Superhero Names for Dogs: Saddle Your Dog with the Most Heroic Name

Dog dressed as Superman running
Written by David Jones

The moment you welcome a new snuggle-bug in your house, you will want to name him properly. Naming your furry friend after a famous character is the hottest trend these days. When you narrow down the list of names, you want the one you pick to reflect your pup’s personality or how you feel about them. Do you want to see your little man’s best friend as a strong and adventurous companion? If the answer is yes, you should look at our list of superhero names for dogs.

Dogs are real-life heroes. Many a dog has been hailed and immortalized for their courage and loyalty—take Hachiko, Barry the St. Bernard, and Sergeant Stubby for example. As the hero of the family, your doggie not just loves you unconditionally but he also protects your family and property as well. To admire him for his loyal contributions, giving him a symbolic name, referenced from popular culture, is a great idea.

Dogs dressed as superheros

We know picking the best superhero name for your dog can be an overwhelming task as there are too many of them. But all is not lost! We have compiled a list of dog’s names inspired by famous superheroes. For your convenience, we have broken them down into different categories. Some additional info has also been included to make certain points clearer to you.

Superhero-Inspired Names for Dogs

In the past few years, superhero characters from comic books and movies have gotten immensely popular. We admire them because of their strength and heroic traits. Naming your priceless canines after them would inspire the same admirable qualities.

A Dachshund dressed as a superhero

Every canine is a brave superhero in their owner’s eyes. They show the same loyalty and dedication to their family as what superheroes typically dedicate to the people. Just make certain that the superhero name that you choose coordinates with the gender, appearance, and personality of the dog. A teacup-sized poodle would not look good with tough names like Thor or Hulk (although it can be funny). Scroll down to get a look at some popular superhero names to get some inspiration for naming your baby.

Superhero Names by Gender

In the olden days, we associated superheroes with muscular, powerful males. Today, thanks to gender equality, there are also plenty of female superhero names to pick from.

Names by Gender #1: Female

We live in a male-dominated society, but no one can deny the girl power. There are multiple female heroic characters exhibiting extraordinary characteristics. Female superhero characters usually display admirable traits such as bravery, confidence, resilience, selflessness, and assertiveness.

Cute female dog Turned Into Superheroes

If you believe that your good girl has plenty of those traits, you are welcome to check out our list of possible names for canine superheroines. Names are given with their references or other details related to the actual characters:

  • Raven (Teen Titan that balances the good and evil within)

  • Elektra (a superheroine that wields daggers)

  • Carol (Carol Danvers from Captain Marvel)

  • Jesse (Jesse Quick—the best name for a fast and agile female dog)

  • Jessica (Jessica Drew a.k.a Spiderwoman)

  • Sue (Sue Storm, the invisible woman from Marvel)

  • Star (Starfire from Teen Titans)

  • Sharon (Sharon Carter)

  • Mera (Aquaman’s wife)

  • Marvel

  • Jubilee (inspired by Jubilation Lee, a girl with mutant powers)

  • Jenny (derived from Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk)

  • Zatanna (a magician from DC comic books)

  • Sprite (Kitty Pryde)

  • Kate (Batwoman)

  • Squirrel (Squirrel Girl)

  • Fantomah (a ghost superhero)

  • Barbara (Batgirl)

  • Gamora (the green-skinned superheroine from Guardians of the Galaxy)

  • Rogue (a superheroine with the ability to absorb power)

  • Munroe (mutant heroine)

  • Natasha (Black Widow)

  • Tigra (she has powers that surpass that of a tiger)

  • Juno (Hercules’s granddaughter)

  • Monica (aka Spectrum)

  • Elysius (an artificial being that’s strong and near immortal)

  • Domino (a femme fatale mutant)

  • Frankie (Raye)

  • Shuri (Black Panther’s half-sister)

  • Gwen (Stacy from Spiderman)

  • Namorita (New Warriors)

  • Diamond (Diamondback)

  • Puffy (derived from the Power Puff Girls)

  • Misty (Misty Knight)

  • Elsa (Bloodstone)

  • Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe)

Names by Gender #2: Male

After the list of female superhero names, let’s take a glance at some male superhero names.

