they are one of the most active dogs out there. Despite their small size, they share the same exercise needs with the miniature and standard varieties. Grooming is also a chore for pet parents that don’t want to do this on their own.
  • West Highland Terrier. Westies, as they are fondly called, are trained to hunt small rodents. Despite their size, they are not classified as toy dogs. Their energy levels are boundless, and if this will not be properly channeled into something productive, then you might end up having a worn and torn couch. West Highland Terriers are very active dogs, and it is a must that they receive an ample amount of exercise each day.
  • Pomeranian. These cute fur babies can be small, but they are small dogs with big personalities and big energy as well. They tend to be very yappy, and they have the tendency to bark excessively. The excessive barking will become a distraction from your normal movie marathons, and their vivacious personality is not generally compatible with a quiet afternoon watching your favorite TV show. Pomeranians are also heavy shedders, which can lead to troublesome cleaning around the house if you are the type of person that does not clean the rooms and areas inside at a regular basis.
  • Beagle. Beagles may look and act a bit bashful, but these personalities do not mean they lack the energy. Once acclimated, beagles can be very active dogs, which may interfere with your current lifestyle.
  • Golden Retriever. This is probably the most mislabeled breed on the list. Golden Retrievers have the ideal demeanor that will complement their couch potato parent’s needs. They have the tendency to please, and they are very loyal. The bad thing that makes them incompatible with low-activity owners is that daily exercise is integral part of their system to keep them healthy.
    Dog experts have noted that there has been an increase in cases of obesity for Golden Retrievers because their exercise requirements are not met, and they are being overfed at home which allows their bodies to store the unused calories from the food they eat.
  • Labrador. This breed shares the similar characteristics with the Golden Retriever, as well as the similar misconception. They have the perfect behavior for pet parents that would like to have long hours of just hanging around. Sadly, this is not very helpful for the Labrador because like the Golden Retriever, they have been bred and developed to be physically active.

How lazy is lazy?

Now, you might ask how can we determine which dog breed suits your quite inactive lifestyle. The answer to that question depends on how lazy is being lazy. In selecting the most compatible breed that will complement your lifestyle, you must be able to identify several factors in your current routine. As a pet parent, we all have our fair share of lazy moments. However, if this becomes something chronic, that is where the problem starts.

The pet parent’s activity level

Before jumping into the conclusion that there are several factors that the dog needs in order to have the best dog for lazy owners, the assessment should go towards the pet parent first. How much physical activity is he willing to do on a daily basis? How much space does he have at home?

It cannot be decided from the dog’s perspective first because you might end up having a dog that is more athletic than you and as a dog owner you fail to provide the daily needs of you dog.

It is very important to assess the physical limits of the pet parent. There are dog owners that cannot provide the physical activities needed by their fur babies, simply because they are physically challenged to do so.

Outdoor exercise for your dog

Your veterinarian will be more than willing to have these details discussed to make sure that it will be a mutually-fruitful relationship between you and your dog. The sad scenario that occurs in some homes is that the dog is more athletic than the owner but they end up being lethargic and sluggish because of the lifestyle they were able to create for themselves.

Physical activity needs

Physical activity will be the deal breaker for the selection of the most suitable breed. For less active pet parents, the less physical activity there is in your daily routine, the narrower the choices that you can have. The narrowing of choices will definitely involve dog size, color, appearance, and personality.

In general, dogs need exercise, even just a little bit. The good thing about it is that there are some breeds that require significantly less physical activity, walking around the house already fills this need.

Grooming needs

As a pet parent, grooming is still part of the responsibilities even if you are a couch potato. Grooming promotes canine hygiene and well-being, and if you do not want to do the grooming yourself or pay for grooming services, this further filters your selection.

Grooming needs

Selecting shorthaired breeds will save you up from the trouble, but they still need grooming at a less challenging and less frequent manner. Their coats still need some work.

Home hazard precaution

Because it is already a given that lazy dog owners are highly likely to stay at home for extended periods of time, they must be responsible enough to make sure that the hazards at home are properly taken care of. These hazards range from small toys, to pesticides and aerosols that are harmful for dogs that roam around the house.

Weight watching

Just like humans, dogs are also prone to weight gain that eventually leads to obesity. Due to the lack of activity, the excess calories can build up and dogs can become obese. Living in a world of being a couch potato should be discussed properly with your veterinarian to minimize the tendency of having an obese dog.

Diet modification, proper dog food selection, and other management that will be recommended by the veterinarian will be very important to prevent obesity-related health problems that may occur in the future. There are dog food variants that are absorbed more effectively by the body compared to other food preparations, and they come in smaller, more controlled servings.

Selecting the ideal home buddy

These dogs might have been bred to serve a particular purpose, or aesthetic appeal for that matter, without the tedious physical activity requirements to be able to function well. These breeds love to chill – that’s what they are very good at. These dogs vary in personality, size, and needs that should be reviewed carefully before coming up with the decision to choose your home friend.


We start out list with the smallest dog breed in the world. The Chihuahua is a pint-sized dog new dog owners may have the wrong impression that this is one of those “small dog – big personality” types.

Lazy Chihuahua dog

Chihuahuas have low exercise requirement, and they are more suited to indoor living or apartment and condominium living. Couch potato dog owners will love the fact that this dog breed is a one person dog breed, and will keep you company for the years to come.

