Beagle Aussie Mix


The Beagle Aussie Mix is a hybrid dog. Its smart personality fascinates dog lovers. It is a good family dog also. If you want this canine, this article is for you.

The Beagle Aussie Mix is one of the least known hybrids. This is the offspring of Australian Shepherd and Beagle breeds. This breed is famous for its qualities. It may be a great pet but it may not be the right choice for every family. Some information about it is given here.


This hybrid was probably created about 20 to 30 years ago from Australian Shepherd and Beagle breeds.

The Australian Shepherd originated in the Basque region of the Pyrenees Mountains located between France and Spain. In the 19th century they had come to the USA.

The Beagle’s history is ambiguous. It is thought that this dog is one of the hounds. It was used long before Roman time for hunting in Britain. After the Civil war it has found in America.

The Beagle Aussie  Mix’ Features

Life Span

The standard life duration of this dog is between 12 to 15 years. This is the combined life expectancy both of the Australian Shepherd and the Beagle Mix.


This hybrid canine physical outlook depends on which animal this dog takes after most. So, it is not always easy to predict the look of the puppies. But its appearance is very fascinating.

The average height of this dog is 13 to 23 inches from its shoulder.

20 to 65 pounds is its standard weight.

The beagle has hound shape face and smaller stature. Some mix puppies may look like a beagle.

Again, some may be little lathy and tall like the shepherd.

Some may have a white tip on tail like a beagle.

A Beagle has a short sleek coat but An Australian shepherd has a thick, medium length coat. So, the mix breed may have one type coat or the other or the combination of both. They may have wavy or straight hair. The main colors of coats are white, fawn, lemon, black, brown, tan, blue merle, red merle, and red. Sometimes its coat is solid, and sometimes it has coat of mixed colors.


The parents of this dog are loving and faithful. So, the Beagle Aussie mix also possesses those traits. Those qualities have made it an excellent pet.

Besides, its parents are smart. So, you know this hybrid is intelligent. Moreover, this mix is a vital and playful dog. It is also a fun dog full of spirit and spunk like its parent breeds. This breed is also a loyal one. Besides, it is very devoted to its family. It is a very friendly dog. It loves to get affection from as many people as possible! It is great with kids and other small animals. It makes everyone feel comfortable around them. It thrives on attention and love as well. They tend to have an agreeable and friendly temperament towards family members. But in some cases it may be a shy breed, as its Australian Shepherd parent is a little bit shy.

Important Issues to Rear up the Beagle Aussie Mix


The Beagle Aussie Mix has a good amount of fluff to its fur. You should brush it with a slicker brush daily. Regular bath and brushing coat are important to groom it.

Cleaning its ears is another pivotal issue.

You should trim its nails regularly. Again, brushing their teeth is important. Teeth cleaning can be promoted using some chewing articles which are made for the purpose.


This mix canine requires a wide surrounding. You have to give it plenty of both indoor and outdoor space for its lodging. It needs some space for physical activities and to move around.


Remember that diet is foremost to keep the mix breed healthy and fit. It needs proper nutrition to be healthy. The consumption depends on its age, size and energy levels.

Health issues

Undoubtedly, the Beagle Aussie mix is a healthy, sturdy dog. But, some of them may face some health problems. These are – Hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism etc.


This lovely cross breed is vigorous and energetic. It loves to run and play. Besides, it has a tendency to gain weight. So, it needs moderate exercise. It generally requires 1 to 2 hours of exercise in a day.


This is a very obedient breed. It is relatively easy to train this dog due to its intelligence. To give them suitable training some tips are given below for you:

  1. Claim your dominance and make them understand that you are in control.
  2. To retain their attention make a short time training sessions
  3. Give award your puppy on every great action they performed to encourage their good behavior.
  4. Try to make positive reinforcement.

The Beagle Aussie mix is an energetic and playful dog. If you have enough time to company and play with it, you can have it. But if you are a busy man, this dog is not for you.

However, it has a good looking and a lovable personality. It can truly be a great family dog due to its perfect size and qualities. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get this dog as your pet.