Swedish Dog Names: Cool Names from the Land of the Midnight Sun

Swedish Vallhund
Wyatt Robinson
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From the cute Swedish Vallhund to the fearless Norrbottenspets, Sweden has many dog breeds beloved by dog lovers around the world. But even if your dog is not of Swedish origins, if you love Swedish dog names, then this article is perfect for you.

We’ve got an amazing list of Swedish dog names for you to choose from. Names of Swedish origins are quite unique and meaningful. You can give your pet a name inspired by heroic Vikings of yore or one that’s based on Norse mythology. With this incredible list of Swedish pet names that we’ve compiled for you, you will certainly be able to find one that truly fits your pet’s personality.

In this article, we’ll first talk about some of the most popular native Swedish dog breeds. We will then take a look at some of the most popular male Swedish names, plus another list for popular female Swedish names. We’ll also give a list of interesting names for your dog inspired by Norse mythology.

The Native Dog Breeds of Sweden

There are several native Swedish breeds, but only a few are recognized by the American Kennel Club. Take a look at these three amazing dog breeds from Sweden:

#1: Norrbottenspets


A small spitz dog, the Norrbottenspets is admired for being poised. These are fearless dogs—and yet they are also calm, attentive, and affectionate. Originally bred for hunting and farming, Norrbottenspets are agile and adapt well to outdoor conditions.

#2: Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Lapphund

Extremely lively and playful, the Swedish Lapphund is a great canine companion. These dogs are very attentive, affectionate, and kind. They’re known for their versatility, trainability, and endurance. If you want a tough yet affectionate pet, you would do well with a Swedish Lapphund.

#3: Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund

If you want a Viking dog, then a Swedish Vallhund would be perfect for you. Swedish Vallhunds are friendly, sociable, and watchful. They’re smart, and they are quite comfortable in rugged conditions. Swedish Vallhunds are also known for being extremely energetic and cheerful.

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Swedish Dog Names by Gender

If you want a Scandinavian name for your pet, whether your pet is male or female, Swedish names are definitely a good choice.

#1: Popular Swedish Names for Male Dogs

puppy like a snowball

Not only are Swedish pet names unique, but they also evoke images of warriors and heroes, which makes them perfect for male dogs. Here are some of the most popular Swedish-inspired names for your pet.

AbbaIf you're into pop music, you can name your pet after this famous Swedish pop band
AlfredIf you want to name your pet after a famous Swedish person, you can't go wrong with Alfred Nobel, the creator of the Nobel Prize
ArcticA good name for a puppy that looks like a snowball
ArneOld Norse for “eagle”; a nice name for an eagle-eyed dog
BengtShort form of the Old Swedish name Benedikt; a short and unique name for your beloved pet
BirgerAn Old Norse name that means "to help" or "to rescue"; a perfect name for a rescue dog
BjörnOld Norse for "bear"; an excellent name for a dog that's as brave as a bear
BoreA Swedish name referring to “someone who is like the north wind”; a good name for a fast dog
BosseA Swedish name that means "to live"; an excellent name for a lively dog
BotildA Swedish name that refers to “someone who is commanding”; a strong name for a dog with a commanding presence
BrictwenIt means "the bright companion"; a great name for your lively canine companion
BrorOld Norse for "brother"; perfect for your child's canine playmate
CalleIt refers to “someone who is free”; a good name for an independent dog
CarlIf you're into the sciences, you can name your pet after Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy
CennA Swedish name that means "having a strong head"; you can use this nickname for your pet if he's being stubborn
DolphIt means "noble wolf"; a good name for your wolf-like dog
EidefIt refers to “a rich gift from heaven”; a perfect name for your heaven-sent pet
EinarOld Norse for "one army"; a strong name for a brave dog
EldDerived from the Old Norse word for “flame or fire”; a good name for a dog with a flame-colored coat
ErikInspired by Erik the Conqueror, the famous Viking explorer; a good name for a dog that's always exploring new places
ErnstAn Old High German name that means "seriousness"; a good name for a calm and serious pet
FinnickIf you're a fan of Hunger Games, this is a good name for your pet, inspired by Finnick Odair
FolkeAn Old Norse name that means "chief"; perfect for the chief dog in the house
FredrikA common Swedish name derived from the Old Norse words for "peace" and "ruler"; an excellent name for a peaceful dog
GunnarRefers to a brave and bold warrior; a strong name for a courageous watchdog
HaldoIt means "exalted son"; a good name for your beloved male dog
HaraldIt means "war chief"; a strong name for a brave watchdog
HelmarIt refers to “a famous protector”; a charming name for your protective dog
HenkeIt means "ruler of the house"; a good name for the dog that acts as if he is the king of the household
HugoIt means "intelligence"; perfect for smart dogs
JagerIt means "to chase" or "to hunt"; an excellent name for a hunting dog
KnutOld Norse for "knot." This is a name that's usually given to the last child in the family; a good name if your pet was the last one born in the litter
LennartIn Swedish, it means "lion"; a good name for your lion-hearted dog or if you've got a dog that looks like a lion
LitenIt means "small" in Swedish; perfect for tiny dogs
MagnarIf your pet is the leader of the pack, you can name him Magnar, which refers to “a mighty army leader”
NattA good name for black dogs; it's Swedish for "the night"
NichlasIt refers to “one who always wins”; an excellent name for the puppy that you're training for dog shows
OhthereIt means "a true champion"; if you believe your dog will be the next dog show champion, give your pet this winning name
OlanderRefers to “someone with penetrating intelligence”; an excellent name for extremely smart dogs
OrpheusA good name for dogs with dark-colored coats. It means "having a dark or gloomy color"
PovelIt refers to “a small and humble person”
SiggeIt means "he who is always victorious"; an excellent name for your champion pet
SigvardIt refers to “a victorious protector”
StellanIt refers to “someone who is calm”; a great name for a gentle and calm dog
StianIt means "one who wanders"; a cute name for a dog that's always wandering about
StiegIt means "one who steps forward"; a good name for a dog that's always willing to work
SvansThe Swedish word for "tail"; the perfect name for a dog with a very remarkable tail

