Warrior Dog Names: A Tough Name for a Strong Pooch

warrior dog
John Walton
Written by John Walton

Dogs have been following humans in all activities since ancient times. Be it leisure, hunting, or times of great struggle, dogs have always been by our side. There are many dogs that have even been honored for their efforts during the times of war, serving side by side with the soldiers. This is why we would like to present you with a list of warrior dog names.

One of the most famous war dogs in American history is Sergeant Stubby, who served during World War I in the 26th Division of the American Army. Aside from providing a morale boost (he was a mascot of the division), he proved to be an outstanding guard dog.

Sergeant Stubby saved his fellow soldiers from mustard gas attacks, located the wounded, and stayed by their side until reinforcements arrived. He also caught a German soldier…by biting his butt and not letting go. This surprisingly small pooch was the most decorated dog of World War I, and with the highest rank.

This article is going to be divided into three sections. First one is a brief explanation about the roles dogs played in wars. The second one is a list of female warrior dog names, and the last one lists names for male dogs. Enjoy the read, and hopefully, you’ll find a perfect match for your pooch.

Facts about Dogs of War

English bulldog

Through history, dogs have been widely used in war efforts. The earliest records we have date from over 2500 years ago. Molosser dogs (now extinct, predecessors of Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and many other strongly built breeds) were widely used by the Romans, the Greeks, and other great civilizations for protection and guarding.

We know that Attila the Hun used these powerful dogs in his campaigns very successfully.

As warfare changed with time, so did the role of the war dog. The versatility of tasks dogs were used during war for is amazing. They used to be guards, alarm animals, messengers, and even members of the medical units.

All these brave pooches did their jobs zealously and without fear for their own life. They are just as much a part of the war effort as any human soldier is, and their work is invaluable in the times of struggle.

Let us give you a couple of amazing examples. There are records that describe the Roman war dogs as creatures of immense ferocity. They were clad in special armor covered in spikes and trained to charge ahead of their human companion, taking the first blow and making way for the second wave of attack.

Not all of them were fighters, though. During the First World War, Red Cross dogs played a huge role in locating and providing first aid to wounded soldiers, often working under hard conditions, wearing robust gear and moving through rough terrain.

They also extracted their human comrades out of dangerous locations and led them back to safety.

In modern warfare, dogs are often used as members of parachuting units, explosive device detection units, and even members of the black ops. Last, but not the least, dogs are often used as mascots to boost the morale of the troops, which is no small task.

Amazing, isn’t it? Dogs are indeed warriors, which is why you’re in the right place for finding your new canine companion a suitable name.

In the next section, we will give you a comprehensive list of warrior names for your pooch. The names are inspired by mythology, great people, and warfare in general. We are sure there is a perfect match for your dog somewhere on this list.

Female Warrior Names

Kangal dog in snow

  • Adeline. A great name for a female guard dog. This name was first introduced to the British population by the Normans, and it is believed to mean “the noble one.”

  • Adler. This is a word of German origin, meaning “eagle.”

  • Nika. Nika is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. Nika was usually depicted with wings since she was swift and fierce. She was not seen only as a goddess of war victories, but as a protector of those competing in sports and artistic disciplines, as well.

  • Ursa. “Bear” in Latin. This is a great name for a strong, sturdy guard dog such as a Kangal dog. These loyal canines with a robust build definitely deserve a matching name. As a plus, this name is unisex.

  • Valkyrie. The famous female deities from the Norse mythology. They chose which warriors would be slain in the battle and taken to Valhalla, and which would live another day. A great name for a female guard dog.

Male Warrior Names

dog in boat

  • Admiral. Admiral is a naval officer—a commander of a fleet. This is an excellent name for a water dog that is enthusiastic about hunting.

  • Ajax. He was a strong and brave Greek warrior in the Trojan war. Ajax was known as one of the fastest runners amongst his peers. He killed himself in frustration when Achilles’ armor was given to Odysseus. Fast, strong, courageous, and loyal above all, he was one of the most prominent mythological heroes in Homer’s Iliad.

  • Alexander. Another Greek name, meaning “protector,” “helper,” or “defender,” depending on the origin.

  • Andreas. This name has Greek roots. If translated literally, it means “a man,” but the name implies manly characteristics such as bravery, strength, and stamina.

  • Archer. No need to explain this one. Archer is a great name for a fast running dog with a strong prey drive. Sighthounds are awesome candidates, although any lean, mean hunting machine deserves such a good sounding name.

  • Ares. Ares is the Greek god of war, the son of Zeus and Hera. He and his sister Athena represent two important aspects of war: violence and conflict on one side, and intelligence and strategy on the other.

  • Argos. Argos was Odysseus’ dog. The story goes like this: Odysseus was away from home for twenty years. When he finally turned back, he found that many things had changed. No one recognized him except his loyal dog. However since he wanted to stay undercover to observe the situation undisturbed, Odysseus ignores the joyful greetings of Argos. Old, neglected, and tired, Argos’s heart couldn’t take this betrayal. He lays his head down one last time and dies.

