Rottweiler Dog Names: A Perfect Name for a Perfect Dog

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Is there a breed more versatile, popular, intelligent, and ancient than a Rottweiler? Hardly. These impressive dogs have been man’s best friend for hundreds of years, if not millenniums. Such a magnificent breed deserves to be respected and admired in a proper way, and the best way to start is with an appropriate name. This article will give you a list of the best Rottweiler dog names and their meaning.

Rotties are usually seen as guard dogs, but they are so much more than that. They are great with their human families, loyal to the death, highly trainable, and eager to please. The only thing a Rottie requires of its master is strict and consistent training, and clear messages. This dog is not to be taken lightly, but with proper training and exercise (and both should be provided aplenty), there is no better dog in the world.

This article is going to be more than just a list of names for your beloved Rottie. We are going to tell you a couple of interesting facts you might not know, just to give you an idea of this breed’s rich and amazing history. Then we’re going to present you with lists of male and female names for Rottweilers, and an extra one, consisting of Roman names, as a way of celebrating their heritage.

Some Notes about Rottweiler Breed History

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Rottweilers have been known from the times of Ancient Rome. Actually, they are descendants of Roman drover dogs which traveled with the legions during the European conquests.

In ancient times, there was no refrigeration and logistics were quite different from today, so a large army needed a reliable and versatile dog to herd livestock, pull carts with food, and guard the soldiers.

Many breeds have one or two aforementioned abilities at most, but Rotties can do it all. They owe this to their high intelligence and rugged build. Whether it is under the Mediterranean sun or the winter time in the Alps, Rotties do their duty without complaining. As the legion spread the Roman empire, so did the Rotties spread across Europe, becoming sheepdogs, guards, and working companions.

Rotties were especially popular in Germany, hence the name. Rottweil was an important center of trade during the Roman times, but even when the Romans were pushed out of the region by the Germanic tribes, the dog stayed.

The breed got the name “Rottweiler Metzgerhund,” meaning “The butcher’s dog from Rottweil,” because these pooches used to herd livestock, pull carts with meat, and even did some accounting. There are sources which claim that butchers used to keep their money in a pouch hung around the Rotties’s neck. Now, who would dare to steal from them?

What’s interesting about the breed is that their looks haven’t changed much over the centuries. Even when the demand for them declined in the late 19th century, a few which remained were used to revive the breed for the purpose of serving in the First World War. Rotties got new duties as messengers and ambulance dogs.

Today, Rotties are as popular as always, still serving as family dogs, guards, and working canines.

Rottweiler Names By Gender

In this section, we are going to give you some ideas for naming your beloved Rottie puppy. There is a lot to choose from, so we divided the list into several themes—this one by gender. Hopefully, you’ll find a perfect moniker that matches your Rottie’s character.

#1: Female Rottie Names

Rottweiler girl puppy

  • Almond. When a Rottie is smiling, their eyes are almond shaped. One of the biggest smiles in the canine world will surely melt anyone’s heart.

  • Barb. Short for Barbara, a name coming from the Greek word “barbaros” meaning “foreign, savage.” Rotties have a lot of strength and might seem wild when they unleash their full potential, making them look like untamed beasts.

  • Bella. This one is obvious. Rotties are beautiful dogs, and they deserve a matching name.

  • Cinnamon. The brown markings on their paws, chest, and eyebrows are almost identical in color to cinnamon. Furthermore, a sweet girl would be an ideal candidate for this name.

  • Comet. Rotties might seem too bulky to run at first glance, but we assure you that there is rarely a dog that can outrun a motivated Rottweiler. Watch her go, and you will be surprised.

  • Ebony. Ebony is a type of hardwood that is almost black in color. It has a beautiful, shiny look when polished, resembling the coat of a Rottweiler.

  • Glory. This breed helped countless armies gain victory in so many battles, assuring them a place in history. They are glorious and should be praised as such.

  • Grace. Watching a female Rottie run is a real treat. They are very graceful and coordinated, so this would be a good name for a pretty Rottie girl.