#2: Pretty Swedish Names for Your Female Canine Companion

dog loving to swim

Feminine Swedish names are quite beautiful and meaningful, not to mention very unique. If you’re looking for a Swedish-inspired name for your pet, here’s an excellent list you can choose from.

AndrineFeminine form of Andreas, it means "defender of men"; a good name for your female canine protector
AstridIt refers to “a girl with divine beauty”; a great name for your pretty dog
AtalieIn Swedish, it means "pure"; a pretty name for a white female dog
AtlaA Norse water goddess; perfect for dogs that love to swim
AurelaIt refers to “a golden dawn”; an excellent name for golden-colored dogs
AxelinaIt means "defender of men"; a nice name for a female watchdog
BeleIt refers to “someone who roars”; a good name for a vocal dog
BimIt refers to “a woman of the sea”; an excellent name for a water-loving female dog
BlidaIt refers to “a gentle woman”
BrigettaIt means "strong woman"; a beautiful name for your powerfully built female dog
CarenIt refers to “a pure woman”; a good name for a white dog, but regardless of their color, all dogs are pure of heart
CarinIt refers to “someone who is little and close to your heart”
DimmaIt means "fog"; a pretty name for a dog with a gray coat
DuveIt refers to “someone with a thrilling personality”; an excellent name for your energetic dog
EbbaA common Swedish name that means "strong"
EdritA name for “someone who is kind”; a pretty name for your sweet and kind dog
EijaIt refers to “a bright and happy person”; a fitting name for a cheerful and lively dog
EijiIt means "cheerful"; a pretty name for a lively and playful dog
EinaIt refers to “one who has beautiful eyes”
EldisIt means "filled with joy"; a beautiful name for a cheerful dog
EllaIt means "beautiful fairy"
ElvanIt means "colors"; a great name for a dog with a brilliant-colored coat
ElviniaIt means "elfin"; a cute name for a tiny, beautiful pet
EmblaIt refers to the mythological first woman on earth; a nice name for your first female pup
EmelieIt refers to “someone who strives to excel”; a great name for a hard-working dog that's always eager to please
EnglaIn Swedish, it means "angel"; a pretty name for your angel-like pet
ErnyA Swedish name for “someone who is serious”; a pretty name for your calm and serious pet
ErrikaIt means "one who rules eternally"; an excellent name for your queen-like pooch
GretaInspired by Greta Garbo, the acting legend
GunvorIt means "woman warrior"; an excellent name for a female watchdog
HaifaIt means "slim" or "delicate"; a pretty name for your tiny pet
HelviIt means "flake"; a good name for a snow-white dog
IngegardAn Old Norse name that means "divine protection"; a great name for your watchdog
IngridInspired by the beautiful Ingrid Bergman
KaraIt means "one of the Valkyrie"; a pretty Swedish name for your beautiful and brave pet
KyrieShortened form of Valkyrie; a cute name for your warrior goddess-like pet
LajlaIt means "dark-haired beauty"; a fitting name for dark-colored dogs
LeendeIn Swedish, it means "a big smile"; a great name for a cheerful dog or if your pet always makes you smile
LevaIn Swedish, it means "to live"; perfect for the dog that's full of life
LinnThe Swedish name for twinflower; a cute name for a dog with a flower-like beauty
LinnaA small blue flower; an excellent name for blue-eyed dogs
MagnaIt refers to “a strong woman”
MalenaA Scandinavian name that refers to “a woman from the tower”; a beautiful Swedish name for your pretty and mysterious pet
MejaIt means "a special loved one"; because you simply adore your pet
QuenbyA Scandinavian name, it means "womanly"; a pretty name for your female dog
RosAn excellent name for a dog with a rose-like beauty
RoselIt means "a woman of roses"; a pretty flower-inspired name for your pet
SolvigIt refers to “a strong girl”
SunniIt means "gift of the sun"; a pretty name for your pet, especially if you got your dog as a gift
SveaIt means "free"; a cute name for an independent dog
TindraIt means "to sparkle" or "to twinkle"; an excellent name for dogs with pretty twinkling eyes
TuvaIt means "a charming lady"; a pretty name for your beautiful dog
TystnadIn Swedish, it means "silence"; an excellent name for a quiet dog

