Is It OK to Put My Puppy in a Cage at Night?


Life would not be beautiful and the same if we do not have our loved ones near us. They are our true support and the people who replenish us with new energy so that we can function throughout the day. In addition to this support and energy, we need another very different and special energy, which is the energy provided by dogs. Each of us is aware of this energy and it is for this reason that some people decide to start keeping a puppy that will grow into a real beauty that will make them happy and bring you a lot of interesting moments in your everyday life.

Keeping a puppy is the best decision any of us can make. All that is needed is to make sure that you are not allergic to puppies, choose the breed that you like, or even better, adopt a puppy that does not have a home and organize the home to give it the appropriate conditions. But it is also necessary to ensure that it will be safe during the night, that he will be able to sleep well or that he will not reach for it to make a mess in the home. They are dynamic during the night, so it is necessary if you plan to keep a puppy or if you already have one to find a solution for the night.

A lot of people recommend crates as a great way to limit, protect or simply give a puppy their own space, but is it good to put them in a cage at night? We talk a lot more about this topic today, and all you need to do is follow us to the end and see all the information we have prepared for you. Let’s get started!

To put the puppy in a cage – yes or no?


The first question that every one of you has is whether it is good to put a small dog in a cage overnight. The answer is yes, if you have a good and strong enough reason to put your puppy in cages for small animals, say the professionals at who get these questions every day from people who are thinking about buying a cage. They say that cages for puppies are not scary and cannot cause them any trauma, but can only limit their movement and create discipline that they need to have from a young age.

If you decide to cage him, then have a good enough reason

Of course, before you make the decision, that is, before you decide to place your puppy in a cage during the night, you need to make sure that it is the best solution, but also to see if you have a good enough reason to do it. Some of the reasons can be fear that it will destroy your furniture, then fear that it can make a “mess” on the carpet, fear that it will bite your sneakers or one of the cables in the home, and many other reasons. If your fear is real and you have a good enough reason, buy a suitable cage and bring your little furry friend to sleep in it for the night.

Choose the right cage for your puppy


In the conversation with the experts, but also many other conversations, we came to one very important conclusion, and that is that your furry little friend does not need just any cage, but the right cage. You cannot buy a cage that is too heavy, made of raw iron, or of materials that are too soft that can be bitten. You need to choose a solution that is recommended by veterinarians and pet owners, and which will give him a sense of comfort but will not create fear and panic for the little one, but on the contrary, will make him feel like he is in his own little home.

Leave enough food and water for him while he is in the cage

An important note that you must not forget is not to leave your puppy without enough food and water during the night. If you decide on a cage, you must not leave the little one without water and food. Sometimes your sleep can last 8 or even 10 hours, and during that time your little furry friend will need enough water and enough food. Therefore, before bringing him into the cage, make sure to place a bowl with enough water, but also a bowl with enough food, and then bring him inside to sleep peacefully and carefree during the night.

Place diapers on the floor under the cage in case the puppy needs to poop or pee


We know you don’t want a mess, and we know you’re probably already starting to spend time teaching your puppy basic hygiene habits, but still – don’t leave him in his crate without diapers on the floor. It’s normal for the puppy to need to poop or pee during the night, so it’s normal for you to put diapers on the floor so it doesn’t make a mess while you sleep. Make sure you do this to make it easier for yourself, but also to provide him with conditions in which he can function during the night hours.

In the morning, open his cage and pet him because he must have missed you a lot

After waking up, go to your little pet first. Open the cage door and enjoy the many kisses you will receive. Try to spend some time with the puppy petting and playing with each other to give each other the dose of love that you need, but above all to give him attention because he surely missed you during the night.

Today we tried to solve another dilemma. We’ve found many answers to the questions you may have about buying a crate for your pet, but especially about leaving your puppy in the crate overnight. These tips and guidelines will help you in making the decision, but above all, they will prepare you to create the right necessary conditions for your little pet.