Best Frisbee Dogs – Top 6 Breeds That Love Playing Frisbee

Best Frisbee Dogs

While the Frisbee or flying disc might just be a toy, playing the game usually requires an enormous amount of energy and stamina from the dog. Judging from what we have seen in the parks and our homes, we can all confirm the fact that there are certain dogs that were just born to take wing.

These dogs not only leap highly into the air to catch Frisbees, but their movement is fluid and natural making them ideal candidates for Frisbee games and any other game that requires flight. Apart from being able to jump, these dog breeds also need to be very intelligent and masculine.

Most of the dog breeds that will be discussed below are all great at jumping even without any form of training. But with the right type of training, these dog breeds can achieve unimaginable heights. It is also very important to note that many successful Frisbee Games dogs usually come from these exclusive dog breeds.

Six Dog Breeds That Every Frisbee Enthusiast Must Know About

1. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Initially, Labrador Retrievers were the ultimate fisherman’s companion as they were used to haul nets, retrieve fish and fetch ropes in the Northern Atlantic regions. As an offspring of this lineage, today’s Labrador Retrievers are equally hardworking and are currently the most popular breed in America.

This is a fact because Labrador Retrievers have been registered as the number one dog breed by the American Kennel Club. Also, it is among the few dogs that many non-dog people can easily register.

At this time and age, Labrador Retrievers are mainly used as retrievers for hunters, show competitors, search and rescue dogs, and assistance dogs, especially for the disabled and many others. The Labrador Retrievers originated from Newfoundland an island that is located on the North Eastern Coast of Canada.

Apart from being used for hunting, Labrador Retrievers are also excellent therapy dogs due to their sweet and loving nature. Also, Labrador Retrievers are also excellent search and rescue dogs especially due to their strong sense of smell and courageous nature.

However, Labrador Retrievers are not suitable candidates for being watchdogs. Many people who own this breed are all in agreement that due to the sweet nature of this breed, Labradors are likely to let strangers in or greet them with happiness.

All in all, just by looking at their muscular and athletic bodies’ one can be able to tell that the Labrador Retrievers are built for sports. Currently, Labrador Retrievers have earned their status as the breed to beat at various dog sports such as Frisbee Games, Obedience, and Agility competitions.

2. Rat Terriers

Rat Terriers

Apart from being adorable tiny digging artists, members of the Terrier Dog breed are also lively, energetic, feisty funny, and have an enormous amount of love for chasing vermin. However, despite the fact that Rat Terriers are funny in nature, they do not try to please people at all. The name Rat Terrier was given to this dog breed by the former United States president, Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt, named this dog breed, the Rat Terrier because his very own terrier eradicated all the rats in his house. All in all, Rat Terriers are very common in the United States, and just like Apple Pie, they are an American Tradition. With the correct amount of socialization, training, and the correct amount of forgiveness, Rat Terriers can be a great addition to any family.

Rat Terriers are also excellent watchdogs hence they are the ideal farm dog. The breed’s strong jaws and swift movements are what made them very popular among farmers who were very keen on eradicating rats and many other vermin from their farms.

Many times, Rat Terriers are often confused for Jack Russell and the smoothly coated Fox Terriers. For owners who might be worried about the excessive digging, you can choose to allocate a certain portion of your backyard so that the dog can dig to his or her content.

All in all, the breed’s strong jaws, swift movements, and light weight are what make this dog breed an ideal candidate for playing Frisbees. With the right amount of training and exercise, Rat Terriers can be unrivaled at playing and catching Frisbees.

3. The Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Unlike popular beliefs, the Australian Shepherd happens to originate from the western regions of the United States and not from Australia as previously thought. Originally, the Australian shepherd was exclusively bred to herd livestock hence, up to this date it remains one of the most popular working dog breeds in the United States and many other countries. The Australian Shepherd dog breed is usually pleased when he or she has been assigned a task or has a job to do.

Apart from being a working dog the Australian Shepherd also makes a wonderful family companion especially if his energy and intelligence are directed into other activities such as sports. However, when his intelligence and energy are not put into use, the Australian Shepherd will not only become loud but will also become very destructive.

Also, he or she may end up creating his or her job like chasing cars, herding the kids, or tearing down the house. It is very important to note that if you are always on a busy working schedule hence you will not have time to train the dog, then he or she may not be a right fit for your lifestyle. Their heritage as working dogs is what makes Australian Shepherds loyal companions who at all times are more than determined to protect their families, especially from strangers.

When it comes to looks, the Australian Shepherd unquestionably stands out from the crowd especially due to its nice-looking medium length sized fur coat and dark brown eyes. All in all, if you are an enthusiast of dog sports, then the Australian Shepherd is unquestionably a right fit for you. Their medium sizes, agility, and naturally bobbed tails is what makes them ideal candidates for playing Frisbees, playing flyball, and obedience tests. Furthermore, Aussies usually weigh between 40 to 65 pounds which in turn means they can jump up to unimaginable heights.

4. Border Collie

Border Collie

Just like the Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie was originally bred to control and gather sheep in the region between England and Scotland. The Border Collie is widely known for his stare or eyes which he uses to control and gather livestock and sheep.

Since the Border Collie is a working dog breed, they usually have unlimited stamina, energy, and workflow that makes them ideal candidates for controlling livestock. In many parts of the world, Border Collies are still being used on ranches and farms.

A medium-sized dog, the Border collie usually weighs somewhere between 30-40 pounds which makes them among some of the lightest dog breeds. Also, Border Collies also do possess an endless amount of stamina and energy, which many researchers believe was a result of working in the valleys and hills of rugged Scotland.

