Surf Dog Names: For Water Loving Pooches

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For many families, dogs are an important member of their unit. Every time a new dog is brought into a home, there is always a frenzy of activity surrounding the new arrival from buying new water bowls, appointments to the vet, to picking a name. One of the easiest ways to name a dog is to observe their personality. There are lazy dogs, fun-loving dogs, and there are dogs that love the water. For the latter kind, you need surf dog names.

They don’t necessarily have to learn how to ride a surfboard, but surf dog names are a good choice for pooches who love the beach, the water, and the waves. Surf lovers will also want to pick cool surf-themed names for their best friends. They can also be given by people who love the beach and the beach lifestyle. Whatever the reason, surf dog names will always sound cool.

If you’re looking for a surf-themed name to call your pet, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to suggest some of the most awesome dog names with surf themes for your favorite four-legged friend. We have male and female name categories to make the search simple for you.


Names for Male Dogs

pug surfer

  • Aggro – is the term used to describe an aggressive approach to surfing. It can also describe an aggressive person.

  • Akaw – this is what old school surfers call out when they see a good wave.

  • Bamboo – a fiberglass replacement in surfboard making.

  • Bambora – a really big wave that breaks outside the normal surf line. You can usually see this in Australia.

  • Barney – what Aussies call an inexperienced surfer or a newbie.

  • Barrel – the tube-shaped curl of waves.

  • Bilbo – was a Newfoundland dog that patrolled the beaches of Cornwall in England. He accompanied his owner Steve Jamieson on lifeguard training.

  • Blue – for Blue Beach in Vieques, Puerto Rico. It is famous for its crystal clear blue waters and snorkeling.

  • Bogs – from ‘bogging.’ This term is used when too much weight is put on the back of the surfboard, causing the front to turn up.

  • Bondi – after the famous Bondi Beach in Australia.

  • Bonzer – a surfboard that was designed in the 1970s. It’s the precursor of the modern surfboard.

  • Breaker – a really large wave.

  • Camps – after Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town South Africa.

  • Cargo – cool name for a beach dog.

  • Carver – a term used for somebody who is agile or good at maneuvering.

  • Coast – after the coastline that surrounds beaches.

  • Corduroy – a term used for swells coming in from the horizon.

  • Crest – the topmost part of a wave.

  • Cruise – a relaxing voyage on a ship.

  • Crusoe – Robinson Crusoe was stuck on an uninhabited island alone for many years.

  • Doc – for Doc Paskowitz, pioneer of surf culture.

  • Dorian – a Greek name that means “sea.”

  • Duck – the process of going under a wave so as to not be pushed to the shore along with it.

  • Duke – the father of modern surfing is Duke Kanahamoku.

  • El Rollo – a complicated surfer’s move on the waves.

  • Gun – a big surfboard.

  • Harbour – Harbour Island in the Bahamas has pink sands.

  • Honopu – after Honopu Beach in Hawaii. You can’t hike, drive, or take a boat to this beach. The only option is to swim from Kalalau beach.

  • Horseshoe – Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda has a dramatic rock formation in the shape of a horseshoe.

  • Indigo – like the color of the deep sea.

  • Kaimama – means “man of the sea.”

  • Kapena – another name for the captain of a boat.

  • Key West – a chain of well-known islands off the coast of Florida in the USA.

  • Knot – is a unit of speed. 1 knot is equal to 1 nautical mile per hour.

  • Kook – another term for an inexperienced surfer. It can also refer to a bad one.

  • Laird – after Laird Hamilton, well-known big wave surfer.

  • Lido – for Lido Beach in Italy. It is famous thanks to the Venice Film Festival.

  • Lindquist – Lindquist Beach in St. Thomas has calm waters and coconut grooves for shade. It is one of St. Thomas’s most pristine beaches.

  • Mack – big, large, and oversized.

  • Maho – Maho Beach in St. Martin is famous for being right next to the Princess Juliana Airport.

  • Malibu – is not only a popular beach destination in California, but it is also a way of describing a longboard surfboard.

  • Maui – after Hawaii’s second largest island and the Moana character from Disney. If you like this name, you might also like our article on island dog names.

