Viking Dog Names: Meaningful & Historical Handles for Your Pups

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The popularity of Marvel superhero Thor has gotten many people interested in the Vikings as well as Scandinavian and Norse mythology. In the movie as well as the mythology, Thor is the god of Thunder as well as Odin’s son, but did you know that there are many other interesting Viking dog names you can give to your dog?

Viking dog names are some of the most unique and beautiful names you can give to your pet. Not many people outside Scandinavia think to give their dogs this type of handle, so you know that you have chosen a very special name for your very special dog.

Norse mythology and Viking history and lore have a wealth of meaningful and beautiful names. It is also a great way to find a name that has a beautiful meaning. Their tales are full of exotic locations, gods, goddesses, elves, and giants, which means plenty of great names for your best friend.

If you think that Viking dog names are good choices for your pet, you’ve come to the right place because this list will feature names taken not only from the Vikings but from Norse and Scandinavian mythology as well. Check out our list below.

Male Dog Names

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  • Aegir – “of the gods.”

  • Ake – means “forebear.”

  • Alfheim – is the king and suitor of Alfhild. This name means “elf.”

  • Alvis – is an elf who once courted Thor’s daughter but was tricked out of it. Ironically, his name means “wise.”

  • Andhrimnir – cook of all gods. He even killed and cooked the boar Saehrimnir. If your dog likes to eat, this is the name for him!

  • Andvari – the dwarf who guarded the treasures of gold.

  • Arild – means “battle commander.”

  • Aros – “from the mouth of the river.”

  • Arvid – means “tree of the eagle.”

  • Asgard – one of the nine realms in Norse Mythology.

  • Asger – “tree of god.”

  • Ask – was one of the first few humans created by Norse gods. His name inspired the name of the Ash tree.

  • Austri – was a dwarf and one of the supporters of heaven.

  • Baldur – is the son of Frigg and Odin. His name means “prince.” He is the god of light, joy, and purity.

  • Bamse – the mascot of the Norwegian ship Thorodd. His name means “teddy bear.”

  • Bard – “good fighter.”

  • Baugi – one of the giants who held the mead of inspiration.

  • Berserker – the name given to fierce Viking warriors. Perfect for a reliable guard dog.

  • Birger – “one who helps.” Nice choice for a therapy dog.

  • Bjorn Ironside – strong sounding name. He is Ragnar Lodbrok’s son.

  • Bodil – means “great leader.”

  • Borr – was the father of Ve, Odin, and Vili. Son of Buri.

  • Bragi – is the patron of skalds. He is the god of poetry and eloquence.

  • Buri – was the first Norse god and father of other gods.

  • Captain Hafto – captain of Thorodd and owner of Bamse.

  • Cnut the Great – England’s Viking king.

  • Dagr – in Norse Mythology, he is the personification of day.

  • Davin — means “very intelligent.”

  • Dellinger – the personification of the dawn.

  • Dreng – means “very brave.”

  • Egill Skallagrímsson – Viking age poet, warrior, and farmer. He is the protagonist in Egil’s Saga.

  • Eric Bloodaxe – 10th-century Norwegian ruler and one of the best known Vikings in history.

  • Erik – classic Viking name. Means “forever strong.”

  • Fitch – the god of arbitration and ruling.

  • Fjalar – a fire giant in Norse mythology who warned the giants at Ragnarok, the war of the gods.

  • Foresti – god of justice. He is the son of Balder and goddess Nanna.

  • Frode – “wise one.”

  • Gandalf – this name means “wand elf” and the name of an elf in Norse Mythology.

  • Garm – hound of the underworld. Very cool name for a big black dog.

  • Gunnar – the husband of Brynhild. His name is a combination of gunnr, meaning “war,” and arr which means “warrior.”

  • Gunnolf – means “fighting wolf.”

  • Gunnstein Berserk-Killer – cool name for a guard dog.

  • Halvor – means “defending the rock.”

  • Harald Fairhair – the first king of Norway. He is a national hero in his country.

  • Harbor – was a human and lover of Signy in Norse Mythology.

  • Heimdall – we all know him to be the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. He is all-seeing and all-hearing.

  • Hermond – is one of Odin’s sons. He was sent to the underworld to plead for Baldur’s release.

  • Hler – ruler of the underworld.

  • Hoenir – was a warrior god. He was the god of silence.

