15 Best Indoor Dog Potty 2022: Top Easy to Clean Picks

Best Indoor Potty for Dogs

Irrespective of the fact that many dogs have been trained to relieve themselves outside, it usually takes some exertion to train your pet to let go in an indoor potty area such as Pee Pee pads, newspapers, and turf box and litter pads.

The use of indoor potties is mostly practiced by individuals who have small-sized dogs and individuals who work very long hours, hence will not always be there for their dogs especially when they require bathroom breaks.

Additionally, indoor potties can also be a suitable alternative for dog owners who cannot get outside due to health issues or maybe living in a high-rise.

All in all, there are several indoor potty alternatives that anyone who might be interested in having their pets let go inside the house can use. The first alternative is the pee pad which is widely used by many dog owners.

Despite the Pee pads lower initial cost, the accumulative cost is usually what makes this product more expensive than a customized indoor potty. The second alternative is the newspaper, which is free and also environmentally friendly but the floor is always going to require a little bit of extra cleaning after the dog has relieved himself or herself.

Indoor Dog Potty

Customized Indoor potties are the best and most reliable solution for any dog owner who is going to allow his or her pet to let go inside the house.

There are several indoor potty products that are currently on the market, and each of these products has its unique feature. All in all here is a breakdown of some of the best indoor potty products that every dog owner should know.

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1. Paw Prints Dog Potty Patch

Paw Prints Dog Potty Patch


The Paw Prints Potty Patch is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs and has been engineered in the shape of a bone. This potty measures 27 inches by 17 inches and has been concocted with artificial grass that can drain liquids through a plastic-looking tray liner that can be rinsed after every few days.

One key feature that makes this tray quite outstanding is the grass pad that has been elevated away from the tray liner so that the grass will stay dry.

The Paw Prints Potty Patch is for people who are looking for something cuter than the standard bathroom potty. The Potty’s sleek design will allow you the user to carry this Potty with much ease even when going to visit a neighbor since it is very light and thin. If you have a larger dog, then you can look for another alternative instead of combining several of these potties together.

  • Sleek Design
  • Dry and comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Adds aesthetic value to the house
  • Can be a little bit messy
  • May smell bad if not washed properly


Customer reviews

Most dog owners who purchased this product were extremely pleased because they were now able to save a little bit of cash instead of purchasing puppy pads. Apart from that, many customers were also happy with how easy it was to clean this product and how it can be placed in the house without reducing the aesthetic value.

However, there were those customers who complained about how this product cannot be used for large-sized dogs. All in all, the Paw Prints Dog Potty Parch goes for 36 US dollars.

If you think that this product could be useful for you, then you can buy it from Amazon.

2. The Porch Potty Grass Litter Box

The Porch Potty Grass Litter Box


Designed with a state of the art technology, the Porch Potty Grass Litter Box is suitable for both in-house and patio use. Unlike many other small sized indoor potties, the Porch Potty Grass Litter box measures 2 feet by 4 feet hence it is ideal for bigger dogs or those dogs that like to walk around before relieving themselves.

Furthermore, the Porch Potty Grass Litter Box has been designed with a high quality resin frame that surrounds either a high quality artificial grass or a fresh patch of grass that not only looks great but also feels great. For those who will purchase this product, you can always choose to install a drain container or a drain hose and then use the sprinkler system from Porch Potty system or a manual rinse.

The Porch potty grass litter box

Also, before rinsing this indoor potty, you are going to be required to pick up any solids then followed by pouring fresh water over the top and finally allowing the potty to drain by itself. During the cleaning process no harsh chemicals or soap is required, only clean water several days per week.

  • Easy to clean
  • Great design and high-quality materials
  • High-quality artificial grass
  • No smell or flies
  • Ideal for dogs of all sizes, both large and small
  • Can be placed on a patio without reducing the aesthetic value
  • A little bit expensive
  • Can be used by large sized dogs however they cannot sniff it or circle it.