Chihuahuas are known to have some health issues, and has concerns about extreme heat and cold. They can be connoisseurs of comfort, and would not mind sharing the couch with you all day. What’s more, Chihuahuas, even the long-haired varieties, have low grooming requirements making them one of the breeds that are low-maintenance.


Greyhounds are known to be the sprinters of the canine world. Well, guess what? These high-speed machines can be the lazy partner you can have. Despite its considerable size, it will enjoy a laid-back afternoon just staying with you at the porch or the living room.

Greyhound dog breed

Just give him a comfortable space to rest, and you are in for a long afternoon of guilt-free moments. Greyhounds may still require some short walks daily, but they are still considered as low-activity fur babies in large packages.

Chinese Sharpei

This loyal wrinkly dog has a calm and quiet demeanor and has low exercise requirements.

Lazy Chinese Sharpei

Sharpeis have very low exercise requirements and has low tolerance to heat that is why they are more suitable for long staycations or just a simple afternoon with you while you’re reading your favorite book.

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniels are warm-hearted cuties that don’t like long walks and ball games at all. These fur babies are equipped with short legs, which discourage them from moving all the time.

Tibetan Spaniel dogs

This breed is great for individuals that loves to stay at home and just letting the time pass by quietly.The Tibetan Spaniel needs low physical activity, and moderate grooming requirements.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested might be a breed that requires an acquired taste because of its unique look, it is also one of the most renowned lap dogs out there. This breed loves to cuddle, and they need more warmth and prefers to stay close to their pet parents because of their unconventional lack of fur.

Chinese Crested dog

The Chinese Crested exhibits a happy, but not overly happy personality. It is a fur baby that will appreciate long hours of being together without doing anything at all. Grooming requirement is minimal, and these dogs are relatively hardy breeds.


It is a common misconception that the Pekingese is a yappy and energy-filled dog. Actually, this little lion prefers to stay at home. However, they can be stubborn at times because being headstrong is one of their key traits. It is important to train them early to reap the benefits of early acclimation when they grow up.

Pekingese lazy

Pekingese can be the suitable dog breed for you, with its low-activity requirement and moderate grooming needs. They can be pretty majestic to look at as well.

Shih Tzu

The list of the best dogs for lazy people may not be complete without the Shih Tzu. Originally bred to become lap dogs for the high society and Chinese Emperors, they still live up to the expectations of being the perfect companion. A dog that prefers pampering rather than play fetch, Shih Tzus love to hang out around the house. They don’t mind any movie marathons you have in mind, they will tirelessly stay with you in the couch from sun up to sun down.

Shih Tzu

One thing though, they have moderate to high grooming requirements. But if you’re fine with occasional trips to the groomer, then you are all set. Shih Tzus have been revered by not-so-fit dog owners because of their longevity, which means they can keep you company for lots of years to come without having lots of health issues.


The Pug life is something that is laidback, with days revolving around the couch. These fur babies are quite clingy, and don’t want to be left alone.

Pug dog breed

Pugs are known to have a snoring problem, which somehow complements the snoozes that you do after falling asleep while watching your favorite movie at home. Pugs are easy to be with, thanks to their pleasing demeanor and innate clinginess.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a sweet dog with those puppy eyes and a well-behaved demeanor.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are the direct descendants of the Bloodhound. Basset Hounds have a mellow personality, and while it requires less exercise needs compared to its direct ascendant, it can be suitable for couch potato pet parents that still go for short walks from time to time.

Bichon Frise

You know that you have a Bichon Frise just by basing it on the dog’s appearance. This dog breed is generally compatible with every type of pet parent, and its gentle demeanor makes it a great option for not-so-active pet parents.

Bichon Frise dof breed

The Bichon Frise is a confident, affectionate, and very intelligent breed. It does have exercise requirements and grooming needs, but these are quite negotiable into scheduled walks and routine grooming sessions. They tend to become very independent, so you may observe that they will walk around the living area while you are watching TV.

Great Dane

Great Danes can be quite intimidating because of their immense size. But they have the personality that they think they are toy dogs trapped in an oversized body. Great Danes will be delighted to be with you while watching series marathon or some movies the entire day.

Great Dane pull

You just need to make sure that your home can have enough space for this gentle giant, like a large couch or a king-sized bed. Great Danes can tolerate low-exercise daily routines, and have minimal grooming requirements.


Despite its muscular built, the Bullmastiff is not as devoted to exercise compared to being devoted to its pet parents. It is a very intelligent dog and learns very quickly. However, it prefers to channel its intelligence into looking after you on whatever you are doing.

Bullmastiffs are versatile breeds that can catch up if there will come a time that the couch potato pet parent eventually becomes a gym rat.


The Bullmastiff only has one problem. It drools a lot, and when we say a lot, it means that you might want a couch that is easy to clean.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs love to be the center of attention and would appreciate naps with you instead of long walks around the park.

English Bulldog

Although it may still require a little bit of daily exercise, it doesn’t mind the lack of activity at all in case you prefer to stay at home.


Dogs can be the ideal home buddy for long hours of watching movies or your favorite TV series. They will be there from the beginning until the end. It should be remembered that dogs still have their own set of needs, and these needs should be properly taken care of to make sure that they will live a long, laidback life with you even if you prefer the life of living that revolves around the couch and the activities inside your home.