Schnauzer Dog Names: Fun Names for Your Loyal Pup

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Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

You just brought home your first puppy, and it’s pretty exciting! Bringing home a Schnauzer is a great decision. They’re known to be well-mannered, loyal, and love to be the center of attention. And that’s a good thing because you can’t wait to spoil them with love and care. But before anything, did you figure out a name for your pup? Well, chances are, you haven’t. That’s why you’re here, looking for the best Schnauzer dog names!

We love Schnauzers, so you’ve come to the right place to find a name for your pup. Schnauzers have a lot of unique traits that can serve as name inspirations. For example, they’re quite curious. You’ve put your shoes away, right? Be warned—once those little teeth get a bite of them, there will be nothing left. But that’s one of the joys of having a puppy. They drive you nuts with their sweet minds; this is especially true with smart, beautiful Schnauzers.

In this article, we’ve created a great selection of Schnauzer dog names. The lists are divided into male and female categories. But, regardless of your dog’s gender, we suggest you go through both lists. Gender shouldn’t limit your Schnauzer. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to find a name for your pup!

Female Schnauzer Names

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  • Angel: this name may only fit your puppy on her good days. Angel means “messenger” and suggests strength, protection, and love.

  • Bella: means “beautiful.” Your Schnauzer might seem all soft and cuddly but can be a very fierce guard dog protecting your family.

  • Brandy: Brandy is a fun female name for your perky puppy. Brandy may also fit if your puppy has some red to her coat.

  • Cher: between the hair and the eyes, everyone will know the inspiration for this name. Cher means “darling.”

  • Chloe: this name has a softness to it that might fit your cuddly puppy. Chloe means “new growth.”

  • Clementine: this name suggests sweetness and longing. Clementine means “merciful.” This is a great name for a loyal and loving dog.

  • Coco: if your Schnauzer is a darker brown, this is a good fit.

  • Evie: it means “lively.” This name suggests beauty, innocence, and strength.

  • Farrah: if you are from the ‘70s, Farrah might elicit images of bouncy blond hair. This name suggests beauty, poise, and self-confidence.

  • Felicia: if your puppy tends to prance around your home like she is on top of the world, Felicia might be a fit. Felicia means “happy.”

  • Genesis: Genesis means “new beginning.” If your puppy purchase coincided with a new home, job, family, or dream, this might be a name with deep meaning.

  • Ginger: coloring may be a factor here, but the name also gives off the impression of something spicy and exotic. If your puppy is full of spice and energy, this may be the perfect name.

  • Honey: sweet, but not too sweet; organic. This name fits a Schnauzer who is kind, calm, and affectionate.

  • Jasmine: Jasmine means gift from God. If your puppy is feminine, warm, affectionate, and a great addition to your family, this is the perfect name.

  • Jessica: your Schnauzer will likely spend her nights curled up at the end of your bed. Jessica means “God beholds”; this name fits any cuddly puppy who loves to be petted and held.

  • Jewel: means “one that is treasured.” Jewel suggests beauty, value, worth, and desire. One look into her eyes and this name might immediately come to mind.

  • Kaia: means “the sea.” If your puppy is stormy, wild, beautiful, and unpredictable, this is a good fit. It may also describe her big eyes.

  • Keira: inspired by Keira Knightley. Judging from her appearances in Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice, Keira is all eyes, just like your Schnauzer.

  • Latia: is a pretty, unique name. It sounds passionate, and it means “kind-hearted girl.”

  • Leia: of the princess variety. Your Schnauzer’s big eyes will remind you of Leia. Leia means “child of heaven” and how could your puppy be anything else.

  • Lena: means “light.” Lena may describe her physical traits or her happy disposition. It is feminine and uptown.

  • Leyla: this name is feminine with some mystic added in, it means “born at night.” This name would fit a very calm, laid back, affectionate Schnauzer.

