12 Best Invisible Dog Fence 2022 – In-Ground Electric Fences

Best Invisible Dog Fence

Also commonly known as in-ground electric fences, the best invisible dog fence is an effective pet management systems and they play a key role in ensuring that pets especially dogs are safely confined to a specific area. This effectiveness is usually achieved without the need for a containment fence or supervision.

In-ground electric fences have been designed to operate by sending electric signals to a receiver that has been attached to the dog’s collar, thus shocking the dog in case it tries to leave the specified boundary. These types of pet management systems are widely used by a huge majority of dog owners because they eliminate both escapes and yard destruction.

Furthermore, unlike traditional fences, invisible fences will not only ensure that the aesthetic value of the property is maintained, but also as a dog owner you will still be able to enjoy the surrounding landscape together with water and ocean views.

Another reason why you should consider purchasing in-ground electric fences is that they require less upkeep when compared to the traditional fences which may require painting or trimming after short periods of time.

Putting in ground-dog electric fence

It is important to note that almost all invisible fences are guaranteed to work with any dog irrespective of the breed or animal characteristic. Furthermore, in-ground electric fences have been endorsed by many organizations such as the American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Ontario Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and several others, hence they do not go for the humane treatment of dogs.

With that being said, here are some of the best in-ground electric fences that you should put into consideration when shopping for a safe and effective pet management system.

Top Picks Best Invisible Dog Fence

1. Petsafe Yardmax Pigoo

Petsafe Yardmax Pigoo


As a hobbyhorse of Petsafe, The Petsafe YardMax PIG00-1115 is an in ground electric fence that was designed exclusively for pets that weigh more than 5 pounds in weight.

As one of the best in-ground electric fences currently on the market, the Petsafe YardMax PIG00-1115 has been concocted with a waterproof receiver collar that can be fitted on neck sizes that range between 6 inches and 28 inches.

Furthermore, the Petsafe YardMax PIG00-1115 also features 5 adjustable static corrections with which the owner can adjust depending on the dog’s response or the amount of correction that he may deem suitable.

As a safe and effective pet management system, the Petsafe YardMax PIG00-1115 is a great in-ground electric fence that will allow you the dog owner to control and even expand your yard boundaries. With that being said, the YardMax technology is one of the key features that makes this fencing unit stand out from the rest.

With the yard max technology, dogs will not be able to run quickly through the boundary without receiving any kind of correction. Furthermore, dogs that leave the safe zone for more than fifteen minutes will still be able to reenter the compound without worrying about getting corrected.

Finally, the Yard Max technology allows the dog owner to create much more complex and smarter layouts such as the hourglass layout which can be used to isolate the front and the backyard. All in all, this product goes for 290 USD.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Can be used in tow modes; YardMax mode and traditional mode
  • Dogs cannot quickly run through the boundary without receiving a correction
  • No complaint has been received so far


Customer reviews:

Currently, the Petsafe YardMax PIGOO is among the few in ground electric fences that have received over 90% positive reviews.

Dog owners who purchased this product were extremely impressed with the YardMax technology which allowed them to create much more complex and smarter layouts that most invisible fences are not able to offer. Other customers also noted how easy it was to set up this product.

2. Innotek IUC-500

Innotek IUC-500


The Innotek IUC-5100 is a quality and performance driven in the ground electric fence that features up to nine levels of electric simulation together with a tone training package for dogs that are either 6 months or older. These two excellent features in turn make this product suitable for both guidance and containment purposes.

Apart from being a quality and performance product, the Innotek IU-5100 has also been tested for safety and health, meaning it is 100% safe to use on your pets. For fencing purposes, this system comes with a remote control which allows the dog owner to issue remote corrections as required.

The remote corrections can be conducted on two dogs simultaneously and each of these dogs should be 20 pounds or more. Furthermore, each purchase comes with a rechargeable waterproof receiver or dog collar that is designed to fit neck sizes 8 up to 24 inches.

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Every purchase comes with a tone training aid and a one year warranty
  • The batteries on the collar will need replacement after one and a half years


Customer reviews:

Dog owners who purchased this product were extremely happy with how easy and quick it was to set up this product. Furthermore, clients who had headstrong dogs also expressed their regards for how effective this unit was as a training aid.

