Scottish Dog Names: For Your Lovely Wee Laddie and Lassie

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Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

Welcoming a four-legged family member is always special—naming them even more so. In the race for finding the perfect term of endearment for your pup, Scottish dog names are also getting increasingly popular. Scotland is a land of history and wonder; the richness of the country’s culture means you’ll never run out of uniquely Scottish dog names to choose from—which can be a good thing and a bad thing. With so many options available, how are you supposed to know which one is perfect for your dog?

If you’re familiar with the language, it might be easier for you to take your pick. However, if you’re not familiar with the language and you only want a Scottish dog name because you’ve just adopted a Scottish breed like the Scottish terrier or Scottish deerhound, you’ll be glad to know that we’re here to help. On top of gathering the best dog names inspired by every part of the Scottish culture for you, we’ve also tacked on the meaning of each name so you’ll be able to pick one that describes your dog as an individual perfectly.

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In this article, we have tried to accumulate as many meaningful and beautiful-sounding Scottish names as possible. The collection of names you will be reading below is derived from every genre of life. We have categorized our comprehensive list into three sections—based on gender, names inspired by famous Scottish figures, and names inspired by famous parts of the nation’s culture. Scroll down to take a look.

Scottish Dog Names by Gender

We’ve got plenty of names here for both genders for you to choose from. Not all of these names have meaning—some are just plain old popular Scottish dog names—but for those that do have meaning, we’ve made sure to include a brief mention.

Dog Names by Gender #1: Female Dogs

According to an old saying, “if you want a good dog, get a male. If you want a great dog, get a female and cross your fingers.

Female dog puppy and a male dog in the background

” We are not sure how true that is, but even if it is not, we still want the best name for our young lass. Here’s a list of the best Scottish names for female dogs.

  • Abby: the word describes a rejoicing father

  • Aberfa: the mouth of a river

  • Aila: it means an oak tree

  • Aileen: desired

  • Alba: Scotland

  • Ally: peace, partnership

  • Alpina: someone blond

  • Alyth: one who ascends

  • Annabel: it defines someone who is ‘easy to love’

  • Annabella: it defines someone who is graceful and beautiful

  • Annie: grace

  • Bairn: Scottish word for baby

  • Bella: someone beautiful

  • Bobbi: someone famed or reputed

  • Bonnie: it stands for ‘pretty.’

  • Brora: a Scottish village in the east of Sutherland

  • Cailean: Scottish word for ‘dove’

  • Calla: beautiful

  • Candy: it means ‘honest’

  • Candy: it’s a word used for someone who is sincere and honest

  • Dacia: a southerner

  • Dafty: it means ‘silly’

  • Davina: precious

  • Deidra: rightful wrath

  • Effie: a well-spoken person

  • Embra: slang for Edinburgh

  • Emma: someone with lots of good qualities

  • Emmy: the synonym of ‘rival’

  • Etta: pearl (a catchy name for a white doggy)

  • Fia: flame

  • Fiona: white hue

  • Flora

  • Gala: water/calm

  • Glenna: valley

  • Grizel: something gray

  • Hilary: cheerful

  • Iona: island

  • Isla: a Scottish island

  • Isobel: it stands for ‘my God is an oath’

  • Jessy

  • Katie: pure

  • Kenna: handsome

  • Kenzie: fair

  • Kyla: a beautiful winner

  • Lara: mare

  • Lassie: a Scottish word used to call young girls

  • Lileas: Scottish word for lily

  • Lindsay: from the island of the lime tree

  • Lona: a Scottish island

  • Lorna: This word signifies ‘someone victorious.’ It also stands as the feminine form of Lawrence

  • Marcail: it means pearl

  • Maura: great or Mary

  • Morna: it’s a word that states something as ‘festive’

  • Nessa: from the headland

  • Nicol: the word stands for the victory of people

  • Paisley

  • Piper

  • Quarry: this word stands for ‘proud’

  • Rhoda: it means ‘rose’

  • Rhona: rough island

  • Robina: a word derived from Robin

  • Rona: it means ‘counselor’

  • Scotty: wanderer

  • Sheena: God is gracious

  • Sima: listener

  • Sorcha: the word describes something as ‘radiant’

  • Tam: it stands for ‘twin’

  • Una

  • Vika

  • Whitney: try it for a white, furry pooch

Dog Names by Gender #2: Male Dogs

Looking for the most suitable male Scottish dog names for your pup? You are in the right place as we have a variety of names for your pup.

