Pitbull Dog Names: Solid Names for a Solid Dog

Close-up image of a pitbull smelling the camera
John Walton
Written by John Walton

Anytime you heard news about the ‘Pitbull’ breed, we’re sure your heart must have made a little leap. That name comes with a small dose of fear and awe of its own. Many have come to associate Pitbulls with intimidating, and sometimes uncontrollable dogs. But once you’ve had firsthand experience with them, you will agree with us that they are a strong, yet lovable breed. To complement their strength and character, we believe you should consider only the best Pitbull dog names.

Keeping in mind that names play an important part in training, the list you are about to view takes into consideration the number of syllables each name has. You don’t want to call your dog and risk him not answering just because you have opted for a six-syllabled name. Also, sometimes, it is not about choosing the name alone, but about making it stand for something. You don’t just want to pick a random name and regret it later, so the name has to be meaningful.

side view of a dark brown pitbull with his mouth open

In this article, we have made sure to include awesome possible names for your Pitbull. We will also explain the reason why we thought it could be the ideal one for your new pet. We are sure you would be leaving this page with a list of possible names at hand.

Popular Pitbull Dog Names

Here, we will be listing out the most common names that you can give to your Pitbull. These names are so apt in the dog world that we know you will find them cute.

white and brown pitbull running outside

Not only that, but they are also easily pronounced and appropriate for dog training. If that’s the kind of thing you are looking for, check these options out:

  • Angelo – Calling your new dog an angel. From Italy, with love

  • Angus – There is no special meaning to this name. As to why we want you to choose it, doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?

  • Antoine – Considering your dog is a very much sophisticated breed, a sophisticated name fits just well

  • Arnie – Short for Arnold; your dog can be named after the movie star cum one-time governor of the state of California. One thing they will surely have in common is the big body build

  • Asher – Your dog is tough. The name sounds tough. Match made in heaven, no?

  • Bear – Even if they don’t qualify as that in the real world, they are in the dog world. It’s just apt

  • Beau – This one is yours. Let him/her know that. Especially if it’s a her

  • Benji – This is always a great name for a dog

  • Biggie – Speaking of body build, this is another befitting name for your Pitbull

  • Bullet – Pitbulls are rough, efficient, and fast. The bullet would be honored to lend your dog its name

  • Carter – This is a human name, but since you’ll be having your dog as a roommate for years to come, a human name won’t be a bad idea

  • Casanova – The Pitbull is such a gentleman with good manners. The name fits

  • Colonel – A worthy name for a dog always in charge of the situation

  • Deputy – In the house where you run things, your dog is the ideal deputy when you are not around

  • Devon – This is an entirely masculine name. If you’ve got a male Pitbull, best believe he would grow into this name

  • Dijon – Inspired by food, and would be awesome if your Pitbull is colored brown

  • Eddie – Everyone knows of Eddie the Eagle. Let your Pitbull change that narrative and be Eddie the Dog

  • Elias – Reaching into the bible for a pet name is never going to grow old. As a plus, the name is beautiful on the lips and soothing to the ears

  • Felix – This is also a human name, but it means lucky. Getting a good dog is a good luck charm on its own, so you should let the dog know that

  • Fick – Simple, yet elegant. Call it and see how much you’ll love it

  • Fletcher – Any dog can bear this name, yet no dog can rock it the way your Pitbull could

  • Gaffer – Old English name, so you’re sure it won’t prove to be common when you go playing in the park. Plus, your dog would own other dogs around

  • Georgio – Italian names have this regal touch to them. Pitbulls are regal in the way they behave and interact too. Need we say more?

  • Giga – This is not the memory stick size. This is short for Gigantic, and it still sounds cool

  • Harry – Because you are a fan of Harry Potter, but forgot to recall this name when you were considering names in the first instance

  • Jack – We have never encountered a more wholesome name for your dog

  • Jackal – Well, don’t they all look alike? For a dog with a razz personality, this name sits quite splendidly

  • Jasper – Sounds like a name that would go on an action hero, don’t you think?

  • KalEl – Or Kal. Your dog brings love, warmth, aggressiveness, a great build, and more to your life. If he’s not a super dog, then what is he?