Bulldog Turned Into Superheroes

We hope you will find some great naming options—matching your dog’s bravery, loyalty, and kindness.

  • Billy (Batson) from Captain Marvel

  • Thor

  • Robin (Teen Titans)

  • Sandy (the Golden Boy)

  • Olympian (Greco-Roman Superman)

  • Buddy (OMAC)

  • Jordan (Hal, Green Lantern)

  • Captain (Captain America)

  • Deadpool

  • Simon (Baz, from DC comics)

  • Scott (Alan Scott)

  • Pratt (Al-Pratt)

  • Lad (Lightning)

  • Freddy (Freeman)

  • Major (Victory)

  • Jay (Garrick)

  • Cyborg (Teen Titans)

  • Jack (O-Lantern)

  • Wally (West, Kid Flash)

  • Phantom (Stranger)

  • Glory (Jones)

  • Spidey

  • Booster (Gold from DC)

  • Prince (Gavyn)

  • Rex (the Wonder Dog)

  • Beast (Beast Boy from Teen Titans)

  • Tiger (Bronze Tiger from DC comics)

  • Timber (symbolizes power and agility)

  • Cosmo (space’s super dog)

  • Bucky (Barnes, Winter Soldier)

  • Ace (the Bat-Hound)

  • Krypto (as in Kryptonite)

  • Archer (Golden Archer)

  • Panther (inspired by Black Panther)

  • Daredevil

  • Xavier (Professor X)

  • Erik (Magneto)

Superhero Names by Personality Traits

Like humans, animals too come with multiple traits in their personalities. Saddling your doggy with a name according to his/her personality or some other notable physical trait is yet another good way to pick the right name.

Image of Dog / Dachshund Superhero Wonderwoman

Only a pet owner knows about the behavior and personality of their pet dog. Some dogs are kind of lovey-dovey or affectionate, others aggressive, while some are either laid back or maybe the hyperactive type. Scroll down to discover some attention-grabbing superhero names for your dog based on their personality.

  • Huntress (Batgirl) for an aggressive hunting female pooch

  • Wonder (derived from Wonder Woman) for a wonderful and amazing pet

  • Quinn (Harley from Batman), for a mischievous pup

  • Storm (X-men character) for a raging companion

  • Hawkeye (The Avengers), the best name for a watchful dog

  • Wasp (Janet van Dyne, the Avengers), for an aggressive pup

  • Agent (Marvel), the best for a spy dog

  • Avenger

  • Thundra (for a super tough she-dog)

  • Sersi (symbol of beauty), the best for a super cute dog

  • Venus (symbolizes love and kindness)

  • Sage, for a wiser dog

  • Wolf (Timber Wolf) for a dog that’s elegant like a wolf

  • Colossal, for a gentle giant

  • Smasher (Atom) for a pup who spares none!

  • Steel, for a tough canine

  • Miracle (Scott Free) for a doggy you believe to be a miracle

  • Majestic, for an elegant pooch

  • Flash, for a speedy pup

  • Wolverine, for a scruffy, rambunctious dog

Superhero Names by Coat Color

Naming your canine based on his coat color is yet another cool idea. Speaking of a dog’s coat color, each breed comes in multiple unique shades.

Batman and Robing dressed dogs

From the hues of gold to black, grey, and silver, we have rounded up some unique superhero-based suggestions for all.

  • Natasha (Black Widow)

  • Jean (derived from Jean Grey)

  • Crimson (Marvel comics)

  • Kismet (stands for golden-hued beauty)

  • Nova (Silver Sable)

  • Tony (Iron Man, red and silver)

  • Steve or Rogers (Captain America, cool name for a Golden Retriever)

  • Ben or Benjamin (Bronze Tiger)

  • Scarlet (from Scarlet Witch from Avengers)

  • Magenta

  • Shazam (superhero with a white cape, good choice for white dogs)

Naming Do’s, Don’ts, and Maybes for Your Canine

While exploring dog names, you will find countless options—not just superhero names but all sorts of names (human or non-human) derived from our society. As a pet owner, you are free to go by any of them, as there is no such law that can stop you from picking a specific name for your pet. But still, there are some do’s, don’ts, and maybes that you should consider.


