Redneck Dog Names: The Perfect Name for Your Redneck Dog

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Written by David Jones

At the end of the day, you want a name which represents your puppy—their personality and characteristics. If your puppy is giving off more redneck or country vibes, you want their name to show this. But it isn’t easy because the term “redneck” represents so many things. Do you focus on names that remind people of the wonders of farm life? Or maybe the way they voice their thoughts fearlessly? Either way, we believe that one of the redneck dog names in this list will resonate with what you want to portray.

If your dog is going to be a redneck dog, then you probably already know the lifestyle they’ll be growing up in. Sure, they may have to guard livestock or herd cattle, but for the most part, they’re there as companions, buddies to hang out with while having a beer. The name of your redneck buddy is a very important decision. It has to sound smart, strong, and firm.

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Now, it doesn’t matter if you live in the countryside or not; you may simply like redneck names or feel that this type of name would suit your dog. Either way, you’re going to need some redneck names to choose from. This is where we come in.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the traits of redneck dogs, some of the breeds associated with rednecks, and how to name your dog. We will provide you with some great redneck dog names to choose from.

Redneck Dog Traits

So, you know that you want to give your dog a redneck dog name. If you’ve come that far, you’ve probably noticed that they have some redneck traits in them. Typically, redneck dogs are:

  • Able to handle extreme heat.

  • In addition, they’re usually bred for herding cattle or stock guarding. Thus, they’re extremely driven, loyal and quick thinking.

  • At certain points in the year, the heat may make them a little lethargic, but, the heat makes all of us lethargic, so, it’s understandable. However, for the most part, redneck dogs are fun-loving, goofy, but hardworking.

If you’re wondering which breeds are usually on the redneck list, well, breeds such as the Texas Heeler, Labrador Retriever, Bloodhound, and English Springer Spaniel are popular and traditional breeds in the Southern United States.

a redneck dog with a colar lying down

Though this article is about redneck dog names, we want to remind you that your dog does not need to be one of these typical southern breeds in order for them to be given a redneck name. If you’re a fan of the south, then you’ll appreciate the selection of names we’ve chosen for you. So, now that you know the common characteristics and breeds of redneck dogs, it’s time you go through the names and pick a couple that sticks to you.

The Best Redneck Dog Names

We want you to be able to find the perfect name on our list for your dog. Now, in order to find your dog the best name, we have a couple of suggestions. So, grab a pen and paper; you’ll need it.

  • Firstly, we recommend that you go through all the lists of names. Then, go through the lists one more time.

  • Do make sure that you write down the names which really stuck to you the first time. That way, you create your own list of redneck names that you like.

  • Once you pick the names, you’ll want to test them out. Pick your first favorite name and see how your puppy responds to it.

  • You’ll want to try it out for a couple of days to see how it works for you and them. If you’re noticing, after a couple of days, that your puppy isn’t responding, then try a different name.

  • Repeat this until you find a name that clicks.

If you only look for one name, you’ll put too much pressure on yourself. Plus, if your dog doesn’t respond to the name you chose, then you’ll have to opt for another option, so always have a couple of options at hand.

Close-up image of a brown and white dog on a summer day

What we’ve done here is break down our lists into a couple of categories for male and female dogs. However, we recommend that you go through both names, regardless of the sex of your puppy as there are some names which are unisex. Now, with this being said, it’s time we show you the best male and female redneck dog names.

Male Redneck Dog Names

If you like to crack a beer open with your dog, it’s time you give them a name which solidifies your bond with them. A redneck dog may have duties around the farm or house, but in reality, you’ll often go fishing with them and lay in the shade together on a hot summer’s day.

side view of a berger, australian

You may want to give your redneck dog either a name which makes them feel like a leader or a name which resonates with their role as a buddy.

  • Bacon — if your pooch has a sweet tooth for bacon, why not name him after his favorite food?
  • Bandit — for a very energetic and mischievous doggy.

  • Banjo — does you puppy like music? The name will definitely fit him or her!

  • Beaux — for handsome and cute dogs.

  • Billy Bob — are you a fan of Billy Bob Thornton? Your new friend will love him too!

  • Booger — for dogs with a unique and unusual nose.

  • Brew — for brown puppies, from light to dark.

  • Bubba — Forrest Gump would have been nothing without Bubba Shrimp. I mean, are you even southern if you haven’t seen that film?

  • Bud Light — it’s an all American beer that’s a favorite in the south.

  • Buddy — a dog is a man’s best friend, isn’t it?

  • Budweiser — for those who like sitting on a couch in front of the TV with their owner.

  • Bumper — cool nickname for a fast and unstoppable dog who always bumps into everything.

  • Buzz — he can’t sit down, in fact, he always has to be patrolling and checking out what’s happening around him.

  • Camper — if you both love camping and walking in the forest, that’ll do.

  • Chewy — they all love to chew on things, but maybe your pooch has true love and desire to gnaw on your shoes.

  • Crusher — maybe he has a couple of extra pounds on him. That’s okay; there’s more of him to love.

  • Digger — is your backyard totally dug up? The moniker is perfect for you little explorer.

  • Dodge — in the south, this is the only pickup truck that matters. Name your dog after one of the best trucks driven in the southern USA.

  • Duke — heard of the famous Daisy Dukes? Pay tribute to that classic southern movie with this name.

  • Eggo — leggo my Eggo. A classic southern breakfast.

  • Fang — for those with a big teeth.

  • Ford — another favorite brand for trucks and if you’re living in the south, you probably have one.

  • Gator — if you live in a gator infested area, this may not be the best name to choose.

