Rabies in Dogs

Rabies in Dogs – Fatal Virtually Extinct Disease

Rabies is an infectious disease of viral etiology, common to all species of warm-blooded animals and transmissible to humans. Rabies in dogs is characterized by...
Dog Bite Treatment

Dog Bite Treatment – Antibiotics, Vaccines and Plants

A dog bite doesn’t usually raise particular health problems, but there are cases when the severity of the wound requires hospitalization. According to statistics,...
Can Dogs Eat Cumin

Can Dogs Eat Cumin – Potential Benefits and Risks

Homecooking for dogs records an increased rise in popularity, and adding certain supplements are great modern options for dogs’ diets. However, adding spices to...
The Most Effective Dog Allergy Medicine

The Most Effective Dog Allergy Medicine – Health & Care

You have noticed that your dog is scratching more and more often… Itching is obviously annoying him… It is clear that something is going...
How poison ivy affects dogs

Poison Ivy on Dogs: Learn to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms

Opinions are split when it comes to the effects of poison ivy on dogs. Some camps claim dogs are not affected by poison ivy...
My Dog Ate a Sock

My Dog Ate a Sock – Helping Your Dog Get Over This Little Mistake

Life is never the same again once you get a dog. Each and every day holds the potential for another surprise and another thing...
Female Dogs Periods heat cycles

Do Female Dogs Get Periods: A Short Guide to Female Dogs Heat Cycle

All mammals go through a period of what is called estrus, which is the equivalent of the human female period. In asking do female...
Dog Tumor

Tumors in Dogs – Most Common Canine Tumors

Tumors in dogs are serious health conditions that can threaten the life of your four-legged friend. They generally occur among older dogs, and if...
How to Calm Down a Dog

How to Calm Down a Dog – Natural Solutions and Effective Tricks

Do you have a dog that barks excessively? Is it hyperactive or, on the contrary, it gets scared or panics? Before you think of...

Dog Allergy Testing – the Ruff Reality

When it comes to allergies, humans aren’t the only ones who suffer. Our canine companions are also prone to be affected by allergies, which...