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Yorkshire Terrier
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Yorkshire Terriers are one of the ten most popular lap dogs today. They’re universally loved for their cheerful and pleasant personality. Even popular celebrities fall prey to the charming and playful personality of Yorkies. Don’t you think cute Yorkie dog names are just the most fitting for these spunky pets?

Giving your Yorkshire Terrier a name that’s full of spunk and playfulness is a great way to highlight your pet’s charming personality. When you choose from among our great list of pet names for Yorkies, you’ll surely find one that will really highlight what you value most in your pet.

In this article, we’ll first talk about the breed and find out how Yorkshire Terriers came to be. We will then share with you some of the most popular name choices for male Yorkshire Terriers. Then we’ll also give you an excellent list of charming names for female Yorkies. We’ll also share with you a long list of cute and adorable names for your charming pet.

The Yorkie: A Bubbly Tiny Pooch

Yorkshire Terrier jumping

High-spirited, lively, and bubbly, Yorkshire Terriers may look delicate and tiny, but they’re great companion dogs, both to elderly people living alone and toddlers in need of cheerful playmates.

Yorkies are incredibly affectionate, adventurous, and entertaining. They’re also very cuddly—a fitting characteristic for adorable lapdogs. Although Yorkshire Terriers are known to be fearless and love going on adventures, Yorkies also love spending time with the family just lounging on the couch.

This dainty-looking toy-sized Terrier originated from Yorkshire and Lancashire in England back in the mid-1800s. Although they began as working dogs, they later became valued lapdogs of English ladies, especially during the late Victorian era.

Nowadays, Yorkies remain popular among celebrities. Audrey Hepburn was known to love her Yorkie. Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the many globally famous celebrities who live with their beloved Yorkies.

Yorkshire Terriers grow only up to 7 or 8 inches in height and around 7 pounds in weight. Despite their diminutive size, Yorkies are expected to live for a long time, with some even reaching more than 15 years. Yorkies are most well-known for their silky coat of golden tan and steel blue, reaching down to the floor.

Yorkie Dog Names by Gender

Both male and female Yorkies are cute as a button, but there are some differences that set them apart, and their names should reflect this uniqueness.

#1: Great Names for Male Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terrier in a basket

If you’ve got a cute male Yorkie, you’ll want to give him a name that perfectly captures his character. Here are some of the most popular Yorkie dog names male choices.

AlfredA popular Yorkie name, it actually literally means "a counsel of elves," which makes it a great name for friendly, tiny dogs.
AtomAnother great Yorkie name that highlights your pet's petite frame; an atom is the tiniest particle of matter.
BugsyBecause Yorkies are often considered bug-eyed, this is a great name for Yorkshire Terriers with huge expressive eyes.
ButtonBecause your pet is as cute as a button; the name can also refer to the round and shiny eyes of Yorkshire Terriers.
BuzzYorkies are always exuberant and buzzing around the house, full of energy and joy.
CaesarOriginally famous as a name used by Roman Emperors, Caesar can also mean “long-haired,” which is a fitting description for the luxurious floor-length coat of Yorkies.
GarnetA precious red gemstone, this name not only highlights how precious your pet is, but is also a great descriptive name for the reddish-brown coat of Yorkies.
KyloIn reference to the famous Star Wars character with long hair.
LiamIt means “strong-willed,” which is an excellent way to describe independent and single-minded Yorkies.
ObiAnother popular name for Yorkies that's based on the famous and handsome Star Wars character.
OliverThis popular dog name somehow fits the unique appearance of Yorkies.
RileyAn excellent name for highly energetic and active dogs like Yorkshire Terriers.
RoccoIt literally means “battle cry,” which can be descriptive of the Yorkshire Terrier's tendency to howl or bark.
RogueA great way to name tiny and independent-minded dogs.
RomeoBecause Yorkies are definitely charmers, with their loving tendencies and extremely attractive looks.
RowdyBecause Yorkies can be extremely boisterous and exuberant.
SparkYorkshire Terriers are sparky and lively, always energetic and playful.
TokenAnother cute name that perfectly describes the diminutive size of Yorkies.
YogiA popular name choice for cute and tiny Yorkies.
ZeusSimply because your Yorkshire Terrier is as fast as lightning.
VelcroYorkshire Terriers can stick to you like velcro; they're extremely attached to their human family. You may feel like your pet is being extremely clingy, but Yorkies more than make up for it by being adorable and affectionate.
WyattIt means “brave and hardy,” which perfectly describes your pet's courageous attitude.