Nonetheless, there were those who expressed their concerns about the availability of spares, especially the remote control. In addition, there are also other clients who also complained about the battery life since it only lasts for one and a half years. The Innotek IUC-5100 goes for 310 USD.

3. SportDog SDF-100A

SportDog SDF-100A


As a cost-effective confinement alternative, the SportDog SDF-100A is a reasonable price with each complete unit going for approximately 260 US Dollars.

This unit is perfect for dogs that weigh 10 pounds, or more and every purchase comes with a transmitter that covers up to 100 acres which in turn maximizes the dog play area.

If the dog owner is keen on using this unit on more than one dog, he or she can purchase additional SDF R receivers that are available at very affordable rates. Apart from the receiver, this unit also includes other features such as a waterproof collar, 100 flags, and 1000 feet of wire.

In addition, the SportDog SDF-100A also presents the dog owner with four adjustable corrections levels that include both tone and vibration.

All in all, the main highlight of the SportDog SDF-100A is the anti-linger feature which was specifically designed to prevent dogs from running down the batteries.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Not suitable for fast dogs


Customer reviews:

This product has received many positive reviews and currently has an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of possible stars. Customers who purchased this product expressed their satisfaction with the much easier installation and setup processes. However, there were those customers who complained about the effectiveness of the SportDog SDF100A on fast paced dogs.

Customers who complained about the product pointed out the fact that there is a 3 seconds delay between the warning beep and the electric stimulation. Many brilliant and fast paced dogs had figured out how to blast through the boundary during the 3 seconds delay without experiencing the electric simulation. Currently, this unit goes for 259.95 USD.

4. Perimeter Ultra PTPCC200

Perimeter Ultra PTPCC200


Just like many other pet containment systems, the Perimeter Ultra PTPCC200 has been concocted with the latest technology however this unit uses a much softer approach to ensure that dogs stay within the predetermined boundaries.

Since this unit uses a much softer approach, dog owners have been presented with the chance to change the simulation of the device based on their dog’s temperament.

Furthermore, each collar features exclusive Comfort Contact cushions which use a soft rubber so as to provide a lighter alternative and solution to the common steel contacts. The Comfort Contact cushions have been recommended by many veterinarians because they play a key role in the avoidance of serious skin conditions and irritations.

Finally, this device has been concocted with a Temperature Check technology which is essential to keeping the field stable especially when outside temperature changes. This piece of technology is very important because if the temperature changes from 30F to 90F then the boundary will move up to 100% which can be extremely dangerous for your pet.

The Perimeter Ultra PTPCC200 has also been designed with the Wire CheckTM technology which is used to monitor the wire input and output automatically. This in turn ensures that the field width remains constant even if one of the boundary wires becomes damaged and will also notify you, the dog owner if there is any breach.

  • Easy to install
  • Cannot be easily affected by sudden changes in temperature
  • Non


Customer reviews:

Customers who purchased the product were impressed with the quality of the product. So far the Perimeter Ultra PTPCC200 has not received many reviews as well as any negative reviews. This product currently goes 209.95 USD.

5. Petsafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619

Petsafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619


Just like the PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115, the PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 is also a brainchild of Petsafe International a leading manufacturer of electronic collars and containment systems.

As an in the ground electric fence, the PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 has been engineered to keep pets safely within a predetermined yard boundary. Apart from being easy to install, this product can cover up to 1/3 acres and according to the dog owner’s preferences, additional wires can be purchased to expand the area of coverage up to 25 acres.

The PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 features 3 adjustable levels of static correction which is a little bit lower when compared to its counterpart the PIGOO -11115. All in all, this unit can be used on dogs that weigh 8 pounds or more and should have neck sizes that range between 8 inches and 2 inches.

  • Has a smaller and form fitting collar
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Has zone units where the owner can create zones where the collar goes off. Can be used to keep sneaky pets off the furniture and beds
  • The wire that comes with the unit is extremely light when compared to the wire that professional installers use


Customer reviews:

The PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 has mostly received positive reviews with a high percentage of customers praising it for the quick installation process and its effectiveness as a correction and containment system.

