Shih Tzu Dog Names: Amazing Names for A Noble Breed

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The Shih Tzu has been around since ancient times. This dog breed hails from China and has been hailed as the royal lapdog of ancient Chinese rulers. Literally meaning “little lion,” this high maintenance but friendly dog remains a popular family pet even today. According to research, the Shih Tzu is one of the most popular dog breeds, which is why the search for Shih Tzu dog names is very important.

This dog has been bred for one purpose only, and they do it extremely well. Bred to be a companion dog, the Shih Tzu has sat on the laps of many people for centuries. But just because the Shih Tzu is a glorified lap dog does not mean to say that this dog is not smart. The Shih Tzu love learning and do well in obedience classes and agility contests. This breed is a good choice if you’re looking for a dog to love who will love you back.

The Shih Tzu are up to anything as long as it isn’t demanding. Their easy-going nature is one of the reasons why many people are looking to adopt this breed. If you’re looking to adopt this breed, you might be looking for good Shih Tzu dog names. Check out our suggestions below, divided by gender so it’ll be easy for you to sort through our humongous list. Whether you need Shih Tzu dog names boy or girl, we’ve got you covered.


Male Shih Tzu Dog Names

Shih Tzu lying

  • Amigo – the Spanish word for “friend.”

  • Atom – a small particle.

  • Bailey – means “bailiff” or “law enforcer.” Shih Tzu were also used to guard Tibetan monasteries.

  • Ballmer – the name of a Shih Tzu that belongs to Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

  • Bantam – short for bantamweight.

  • Bao – those yummy Chinese steamed buns. This word could also mean “treasure.”

  • Barkley – ideal name for a Shih Tzu that likes to bark.

  • Beau – means “handsome.” Great name for a well-groomed Shih Tzu.

  • Bing and Bong – the name of Mariah Carey’s two Shih Tzu.

  • Boots – some Shih Tzu have sock-like patterns on their forelegs.

  • Bruiser – tough sounding name for a little dog. More irony.

  • Buddy – the best name for your best friend.

  • Byte – a tiny bit of information or data.

  • Cesar – means “hairy” in Latin.

  • Charlie – means “strong,” because they have a strong hold on your heart.

  • Checkers – for black and white coated Shih Tzu.

  • Chen – means “treasure.”

  • Chengdu – the hometown of the panda.

  • Chewie – some Shih Tzu like to chew; or maybe because you’re a Star Wars fan.

  • Chip – a small morsel.

  • Chong – Chinese name meaning “powerful.”

  • Choo Choo – the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s Shih Tzu.

  • Cookie – given to dogs that are sweet or brown-colored.

  • Copper – for Shih Tzu with coppery fur.

  • Cuddles – Shih Tzu are affectionate and love to cuddle.

  • Dice – another witty name for a dog with black and white pattern.

  • Dobby – the elf in the Harry Potter series. Awkward and endearing like some Shih Tzu.

  • Dougie – social media followers will instantly recognize this name. Dougie is also referred to as the “photogenic Shih Tzu” and has his own following on YouTube and Instagram.

  • Duke – comes from the old Latin word “dux” meaning “leader.”

  • Dusty – Shih Tzu fur sometimes looks like a duster or a dirty mop.

  • Finn – very popular among Star Wars fans.

  • Fry – as in small fry.

  • Fushi – the Chinese God of happiness.

  • Hamilton – this name is popular among new dog owners due to the play Hamilton.

  • Harry – the name of Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell’s Shih Tzu.

  • Hobbit – short humanoid creatures from JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

  • Hulk – you can be as ironic as you want.

  • Ice – cool name for Shih Tzu with predominantly white coats.

  • Inky – when their fur has black ink dot patterns.

  • Jackie – for Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan.

  • Ji – means “lucky” in Chinese. You read it “Gee.”

  • Junior – if your dog is a smaller version of you.

  • Kahlua – cool name for Shih Tzu with brown fur.

  • Kai – Chinese for “victorious.” Maybe you finally got a dog after waiting for a long time.

  • Kewpie – short for “cutie pie.”

  • King – a strong and elegant option.

  • Kit – the car in Knight Rider’s and something cute sounding.

  • Latte – sometimes Shih Tzu have a mixture of white and brown coats.

  • Lavi – Israeli word for “lion.”

  • Lee – very common especially in the States. It means “plum.”

  • Legend – the name of Jacinda Barrett’s Shih Tzu.

  • Leo – another name with a play on Lion.

  • Leon – another name that means “lion.”