  • Grits — if you’re a fan of grits, which, most southerners are, then you’ll love this name for your dog.

  • Harley — this is the American motorcycle, the symbol of the USA.

  • Hooch — traditional southern homemade drink. 

  • Jed — he’s one of the beloved characters from Beverly Hillbillies, a name that you’ll hear around the south far too often.

  • Kritter — for dogs living in their desires.

  • Larry — he’s one of the few rednecks that made it onto the comedy network. Pay homage to Larry, the cable guy.

  • Miller — if your favorite beer is Miller Light, well, crack one open with a puppy named after it.

  • Moonshine — now, moonshine is common drink down south and one that’s held in the highest of respects.

  • Nugget — for orange dogs reminding these delicious pieces of chicken.

  • Outlaw — got a rebellious and disobedient puppy? It’s the only way to call him or her.

  • Pistol — a type of a handgun. For bandits only.

  • Ram — another truck name? Yup, you guessed right! Come on; it’s a good pickup truck.

  • Roach — an unincorporated community in Missouri.

  • Roscoe —  a village in Illinois.

  • Shadow — for hiding-loving puppies.

  • Skeeter —  a nickname for the Marvel character Titania.

  • Slobber — so, maybe you didn’t opt for a traditional southern hunting dog. Maybe you decided to get a jowly pooch. Slobber isn’t too far from the truth, right?

  • Trapper — perfect moniker for hunting breeds.

  • Woof — maybe your pooch likes to express his feelings vocally, so, name him after what he loves to do the most.

  • Zilchin honor to Mr Zilch, a character in the 1930s US humorous magazine Ballyhoo.

Female Redneck Dog Names

You thought only men could be rednecks? Well, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Female redneck dogs make great companions and love to show their families affection and loyalty.

Whether she’s guarding livestock, herding cattle, or just hanging out on the porch with you in the afternoons, you want your female redneck dog to have a name that gives her the best of both worlds.

Beautiful female shepherd-shetland sitting up

With the names we’re going to suggest you, no matter what name you give her, it’ll provide her with the feeling that she’s in control and by your side no matter what. Some of these names are funny, some of them have some history, and some of them are just plain southern.

  • Annabel — typical southern name for a girl.

  • Annie — short form of Annabel.

  • Basil — it may be a herb, but it’s also a darling name for a southern gal.

  • Belle — for beatuful and elegant lady dogs.

  • Betty Lou — another classic southern name that you’ll love rolling off your tongue.

  • Blue — with a basset hound that’s long and floppy-eared, how could you not name her blue?

  • Daisy — for flower-loving puppies.

  • Dixie — now, this is a proper southern name, not necessarily redneck, but it’s sweet.

  • Ellie May — have you ever been to the south if you didn’t hear this name at least once?

  • Honey — if she’s a cuddler and loves affection, well, she’s just about as sweet as honey.

  • JoDee — an American country music artist.

  • Lady — she’s your lady.

  • Lulu — «famous in war». Will be great for you little brave warrior.

  • Mindy — for an unbelievably cute and stylish pup.

  • Misty — it’s a little sassy, yet, still sweet and southern.

  • Molly — it’s an innocent name for an innocent puppy.

  • Nina — native American baby name meaning «strong».

  • Patsy — for a bit silly pet who is easilly cheated.

  • Peggy Sue — this name is great for a puppy that’s meant to hang around the house and play with the kids.

  • Raylene — meaning «queen» in Hebrew. Great name for your little princess.

  • Rebel — not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Maybe your little lady has a rebellious side and doesn’t like to take no for an answer.

  • Sadie — a classic southern name for a female dog.

Wrap Up

The minute a puppy comes into your home, everything changes. You now have the pleasure and immense responsibility of making sure that this puppy doesn’t get themselves into any trouble. In addition, you’re going to have to train them to follow the house rules, making sure they learn to live by your lifestyle.

If that lifestyle is redneck, then you’ll want to give them a southern name proper. Southern dogs aren’t any different in comparison to other dogs. They have the same needs, but, of course, with better names. Of course, your dog doesn’t have to have any characteristics of redneck behavior. If you just like their names, that’s okay!

Nevertheless, choosing the right name for your redneck dog is still very important. If your puppy is going to be around you for years to come, you want him/her to have a name which makes them who they are. In addition, you also want a name that they’ll quickly respond to since you’ll be using it during training. This is why choosing a name is so important for you and your dog as you need a name which will get their attention.

a terrier dog looking at a beautiful mountain landscape

You may think that naming your puppy is going to be easy, but believe us, it’s not as easy as it looks. You may already have a name picked out, but when you use it on your puppy, they don’t reply. We’re not saying your choice of name is bad, but, they simply don’t like it. Or maybe, you realize that the name you choose doesn’t suit them as this is also often the case.

Well, if your puppy is a dog with redneck characteristics, then we’re sure that one of the names we mentioned above would suit their tastes. Some of those names may be funny or downright quirky, but who said your dog’s name has to be serious? If you like and they like, that’s all that matters!

We have talked about the characteristics of redneck dogs and provided you with a list of male and female redneck dog names. Now, when it comes to picking the name, it’s all in your hands.

Little dog with a leash sitting in park

When deciding on a name, take your time and choose a couple of names that you like. If your dog isn’t responding to one name, after a couple of days, try another one and see if anything changes. Remember, this is the name they’ll have for life, so make sure you and your dog like it.

Do you already have a redneck dog? What do you think is a good redneck dog name? Whether you’ve picked one out of the list above or you’ve got another one you thought up on your own, let us know in the comment section below!

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