  • Liesel: the name suggests family, fun, and flirty. Though Liesel is an Austrian name, your German Schnauzer would approve.

  • Lilly: this name suggests simple elegance; it would fit well if your Schnauzer is white. Lilly means “innocence” which your puppy will feign whenever she has caused a mess. And with such big eyes, who could deny it?

  • Miss Havisham: dignity to the end. Plus, this name suggests grace, poise, and refinement.

  • Molly: it is the meaning of the name that may suit your Schnauzer, it means “wished-for child.” What a way to show how important your new puppy is to the family.

  • Navia: is a town in Northern Spain. If you are looking for unique, this name might make your list. It is suggestive of an old soul—warm, kind, and intelligent.

  • Peaches: this name could work if your puppy has the right coloring, but is also suggestive of summer, sweetness, and affection.

  • Saffron: this might be a great name for a Schnauzer with hair in the yellow to red shade. It is a name suggestive of beauty, summer, and spice.

  • Scarlett: after Scarlett Johansson. With her big eyes, bold personality, intelligence, and a sense of adventure, this name is great for a puppy with some fire to her.

  • Shakira: Shakira’s dance moves, hair, and big eyes are reminiscent of your hyper little ball of fur. Shakira means “thankful,” which your puppy will be after snacks. You may be thankful for what she has brought to your life.

  • Shelby: watch your puppy run, and you will see the similarities to the Shelby Mustang. Sleek and fast.

  • Snowy: inspired by Tintin’s trusted sidekick. Often touted as smarter than his owner, your Schnauzer’s intelligence may surprise you.

  • Tabitha: a disciple during the time of Acts; a strong female leader, defying the tradition of a patriarchal society. Tabitha means “graceful and beautiful.” Complementary and political, this name has a rich history.

  • Zoe: beauty and action in one package. Your puppy will be bouncing around your home creating all sorts of havoc, but you will still think she’s amazing. Zoe means “alive.”

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Male Schnauzer Names

shnauzer on the road

  • Apollo: means “destroyer.” Most puppies are by nature destroyers, though he may outgrow this stage. The name is also suggestive of power and protection.

  • Bartholomew: he was one of the 12 disciples. The name means “son of the earth.” This is a great name for a loyal, friendly, hard-working Schnauzer.

  • Burt Reynolds: an actor known for his mustache. Burt was a sex symbol for many years, and Burt means “bright or glorious,” so if your puppy is a little flirtatious and you keep the beard, this is a great name.

  • Caleb: he led his people into the Promised Land. Some puppies are shy and tentative with new situations. This is not the case with puppies named after Caleb. This puppy is brave, social, outgoing, and protective. Surprisingly, Caleb means “dog.”

  • Cesar: inspired by Cesar Romano and his big mustache; interestingly, Cesar means “hairy,” which works too.

  • Channing: your puppy is likely going to love curling up with you in bed. And how good would it feel to say, “I cuddled with Channing last night.” Channing means “young wolf” and is suggestive of masculinity with some vulnerability.

  • Chevy: this name suggests reliability, companionship, fun-loving, and lover of speed. Does your puppy perk right up at the mention of a car ride? Does he hang his head out the window in joy? If your puppy loves cars like you do, this is the name for him.

  • Clooney: an actor with big, kind eyes. If your puppy looks longingly into your eyes, Clooney is a possible fit.

  • Darcy: polite and refined with some hidden passion. Did your puppy take some time to trust you but now he doesn’t leave your side? He is just showing his inner Mr. Darcy.

  • Dixon: means “strong leader.” If your puppy is strong and opinionated, he might just fit this name.

  • Duke: means “leader.” The name suggests size, presence, and royalty. There is an air of aloofness to this puppy.

  • Duster: this name suggests speed, action, and some trouble. This puppy runs fast but can navigate his way through any obstacle. There is frenzy but also control; he is great with your kids.

  • Eduardo: means “prosperous guardian.” This puppy has an air about him; he looks after your family like it is the job he was put on earth to do. He is parental with your kids.