  • Lionel – means “young lion.” Good name for a Shih Tzu.

  • Lollipop – Andie MacDowell’s Shih Tzu name.

  • Magic – good name for a black and white Shih Tzu.

  • Mao – actually means “cat” in Chinese, so it’s a weird name for a dog.

  • Milo – cute name for a cute dog.

  • Muffin – a small cake.

  • Munchkin – those small holes from Dunkin Donuts.

  • Mushu – Mulan’s sidekick or a delicious pork dish.

  • Nao Nao – Chinese for “naughty.” You read it “Naw Naw.”

  • Neutron – a small subatomic particle.

  • Nibbles – for the pooch that takes small bites.

  • Nipper – means “small boy.”

  • Nugget – a small lump of gold or something precious.

  • Oreo – good name for a black and white dog.

  • Otto – German name meaning “prosperity.”

  • Panda – Betty White’s Shih Tzu.

  • Patches – sometimes Shih Tzu are made up of different patches of colors.

  • Peewee – cute name for a small dog.

  • Piccolo – “small” in Italian.

  • Pickles – a small cucumber preserved in vinegar. A cute name for a small dog.

  • Pip – short for Pipsqueak.

  • Pixel – a small area of illumination on your screen.

  • Puyi – The last emperor of China who came to the throne when he was only two years old.

  • Quark – a subatomic particle.

  • Raj – a princely or royal name. Very apt because Shih Tzu were once considered as royalty.

  • Rascal – for the mischievous Shih Tzu.

  • Runt – another play on your dog’s small size.

  • Samson – another ironic alternative.

  • Scamp – means “mischievous youngster.”

  • Scrappy – Scooby Doo’s small nephew.

  • Shamu – the famous Orca whale in Sea World. An ironic name with reference to your Shih Tzu’s size.

  • Shi – a Chinese name meaning “lion.”

  • Silver – if they are more silver than gray.

  • Simba – the lion cub who became king in The Lion King.

  • Skunk – a good name for a black and white Shih Tzu.

  • Smurf – tiny cartoon characters.

  • Snickers – for the chocolate and Shih Tzu lover.

  • Snuggles – Shih Tzu are excellent cuddle buddies.

  • Squirt – slang for a small kid.

  • Sumo – Susie Essman Shih Tzu’s name.

  • Tad – a small amount of something.

  • Thimble – a small plastic cup worn when sewing.

  • Tofu – delicious mashed soybeans used in Asian cooking.

  • Toto – probably the most popular small dog name in history.

  • Turbo – they are small but can also be fast.

  • Wangcai – a very popular Chinese dog name that means «one who brings prosperity to the family.»

  • Wolf – some Shih Tzu have silvery or grayish fur.

  • Wonton – a small dumpling roll.

  • Xi’an – a city in China, also known as the “window to China’s ancient civilization.”

  • Xiao – “small” in Chinese.

  • Xiaobo – “small wrestler” in Chinese.

  • Xin – pronounced as “Shin,” meaning “new” in Chinese.

Female Shih Tzu Dog Names

Shih Tzu girl

  • Ai – Chinese for “love.”

  • Ariel – Hebrew for “lion of God.”

  • Baby – cute name for the cutest pooch.

  • Bao Bei – means “baby or treasure” in Chinese.

  • Bella – Rebecca Mader Shih Tzu’s name.

  • Belle – a name that means “beautiful.”

  • Biscuit – good name for a white and tan colored Shih Tzu.

  • Bit – a small amount of something.

  • Bitsy – refers to the dog’s small size.

  • Bitty – the small dog that you love so much.

  • Blossom – a popular TV show in the 1990s.

  • Bonita – Spanish for “pretty.”

  • Bonny – the name of Colin Farrell’s Shih Tzu.

  • Bonsai – a small ornamental plant.

  • Boo – a nickname for cuties.

  • Brandy — a drink that warms you up just like your dog.

  • Buttercup – pay homage to their butter-colored coat.

  • Button – because your Shih Tzu is cute as a button.

  • Caramel – for a brown or tan colored Shi Tzu who’s sweet as sugar.

  • Chanel – exudes luxury and style. It’s always fun to name your dog after a luxury brand.

  • Charlotte – a regal sounding name for the lapdog of emperors.

  • Chicklet – a small piece of gum.

  • Chiffon – a type of cake that’s usually golden brown outside but pale on the inside.

  • China – in honor of their country of origin.

  • Cinder – can be short for Cinderella. Good name for a dog with black or grey fur.

