Pitbull Stories

Pitbull Stories

Pitbull Stories

Would you such as to check out some genuine pitbull stories?

this area I will include some of the real stories that occurred to pitbull proprietors.

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Some of these tales were experienced by me first hand or with people that I know.

Other tales were sent out to me by customers.

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goal is not just to amuse you but additionally to assist individuals have a far better understanding about pitbulls.

It ยด s one thing to review pitbulls in the media, or in training programs, but there is absolutely nothing much better than real life exemples.

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Incidentally, if you intend to send me your pit bull tale you are welcome to send me an email at [email protected]!.?.! Enjoy. Pitbull Strike, this set could have been stayed clear of Pit bull Strikes a Horse American Staffie is cool with other canines! beggar buddy is an Amstaff Terrier !! Pitbull Pet Dog and the

energy concern American Pit Bulls= Watchdog?

American Pitbull adopts baby tigers