Image showing two male dogs on a park road

Be it a brave and loyal hound or a cuddly companion, you will surely find a moniker that suits his type. Let’s begin the hunt.

  • Abernathy: the point where a river starts

  • Aindrea: warrior

  • Akir: anchor

  • Alan: rock

  • Alpin: white

  • Andrews: a name derived from the St. Andrews University

  • Archie: a word that defines someone as ‘bold or valuable’

  • Arran: the name of an island in the Firth of Clyde

  • Artair: bear (good name for a bear-like fuzz ball)

  • Baird: poet

  • Balloch: the word means ‘from the pasture’

  • Barclay: it is a Scottish surname

  • Bean: it describes someone who has a fair skin tone

  • Beathan: this word stands for ‘life’

  • Beiste: beast

  • Ben: it stands for ‘son’

  • Birk: anything from a birch tree

  • Blair: battlefield

  • Bothan: anything belonging to a stone house

  • Boyd: someone with yellow hair (great name for your golden-haired canine)

  • Braden: salmon

  • Braveheart: a famous movie

  • Brice: anything that is speckled

  • Broc: badger

  • Brodie: it means ‘muddy place’

  • Bruce: woods

  • Colin: dove

  • Cromwell: from the crooked well

  • Cuillin: Scottish range of the Rocky Mountains located on the Isle of Skye

  • Dave: loved one

  • Dermid: it means harmless or gentle

  • Donald: it means ruler

  • Donell: ruler of all

  • Dougal: a black stranger (how about using it to name a black canine?)

  • Duke

  • Eric: the word stands for ‘eternal ruler’

  • Ewan: something that is born from the yew tree

  • Fergus: a man of vigor

  • Finlay: a word that stands for ‘white warrior’ (good for a friend with white fur)

  • Fraser: the word means ‘strawberry’

  • Frasier: surname

  • Glasgow: it is the name of the biggest city in Scotland

  • Gordon: spacious fort

  • Grant: great

  • Greg: vigilant or watchful (a cool name for a watchdog)

  • Irvin: green or fresh water

  • Islay: Scottish island

  • Ivor: archer

  • Jett: the name of a black gemstone

  • Keith: wood

  • Kelso: Scottish land

  • Kerr: it means ‘man of strength’

  • Kester: it means ‘to grow’

  • Lachie: lake land

  • Laddie: A common Scottish word used for boys

  • Leathan: river

  • Lennox: it means ‘the place of elms’

  • Leslie: garden of holies

  • Lomond: a name derived from the lake Lomond

  • Lucas: a name derived from Lucania

  • Mac: it means ‘the son of…’

  • Maccoll: son of Coll

  • Maciver: the word means ‘son of an archer’

  • Mackay: son of fire

  • Magnus: great

  • Munga: the word stands for ‘dearest friend’

  • Neil: champion

  • Nemo: no one

  • Norval: someone belonging to the north valley

  • Oliphant: this word would suit a large breed of dog

  • Pal: small

  • Payton: it means ‘royal’

  • Quinn: the word means wise

  • Ray: it is a word that stands for grace.

  • Robroy

  • Ronald: someone who is mighty and powerful

  • Rorie: red king (a name recommended for red-haired dogs)

  • Ross: from the peninsula

  • Roy: it is the Scottish word for ‘red’

  • Sandy: defender of man

  • Scott: wanderer

  • Simeon: it means ‘a good listener’ (best choice for an obedient pooch)

  • Skye: an island in Scotland

  • Stuart: guardian

  • Sweeney: well going

  • Toaty: it means tiny (good name for a small breed)

  • Todd: the word means ‘fox’

  • Whiting

  • Wickliff

  • Wylie

Scottish Dog Names Inspired by Famous Figures

The collection of Scottish names given below are the monikers of famous Scottish figures—a few of them were renown as legendary ancient kings.

Image showing a Scottish Deerhound lying down

If you think your pet exhibits some traits that remind you of a famous Scottish public figure, pick a name from the list below.