  • Hoor – he is the blind god.

  • Hreidmar – king of the dwarves and magicians in Norse Mythology.

  • Hrolf – means “wolf.”

  • Hrungnir – was a giant that was killed in a fight with Thor.

  • Hugi – was a giant and the personification of thought.

  • Ivar the Boneless – Viking leader who invaded what is now England. He is also Ragnar Lodbrok’s son.

  • Ivor – “bowman.”

  • Jarl – means “nobleman.” He is the son of Rig and founded a race of warriors.

  • Jotun – are large giants who are often in conflict with the Norse gods. Great name for a large dog breed like Great Danes or Mastiffs.

  • Kvasir – the Norse god of inspiration.

  • Lagertha – the first wife of Ragnar Lodbrok.

  • Leif Eriksson – beat Columbus to the new world by 500 years.

  • Loki – the trickster Norse god and brother of Thor. He is associated with fire and magic.

  • Magni – son of Thor and giantess Jarnsaxa. It is also short for the name Magnus.

  • Mani – he is the god of the moon in Norse Mythology.

  • Mimir – an old Norse god. He died in a war between Aesir and Vnir.

  • Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer. It is so powerful, it can flatten mountains in just one blow.

  • Modi – means “angry.” He is the son of Thor.

  • Nidhogg – the dragon that lives in the roots of the world tree.

  • Njord – means “strong.” He is the god of fertility and sailing. He is the father of Freya and Freyr.

  • Odin – the highest of all Norse gods. He lives in Valhalla where warriors go to live after they are slain.

  • Olaf Tryggvason – grandson of Harald Fairhair. He bought Christianity to Norway.

  • Orvar – the legendary Norse hero. His name means “arrow.”

  • Ottar – refers to a fighter.

  • Ragnar Lodbrok – legendary Viking and hero.

  • Rollo – one of the most important Vikings in history. He is the original Duke of Normandy.

  • Sigurd – this name is a combination of sigr which means “victory” and vardr meaning “guardian.”

  • Sindri – the magical elf who made things for the gods. His name means “small.” Do you have a teacup-sized dog with a few tricks up his sleeves?

  • Storr – means “great.”

  • Thor – the god of thunder, war, and strength.

  • Tiki – the Norse god of stone.

  • Tyr – carries a spear. He is the god of justice and war. His right hand was bitten off by a wolf. A name for a protective guard dog.

  • Ull – god of hunting. His name means “glory.”

  • Vali – son of Odin and Rindr. He was born for the purpose of killing Hoor.

  • Ve – brother of Odin. He, Odin, and Vili created heaven and earth for Ymir.

  • Vidar – his name means “warrior.” He is the son of Odin and Grid.

  • Yngvi – the other name of the god Freyr. He is also said to be the ancestor of the Swedish royal family.

Female Dog Names

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  • Alva – female elf.

  • Angrboda – she was a giantess who was a mistress of Loki. She spawned three monsters: the giant wolf Fenrir, Midgard Serpent Jormungand, and Hel.

  • Aren – means “eagle.”

  • Asta – means “divine beauty.”

  • Astrid – means “beautiful’.

  • Astrilde – she is the equivalent of Cupid in Norse Mythology.

  • Atla – her name means “water.” Very apt for breeds like Retrievers or the Portuguese Water Dog.

  • Bestla – an ancient frost giantess.

  • Bil – her name means “inquisitive.”

  • Borghild – wife of Sigmund. Her name is a combination of borg which means “fortification” and hildr which means “battle.”

  • Brenna – means “sword.”

  • Bryn – means “hill’.

  • Dagmar – “maid of the day.”

  • Eir – Norse goddess of healing and medicine.

  • Eira – means “merciful.”

  • Eisa – daughter of Loki.

  • Elli – the personification of old age. She represents eternity.

  • Embla – the equivalent of Eve in Norse Mythology.

  • Eostre – the goddess of spring.

  • Erica – “eternal ruler.”

  • Eskil – vessel of the gods.

  • Eydis – goddess of good luck.

  • Freya – the goddess of war, love, death, and beauty in Norse Mythology. In the US, the name means “lady.”

  • Fricka – “protector of her children.”

  • Frigg – the goddess of air, fertility, and the earth. Her name means “beloved’.

  • Fulla – one of Frigg’s handmaids. A cute name for a cute dog.