Customer reviews

Most customers who purchased the Porch Potty Grass Litter Box were extremely pleased with the product especially because it has been designed with high-quality materials. The built and the sturdiness of the frame together with the general design of the product is what got most customers extremely happy with the purchase they made.

If you interested in this product you can buy it from Amazon.

3. Piddle Place Pet Relief System

PetSafe Piddle Place Indoor Dog Potty


The Piddle Place Pet Relief system was exclusively designed to make the dog owners hands cleaner and ensure all the potential odors are contained. This pet relief system comes with a fully closed chamber that has been concocted with a drain valve system that will ensure the dog owner does not come into contact with the pet’s waste.

The Piddle Place indoor potty can be drained periodically by taking the waste and dumping all the fluids in a toilet about once every week followed by rinsing the Indoor Potty.

Furthermore, the Piddle Place Pet Relief system is very easy to carry and also exceedingly compact for long and short distance journeys.

Piddle place pet relief system

The indoor potty’s completely enclosed design will ensure that this product remains odor free, and also it can be cleaned very easily. The animal excrete, or waste is collected then stored in the potty’s plastic container so that it can be easily flushed whenever the dog owner feels the need to.

  • Easy to carry
  • Can be carried for both short and long journeys
  • Vet approved
  • Odor free due to the exclusive Piddle Place maintenance products

Customer reviews

A majority of the customers who purchased this product were extremely contended with the product and gave positive reviews. Unlike many others indoor potties, the Piddle Place Pet Relief System odor free nature was a bonus to the already well designed self-relief system. This product goes for around 95 US Dollars which is a little bit higher compared to many other indoor potties.

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3. The Ugodog Potty System

The Ugodog Potty System


Unlike some self-relief products that employ the use of turf, the UGODOG Potty System has been engineered to use just a shell and grate. This Indoor Potty System has two grates that not only fit together side by side but also are very easy to lift and also clean.

According to the product manufacturers, grating was preferred over grass because the dog will not step on the urine and leave unwanted urine tracks in the house.

Furthermore, for those dog owners who might be worried about the grating having unwanted effects on the dog’s paws, the design of the UGODOG is in such a manner that it can cushion the pet’s paws by the using convex beams.

With that being said, the UGODOG Potty System is suitable for both small sized and large sized dogs. For those who might want to make the cleaning process much easier, and then you can employ the use of newspapers in between the grate and the pan.

The UGODOG potty system

If you are going to purchase this product, then it is important to conduct some in-house training before the dog becomes fully accustomed to using this Potty System. Every purchase comes with training instructions and also the company’s contact address in case the pet owner is going to require some additional guidance concerning the product or the purchase made.

  • Easy to clean
  • Great Design
  • Can be used by both large and small sized dogs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No replacements for the grates.


Customer reviews

Apart from the pocket-friendly purchase price of the UGODOG Potty system, many customers were also exceedingly contented with how easy it was to clean this product. Nonetheless, there were those customers who complained about the lack of replacements for the grates.

4. The Rascal Dog Litter Box Little Squirt

The Rascal Dog Litter Box Little Squirt


The Rascal Dog Litter has been designed for small sized dogs especially those that weigh less than 8 pounds. Contrived with the state of the art features, the Rascal Dog Litter comes with a patch of fresh looking plastic grass that has been neatly contained in a well-designed plastic container that has raised sides.

The reason why this indoor potty has been engineered with raised sides is so that while the dog is relieving his or her self, the splattering is kept at a minimum while the mess is contained in the litter box.

Apart from that the grass can be washed and even reused although the dog owner must be a little bit diligent in ensuring that the little squirt box is kept clean.

The Rascal dog litter box little squirt

Another import feature that makes this indoor potty stand out from the rest is the low entrance that makes it very easy for small sized dogs to enter into the tray and leave without any difficulties. All in all, this litter box is exceedingly light weight, very easy to clean and small enough such that the dog owner can travel with it whenever he or she feels the need to.