  • Bomber. During World War II, the Russian army trained their military canines to carry explosives under the tanks. However, they missed a small detail. Enemy tanks looked different, and the dogs trained on the Russian ones… It was all for nothing. Poor pooches.

  • Captain. A captain commands a ship. Do you love to take your dog on a fishing trip? There is a perfect name for you!

  • Cerberus. Unlike his cattle-guarding brother, Cerberus had a much more menacing job. He guarded the gates of the underworld. His three heads could see the past, the present, and the future, making him aware of everything at all times. No one gets past this mythical beast; the living who wanted to enter the underworld would be eaten alive, and the souls trying to escape would quickly be returned back.

  • Chief. Chief sounds great as a moniker for a dog that means business. Is your dog one of those who are always on duty? Look no further.

  • Commander. A commanding officer in the army.

  • Dedrick. Dedrick is a Dutch name that means “a gifted ruler.”

  • G.I. These initials stand for soldiers of the USA army. Extra credit if you remember G.I. Joe!

  • Gunner. A badass name for a hunting dog. Many pointer-type dogs go frantic when they hear a gunshot even if they have never been hunting. Instincts are instincts, and these dogs know what a thrill it is to have a good chase.

  • Kaiser. German word for “caesar” or “emperor”.

  • Khan. For some reason, this name is traditionally given to Dobermans. Maybe it’s not so strange because there are only a few breeds which can stand shoulder to shoulder with this beautiful and versatile dog. Fierce and unforgiving, but also loyal to the death, all guard dogs need a powerful name like this one.

  • Kratos. Kratos was the god of power, strength, and authority. He was not the forgiving type, as you might expect. When Prometheus gave fire to mankind, it was Kratos who decided on the gruesome punishment. To his defense, he was never the one to judge—his duty was only to obey Zeus and follow his orders. Just like a loyal dog obeys his master’s will.

  • Orion. According to Greek mythology, Orion was the greatest hunter of all times and the most handsome man among the earthborn. His hunting skills were so badass that there was a possibility he would kill every beast on the face of the earth. Gaia, seeing that her beloved creatures are to be annihilated, sent a giant scorpion to kill the hero. The beast succeeded, and both Orion and the scorpion were placed among the constellations as a memorial to their greatness.

  • Orthrus. This mythical creature had the shape of a dog. A two-headed dog, to be precise. In fact, the whole monster family was multi-headed, including Orthrus’s brother Cerberus, the Sphinx, the Hydra of Lerna, and the Chimera. Orthrus was a cattle dog, by the way, guarding the cattle of Geryon. For that task, he sure needed more than one head.

  • Panzer. Panzer is a German word that means “an armored vehicle.” Sounds awesome, and is quite suitable for one of many powerful German breeds such as the German Shepherd, Doberman, or Rottweiler.

  • Raja. In Indian, this word means “ruler.”

  • Rian. This is a Gaelic word that means «a little king.» If you have a small dog whose attitude exceeds the limitations of his physical dimensions, you might have a perfect moniker right here.

  • Shooter. Is your dog as fast as a bullet and powerful enough to take on any man? An energetic, agile dog that knows how to handle a dangerous situation can proudly carry this name.

  • Sirius. Sirius was Orion’s faithful dog. He followed him and served him in hunts and leisure time, so naturally, he also joined him in eternity, as a shiny star in the Orion constellation.

  • Sniper. A good name for a loyal guard dog. Especially if he is black.

  • Spartacus. This hero was a gladiator in Roman times. He escaped slavery and became an inspiration for oppressed people in the Roman Republic, which led to one of the biggest slave uprisings of that time.

  • Spartan. One of the glorious cities from the time of Ancient Greece, Sparta was known for producing great warriors. Rigorous training of Spartan boys started at the age of seven, and only the best came out of it as warriors. The rest were not so lucky… Anyway, having a “spartan spirit” hasn’t lost its meaning to this day; it is a symbol of bravery and discipline.

Wrap Up

soldier dog

Dogs are amazing creatures because their mindset is very similar to ours. They are pack animals that follow certain hierarchy and structure; they are very social and can’t go through life alone.

Dogs, just like us, understand conflict and have ways to resolve them. All these similarities are probably what drew us together in the first place, because no other animal succeeded in making such a deep and meaningful connection with human beings.

It is amazing that dogs are ready to follow their fellow humans through heaven and hell, especially when we take time to look back at their roles in human conflicts and warfare. Dogs never got the better end of the deal. Still, their innate sense of loyalty and devotion to humans kept their efforts ever so alive.

It is even hypothesized that dogs had a significant impact on human evolution and development. According to researchers, modern humans used dogs for hunting and guarding, which gave them a huge advantage over their Neanderthal relatives.

Being able to let the dogs wear down prey before getting close and having a reliable guard during hard times were what gave humans a chance to focus on other things than mere survival.

Hug your dog tonight. That goofy little pooch will do anything for you. Their love for us is more than we can ask for.

Did you choose a name from our list of warrior dog names? Share your choice with us in the comments section below. We also appreciate name suggestions and other feedback. Next, check out our article on best guard dogs for families. Your next warrior dog could be among these proud breeds!

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