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#2: Charming Names for Your Female Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier girl

Female Yorkshire Terriers are not only cute and charming, but they’re also extremely adorable and affectionate. Here are some of the most popular and charming names for female Yorkies.

AmberA cute name for your precious pet, based on the reddish-gold jewel.
AmyA short yet sweet name for tiny and affectionate puppies.
BonsaiIn reference to the miniature plants—another great name for tiny dogs like Yorkies.
CandySweet and cute, because your pet is just like that.
CarmenSometimes Yorkies can be full of drama, and Carmen is a great name for a drama queen.
CherieMeans “beloved,” because your pet is precious and treasured.
ChoMeans “butterfly” in Japanese; a great name for active and lively pets.
DanubeBecause Yorkies are famous for their beautiful blue coats.
GemmaFor your little gem of a pooch.
GigiA great name for brilliant and trustworthy pets, just like how your Yorkshire Terrier can be sometimes.
GypsyAnother popular name for Yorkies.
HazelBecause Yorkies are sometimes nutty and crazy.
KiokoA Japanese dog name for a happy pup, and no one's as happy and lively as your Yorkie.
LovelyA popular name that perfectly describes the Yorkie's lovely nature.
PandoraBecause you never know what you might get when your Yorkie unleashes her hyperactivity.
RagsA great name for a Yorkie.
RikkuA cute Japanese name that's perfect for cute Yorkies.
RubyA pretty name for your treasured reddish Yorkie.
SapphireAn excellent name that highlights your precious Yorkie's blue coat.
SmartyBecause Yorkies are smart and brimming with confidence.
ThumbFor your precious Thumbelina pet.
TinkerA good name for a pet that likes to wander and explore.
TuppenceA perfectly cute name for your adorable Yorkie.
VelvetIn reference to your pet's beautiful and soft coat.
ZairaA great Irish name that means “princess”; because your pet is a little princess.
ZoeA Greek name that means “life”; perfect for your pooch that's always full of life.

Cute and Fun Names for Adorable Yorkies

Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Yorkies are known for their adventurous nature, which makes them extremely adorable and entertaining. Here are some of the cutest names for these precious and precocious tiny pooches. You can choose the best Yorkie dog names boy and girl puppies from this list.