  • Greta. Derived from Margarita, possibly of Greek origin, meaning “pearl.”

  • Kali. Kali means “the black one” in Sanskrit. Rotties are famous for their shiny, silky black fur.

  • Lady. Rotties might be rough and stern, but everyone who has ever owned a female Rottweiler knows that these girls have impeccable manners.

  • Liebe. Liebe means “love” or “beloved” in German. A suitable name for a pup that is the heart of the family.

  • Olga. Derived from the Germanic “Helga,” which means “blessed.” A beautiful name for a good girl, celebrating the rich history of the Rottweiler breed.

  • Rocket Dog. You are a fashion freak, and you love to dress up your Rottie girl? This is a perfect name to describe you both!

  • Yara. A name that comes from “Iara,” meaning “a lady.” It is also the name of a beautiful water nymph who used to lure men into the water. Rotties are great swimmers and are known to eagerly jump into pools and even bathtubs.

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#2: Male Rottie Names

happy Rottweiler

  • Angus. Meaning “one of great strength”; this name is perfect for a working Rottie.

  • Ares. The Greek god of war, son of Zeus and Hera. He also represents the wild and bloody aspect of war, as opposed to strategy and the art of controlled conflict represented by his sister, Athena. This is a good analogy for Rotties. When their raw power is not exercised properly and put to good use, Rottweilers can become untamed and aggressive.

  • Bear. This breed is known for its healthy appetite. Even when on a strict diet, Rotties, especially males, are known to find a way to get an extra snack here and there. A corpulent body combined with the big head can sometimes make them resemble a bear.

  • Biggie. Yes, Rotties are big dogs, weighing up to 140 lb. Owning a Rottie is no joke, and a dog with such a powerful physique must be trained to perfection.

  • Blackie. Such an ordinary name, yet it suits a happy, goofy Rottie perfectly.

  • Boris. Meaning “fighter, warrior”; this is a perfect name for a male Rottie. This breed is always ready to fight for its family and will readily sacrifice its life for the benefit of the loved ones.

  • Brill. Short for “brilliant,” because Rotties are known for their intelligence and love for training. A true member of this breed can be whatever the owner needs—a guardian, a shepherd dog, a rescue canine, a police dog, or even a nanny. Rottweilers excel at everything because of their wit.

  • Duke. This is such a classic name for a Rottie, but precious nonetheless. Duke is the highest noble title, a leader among leaders.

  • Grizzly. Powerful jaws and paws, just like the grizzly bear. Just make sure not to succumb to those begging eyes when it comes to food, because you might end up with a Rottie that is the size of an actual bear.

  • Hercules. Strong as Hercules? Yes, Rotties are one of the strongest and most resilient dog breeds out there.

  • Hulk. Rotties are incredibly strong dogs. They have a very muscular build and strong skeleton. They used to pull carts full of meat and other daily necessities, sometimes even outworking a donkey. Rest assured, these dogs are very sturdy and can easily pull a small car if needed.

  • Jabba. Another analogy to their love for food. This name is more a reminder for you to keep your dog in shape because if you ask your Rottie, lunchtime begins in the morning and doesn’t end until it’s sleeping time.

  • King. Rotties accompanied soldiers and generals throughout history, so why not give credit where credit is due?

  • Magnum. Magnum comes from “magnus,” meaning “big.” Rotties are big and powerful dogs, so this name perfectly matches a male in his prime.

  • Ruff. A play on words. Rotties are rough—everyone knows it.

  • Sarge. So many Rotties served in the First and Second World War, and many wars before these. They did their job with utmost diligence, asking for nothing in return. Well, maybe you could honor all these brave pooches by naming yours a Sarge.

  • Scar. Some Rotties are, unfortunately, used for purposes less noble than guarding and being family pets. This would be a great name for a rescue Rottweiler with a turbulent and grim past.