  • Cinnamon – cute and sweet name for a Shih Tzu.

  • Cocoa – cute name for a Shih Tzu with brown markings.

  • Cosette – means “victory in war.” Also the name of the lead female in Les Miserables.

  • Demi – means “half-sized”. Can also be for actor Demi Moore.

  • Diva – Fantasia Barrino Shih Tzu’s name.

  • Dove – another great option for white furred Shih Tzu.

  • Empress – elegant name for a dog used to the good things in life.

  • Fifi – a popular name for small dogs.

  • Fluffy – in reference to their fluffy coats.

  • Graycie – a pun on their silvery fur.

  • Happy – Shi Tzu are generally happy and relaxed dogs.

  • Honeychild – Nicole Richie Shih Tzu’s name.

  • Jellybean – cute name if you got your Shih Tzu as a puppy.

  • Jia – Chinese name meaning “beautiful.”

  • Joy – for the dog that holds all your happiness.

  • Jun – “truthful and obedient.” Good name for a dog.

  • Kiki – a small name for a small dog.

  • Leona – a play on “lion.”

  • Lian – means “tiny and delicate” in Chinese.

  • Lily – like the flower.

  • Lucy – who doesn’t love Lucy?

  • Mack – an ironic name to give a small dog.

  • Maisie – for Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams who happens to be the youngest Stark daughter.

  • Mei – means “beautiful” in Chinese. Did you know that the US is called “Mei Guo” in Chinese, which literally means “beautiful country”?

  • Mei Mei – means “little sister” in Chinese.

  • Mia – Latin for “wished-for child.” Perhaps you’ve wanted a Shih Tzu for so long?

  • Mimi – it’s cute and sounds like “mini.”

  • Mingmei – “bright and beautiful girl.”

  • Minnie – for their small size.

  • Mittens – nice choice for long haired Shih Tzu.

  • Mitzi – meaning “perfect.”

  • Mocha – another suggestion for white and brown Shih Tzu.

  • Moxie – Shih Tzu are small, but they can be courageous too.

  • Mulan – Disney Princess and heroine.

  • Munchie – Beyonce Shih Tzu’s name.

  • Nala – Simba’s girlfriend in The Lion King.

  • Ning – Chinese for “serene.”

  • Peanut – a small nut.

  • Pearl – a name for something precious.

  • Pebbles – small rocks and the name of a Flintstones character.

  • Pepper – in honor of their dark fur.

  • Petit – “small” in French.

  • Phoebe – means “bright and shining” in Greek.

  • Pixie – a small fairy.

  • Poppy – a small and cute flower.

  • Puffin – for a black and white Shih Tzu.

  • Raisin – good name if your Shih Tzu is more black than white.

  • Shrimp – another way to make fun of their size.

  • Sienna – some Shih Tzu have tan or gold fur.

  • Smidge – another play on their size.

  • Snow – cool choice for Shih Tzu with predominantly white fur.

  • Sparkles – something cute to call your dog.

  • Sugar – a name for a sweet pet.

  • Sundae – a play on their sometimes black and white coats.

  • Tawny – use this for Shih Tzu with tan or gold colored coats.

  • Teensy – a name based on their small size.

  • Thumbelina – a small fairytale fairy.

  • Tink – short for Tinkerbell.

  • Tinkerbell – another good name for a small dog.

  • Tiny – cute adjective for small.

  • Tootsie – same as above.

  • Yue – pronounced as “yoo-way”; a beautiful name meaning “moon” in Chinese. The moon symbolizes beauty and peace to the Chinese.

  • Zen – that feeling you get after relaxing with your dog.

  • Zoey – means “life” in Greek. A very popular name among dog owners.

Wrap Up

Shih Tzu running

When it comes to naming your Shih Tzu, it is normal to try to find the perfect name. Owners usually want something unique or meaningful so it might be a while before you can finally settle down on a name for your pet.

There is no secret to naming a dog. Sometimes it’s best to take a few days off and observe their personality and then give them a name that fits their disposition. There are also some owners that have a few name ideas but don’t know which ones to choose. In this case, it is best to try those names out for several days each to try and see which ones match your dog.

In the end, there is no right or wrong name for your dog. This does not mean to say that names are not important. Always go with something easy to say, remember, and recognize so that your Shih Tzu can learn their name quickly.

Did you like our suggestions? Which name did you choose for your Shih Tzu or did you choose another name? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Also check out our article on Chinese dog names if you need more reference.

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