  • Ballantyne: derived from the name of the novelist RM Ballantyne (female)

  • Balliol

  • Brodie: a name derived from the character of Jean Brodie

  • Bruce

  • Cináed (“KIN-ay»): it is the name of the first Scottish king, and it means ‘born of fire’

  • Conall: this Celtic word means ‘strong wolf’

  • Connery: a word inspired by the famous Scottish actor Sean Connery

  • Duff: Also known as ‘Dubh,’ this name means ‘dark’

  • Duncan: This word means ‘brown warrior’

  • Fingal: Hero of the Ossian Cycle

  • Kathleen: derived the name of a famed Scottish writer

  • Kenneth: famous Scottish king

  • Lulach

  • Lulu: a famous Scottish singer

  • Macbeth: famous Scottish king from Shakespeare’s work

  • Malcom: disciple of St. Columbia

  • Malvina: Heroine of the Ossian Cycle

  • Ness or Nessie: a name derived from the famous Loch Ness monster

  • Rabbie: a great pet name derived from the literary personality ‘Rabbie Burns’

  • Sherlock: famous character created by the Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Spark: name him Spark after the name of the famous Scottish novelist Muriel Spark

  • Tartan: a name inspired by the Scottish football team ‘Tartan army’

  • Wallace: it’s a word derived from the name of the famous Scottish knight William Wallace

  • Walter: inspired by the name of an 18th century’s man of literature, Sir Walter Scott

Scottish Dog Names Inspired by Culture

We’ve got plenty of names for you to choose from which are derived from the rich Scottish culture. Talking about the specialties of Scotland, their variety of whiskeys tops the chart.

Image showing a black scotish terrier

Check out a few suitable names below.

  • Ale: it’s a Scottish word used to define beer

  • Caber: the name is derived from a traditional Scottish sport, i.e. ‘tossing the caber’

  • Cannie: a slang word from the Scottish language that means ‘someone smart’

  • Dimple: famous scotch whiskey brand (for female dogs)

  • Edinburgh: it’s the name of the UNESCO city of literature

  • Fiddle: a famous traditional instrument of Scotland

  • Golf: golf is the specialty of Scotland

  • Haggis: traditional Scottish food

  • Kilt: a popular and traditional Scottish piece of clothing

  • Opera: Scottish opera is world famous

  • Pinch: scotch whiskey brand (suggested for boy dogs)

  • Plaid: plaid patterns are essential in Scottish culture

  • Quid: it’s British slang for one pound

  • Scotch: abbreviation of the famous malt whiskey (for male dogs)

  • Shinty: it is a purely Scottish sport that is played in highland areas

  • Sterling: Scottish currency

  • Thistle: national flower of Scotland

  • Whiskey: a very special alcohol (suggested for girl dogs)

Wrap Up

With so many other tasks on your to-do list, it can be hard to find the best name for your pup (especially in a short time). We’re here to make it easier for you.Nowadays, more and more pet parents are showing an inclination towards unique names for dogs. The more uncommon a name is, the prouder a pet owner feels. But finding a name both unusual and phonetically practical can be a tough task. People probe every option including myths, movies, and literature to find a different dog moniker. If your dog just happens to be a Scottish breed, why not pay homage to their heritage by giving them a Scottish name?

The people of Scotland speak a Celtic language enriched with words that are short and easy to pronounce. The language comes with a rich pantheon of words that can be turned into amazing dog monikers. These names we’ve listed above may be uniquely Scottish, but that doesn’t mean they are reserved for Scottish dog breeds or Scottish dog owners only. You can give your dog a Scottish dog name just because you like the sound or the meaning of it.

A medium dog with three colors looking at something far away

In this article, we have considered all the basic elements of the Scottish culture, so that we could provide more Scottish words for you to choose from. Be it the name of a famous figure, ancient king, destination, sports, food item, drinks, or perhaps even something derived from the famous Loch Ness Monster, everything about Scotland is outstandingly vibrant.

As most of the words enlisted here are epigrammatic, we do hope that you have managed to find one (or even more) unique moniker for your new four-legged buddy. We are sure that your frisky friend would also love their new name.

Have you or any of your friends ever tried to give a Scottish name to your pet? If yes, what was it? We would really like to hear some cool name suggestions from you. So, if you have some other great Scottish words in mind, do share them with us in the comment section below.

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