Short and Easy Names

It is good if you pick a name that is short and easy. A short name is easy to utter without any slip of the tongue.

Cute dog enjoy beeing outside

Prefer names with one or two (maximum) syllables. Longer names are hard to repeat and would barely get your dog’s attention.

The Sooner the Better

Name your dog as soon as possible. Puppyhood is the best time to name a dog. If your newly adopted pooch is all grown up, take a time period of about two weeks maximum for naming him.


Words Sounding like Common Commands

When your pet is a dog, you have to teach him certain common commands. It is a must-do part of his proper training. Make certain that the name you are choosing for him does not sound similar to any of those commands.

black-german-shepherd-laying down

Doing so would do nothing but create confusion for the dog. For example, if you name your dog ‘Joe,’ he might mistake it as ‘No.’ Each time you call him, it will create a fuss in his mind. So, while finalizing a name, make sure it does not sound like the most common commands including ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘no’ or ‘stay.’

Human Names to Avoid

Choosing human names for pets is quite trendy these days. You are free to do that. But just be sure you are not picking any name that is already used by someone in your family, neighborhood, or social circle. That particular person might feel insulted or offended if you call your doggy in front of them.

Changing a Pre-Named Pet’s Name

If you are adopting an adult dog, named already, it is better not to change it. Still, if you want to rename him, practice calling his new name for about two weeks.

Brown dog taking a walk with his owner

If your dog adapts to the name easily, all is well and good. But if he does not, we recommend you to go back to the original one.


Vowel Sounds

According to a common concept, names beginning with sounds like ‘s,’ ‘c’ and ‘k’ would be more hearable by your dog, even in a noisy environment. That is also the case with dog names ending with vowel sounds.

A dog laying down on the floor looking at the camera

So, while playing the name game, you can consider that point as well. At the end of the day, it is a dog owner’s choice how he wants to proceed with the naming process.

Foresee the Future

While you name your dog, we recommend you to consider your dog’s future appearance. For example, a Labrador puppy you named ‘tiny’ today would not look good with the same name after three to four years.

Wrap Up

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend because of their time-tested friendship and loyalty towards their human family. Dogs and humans have been sharing a strong bond for ages, and it will stay the same for years and years to come.

Bringing a furry friend home is always special, but the real excitement begins with the name game. Gone are the days when pet parents used to name their four-legged family member as Puppy or Fido. We have observed a notable decline in the trends of such names. People are opting for human names for dogs.

Image showing two dog at the sunset

Why do we use human names for dogs—especially when there are so many common pet names to choose from? The main reason people do this is because their pets hold a very special place in their home as well as in their hearts. They are not just pets—they are a part of the family. To them, their dog is far more than just a cuddle ball or an animal they entrust the safety of their home to. To cut it short, for their owners, dogs are equal to humans.

The second reason for the decline in the use of a dog’s traditional names might be the owner’s personal preferences. Owners these days prefer names derived from the pop culture. They want to name their pets after someone they personally like or admire.

husky looking with joy at the camera

For a convenient name selection process for you, we have sectioned many superhero dog names into different categories. We hope you found that ONE name you have been looking for. Even if you didn’t, don’t despair because the options are limitless. More and more superheroes are being created by the day. That’s because we love them. We want them in our lives.

Concluding the article, we really hope that all the info, especially the superhero names enlisted here, would be enough for you to finalize the best name for your bestie.

Have you ever picked a superhero name for your canine? Was it one from the list given above, or was it some other heroic name? We would love to hear some other interesting superhero name suggestions from our readers. Do share your opinions in the comment box below.

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