  • Emerson: means “brave and powerful.” This name has some royalty attached to it. Your puppy knows his value and position in your family. He likely has already chosen the hierarchical position of every family member. He is obedient to those he sees as higher in position and slightly dismissive to those below.

  • Fido: means “faithful and loyal.” This traditional dog name is not as popular as it once was, but when you know what it means, it just might describe your puppy.

  • Gandalf: this is an excellent name if you plan on keeping the Schnauzer’s long beard; it suggests magic, intelligence, power, and dignity.

  • Gatsby: a playboy with some mystery. Suggests mystery, wealth, power, and intelligence. If your puppy is a rascal, this just might be his name.

  • Gideon: in the Bible, he reluctantly went to battle against the Midianites, grossly under-manned. Gideon means “destroyer.” Is your puppy hesitant with strangers but will defend your honor fiercely? This is a great Schnauzer name.

  • Horatio: he is a close friend of Hamlet. Your puppy stands by you even when you are wrong. He is quick to forgive and even quicker to ask forgiveness. He is loyal and devoted.

  • Hulk Hogan: we all know this Wrestler. Nicknames could be Hulk or Hogan, and Hogan means “young.” This name works for puppies who are rambunctious, strong, and athletic.

  • Jack: the words that come to mind when you hear this name are: friend, loyalty, action. It means “God’s gracious gift.” Your fiery, rambunctious puppy may have already stolen your heart, making Jack a great selection.

  • Lenny Kravitz: you can shorten this name to Lenny. Lenny means “lion.” Great for a Schnauzer with black hair.

  • Lexus: sleek lines, luxurious, and power under the hood. Lexus might just perfectly describe your Schnauzer.

  • Lord Byron: This is for the pet who has his own bed, bowl, and position on the couch, and he expects others to know. He is dignified and expects royal treatment.

  • Patches: a common dog name, usually named for different colored patches of fur.

  • Ranger: means “outdoor explorer.” This is for the active Schnauzer—the one who loves the outdoors and feels comfortable exploring. He is fiercely protective of his family.

  • Redford: for those old enough to remember his sexiness and blond hair. This would fit a masculine, strong-willed, but affectionate Schnauzer.

  • Rex: is a very strong name, meaning “mighty counselor.” Schnauzers with a commanding presence make this an easy selection.

  • Samson: Does your puppy stand courageously defending your home against invaders—until he is petted, and then he rolls over to have his belly rubbed? Samson means “His service.” He is a loyal puppy who is maybe too easily persuaded by affection.

  • Scout: suggests leadership, curiosity, and action. This puppy goes looking for trouble and usually finds it.

  • Sherlock: a literary/movie character known for his high intelligence, spontaneity, and penchant for trouble. Sounds like a puppy to me.

  • Sir Lancelot: suggests power, protection, willingness to break the rules, and great passion.

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Wrap Up

shnauzer puppy on sofa

We’re not putting pressure on you, but it’s important to look through potential names for your new pup. But don’t get yourself stressed out; instead, take this as your first adventure with your pup.

Give yourself some time to get to know your puppy and don’t be afraid to try out names until you find the right one. Have fun with the experience of getting to know your new pup and finding a name which truly suits them.

If you need some help, we recommend this little trick. After you have your list of possible names chosen, test them out on your pup. You’ll notice quickly how you can go from loving a name to absolutely hating it. And the same goes for your puppy.

There will be a name or two that they connect to and the other names they won’t even hear. Dogs do respond better to different sounds, so if their ears perk up when you call out “Apollo” or “Jack,” it looks like you’re on the right track.

We hope this article inspired you or even found you the name of your dreams for your pup. If you did choose a name from this list, let us know! If you came up with something else on your own, we would also love to hear from you! Plus, check out our next article on best dog grooming clippers. Your Schnauzer’s unique coat needs extra care to shine.

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