Treatment for Respiratory Infection In Dogs: Prana Pets Respiratory System Support Review

treatment for respiratory infection in dogs
John Walton
Written by John Walton

Did you know that your beloved furry friend can get a cold? Just like us, when we get a runny nose and we feel we can’t breathe and function properly, Fido can also get stuffed sinuses, phlegm in the throat, and all the other symptoms we know and don’t really like.

However, your pup doesn’t know that he has a cold and the difficult in respiration may make him (or her) feel anxious. To give you a helping hand, today we’ll discuss the infections of the URT (upper respiratory tract) and the recommended treatment for respiratory infections in dogs.

How to Recognize Infections of The URT?

If you know how a person looks like when they get a cold, then you’ll be able to recognize a respiratory infection in dogs as well. The classic signs are:

  • Sneezing and/or snorting
  • Various types of cough
  • Irritation of the nostril – Fido will try to scratch or paw his nose and when he won’t be able to get relief from that, he’ll start using the furniture. This will create an obvious irritation of the area.
  • Nasal and or ocular discharge – usually when he sneezes
  • Breathing with difficulty
  • Weight loss due to a drop in appetite
  • Low levels of energy when he used to be a crazy dog that couldn’t wait to go out for a walk.

If you notice these, it’s time to take measures and one of these measures is a visit to the vet. However, if this is not your first cold and you know what to do, it’s time to start medicating.

Still, you should know that there are several types of URT infections that don’t come with all the symptoms mentioned above.

Respiratory Emergencies in dogs

For instance, if your dog catches the so-called kennel cough (caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica bacterium), he or she will only manifest an annoying dry cough without any nasal discharge or other symptoms. The cough will get more severe after physical activity, so, if you see this don’t wait for a visit to the vet.

Another type of infection in the upper respiratory tract in dogs is pneumonia (bacterial) which manifests as an inflammation of the lungs. The inflammation leads to difficulties in breathing due to an accumulation of inflammatory cells and fluids in the airways.

Pneumonia is actually quite common in dogs and large breeds and the ones that practice many outdoor activities are the most affected. This inflammation of the lungs can be cured easily, but it must be caught on time so, if you see any changes in your dog’s behavior, you should go to the vet.

Because the same bacterium or combination of bacteria can create chaos in a dog’s respiratory system, the symptoms can be difficult to recognize. However, we can say for sure, that an untreated infection of the URT can and will lead to more serious health conditions. This is why it is very important to make sure you get a correct diagnosis.

Why Do These Infections Happen?

Just like with humans, colds in dogs are produced by bacteria and viruses which are highly contagious. So, if your pup is not vaccinated or you have an old dog who has problems with the immune system it is best to avoid crowded places like the dog park or doggie kindergarten for a while.

Dog puppy in the park

Of course, mature dogs are also at risk, but a well-functioning immune system will help prevent most of the infections.

Treatment and prevention

A very wise man said once that the best treatment for any disease is prevention. However, if the infection of the upper respiratory tract happens, prevention time is over and is time to consider treatment.

At the first signs of cold or other respiratory problems, the best course of action is a natural treatment like the «Respiratory System Support» — homeopathic remedy from Prana Pets.

Users who’ve used it are extremely happy with the results and the fact that it is 100% natural means there will be no secondary effects to worry about. Even more, the ingredients were carefully selected to avoid any addictions that usually occur with other types of treatment.

Prana Pets Respiratory System-medicine

The Respiratory system support is designed to temporarily relieve breathing problems which are a direct cause of an upper respiratory tract inflammation such as the common cold or asthma.

It is also great in helping the animal maintain a healthy respiratory system as it addresses the causes at a cellular level, it doesn’t just cover for the symptoms.

The remedy can be easily administered in food and it will show its amazing effects in just a few days of treatment. Even more, it works on cats as well so, if it happens and you have two sick pets, you can treat them both.

A Few Final Words

Even though a cold may seem something pretty common for us, for a dog it’s a bit more. We tend to ignore the symptoms and take a few cups of tea, but a dog won’t be able to play as he used to, won’t be able to spend time with you (his favorite human), and won’t be able to enjoy his favorite activities. And all these may lead to depression and anxiety.

Dog with owner

Even more, a respiratory problem in Fido will also affect you as you’ll see he’s not happy. However, with a natural remedy like the Respiratory System Support you have the possibility to make it all go away in just a few days.

Pet owners all over the world tried it and are extremely happy with the results so you shouldn’t allow a cold to get between you and your best friend in the world.

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John Walton
John Walton

John Walton lives in Somerville, MA, with his two dogs, two sons, and very understanding mate. He is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a mentor trainer for the Animal Behavior College, an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator, and the Training Director for the New England Dog Training Club.