5 Puppy Buying Tips 2024: How Old Should A Puppy Be?

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Getting a new puppy at your home is a wholesome feeling. So naturally, all dog lovers do everything they can to make the most of such an opportunity for their new member. But, apart from making the basic requirements for this little new member at home, there is some essential work that you need to do. All these things matter if you want the dog to have a healthy and disease-free life. Also, it becomes necessary to raise your dog with the proper process to follow the instructions and not harm the people around you.

Importance Of Buying A Puppy From An Ethical Supplier

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There are multiple ways to get a dog as a part of your loving family. A service dog breeder is the best option, as you can choose the size of the puppy you want and the kind of appearance you want. There are high chances that you are most likely to go for a pedigree dog. Apart from that, the breeder can help you with the details of the puppy’s parents, the measures you need to help the dog socialize in the new environment, the body conditions, and others.

Also, you can know about the medical conditions, if any, followed by comprehensive details of the emotional and physical requirements that will help you give the new member a healthy and happy life.

5 Best Puppy Buying Tips For 2024

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There are some considerations when you want to add this furry friend to your family. They are as follows:

1. Watch The Breeder

The breeder that you are choosing should be responsible. They should have information about the puppy and never stop you from meeting it and its parents. Also, the puppy should be kept in a clean and safe area that does not harm its health and wellness. Also, they will ask you many questions and suggest different ways of house training.

But there are some things that you need to pay immediate attention to. For example, it can be problematic if you cannot get your hands on the vet who has been treating the puppy or don’t have any information about the vaccination, deworming, and other health issues. These can raise legitimate questions, and you should not ignore them.

2. Meeting The Puppy

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When you have chosen the breeder and the dog breed you want to take home, you should plan a meetup. The meetup should not only be with the breeder but also with teh dog. Familiarity is essential when dealing with little puppies, as they are babies and need time to get comfortable around them.

It would help if you planned with your breeder about the ideal time to take it home. You can immediately shift the puppy’s location from a kennel to your home, but such a sudden change will take time to be familiar with. Also, they don’t know you yet and hence, fall ill. So, it is better to meet your pet at least twice before you take them home. Also, while meeting, you should allow yourself to know about the breed’s habits and traits. Then, you can make similar arrangements at your home.

3. Knowing The Puppy’s Age

When any puppy reaches 8-12 weeks, they begin weaning off. After attaining this age, they can start eating their food and spend most of their time away from their mothers at this stage. Also, they begin adapting to the natural playing, eating, and sleeping schedule. Also, this is the best time to adopt the puppy and give it a new home.

When you wait for the puppy to attain this age, it will help you ensure that the little one has received all the goodness of its mother’s milk which is essential for good growth and health. Mother’s milk has necessary nutrients that are helpful in the puppy’s development, and they also get immune to certain diseases. However, the idea of puppy vaccination is different. You need to contact your local vet for the same.

Apart from the puppy’s age, it would help if you also asked the breeder about the age of the dog’s mother. The mother should be over a year but not too old or unhealthy. Otherwise, the same thing will reflect the child and its health.

4. Looking At The Living Conditions

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While buying a puppy of any breed, you should gather details about their living conditions. It would help if you considered different factors, like whether they stay alone or with their mothers. Also, other things include the dog’s condition, their adaptation to a different temperature, genetic factors, and resting and playing time.

Also, you need to know how your dog and its body are equipped. It is because the place where the puppy currently resides may have a different temperature or condition than your home or the area you are planning to keep it. Therefore, you should take the steps accordingly so that the baby dog does not have any problems settling in.

5. Litters, Playfulness, And Other Things

While learning about the health details of the mother and the puppy, you should know about their litters, activities, playing and resting, and other information. You should ensure that you pick a puppy whose mother has had at most six litters. Also, it would help if you did not forget to check the living condition of the litter and the mother.

You should take the puppy out of the kennel or stay in place for a play session. You will learn about their social skills and their play sessions. Also, it might help you learn about their likes and dislikes while playing in the park or any other location. You can use balls, frisbees, and sticks for the same. Also, you can bring things from your home and keep them with the puppy so that they grow familiarity.

Also, you need to be sure and check the eyes of the puppy, its ears, and the bottom.


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Puppies are playful, and they give and take love like no other. So, when taking this tiny one home, you must ensure they are of the right age. You are taking them amongst new people, and in a new environment, hence, you should see to these things. They need their mothers initially, and you should not separate them from their mothers during this time.