  • Has elevated sides to ensure that the mess is maintained in the box
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a laundry bag for washing the grass pad.
  • Has a low entrance for a much easier access
  • The grass does not stain and has a natural scent to attract the dog.
  • If not washed correctly, the grass may hold the urine smell for a long time.


Customer reviews

A huge number of dog owners who purchased this product were happy especially with the elevated sides that ensured their pets did not miss the grass. Also, they appreciated how easy it is to clean and empty the dog potty and how easy it is relocated and move with the potty.

Owners who purchased this product also pointed the fact that the grass that has been fitted in the Rascal Dog Litter Box was very realistic and was filled with a natural smell that attracted the dogs.

All in all, the only shortcoming of this litter box is that it can only be used for small sized dogs especially those that weigh less than 8 pounds. The Rascal Dog Litter Box goes for 27 US Dollars.

5. Klean Paws Indoor Potties

Klean Paws Indoor Potties


Just like the Rascal Indoor Potty, the Klean Paws Indoor Potties is a very great dog toilet and has been exclusively designed for small sized dogs. The key feature of this indoor potty is the perforated plastic grate that has an easy snap on the tray that in turn allows the pee to fall into the tray.

As a precautionary measure, you can also choose to insert a newspaper or training pad beneath it. By doing this, there will be very little to clean since you are going to throw the newspaper or pad after it has been filled and then rinse the tray and grate whenever you feel it is needed.

Apart from that the Klean Paws Indoor Potty has a non-skid bottom that in turn ensures that the toilet stays in its place at all times.

Klean Paws Indoor Potty

All in all, the Klean Paws Indoor Potty is very simple and effective. However, it is only suitable for small sized dogs.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Ideal for small sized dogs
  • Very affordable
  • Ensures that your pets feet are always dry at all times.
  • Only suitable for small sized dogs.


Customer feedback

Most customers who purchased this product expressed their satisfaction with how easy it was for their pets to use the Klean Paw Indoor Potties and also how easy it was to clean this product. There are also those customers who were extremely happy with the buying price of the product since it did offer value for their money.

If you interested you can buy it from Amazon.

5. Shake Dog Potty

Shake Dog Potty Relief System


As an award-winning dog potty, the shake dog potty is ideal for medium sized dogs that weigh less than 40 pounds. In the year 2014 it won the best product design and also the Red Dot Awards and also the Pet Business at the 2014 Industry Recognition Award.

One of the most notable features of the Shake Dog Potty is that its design makes it very easier to clean. For the liquid messes, the dog owner is only going to fill the potty with water, shake then discard it away.

However, for solid messes the owner will be required to collect the poop then throw it away in the garbage or toilet like all the other potties. Apart from that the Shake Dog Potty has also been treated with an ultra-fresh antimicrobial protections so that it can be able to reduce or eliminate the odors emanating from the potty.

Another key feature is the design that directs all the liquids into a sealed reservoir thus eliminating the risks of any leaks from occurring. The state of the art design also makes this product very easier to not only fold but also to transport whenever the dog owner needs to go.

  • Easy to clean
  • Have no leaks
  • Has a high-quality design
  • Cannot be used for dogs that weigh more than 40 pounds.


Customer reviews

The stylish design and the easy to clean nature is what made many customers more contended about this product than any other product. Also, other customers were extremely happy with the overall design that can be closed for transportation purposes or once the dog has let go.

Shake dog potty

However, there were other customers who were a little bit unsatisfied with the product because it cannot be used for dogs that weigh more than 40 pounds.

In Conclusion

Apart from purchasing an indoor potty, it is also very important to ensure that the pet undergoes some extensive indoor potty training so that he or she may become fully accustomed to using the indoor potty.

It is also important to note that once you train your pet to relieve himself or herself inside the house it is going to be very difficult to make him go outside.

When conducting the training sessions, you will need to be very consistent so that you will not confuse your pet about which area is his or her bathroom. With that being said, your pet is still going to need unlimited access to the sun and plenty of exercises just like any other dog.