AbbyShort for Abigail, a name that means “a father's happiness”; because your pet brings you great happiness.
AliceA pretty name for noble pets. Or you can also base it on the popular character from Alice In Wonderland. Because living with your Yorkie is like being in Wonderland.
Angie or AngelFor your cute little angel.
ArielMeans “lion”; because a Yorkie's fearlessness matches that of a great lion.
BacioIn Italian, it refers to a “kiss.” This cute name symbolizes your love for your pet. It's also a great way to describe your puppy's love for hugs and kisses.
BanditSometimes, you just can't tell if your Yorkie is an outlaw or just simply mischievous.
BarbieIn reference to the popular doll, because your pet is as pretty and cute as a Barbie doll.
BaxterA charming and strong name for male Yorkies.
BeemerIf your pet loves going out for rides, you can name them after a fast and classy car.
BentleyAnother great name for pets—one that reminds you of class and speed.
BinkyFor the Yorkie that brings comfort to your children, just like their favorite blanket.
BiscuitBecause your pet is a cute little cookie.
Cha ChaA lively and fast-paced dance; living with a Yorkie is just like dancing the chacha because Yorkies are also lively and fast.
CharlieNatalie Portman's Yorkie is named Charlie.
ChelseaA cute and sweet name for your Yorkshire Terrier.
ChewyBecause Yorkies sometimes look like a miniature version of Chewbacca in Star Wars.
CinderellaParis Hilton's Yorkshire Terrier is named Cinderella; this is also a great name for your princess-like puppy.
Codi or CodyMeans “helper”; if you need help lifting your mood, you just need to look at your Yorkie and enjoy their antics.
CometA shooting star—another great way to describe your pet's quickness.
CorkyMeans “lively and buoyant”—a perfect way to describe your pet's highly energetic nature.
DinkySimply because Yorkies are well-known for their diminutive size.
DixieA pretty name for your female Yorkshire Terrier.
DoraIn reference to the cute cartoon character Dora the Explorer, because Yorkies love to explore and go on adventures.
EmmyIn reference to the popular TV award, because your pet is such a great entertainer.
FifiA popular and cute name for dainty pooches like female Yorkies.
FrankieIf you want to name your Yorkie after a famous celebrity's pet, Miranda Kerr's Yorkshire Terrier is named Frankie.
FriskyBecause your pet is extremely lively and jolly no matter what he is into.
GooberBecause your pet is a cute little peanut.
GucciIn reference to the fashion brand, because owning a Yorkie is both trendy and fashionable.
JazzBecause a Yorkie is a jazzy pet to have.
LakotaThe name means “friend,” which is a great way to address your Yorkshire Terrier.
LeonaIf a male Yorkie is a lion, female Yorkies also have the bravery of lions.
LolaA name that means “princess of all things,” because your Yorkie is the princess of your life.
LolliShort for lollipop; a sweet name for your affectionate pet.
MacShort for macaroni; because your Yorkie's sweetness can sometimes be as cheesy as mac and cheese.
MiaMeans "mine"; an excellent name for your treasured one.
MignonIn French, it means “little cutie”; an excellent way to refer to your cute and lively Yorkie.
MinnieBecause your small-sized canine is a cute pet.
OreoBecause your pet is as cute and crazy as this delicious cookie.
ParisParis Hilton is one of the most famous Yorkie lovers.
Pixel or PixieBecause Yorkies are as cute and small as pixies.
ProwlerBecause sometimes your pet loves to move stealthily, and before you know it, they have already gotten themselves in trouble.
QuikYorkies are very quick, despite their tiny size.
ReeseMeans “enthusiasm”; a great way to describe your pet's enthusiastic and exuberant personality.
RustySometimes Yorkies look like they're covered in rust due to their brownish-red coat.
SassyBecause Yorkies are one of the most lively, spirited, and sassy dogs.
ScooterYorkies often exhibit sharp and spontaneous movements, often scooting somewhere in spontaneous bursts of energy.
SophieBecause your pet is an elegant and intelligence canine.
SpunkySprightly and jumpy, Yorkies are full of spunk.
SugarBecause your pet is so sweet and affectionate.
TatianaA name that means “queen of fairies”; fitting for Yorkies that are queen-like.
TiaAnother cute name that means “princess”; perfect for your princess-like cute pet.
TigerPresidential daughter Ivanka Trump's Yorkie is named Tiger.
TillyA cute nickname for Mathilda, which means “brave little maid”; because Yorkies are brave tiny pooches.
Tiny TimFrom the fictional little boy in "A Christmas Carol."
TotoFrom the legendary Yorkshire Terrier in The Wizard of Oz.
VictoriaA regal name that reminds you of the time when Yorkies were the preferred lapdogs of Victorian ladies.
VidaThe name means “wisdom,” which is a great way to describe your pet's intelligence.
ZippyBecause Yorkies love to zip from one place to another.

Wrap Up

Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Yorkshire Terriers are some of the best canine friends and companions you can have. Giving your pet a name that suits their personality and lively nature is always an excellent idea. Do you have a favorite name for a Yorkie? Did you get it from our list? Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.

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