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Unique Dog Names Inspired by Norse Mythology

playful dog

The gods and goddesses in Norse mythology are some of the most heroic and powerful mythological divine beings. If you want to give your pet a name that reflects his Swedish roots, take a look at these awesome names inspired by Norse gods and goddesses:

AegirGod of the sea; a good name for dogs that love playing in the water
AesirRefers to the warriors living in Asgard; an excellent name for a warrior-like dog
BalderGentle and wise, Balder was the son of Frigg and Odin; a fitting name for a smart dog with a gentle personality
BolverkOdin's alias when he disguised himself as a giant; a great name for large dogs
BragiIf you're feeling poetic, you can name your pet after the god of poetry
FjorgynThor's mother; a pretty name for your Swedish dog
ForsetiThe god of justice; a charming name for your pet
FreyjaThe primary goddess of the Vanir; a beautiful name for a pretty dog
FreyrFreyja's brother; you could name your male puppy Freyr and the female pup Freyja
FriggaOne of the main goddesses in Norse mythology, she was the wife of Odin; a pretty name for your goddess-like pooch
GefionA fertility goddess; a good name to choose, especially if you're planning to have your pet breed later on
GrimnirOne of Odin's pseudonyms; a strong name for a powerfully-built dog
HarbardAnother alias used by Odin; a unique mythology-inspired name for your pet
HeimdallThe watchman of the gods; a perfect name for your alert watchdog
HonirA long-legged god; a good name for long-legged dogs with amazing athletic abilities
IdunShe guards the golden apples of youth; an excellent name for your female watchdog
LokiIf you've got a playful dog, you could name him after the trickster Norse god
MagniOne of Thor's sons; a charming name for a strong dog
MimirA wise Aesir god; a good name for smart and wise dogs
NjordOne of the Vanir gods, he is related to the sea and the wind
OdinThe king and leader of the Norse gods; a charismatic name for your dog
SjofnA goddess associated with human passion; a pretty name for your passionate pet
SkadiA Norse goddess associated with hunting and winter
ThorOne of the most popular Norse gods, he is associated with law and order and is also referred to as the "thunder god"; you can name your pet after this mythical god and also one of the most famous characters in the Avengers series
TyrThe war god; a good name for your brave dog
VorThe goddess who knows everything; a good name for an intelligent dog

Wrap Up

dog wearring a jacket

Whether you have a Swedish dog breed or you just want a Swedish name for your pet, you’ll find a lot of beautiful and meaningful names from our list. If you have a favorite Swedish name for pets, do tell us about it. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.

Now that you have a cool pet with a cool Swedish name, the next thing you need to do is dress your dog accordingly. Check out our article on homemade dog costumes.

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