  • Killer – This name plays on the irony of the Pitbull breed. They are known to be more loving at heart than they are aggressive in countenance

  • Leo – Throw in a mane, and everyone would agree that your dog is a lion too

  • Panther – Especially if your dog came in a black coat, and is very stealthy

  • Pax – Short and sweet name. Not to mention it is an old name for the great Optimus Prime

  • Saint – Because outside that hard exterior is a calm heart

  • Samson – Again, another biblical name you cannot go wrong with. As a plus, it is synonymous with great strength

  • Stevo – This name goes well with pups that are very active and mischievous

  • Zeus – Having a nice ring to it is not enough. This name gets your dog into all the cool parties

Pitbull Dog Names by Gender

We have considered the popular names, and they are all great options. However, you might not have found what you are looking for in there. Don’t worry; we’re far from running out of recommendations. We’ve got lots more for both male and female Pitbulls right here.

Male Pitbull Dog Names

For those that got a male Pitbull to add spice to their lives, here are some names you can consider starting your puppy out with.

cute brown and white pitbull puppy on beach

Trust us, you and the dog will love these male Pitbull dog names.

  • Ares – The name of the Greek god of war

  • Blade – Pitbulls are sharp, and they do remind you of the Blade movies by Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes

  • Brandy – A strong brand of wine; your dog is a strong breed of their species too

  • Bull – This one explains how stubborn and aggressive the dog can be

  • Capone – You should name your dog this if he is a notorious one. It’s an Italian name that reminds you of the gangster, Alfonso Capone

  • Cyrus – Your dog can be named after a popular king of Persia—Cyrus the Great

  • Diesel – A Pitbull with a black coat will rock this name

  • Flex – An ideal name for a muscular Pitbull

  • Gator – Short for alligator

  • Hercules – The name of the son of Zeus, according to Greek mythology. The kind of incredible strength he possesses can also be seen in your dog. For short, you could use ‘Herc’ instead

  • Kilo – If your Pitbull is not only male but also comes as a white or albino, the name works well

  • Kratos – Speaking of ‘god of war,’ fans of the game will love to name their Pitbulls after this imposing character

  • Muzzle – Have you seen the nose/muzzle on a Pitbull?

  • Odin – Greek god names always look good on dogs. Not just any kinds of dog, but ones that look tough like your Pitbull

  • Ratchet – You know, this was once voted as the best male Pitbull dog name of all time. You should use it and find out for yourself

  • Rocky – Following the character of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, the name is muscle and size-appropriate

  • Romeo – Culled from the popular Romeo and Juliet play by Williams Shakespeare

  • Savage – For overprotective and aggressive Pitbulls

  • Scrappy – If your dog is truly the scrappy type, you should let him know with the name. Works even for even female dogs

  • Spike – Considered a great name for Pitbulls that like to spike up their hair to look tougher than they actually are

  • Sumo – Your Pitbull is bound to get bigger than the other average dogs in the area. Now is a good time to give everyone else a head start on what’s to come

  • Tank – War tanks are usually big and aggressive pieces of equipment. The same goes for your Pitbull

  • Thor – The name of the Greek god of thunder, and a very strong movie personality too

Female Pitbull Dog Names

We are not about to leave you hanging with regards to possible name options for a female Pitbull.

Brown pitbull female dog looking at the camera

Dig into the female Pitbull dog names list below, and we know you’ll find what you are looking for there.

  • Cabo – Inspired by a partying town down in Mexico; the name is for a Pitbull that likes to party/play

  • Evangeline – This is the name of the star of all Pitbulls, and you have the chance to make just yours that

  • Lolita – Cos we have never seen a Lolita that the boys don’t like

  • Natasha – For Pitbulls that are strong and fearless like the Black Widow

  • Sage – This translates to wise and healthy. The Pitbull is very intelligent, and you should wish her health too

  • Sasha – This is one of the best Pitbull dog names for your female Pitbull. Literally, it translates to “man’s defender”

