Training Pit bulls: The lure and reward method

Educating Pit bulls

Educating Pit bulls: The appeal and also incentive technique

When training pit bulls with favorable reinforcement we have seen that a person of the most prominent approaches is called remote control training.

enhancement to the clicker there is an additional method called “attraction and also reward”.

this method instead of waiting on your pitbull to voluntarily provide the actions and afterwards click and also award you “lure” your pit into doing the actions.

describe just how this technique functions allow ´ s see the application when teaching the “sit” as well as “down” commands.

Training Pit bulls: The lure and reward method image 1

Showing the “sit” command:

Stand in front of your pitbull with a reward in your hand. Relocate the treat over your canine ´ s head alongside his body.

This motion will normally trigger your pit to rest since its head is adhering to the reward.

As quickly as the back side of your pit touches the ground you give the treat as well as say “good rest” in an upbeat as well as exciting tone of voice.

Training Pit bulls: The lure and reward method image 2

Instructing the “down” command.

Ask your pitbull to rest and also reward when he does so.

Following ask your pit to go “down” while lowering the reward to the ground before your pits paws.

As soon as he does the wanted behavior state “excellent down” (once more in an upbeat and also amazing tone of voice) and animal him.

Training Pit bulls: The lure and reward method image 3

This technique of attraction as well as benefit works very well throughout the preliminary phases of training and for that reason is used a whole lot with pitbull young puppies.

You just have to take care that after a while your pitbull need to do the desired habits without the reward or else he comes to be as well “deal with dependant”.

Remote control training and also attraction as well as reward training can be made use of with each other for maximum outcomes.

Remember that uniformity as well as technique will make the strategies work much better.

Have a look at this image of a brown pitbull in the “down” placement.