Pictures of Pitbulls

Photos of Pitbulls

If you are searching for photos of pitbulls online then be prepared to see stories from one extreme to the other.

Images of blood loss, frightened dogs from the world of pet dog combating, misuse and forget to photos of pit bulls snuggled under the covers on their proprietors ´ bed.

It is my intention on this web page not to show you pictures of pit bulls that fall under any of the above pointed out groups.

Pictures of Pitbulls photo 1

Rather, I would like to show you photos of the 3 main types that drop under the term “pitbulls” beeing the American Pitbull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier and also the Staffordshire bull terrier.

A lot of times individuals are perplexed regarding which is which so I wish that the below photos clarify this.

, let ´ s start. The initial two pictures are of the American Pit Terrier.

Pictures of Pitbulls photo 2

Next comes the American Staffordshire terrier

And also now the Staffordshire bull terrier

Bear in mind that if you wish to broaden the classification of Bully Breeds after that we must additionally include the Terrier as well as the American Bulldog.

Pictures of Pitbulls photo 3

the future I will write and install some photos of these two breeds also.

Pitbull Photos, beware of the blended results

Pitbulls image sent out from some close friends

Pitbull Photo, ADBA or UKC standard??