  • Shadow – Perfect for a black-haired Pitbull

  • Shelby – For an affectionate, warm, and caring pet

  • Tango – A type of dance from the Caribbean. Very fitting for what is considered to be an exotic dog breed

  • Wanda – For brown or red-haired Pitbulls that can make men back off with nothing but the wave of her paw like the Scarlet Witch

Pitbull Dog Names by Color

Pitbulls come in a variety of different coat colors. We are now going to explore how you can let the fur shade of your dog guide the kind of name you will give to them.

close-up image of a pitbull with a red nose

Check out the options below. If your Pitbull comes with a red nose:

  • Amber

  • Apricot

  • Blush

  • Cherry

  • Copper

  • Coral

  • Flame

  • Ginger

  • Honey

  • Merlot

  • Peach

  • Pumpkin

  • Reddy

  • Redmond

  • Russet

  • Scarlet

  • Teak

Some Pitbull dogs have a blue nose instead. For them, you can pick any of the following names:

  • Aqua

  • Azure

  • Cobalt

  • Fog

  • Grizzle

  • Marine

  • Misty

  • Navy

  • Pebble

  • Sapphire

  • Saxe

  • Silver

  • Smokey

  • Storm

  • Teal

It’s not only the nose of the Pitbull that can have distinctive colors.

close-up image of a pitbull with white coat

When yours sports a white coat, here are the name options we find befitting:

  • Angel

  • Blizzard

  • Chalky

  • China

  • Cloud

  • Cotton

  • Frosty

  • Opal

  • Pearl

  • Skye

  • Snow

  • Talc

  • White

  • Whitey

We were never going to leave out the black ones. If personal opinions counted for anything, we think black

close-up image of a black coat pitbull with his open mouth

Pitbulls always look the toughest in any pack of different colors. A strong name for a strong, black dog. Here goes:

  • Black

  • Coal

  • Ebony

  • Ember

  • Jaguar

  • Magic

  • Night

  • Onyx

  • Panther

  • Shades

  • Shadow

  • Tar

And of course, the brown ones too:

  • Bear

  • Beaver

  • Brownie

  • Chestnut

  • Cocoa

  • Hazel

  • Mars

  • Mocha

  • Muffin

  • Walnut

Foreign Pitbull Dog Names

Maybe you feel your Pitbull is too cool to bear any of the regular dog names from your locale. Treat them, then, to one of these names from abroad.

Image of an American Bully Pitbulls

To top it off, we bring you the meanings of these names, so you don’t end up picking a name that doesn’t have an appropriate translation.

  • Baja – If your pup shows a tendency to be shorter than normal, this is the Spanish translation of ‘short’

  • Chino – Used to refer to someone that comes from China

  • Loco – From Spain, this word means ‘crazy’

  • Nacho – Coined from Mexican culture, the name refers to a popular type of food made from the fusion of corn and cheese

  • Patrona – Another Spanish term that translates to ‘boss’

  • Xena – This name is so foreign, it’s from another planet. Yeah, it means ‘alien.’

Wrap Up

Considering the fact that you can’t give a dog more than one name, the journey to find that one perfect name is truly something. You have to be careful in selecting a name since you know you will be stuck with that choice (and its consequences) as long as the dog lives.

In the above list, we have tried our possible best to group the names we are suggesting into different categories. That way, you know why an option might be better for your dog over the other.

close-up of a pitbull lying down

Likewise, there is a chance that your dog falls into more than one of the categories. That just gives you a broader pool to pick from. What’s more? The fact that a name appears under one pool doesn’t mean it can’t be used on a dog that doesn’t fit in said category. Found a name you liked under a heading that was not applicable to your dog? Go for it.

While we are confident in the practicality of this huge list of names in choosing something fitting for your dog, we do agree that it is in no way exhaustive. If you’ve got more cool names for Pitbulls that you think we should adopt, we want to hear about it. Got a Pitbull yourself? Tell us what you’ve named your buddy, and how you ended up picking that name too.

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John Walton
John Walton

John Walton lives in Somerville, MA, with his two dogs, two sons, and very understanding mate. He is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a mentor trainer for the Animal Behavior College, an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator, and the Training Director for the New England Dog Training Club.