Sled Dog Names: For Pups Who Love the Winter Wonderland

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Does your pup love the winter? Are they obsessed with snow? Many dogs love the fluffy and cloud-like touch of the snow. It’s great to play and roll around in it with friends! With this being said, giving them an ordinary name just won’t do. You need a name that’ll capture their love of the snow. Sled dog names make a great choice if your pup can’t get enough of winter.

Sled dog names aren’t reserved only for genuine sled dogs or sled dog breeds. Your pup may be a fluffy and loving Husky that, although should be a fan of the snow, hates anything that makes their paws cold. You could have a Jack Russell that is impossible to get back inside the house when there’s snow on the ground.

A winter-loving pup comes in many shapes and sizes, and a sledding name is perfect for any pup that waits all year for winter to come. Whether you’re choosing a sledding name out of irony or because they truly love winter, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, will show you some of the best female and male sled dog names. Additionally, we have divided the lists into two categories, making them easy to read. Though it’s divided into male and female lists, it’s important that you go through both lists as there are many unisex names included. Don’t miss out on the perfect name for your pup!

Female Sled Dog Names

puppy with a pure white coat

Your girl isn’t one that necessarily loves summer. If she had it her way, she’d be running through the cold snow all year, enjoying every frosty moment.

Now, is she a sled dog? Well, she doesn’t have to be. Who said sled dogs were the only ones that could enjoy the snow? These sled dog names are perfect for all outdoorsy and fluffy female dogs.

  • Akira: this is an exotic name for a quick thinking and intelligent girl. The name Akira means ‘intelligent’ in the language of Alaskan Natives. Naming her ‘Smarty’ doesn’t quite give off the same vibe. Akira is an elegant and winter-like name.

  • Aurora: your girl may have a pure white coat, but her eyes are all sorts of different colors. Why not name her Aurora after the Aurora Borealis? With all those colors in her eyes, how can she not look like the Aurora Borealis?

  • Bella: now, this doesn’t have any winter-origins. It’s actually Italian. Bella means ‘beautiful’, and it’s a great name for an angelic and soft pup.

  • Blue: yes, Beyonce named her child Blue, but you have to admit it’s a cute name for a female dog. If your Siberian Husky has piercing blue eyes, this would be the perfect name for her.

  • Cessna: in cold and deserted places like Alaska, you’ll notice many of these planes flying around as that’s a great source of transportation during the cold season. A Cessna is a type of plane which many people find reliable, just like your pup.

  • Desna: it’s a river in Russia and in Ukraine, however, it also has another meaning. Desna also means ‘boss.’ If your girl thinks she’s the queen of the castle, well, you better give her a name which shows that off!

  • Electra: your girl is on fire—okay, not literally, but she’s one fierce pup. Though she loves the cold winter season, she’s full of energy and life. Not even the male pups can keep up with her!

  • Eska: this is a variation of the name ‘Eko’ which means ‘first child.’ A great name for the leader of your pack or the first puppy from the litter.

  • Isis: this is a goddess in Ancient Egyptian worship. Isis was the goddess of the sky. Your pup may have crystal blue eyes or always seems like her head is in the clouds. Isis is the perfect name for her.

  • Ivory: a great name any dog with a pure white coat. It’s certainly a more unique and mysterious name than ‘Snow.’

  • Miska: your girl may or may not like the snow, but that’s not the point. Let’s focus on her looks. Miska actually means ‘little bear,’ and it’s a great name for a fluffy girl that loves to sleep during the winter season.

  • Nanuk: this name means ‘polar bear,’ but there’s also some history to it. Nanuk is also the master of the bears in Inuit mythology. When other dogs are around yours, they seem to listen to her and follow her lead. If this is the case, then she’s definitely a Nanuk.

  • Nilla: named after the Nilla Wafers. During a cold day, cookies and warm tea make a lethal combination! You just need Nilla in your life.

  • Sabra: you probably know about the saber-toothed tiger, but why not put a female twist to the name? Sabra is a great name for a ferocious and wild girl.

  • Sesi: you could name your dog ‘Snow,’ but that doesn’t sound so exciting. Luckily, there are other ways to say ‘snow’ which are more unique and interesting. Sesi means ‘snow’ in the language of Alaskan Natives. It gives a symbolic and special energy to the word.

  • Snowy: your girl can’t get enough of the snow. If she had it her way, she’d be spending her entire days rolling through her winter wonderland. If she’s like this, then you’d have to name her ‘Snowy.’

  • Suka: if you want to name your pup after her quick speed and agility, in the language of Alaskan Natives, Suka means ‘fast.’ It’s a sweet name for a girl who’s quick on her feet. Check out our article on best dog booties for snow to keep her paws warm as she runs.

  • Tundra: you have one powerful girl that loves to plow through the snow. You need to name her ‘Tundra.’ It’s the land in northern Alaska and is known to be rugged, yet beautiful.