  • Gejfun – one of the Aesir. She is the goddess of chastity and her name means “chaste.”

  • Gerd – the goddess of fertility. Her name means “enclosure.”

  • Gerda – means “protection.”

  • Grid – her name means “peace.” She is a frost giantess who assisted Thor in his battle with the giant Geirrod.

  • Groa – a Norse goddess. Her name means “to grow.”

  • Gudrun – the goddess of secret love.

  • Gull – means “goddess.”

  • Gunvor – “alert in war.”

  • Gyda – means “god is gorgeous.”

  • Halfrida – “peaceful heroine.”

  • Heidrum – means “bright and clear.”

  • Hel – Loki’s daughter; she presides over the place with the same name—or perhaps better known as the underworld.

  • Helga – “divine woman.”

  • Hilde – means “to fight’.

  • Hildr – a Valkyrie in Norse legends.

  • Hlin – means “protection.” She is the goddess of protection and consolation.

  • Hulda – a sorcerer in Norse Mythology. The name comes from huld, meaning “still lovable.”

  • Idunn – goddess of spring and guardian of the golden apples which were capable of granting eternal life to anybody who ate them.

  • Ingrid – means “beautiful” or beloved.”

  • Jord – means “earth.” She is also the goddess of earth.

  • Kari – the personification of the wind.

  • Lofn – the goddess of forbidden love.

  • Lounn – the goddess of youth in Norse Mythology. For a dog who stays as energetic and lovable as a pup no matter how old she gets.

  • Magna – female form of “great.”

  • Nanna – means “courageous.” Her name is derived from nanp which means “daring and brave.”

  • Nerthus – goddess of fertility. She is also the goddess of peace.

  • Nott – the daughter of the giant Narfi. She is the personification of the night.

  • Ragnilde – a warrior goddess.

  • Ran – Norse goddess of the sea. She is responsible for waves and storms.

  • Rania – means “delightful.”

  • Rindr – Odin’s mate and mother of Vestrsalir.

  • Rona – means “my joy.”

  • Rune – a set of letters that make up a written language—possibly with magic powers.

  • Saga – the Norse goddess of stories.

  • Signy – twin sister of Sigmund. Her name is a combination of sigr meaning “victory” and ny which means “new.”

  • Sigrunn – means “victory.”

  • Sigurn – A Valkyrie in Norse Mythology. Her name is a combination of sigr meaning “victory” and run which means “secret.”

  • Sigyn – Loki’s wife. She is also the goddess of fidelity. Her name means “victorious.”

  • Sindri – a mythical dwarf.

  • Siv – Thor’s wife. Her name means “bride.”

  • Sjofn – the goddess of love. She helped heal wounded people.

  • Skadi – a mountain giant in Norse Mythology and wife of Njord and Odin.

  • Skuld – one of the three goddesses of destiny. Her name means “future.”

  • Snotra – the goddess of wisdom. For smart dogs.

  • Sol – means “bright as the sun.” She is also the sun goddess.

  • Svanhild – was the daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun. She met her death at the hands of her jealous husband, Ermanaric. Her tale is told in many Northern European stories.

  • Syn – the goddess who guarded Frigg’s great hall. Her name means “refusal.”

  • Urd – means “fate.” She is the goddess of destiny.

  • Valkyrie – a warrior maiden that decides who will die in battle. They are essentially angels of death.

  • Var – goddess of agreements and promises. Her name means “pledge” or “beloved.”

  • Verdandi – one of the three goddesses of destiny alongside Urd and Skuld.

  • Vor – goddess of wisdom. Her name means “the careful one.”

  • Weth – the goddess of anger. Her name means “destruction.”

  • Yggdrasil – the goddess of life. She is responsible for connecting the nine realms.

Wrap Up

viking dogs

Vikings have a long and storied history, especially in Scandinavia. They are believed to be seafaring warriors who have traveled further than many during their era. It is fitting that a dog should be given a Viking or Scandinavian name because they were valuable to Vikings. Even today, Icelandic dogs are some of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

There are many other Viking names you can choose from. Viking dog names are a good choice for people who like history and its deities. Some of these names can be a bit extravagant for your pooch, but there will always be a name that fits their personality.

Do you have a Viking dog name suggestion? Do you think you will give your dog a Viking name? Tell us by leaving your comments below, and check out our article on how to train a puppy not to bite, so your little Viking knows when not to bite.

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