Winter Outfit Ideas For Cavapoos


There is nothing like snuggling up with your Cavapoo next to the fireplace in your favorite sweaters and a cup of hot chocolate! You could dress up your Cavapoo for so many different occasions this winter, and because a Cavapoo’s full grown size is on the smaller side you will want them bundled up! Here are some of my favorite occasions if you are a pet owner who loves to dress up their puppy in the cutest outfits and need help finding events to dress it up for.

Snowy Night at Home

There really is nothing like snuggling up next to the warm fireplace while you watch the snow come down outside; it always has such a magical feeling! And, of course, what way to make it better than to do it all with your Cavapoo! You can let them wear their favorite sweater; not only will this help them stay warm, but they will also look adorable while doing so!

Family Gatherings

This event is my favorite one to dress puppies up for because people at these events usually dress formally too. So you have the perfect excuse to put either a dress or suit on your adorable little pooch! There are so many different options for this, too; you can either put your dog in something that is themed for the holidays or keep it simple and put them in something they can wear all year round.

Outdoor Activities

If your friends and family are going to go sledding, or if you decide to take your curious little cutie outside to check out the snow, you will need some extra layers on your Cavapoo. Because of their thinner coat, Cavapoos get cold a lot easier and need a few extra layers of protection. When choosing an outfit for this occasion, you will want to look at the item’s quality more than the look. But luckily, with a puppy like a Cavapoo, any outfit will look adorable on them because of their teddy bear-like hair and face.


Cavapoos always look adorable in every outfit, every time I dress one up, I want to show them off to everyone! What better way to do that than take pictures? You can post them on social media and show your friends and family. You can also try taking pictures in a few different outfits and backgrounds.

Anyone can take amazing pictures; it just takes a few tries. You will have to have a few bad pictures first to see what you do and do not like. Then you can try changing a few things to achieve your perfect picture. Nobody will get the perfect picture the first time they try; even professionals must take a couple of shots to get the million-dollar seller.

Everyday Errands

Some people may not agree with me on this, but if you ever take your dog with you to get groceries, this is the perfect time to dress them up! You can stick with something casual like a simple sweater or put them in a Christmas costume that makes them look like a tree or Santa! Cavapoos look so adorable in just about any outfit, and if you want to show them off, this is the best way to do so.

When deciding which outfits you should buy and comparing prices, check the reviews to see how good the quality is and how it holds up for other puppy owners. This way, you can compare the different outfit options and see which ones are worth the price they are listed for. Also, the biggest mistake people make when getting outfits is choosing the wrong size. When you are looking at a product, make sure you check the size guide. Most products will go off of neck and back length, so if you don’t know your dog’s size, you can easily figure it out.

Dressing your dog is always so much fun, whether it is to keep them warm or to help them look stylin’. There is something for everyone for every event you are going to!

Sweater and Scarf Combination


For a more casual and cozy look, a sweater and scarf combination is a great option. Look for a sweater that is made of a soft, warm material, such as wool or cashmere. A matching scarf will not only keep your Cavapoos neck warm but also add a touch of style. You can also find sweaters that come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your Cavapoo’s personality.

Raincoat and Boots

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or rain, a raincoat and boots are a must-have for your Cavapoo. Look for a raincoat that is made of a waterproof and breathable material, with a hood to keep your Cavapoos head dry. Boots will protect their paws from the cold and wet ground. Not only will they keep them warm, but also will protect their paws from salt and chemicals used on the streets during winter.

Fleece Jacket


A fleece jacket is a great option for milder winter days. Look for a jacket that is made of a soft and warm fleece material, and has a snug fit. Fleece is a great option as it’s lightweight, and it dries quickly, which is great for those days when the snow melts and the ground gets wet.


In conclusion, keeping your Cavapoo warm and stylish during the winter months is important. With a variety of winter outfit options, you can choose the perfect outfit for your Cavapoo, whether they are going for a walk in the snow or snuggling up on the couch. Remember that it’s also important to keep an eye on your dog’s body temperature, even when they are dressed warmly, and be prepared to adjust their clothing accordingly.