However, if Border collies are brought up by a dog owner who does not truly understand them, the energy and Stamina can be a major problem. Keeping up with this dog breed can be physically, and emotionally demanding, especially for a family that was looking for a more laid-back pet. All in all, for the right owner, the Border Collie can be a wonderful pet to live with since they are usually easy to train due to their tractable nature and unrivaled intelligence.

Collies are usually very sensitive and according to those who truly understand this dog breed, they have the uncanny ability to figure out what you are going to say way before you say it. In addition, if Border Collies are well trained when they are young, they can be able to adapt and live in any living situation as long as the owners can provide the physical and mental exercises that this dog breed requires.

Needless to say, this dog breed is an ideal match for any dog owner who is very active, especially those who are interested in dog sports. It has been proven that with the right amount and type of training, this dog breed can succeed in any sports or activity that he or she might try. Currently, Border Collies are used in several activities and dog sports such as Flying Disc games, Agility competitions, Fly Ball games, and Tracking, Advanced Obedience, and Freestyle Obedience competitions.

5. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and many parts of Europe. Just by going with their name, Golden Retrievers were given that name because they were very excellent at retrieving games such as hunting, tracking, airport security checks and also as assistance dogs.

This dog breed is very friendly and has an excellent attitude, thus making him a favorite among many families and homes. Apart from being extra friendly, Golden Retrievers are also very intelligent thus making this dog species an excellent working dog.

It is very important to note that this dog breed usually matures very slowly hence will retain the silly and playful characteristics of a puppy until they reach around four years. For some members of this breed, they will keep the puppyish characteristic up to old age, which can be very annoying for some dog owners.

Originally, Golden Retrievers were bred to execute physically demanding jobs such as retrieving ducks and many other fowls for hunters. Since they are a working dog breed, Golden Retrievers will require daily exercises whether it’s walking, jogging, or playing a game of fetch. Also, just like the many other dog breeds that have been bred to work, Golden Retrievers are always looking for work may it be walking family members, retrieving papers, or involvement in sporting activities.

Once they are tired, Golden Retrievers are usually well-mannered. Like all the other four dog breeds discussed above, Golden Retrievers are also suitable candidates for Frisbee Games because of their agility and strength. Their miniature sizes and tiny weight enables them to reach greater heights and still be able to land safely.

6. The Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Originally the Australian Cattle Dog breed was developed to herd livestock and up to this date he is still being used for this purpose. Apart from being a working dog breed, the ACD is also very friendly and hence a suitable family companion.

Because he is a working dog breed, the Australian Cattle Dog is a dog breed that needs to be active and busy all the time. If not he will become bored, hence will look for an alternative form of entertainment like digging up the trash or the flower garden.

It is also very important to note that the Australian Cattle Dog breed usually attaches himself or herself extremely close to one member of the family and hence will bond less with other family members. Many times, he or she is also referred to as a Velcro dog because he will attach so firmly to the chosen member all the time.

Apart from being a little bit clingy, the Australian Cattle Dog is not only very loyal but also very protective of the owner’s family though at times he might a little bit scared of outsiders. Since this dog breed was bred to herd dogs by force, he in turn tends to be a mouthy dog.

He or she can decide to nip anything that moves like cattle, children, cars, or other pets. If the breed’s tendency to bite is not controlled with training and socialization when young, it can eventually become a dangerous behavior in the long run.

If you are an ardent dog sports fun i.e. Frisbee sports and are looking for an ideal dog breed, then the Australian Cattle Dog breed might be just what you are looking for. The ACD usually weighs around 30 to 50 pounds which is an advantage because the breed can be able to carry its weight to unimaginable heights. Furthermore, this breed is also slightly masculine and has an enormous amount of strength.

It is very important to note that despite the fact that the dog breeds discussed above are the best dog breed for playing with Frisbee, their personality will entirely depend on the amount of time and energy you dedicate to their training.

Important Tips and Guidelines for Training Your Pet to Play Frisbee

Before the first training session, you should ensure that your pet’s physical condition has been properly evaluated by a veterinarian. Furthermore, it is also very important the type of Frisbee disk you select. Not all disks are suitable for playing Frisbees with your dog. The best Frisbee disks are not only soft but also very flexible hence very resistant to your dog’s extremely sharp teeth.

To ensure maximum adaptability, you will be required to introduce the Frisbee disk during normal playtime so that the dog can become used to holding the disk in his or her mouth. If your dog starts to show interest in the disk, you should be able to praise him or her.

During the initial sessions, it is very necessary to ensure that the disk is thrown at a very low level most likely a dog’s height. Alternatively, you can also decide to roll the disk once in a while towards the dog’s side so that you can allow him or her to chase down the disk and bring it back to you.

Dog' s frisbee day

As soon as the dog becomes fully accustomed to going after the disk and bringing it back, you can now safely move to the subsequent level. After the first few stages have been successful, you can now safely try tossing the Frisbee disk over short distances probably at the park or the yard. Still, always ensure that the disk is thrown at the dog’s height. Also, it is also very important to ensure that the disk is not thrown directly toward the dog so as to avoid any injuries.

Retrieving the disk is the next step that you will be required to teach the pet. When teaching your dog how to retrieve a disk properly, you should select a place where he or she will be not at danger especially when running after the Frisbee disk. The most suitable places are usually parks or any area that is properly fenced. During these stages, training treats are essential and will improve your dog’s overall performance significantly.

Also, you can always choose to use a very long training lead, but always ensure that the lead is not the tangling type. During the training sessions, it is also very important to choose consistent command words so that the dog will be able to know when to bring the Frisbee disk and when to drop it. As soon as the dog gets comfortable at a certain level, you can then decide to increase the distance and height at which you will be throwing the disk.