Nonetheless, since this product has been discontinued a few customers complained about the lack of spare parts and batteries for the product.

6. Petsafe Stubborn PIG00-10777

Petsafe Stubborn PIG00-10777


The PetSafe Stubborn PIG00-10777 is a very effective option for resistant pets and stubborn dogs. Unlike many in ground electric fences that have mild correction levels, the PetSafe Stubborn PIG00-10777 has been designed with higher intensity levels which make it ideal for hard to train and extremely stubborn dogs.

This unit has 4 adjustable static corrections levels hence the owner can either choose to increase or reduce the correction intensity.

Furthermore, this unit also features a vibration option which in turn makes it a suitable option for hearing impaired pets.

The receiver collar is waterproof, ideal for neck sizes that range between 6 and 28 inches, and uses Petsafe alkaline batteries which are available for every purchase made. For pet owners who have more than one pet, additional in ground collars are available for purchase at very affordable rates.

The default coverage area is usually 1/3 of an acre. However, this can be expanded up to 10 acres with the purchase of additional wires. All in all, this unit is suitable for dogs that weigh 8 pounds or more and can be purchased for only 199.95.

  • Easy to set up and install
  • Works great with even the toughest dogs
  • The gauge wires are of lower quality when compared to that used by professional installers


Customer reviews:

The easy to install nature of this product is what got the attention of many customers. Dog owners who bought this unit were highly impressed with how this unit was very effective in managing even the most stubborn and strong headed dogs.

There are a few customers who pointed out that the gauge wire was of lower quality when they compared it to that used by the professional installer. However, for a huge majority of the buyers, this did not seem like a major issue.

Generally, this product is very effective hence has received mostly positive reviews and currently has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

7. Dogtek EF-4000

Dogtek EF-4000

Ideal for both small-sized yards and open terrains, the Dogtek EF-4000 is a state of the art in-ground electric dog fence from DOGTEKTM. This unit comes with a total of 8 levels of static corrections. Hence, the dog owner can choose the level of correction that he or she may deem fit.

Apart from that the Dogtek EF-4000 also comes with a lightweight, fully waterproof collar that functions with one lithium battery.

Furthermore, this unit is safe and effective for dogs that weigh between 12 and 12 pounds and can cover up to five acres as long as the dog owner purchases additional fencing wire. If the dog owner has additional pets that he or she may want to use this correction unit on, additional receiver collars can be purchased at very affordable rates.

  • Very easy to install
  • Can be used on more than one pet provided the owner purchases additional collars
  • Simulation and warning areas can be set independently
  • Lacks a low battery warning


Customer reviews:

Dog owners who bought this product were extremely impressed with the functionality of this system since the simulation and warning areas can each be set independently. Another thing that many owners liked about the Dogtek EF-4000 is that it can be used to contain an unlimited number of pets while the receiver collar is non-proprietary.

However, there were customers who also expressed their dissatisfaction with the product especially due to the lack of a low battery warning. Furthermore, there were also those who complained that the product was not very effective on stubborn dogs. This product can be purchased for only 218 US Dollars.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it from Amazon.

In Conclusion

Most of the companies that deal with invisible fences usually assist the dog owner in training his or her dog is getting used to the boundaries. During the two weeks of training, a qualified trainer is going to make a periodic visit to your home so as to work with you and your dog. After the trainer leaves, you will be left to train your dog while in the process offering praises to the dog each time he or she respects the new boundary.

If you are planning to take the dog for walks or outside the boundary, you are expected to remove the collar.

If you have just purchased this product for the first time, there is no need to worry because there is a recommended procedure that you will always go through every time you will be training your dog on when it is okay and not okay to leave the yard.

It is very important to remove the collar at night during the first few months or at least once every week so as to prevent rashes and irritation which usually result from prolonged use of the collar.

Finally, pets that have thick fur coats are going to require regular trimming so as the collar correction to work effectively. All in all, invisible fences have proven beyond any reasonable down why they are the most effective pet management system