  • Zhanna: if you’re wanting an exotic name, why not give her a Russian name? If you have a Husky, you probably know that they originally came from Siberia, so, what’s better than to name her after her homeland? Zhanna is a strong and resilient name for your girl.

Male Sled Dog Names

puppy playing in snow with ball

Your dog doesn’t have to be a sledding dog in order to have a sled name. Maybe your dog is a Husky that loves to hang out on the couch, or maybe you have a mixed breed that absolutely loves rolling around in the snow. Regardless, you think that a sled dog name would suit him perfectly.

Here are the male sled dog names that you need to check out.

  • Aspen: it’s a popular ski resort in Colorado, but also a really cute name for a fun-loving and kind pup.

  • Balto: not only is it a masculine name, but it’s also a name with a noble history to it. Balto was a famous sled dog which helped save the town of Nome, Alaska from a diphtheria epidemic. Balto was one of the dogs who saved the town by delivering the diphtheria medicine.

  • Bear: he’s big, he’s squishy—why, he’s just like a little bear!

  • Buck: a great name for a hunting dog, but is there a story behind it? Buck was originally a mixed-breed which turned into a sledding dog in Jack London’s novel, “The Call of the Wild.” He was a determined and brave dog, just like your pup. If you like this name, you will like all the other names from our list of literary dog names as well.

  • Dasher: you could be a fan of Christmas tales. Santa’s reindeer are known for being agile, magical, and of course, extremely strong. Dasher is one of Santa’s reindeer, and if your dog is a sled dog, well, this name matches him perfectly.

  • Everest: your pup is pretty big, and he’s only going to get bigger. Everest is a great name of a giant pup, as he’s named after the largest mountain above sea level.

  • Flake: just like a snowflake, your pup is small and unique. It’s a great name for a pup who’s gentle and soft spirited, regardless of the size.

  • Freeze: what’s a better way to honor the winter season than to name your dog ‘Freeze’? Your pup may have piercing blue eyes which freeze anyone he looks at. In that case, don’t forget to check out our article on names for blue-eyed dogs.

  • Frosty: yes, he’s a famous snowman, but it’s also a cute name for a grumpy pup that’s into hanging around the house, viewing the winter from the safety of his comfy bed.

  • Hunter: is your pup interested in chasing birds and hunting ducks? Well, then you’re going to need to name him after his favorite sport, hunting.

  • Nilak: if you want to stick to the winter theme, then Nilak is not only a unique name but stays well within the theme. Nilak means ‘a piece of freshwater ice.’ just like those you’d see up in Alaska.

  • Nugget: how can you not love a puppy named ‘Nugget’? This isn’t because of chicken McNuggets; rather, we’re referring to Alaskan Gold Nuggets. It was also the name of the lead dog in the 1974 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

  • Polar: whether you live up in the tundra or have a pup which looks like a giant bear, Polar is a great name. This name has a couple of different meanings. It could be a name after the majestic polar bear, or you could be referring to the polar ice caps. Either way, it’s a sturdy and powerful name for your pup.

  • Togo: this is the name of another famous sled dog. Togo also helped save the town of Nome Alaska from a diphtheria epidemic. It’s a noble name and a nice way to pay your respects to a brave and life-changing dog.

  • Viktor: now, if you have a Husky, you know that they originated from Siberia, a region in Russia. If you want to stay true to their breed, then Viktor is a Russian name that’ll suit any strong-minded and powerful pup.

  • Winter: sure, it may sound obvious, but sometimes obvious works really well. Winter, well, you know what winter is. It’s cold, but it’s also a pretty cute name for a fluffy, loving pup.

  • Yukon: the Yukon is a Canadian province which is east of Alaska. Now, you don’t need to live up there in order to name your dog Yukon. In fact, it’s a strong and respectful name of any pup that loves to explore the winter wilderness. Don’t miss out on our list of other cool Alaskan dog names.

Wrap Up

puppies loving snow

If you went through this list and are even more confused about which name you need to pick, don’t worry; we know that this isn’t an easy process. But you are going to have to choose a name.

In this case, we recommend you write down the names that immediately caught your eye. Then, go through those selected names and test them out on your pup. There will be a name that they’re drawn to. You will eventually land on a name that both you and your dog like.

While going through the names, we hope that they inspired you and helped you narrow down the name that you’re going to give your pup. This list is packed with strong, resilient, and warm names that will suit any sled dog.

If you decided on a name from this list, don’t forget to let us know which name you chose! But, at the end of the day, whichever name you choose, we know that it’ll be the perfect one for your pup. Also, let us know if you think we skipped any good names for sled dogs.

Finally, check out our article on sled dog breeds in case you haven’t adopted a pup yet, and you’re still considering which breed to go for, or just in case you’re looking for more information about the amazing sled dogs.

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