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Wyatt Robinson
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Poodles are not only smart and sweet, but they’re also incredibly beautiful dogs. With a breed that carries such grace and stardom, you can’t give them just any name. They need a name that stands out among the rest. Good thing you’re here because we’re about to show you the best Poodle dog names out there.

If Poodles were people, they would be the cool kids stealing all the spotlight. Can you blame them for being admired? Poodles are full of personality and energetic, yet, extremely elegant at the same time—two character traits that don’t usually mix, but do in Poodles. Such a unique breed deserves a unique name that can represent it.

So, it’s time to start the name game! In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best Poodle dog names out there. Whether your Poodle is a princess or a prince, we’re certain that you will find the perfect name for them here. Test the names you like on your new canine companion and see how they react. You’ll find the perfect name in no time.

Female Poodle Dog Names

female poodle

Your pup loves to be held in your arms while you’re talking to your friends at a cafe. But then, she also loves to lose her mind at the dog park, jumping and running around while making new friends.

See, your girl is unique as she knows when to have fun and when to relax. Not many other breeds are like the Poodle, and that’s what makes her special.

  • Adelle: Hello? It’s me. If you love the singer Adele, then you’re in luck. This is a warm and loving name for any girl. It means ‘noble and sweet’ which is exactly what your girl is.

  • Bella: The moment you laid eyes on her, you knew she had to be yours. Not only do you share a connection with her, but she’s also stunning. You can’t bypass her beauty, so why not name her Bella? In Italian, Bella means ‘beautiful.’

  • Blanche: If you have a white Poodle, you can give her an obvious name. For most people, Blanche will sound unique. But in reality, Blanche actually means ‘white’ in French. Let’s give the obvious a twist.

  • Coco: If you have a chocolate brown Poodle then Coco is an adorable name for her. She’s as sweet as chocolate and equally as addicting.

  • Cosette: If you want to stick to her French roots, then Cosette is a heartfelt and peaceful name for a pup. In French, it means ‘victorious,’ and she’s certainly a pup with courage and heart. If you’re a musical fan, it’s also a name from the musical Les Miserables.

  • Daisy: She may have a cream-colored coat which reminds you more of a daisy than anything else. Also, when you name a pup after a flower, you’re showing her soft and loving side—the side you want people to notice immediately.

  • Fifi: This is just a fun and sweet name. She’s young, she’s lively, and she’s full of attitude. Though it may not sound like it, Fifi is actually a symbolic name. It means ‘adding to the family,’ and that’s what you’re doing.

  • Ginger: You thought she’d be a good girl, but you thought wrong. Your Poodle is one cheeky little lady, full of spice and energy. Well, she definitely sounds like a Ginger. Plus, if you’re a fan of the Spice Girls, it works out well for the both of you.

  • Juliet: If you’re a fan of the theatre then you know of Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet. She’s elegant, she’s beautiful, and all the boy dogs fall in love when they see her.

  • Latte: Your favorite drink may be coffee or she may have a little bit of a mixed coat, but either way, you love it. Name her Latte if you’re looking for a name that’s a little different from the rest.

  • Lily: Lily is not only the name of a beautiful flower, but it’s also a great name for a Poodle with a white or cream-colored coat. It’s a name which will not only emphasize her outer beauty but will also show her inner beauty.

  • Lucy: If your girl has an old soul—one that loves people watching and suntanning on the balcony—then she deserves a loving and wise name. Lucy is not only sweet, but it also carries an older vibe for your pup. If you like this kind of vibe for your dog, check out our article on old lady names for dogs.

  • Lulu: This is a perfect name for a girl full of life and sweetness. But though she has a sweet side, she also loves the glitz and glam. Your Poodle loves being pampered. If you have a Toy Poodle, then this name will make her even sweeter.

  • Manette: She’s a little bit moodier than other dogs, but that’s what you like about her. She selectively chooses the people and dogs she hangs out with, and she leaves many people with a bitter taste in their mouths. Well, Manette means ‘bitter’ in French, and it sounds like this is her name.

  • Missy: She loves to poke her nose into everything. Whether it’s the garbage can or your sock drawer, no place is safe when she’s around. She’s a handful, and though she may drive you crazy, you can’t get enough of her bossy and nosy personality. When you say her name—Missy—you can feel the attitude.

  • Princess: She’s your princess. You can’t deny the fact that you spoil her. Her food is homemade, she has a bed in every room of the house, she’s living the good life, and we all know it. She’s a princess by standard.

  • Rosie: She never pouts or gives you sad puppy eyes. She always has her tongue hanging out, waiting for the next adventure or the opportunity to give you a loving lick. She’s happy and cheerful which is exactly what this name means.