  • Maverick – a big wave spotted off the coast of California.

  • Narrabeen – amazing surfing spot on Australia’s North Shore.

  • Nido – for El Nido Beach in Palawan, Philippines. It is actually a series of beaches famous for its fine white sand.

  • Nungwi – after Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar.

  • Paddlepup – cute name for a dog that loves to splash or swim in the ocean.

  • Pelican – cool bird that’s usually seen at sea.

  • Pirate – an outlaw of the sea. Best known for pillaging and their eye patches.

  • Red – after Red Beach in Greece which is famous for its vibrant red rocks and sand.

  • Reduit – this is a popular beach in St. Lucia is known for its watersports, especially windsurfing.

  • Reef – popular surfing brand.

  • Ricochet – surf lovers will easily recognize this name. Surf Dog Ricochet is a Golden Retriever from San Diego and is an accomplished surfer with an impressive following on social media.

  • Rip – to surf well.

  • Riptide – a strong current that heads out to sea. Don’t be caught in it.

  • Rusty – known as the “Cadillac” of surfboards.

  • Sailor – somebody who loves to live in the sea.

  • Shark – let’s hope you don’t ever meet one.

  • Shoal – a term for a group of fish swimming together. In oceanography terms, it is a natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar.

  • Shrimp – funny and unique name for a small dog.

  • Skeg – a dated expression for a surfboard fin.

  • Slater – after Kelly Slater, one of the surfing world’s most accomplished surfers.

  • Surge – a wave that is too powerful to break.

  • Tenerife – is one of the islands in the Canary Islands. It has many sprawling beaches and a volcano nearby.

  • Tortuga – after Tortuga Bay, an island off the Galapagos with lots of fantastic animal life.

  • Tsunami – a really big wave caused by seismic activity.

  • Wedge – a steep, vertical wave.

  • Wipeout – when you get knocked off your board by a big wave.

Names for Female Dogs

dogs on pink surf board

  • Aerial – a surfing move where the surfer hits the crest of the wave and takes flight.

  • Alaia – a surfboard made entirely of wood.

  • Aliika – means “queen of the sea.”

  • Aqua – one of the best colors used to describe the sea.

  • Ariel – titular character in Disney’s Little Mermaid. Do check out our article on Disney dog names.

  • Aroa – Aroa Beach in the Cook Islands is famed for its scenic backdrops.

  • Azure – best describes deep blue waters.

  • Bail – an evasive maneuver employed when a wipeout is imminent.

  • Balsa – a lightweight porous board, used to make early surfboards.

  • Bambora – an offshore break in deep water.

  • Bathsheba – located in Barbados, Bathsheba Beach has unrefined beauty.

  • Beachbabe – for the dog that lives on the beach.

  • Bells – after famous surfing spot Bells Beach in Australia.

  • Blondie – great name for a dog that spends a lot of time in the sun or on the surf.

  • Calinda – Hindi for “sun.”

  • Champagne – located in Vanuatu, Champagne Beach has some of the happiest people on the planet.

  • Chiva – Blue Beach (La Chiva) in Vieques, Puerto Rico features glowing plankton at night.

  • Chop – rough or bumpy water.

  • Copa – the Copacabana Beach in Brazil is forever immortalized in song. It is also known for its long walkway, fantastic beach area, and an amazing backdrop.

  • Coral – for the beautiful coral reefs around the world.

  • Current – the movement of water due to temperature, wind, and other factors.

  • Darya – Persian name that means “goddess of the sea.”

  • Dawn – great time of the day when the morning sun rises over the water.

  • Dune – many beaches have sandy dunes.

  • Elafonissi – located in Crete, Greece; Elafonissi Beach has light blue waters and pink and white sands.

  • Eliana – means “daughter of the sun.”

  • Gidget – for Kathy Kohner, also known as “Gidget” or a small-statured surfer.

  • Grace – after Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos known for its watersports.

  • Hanalei – located in Hawaii, Hanalei Beach is famous for the mountains behind it, the waters in front, and the surfable waves.

  • Haven – Your haven from the stormy blue seas.

  • Honokalani – an amazing beach in Hawaii famed for its jet-black shoreline.