  • Tanto. Tanto was one of the traditional swords used in feudal Japan, carried by the samurai. This name aims at the analogy of the lethal power of this sword with the mighty jaw of the Rottweiler. Rotties have the most powerful bite of all dogs.

  • Thor. No one takes their job as seriously as a Rottie. Just like Thor when it comes to wreaking havoc to all of his enemies, anyone who has ever seen a Rottie in defensive mode knows this breed doesn’t fool around. Thor might have his mighty hammer, but the Rottie has jaws most powerful in the domestic canine world.

  • Thunder. There is a proverb saying: “When it thunders, the thief becomes honest.” Similarly, where a Rottweiler guards, no man dares to do mischief.

  • Winnie. Inspired by Winnie the Pooh. A name for a chubby boy that resembles a cute bear.

  • Zeus. Zeus is the king of all gods on Mount Olympus, according to Greek mythology. Zeus is the arch-deity of the Ancient Greeks, and the Rottweiler is a supreme breed among dogs, so the analogy is obvious.

Rottweiler Names Inspired by Ancient Rome

Rottweiler on a leash

We’ve mentioned that Rottweilers helped win wars in Ancient Rome. Pay homage to their glorious heritage with these beautiful names.

  • Aurora. This was the Roman goddess of the morning light. Bright and beautiful, just like a Rottie girl.

  • Caesar. The imperial title in ancient Rome, derived from the cognomen of Julius Caesar.

  • Castor. Unlike his brother, Castor was a son of a mortal. In an attempt to steal women he wanted to marry, Castor was killed. His brother was offered a chance to go live among gods or share his immortality with his now deceased brother. He chose the latter, and that’s how Pollux and Castor became the brightest stars in the Gemini constellation.

  • Dido. This is such an adorable name for a gentle Rottie girl. Dido was a Carthaginian queen in Roman mythology.

  • Faun. Faunus was a deity of agriculture. Since Rotties were used as pulling animals and guards on farms for many centuries, we think this name is quite suitable.

  • Maia. A goddess of spring.

  • Pax. She was the goddess of peace. A great name for a Rottie who always stands guard and provides safety to the family.

  • Pollux. Pollux and Castor were half-brothers in both Greek and Roman mythology. Pollux’s father was Zeus, who seduced his mother by disguising as a swan (yeah, we know, mythology can be a bit weird).

  • Remus. The brother of Romulus. He was killed by his brother during a quarrel over which one is the gods’ favorite.

  • Roman. Roman means “someone who is a citizen of Rome.” The Rottweiler’s ancestors certainly were, whether they were kept as guard dogs in rich cities or sent to campaigns with Roman legions. No matter where they were, they were respected and cherished as one of the Empire’s greatest assets.

  • Romulus. Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome, according to the legends. A she-wolf raised them. Romulus was the first king of Rome, and the whole empire was named after him.

  • Vulcan. The god of fire in Roman mythology. A great name for a Rottie, whose middle name is fire and fury.

Wrap Up

Rottweiler puppies in a basket

Everything we said about the Rottweilers is exactly what brought them worldwide fame and appreciation. Unfortunately, this reputation didn’t come without a cost.

Rotties have been bred uncontrollably in the past few decades, which brought a couple of inheritable diseases. Hip problems such as hip dysplasia and weak hind legs are now very common, as well as problems with the eyes and weak bones.

Buying from a reputable breeder should be a priority to anyone who wishes to own a Rottie. Doing research and taking time to visit a breeder that might not be nearby might sound like a hassle, but it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Furthermore, maintaining a good genetic line of a breed requires a lot of time and money, so don’t be afraid to spend more. In the end, it actually pays off to invest more in the beginning, than to spend thousands of dollars on vet bills throughout your dog’s lifetime. A healthy, genetically strong Rottie will give you years of love and commitment, and a lot of fun.

Let us know if our article managed to help you choose a great name for your Rottie puppy. Do you know of other names that will suit a great breed like the Rottweiler? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and do check out our article on how dogs help people.

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