  • Ruby: Another old soul name, Ruby shows depth and richness. It’s a name she’ll be able to wear until she gets old.

  • Sophie: This is a very popular name for Poodles. It really does a great job of bringing out the qualities that you love about her. Sophie is a soft and loving name—the name of a pup who loves being cuddled and admired every moment of every day.

Male Poodle Dog Names

poodle with tedy bear

He may be a Poodle, but he’s still a strong and masculine pup. Who says that Poodles are only destined to be lap dogs? Rather, your male Poodle loves to run around with other dogs and roll in mud just like the others. He doesn’t let his curly coat get in the way of having a good time.

  • Amour: Since Poodles originated in France, you can give your pup a French name. It’ll add some extra class and elegance to your already elegant pup. Amour is the French word for ‘love,’ and since he’s entered your life, he’s only given you love and the occasional chewed up shoe.

  • Bear: Not only are Poodles playful and intelligent, but they’re also affectionate and cuddly. Your Poodle loves cuddling you on the couch just like a teddy bear.

  • Buddy: This means ‘companion’ or ‘friend.’ Obviously, your pup has now become your best friend, and that’s awesome. A man’s best friend is his dog, right? So why not honor this phrase and name your pup Buddy. You can be sure he’ll always be there for you.

  • Caleb: When you think about this name, you imagine a loyal, quiet, and affectionate pup. Any dog that’s named Caleb is certainly shy but very intelligent. He’s not to be doubted.

  • Charlie: This is an extremely cute and playful name for any pup. How can you get mad at a Poodle named Charlie? You can’t! It’s impossible!

  • Curly: Is this one too obvious? Well, we loved it anyway. Sometimes the most obvious names work out really well. If your Poodle has curly hair, well, why not name him Curly? It’s cute, it’s soft, and extremely sweet.

  • Jacques: Are you thinking that you should pay homage to his French roots? Well, if he’s a dog that thinks he’s better than the rest, Jacques is the perfect name for him. He loves the high life, and he makes sure you know it. Pet store kibble? Nuh-uh; he wants a steak.

  • Julian: Is your dog full of wild and young energy? You’re probably jealous that he has enough energy to light a small city but also relish in it. Julian is a young name that ’ll make any pup jump for joy.

  • Lucky: He’s sure lucky to have you in his life. And you’re lucky to have him in your life. If anything, you two are lucky to have found each other. If he’s your lucky charm, name him Lucky.

  • Max: You may have noticed larger and huskier breeds with the name Max but don’t cross this out from your list just yet. It’s a playful and loving name for any pup with a quirky personality.

  • Oliver: Poodles are well-known for their prestige so why not choose the name Oliver? If you didn’t know, Oliver was the name of Princess Grace Kelly’s black Poodle. It’s a cute and classy name for your furball.

  • Pepper: He sure adds spice into your life. Since you brought him home, you can’t say your life is boring. He makes sure you’re kept on your toes. You could say that he’s a dash of pepper in your bland routine.

  • Romeo: What can we say? He makes the ladies swoon when he’s around them. Romeo is the name of Shakespeare’s most famous male lead from Romeo & Juliet.

  • Sebastian: No, this name isn’t inspired by Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Rather, it means ‘revered.’ He has a deep respect and presence—one that you can’t ignore. Whenever you look at him, it’s like he’s trying to tell you something.

  • Teddy: This is a nickname for the name Theodore, so you can choose either one. We love the name Teddy because Poodles look like giant teddy bears. They’re soft, loving, and protective of their family.

  • Toby: If your Poodle is strictly a lapdog then why not give him a name which suits him? Toby is a very popular name for a lapdog. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Wrap Up

wedding of poodles

You already know your Poodle is a star, so it’s about time that you gave them a name which puts them in the spotlight. With Poodles, it’s all about playfulness and elegance—two traits which rarely mix in other breeds. But your Poodle has it all and carries these personality traits effortlessly.

Since we know that, the names we chose above will bring out the best in your Poodle. Now with this all being said, you may be feeling some pressure. But there’s no reason to get stressed out over this. Sure, choosing a name is important but what matters most is the experience while choosing the name.

Have fun with it! Go through the lists and write down the names which pop out at you. Those are the names that you subconsciously like. Once you write down those names, play around with them. Try them out with your pup and see how they react to the names. Don’t overthink the name you end up choosing for your dog. If it feels right, then it is right.

If you chose a name from our list, let us know! We’re so curious about which name you decided on. If not, we hope that our article inspired you in your final choice. The most important thing is that you and your pup are happy with the name because you’re going to be using it thousands of times.

Please leave us a comment in the section below. We appreciate any feedback. Finally, do check out our article on how to groom a dog, because your Poodle’s unique coat requires special care.

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