  • Hurley – popular surf gear brand.

  • Ipanema – this is another beach that got immortalized in songs. Everybody remembers the Girl From Ipanema.

  • Kahuna – a wizard or magician.

  • Lanai – Hawaiian for “island.”

  • Langkawi – located in Malaysia, Langkawi Beach was a famous pirate hangout.

  • Lanikai – located in Hawaii, Lanikai Island is famed for its blue-green waters.

  • Leech – a needy surfer who doesn’t bring their own supplies.

  • Makena – also located in Hawaii, Makena Beach is very photogenic thanks to its golden colored sand.

  • Marina – Latin word that means “from the sea.”

  • Maya – Hebrew word that means “water.” Can also be after Maya Beach in Thailand made famous in the movie The Beach.

  • Miki – Miki Dora was the king of Malibu during the ‘50s and ‘60s.

  • Moana – the ocean.

  • Moku – for Duke Kahanamoku, an early 20th century Olympian who helped popularize surfing.

  • Morwenna – waves of the sea.

  • Mysto – a surfing spot that breaks away from a faraway reef.

  • Natadola – located in Fiji, Natadola Island is known for white sand beaches and calm waters for boogie boarding.

  • Paipo – a small belly board.

  • Palma – located in Aruba, Palm Beach has fine white sands and amazing snorkeling spots.

  • Pampelonne – located in St. Tropez in France, Pampelonne Beach is well-known for being the hangout of the rich and famous. Aside from blue waters, you can also see big yachts, beautiful people, and fabulous resorts.

  • Peak – a spot in the water where the water breaks on both sides.

  • Pebbles – the small stones on the beach.

  • Pits – the center tube or curl of a wave.

  • Quiver – a surfer’s collection of surfboards.

  • Rabbit – Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa, Italy features stark white cliffs against crystal blue waters.

  • Sandy – because beaches are sandy.

  • Seashell – perfect name for the dog that spends a lot of time on the beach.

  • Selena – sister of the sun.

  • Shaka – a Hawaiian hand gesture that conveys “hello,” “cool,” or “alright.”

  • Snapper – a surfer’s term for a small wave.

  • Solange – angel of the sun.

  • Soleil – a French word that means “sun.”

  • Summer – the perfect conjecture of surf, sun, and fun.

  • Sunset – Sunset Beach in Oahu Hawaii is famous for its big wave surfing.

  • Swell – energy produced by winds that create waves.

  • Tarni – the waves of the surf.

  • Tayrona – known for its fantastic rock outcroppings, Tayrona National Park’s beach is one of the cleanest in the Caribbean region.

  • Tidal – the ocean’s ebb and flow based on the moon.

  • Tikehau – one of the spots with the highest concentration of fish is Tikehau Island in French Polynesia. Its crisp blue waters are ideal for snorkeling.

  • Treasure – this beach in Jamaica features 6 miles of clear water and quaint fishing villages.

  • Turtle – a move used by surfers which involves flipping their surfboards over while paddling out to go under or through a wave to avoid being swept in.

  • Wahine – a term used for female surfers.

  • Waikiki – one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii is Waikiki Beach. Aside from being a gorgeous beach, it is also known for amazing mountain and city views.

Wrap Up

dogs surfers

Our name suggestions are not only great for water-loving dogs or their masters. They can be given to all dog breeds. Imagine a Pitbull named Shrimp or an Akita named Tarni. Cute, right?

Aside from giving them a name because you like the way it sounds, you can also choose a name that fits their personality. For instance, a lazy dog can be called Tortuga because aside from being a super cool island with amazing animal life, it also means “turtle” in Spanish. On the other hand, Rabbit is an ideal name for a dog that likes to run.

No matter what name you give a dog, make sure to give it to them with love and respect. Always give a name to your dog that you will be proud to call out loud. Generally, the more unique the name is, the easier it is for you to call and for your dog to recognize.

Which of our dog names are your favorites? What do you think of our surf dog name suggestions and have you come up with your own creative names? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Next, check out our article on how to teach your dog to swim if they don’t know how to already, so you can take them to the beach for a swim.

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