Top 5 Applications For Dog Lovers – Must-Have for A Dog Owner

Top Best Applications For Dog Lovers - Keep track of your dogs health

Technology has become the king of everything today. Due to technology, our interactions with others and our daily lives have changed completely. This has made daily tasks a lot easier for us. Your smartphone can do many things, from online shopping to ordering food, to booking tickets and appointments, the list is limitless. Things have become more user-friendly with the rise of mobile apps.  It is true that everything these days can be done with an app.

Furthermore, if you are a dog owner or plan to adopt one, here are some amazing apps you should try. Since not every app is worth your time and attention, we have searched the internet and found the top ones, which we have mentioned below in this guide. There is no doubt that these apps are a must-have for a dog owner.

However, it is important to note that some of these apps track the location of your dog in real time, which means you need a stable internet connection to stay connected. We recommend Mediacom Internet if you need reliable and economical internet service. Despite its high speed, its prices are pocket-friendly.

Our top picks are here for you to choose from, so check them out and find one that works for you and your puppy.

1. PetCoach

This app is a must-have for dog owners. With PetCoach, you can ask a veterinarian anything at any time. It is so convenient to have this app.

Your pet’s health, nutrition, and behavior can be discussed live with certified US veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and other experts. In addition, you can read hundreds of articles on topics relevant to dog owners. Overall, this is a pet app you won’t want to miss this year.

2. Rover

It is no wonder Rover is the top on-demand dog app. For those who are looking for a dog sitter, this app is ideal. There are times when you have to leave for a last-minute planned trip and don’t have time to care for your dog. However, you need someone to keep an eye on your pup. Here comes the Rover. This app will assist you in finding a local who can care for your dog at that time.

In addition, the Rover app allows you to book and pay. An important feature of the app is a secure payment. This app also lets you see the route your dog sitter took your pup on a map while you are away. Finding the right care for your pet has never been easier.

3. Fitbark


There are several dog monitoring apps out there, but Fitbark is the best. Keeping your dog fit and healthy is just as important as keeping yourself healthy. An active and energetic dog is what we expect from them. Fitness and health can be tracked with Fitbark. Your dog’s collar can be attached to Fitbark, a bone-shaped device.

This tracker keeps an eye on everything you need to know about your dog’s health. Besides tracking a dog’s steps, it also tracks the amount of playtime, sleep time, rest time, distance traveled, and overall health data. Furthermore, the app will notify you every time your dog leaves the house. It is one of the most important dog tracking apps that every dog owner should have so that their dog can stay healthy.

4. Chewy


For those who own a dog or plan to have one, Chewy is another great app. This online store is similar to the online grocery stores we have. It works in a similar way. Whether you need food, toys for your puppy, or supplies, Chewy has it all. Owners of this app can choose the brand of food they want for their dogs.

With Chewy, you can choose from a list of more than a thousand brands. Don’t you think it’s great?  Using this app, you and your dog will have all the solutions you need in one place. As an added bonus, you can also order from Chewy’s pharmacy through the app!

5. BarkHappy

With this app, you can find all the dog-friendly locations near you. There is a feature that allows you to find dog friends and locate dog-friendly parks, stores, bars, restaurants, and hotels. No matter where you are, barkHappy helps you find pet-friendly places where you and your four-legged friends can spend quality time together.

By creating a profile, you can also connect with other dogs near you, making it a social network for dog lovers!

How to choose the right app?

Choosing the right dog app can make a significant difference in how you care for your furry friend. There are several features that you should consider when looking for the right dog app.

One of the most important features to look for is tracking capabilities. Tracking features allow you to monitor your dog’s daily activity levels, location, and even sleep patterns. This information can help you identify any changes in your dog’s behavior and health, allowing you to take action quickly if necessary.

Health records are another essential feature to consider. Look for apps that allow you to keep track of your dog’s vaccination history, medications, and other important health information. This way, you can easily reference this information when visiting the vet or boarding facilities.

How to choose the right app for your dog

Social features are also becoming increasingly popular in dog apps. Many apps now offer social networking capabilities that allow you to connect with other dog owners in your area. You can share photos and updates about your furry friend while also learning from others’ experiences.

Training resources are also valuable features found in some dog apps. These resources include videos and articles on how to train your pooch properly, making it easier for first-time pet owners or those who need additional guidance.

Compatibility is another critical factor when choosing a dog app. Make sure the app works with your phone’s operating system and has regular updates to fix bugs and add new features.

Lastly, check reviews from other users before downloading an app. Reading reviews gives insight into other users’ experiences with the app’s reliability and ease of use.

Bottom line

The above-mentioned applications are among the best ones that dog owners can use. Having these apps makes pet care easier than ever before, which is like a blessing to a lot of people.

This list of time-saving and essential must-have apps will help you take care of your pets from the comfort of your couch, from training your dog to getting professional veterinarian assistance. Get them today!