Pirate Names for Dogs: The Best Names for a True Salt Dog

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The romantic connotation of the pirate culture has experienced a resurgence in recent years, mostly because of the widely popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Many of us were inspired by its shaggy but charismatic protagonist who depicted the hard and bleak existence of a pirate in a fun and exciting way. A pirate-loving dog owner might be tempted to dub his/her pooch after one of those brave and rugged anti-heroes of the past. This is why we decided to give you a comprehensive list of pirate names for dogs.

Sailors on the other side of the law have existed for as long as the sailing itself, and there were much more profound motives for it than just getting a quick buck. Yes, pirates were outlaws by default, but not all of them were driven by greed and basic instincts; some were outcasts, some were renegades, and some were even royalty who refused to live a life of political manipulation and corruption. Your brave, inquisitive dog deserves a name that symbolizes just that, and our article on pirate names for dogs is definitely a good place to start.

So let us look at all of these characters, real or fictional, that inspire us so much and make us pine for times more romantic, when freedom was won in glorious battles and loot consisted of gold and mysterious artifacts. This article will be divided into two sections—pirate names inspired by fictional characters and names inspired by true pirates who made their mark in history.

Pirate Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

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Sea adventurers have always inspired art and media, and for a good reason. An average person, burdened by everyday mundanities, will find this risky and exotic lifestyle almost unfathomable. On the other hand, it is a very appealing concept, even just as a fantasy.

If you are a fan of pirate books and movies, we are sure you’ll enjoy the list we’ve made for you. Here are all the famous characters who sailed the high seas in famous literature and media.

Unfortunately, dogs are a rare pirate companion, as opposed to donkeys and parrots. Nevertheless, we’re sure you’ll find a fitting moniker for your pooch in the list below.

  • Angelica. The daughter of Blackbeard, Captain Jack Sparrow’s crush in the famous franchise. A suiting name for a cunning and intelligent girl.

  • Atomsk. Also known as the Pirate King, this space pirate from the FLCL anime is the perfect inspiration for naming a ginger dog with energy to spare. If you are an anime fan and have an Irish Setter, for example, your search for the perfect moniker stops here.

  • Balthier. Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Then this sky pirate is already well known to you. This brave and admirable character is very charming, just like your adventurous puppy.

  • Bango. After the Bango Pirates from Sherlock Hund animated series. This adorable band of dog pirates use their steampunk ship to raid other ships and steal their treasure. What a perfect fusion for fans of steampunk, pirates, and dogs!

  • Belit. Female protagonists in pirate-themed literature are quite rare. But this brave captain is a real treat in the Howard’s “Queen of the Black Coast.” She is a true she-devil—an awe-inspiring heroine who knows no fear or regret.

  • Bikke. Another Final Fantasy pirate captain from the early days of the franchise.

  • Billy Bones. A pirate captain from Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island.” A bulky, bone-loving pooch would be proud to carry his name.

  • Cannonball. This is a Decepticon space pirate from the Transformers franchise. He may be an anti-hero in the series, but this is definitely an awesome name for a big, happy dog who isn’t aware of his strength.

  • Captain Skunkbeard. Scooby-Doo fans will definitely remember this ghost pirate and all his wrongdoings. On the other hand, this can be a funny name for a Griffon-type dog or another breed that has prominent facial hair.

  • Emperor Grog. The comical captain of the space pirates in Futurama. With three peg legs instead of one, this character can be a good inspiration for naming a very clumsy dog.

  • Gangplank. Every gamer who enjoyed League of Legends knows about this pirate champion. If you enjoy gaming and your dog loves to snooze beside you while you’re playing LOL, this might be a perfect name to choose.

  • Grampus. Grampus is the name of the ship from Edgar Allan Poe’s novel “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”—one that takes the protagonist, Pym, to many adventures with his loyal dog.

  • Gunpowder Gertie. This female protagonist, created by the storyteller Carolyn McTaggart, is a mischievous and wild woman always looking for a new adventure. In the true spirit of the pirate queen, she never revealed the whereabouts of her ill-gotten loot. There is even a map waiting to be discovered, but since none of her crew survived to tell the story, this heroine’s treasure is forever hidden in the realms of the world of fantasy.

  • Hook. After the infamous Captain James Hook from Peter Pan, who terrorized Kidd’s Kreek and was a favorite villain of many generations.

  • Kongre. Created by the father of science fiction, Jules Verne, Kongre was a pirate captain in Verne’s novel “The Lighthouse at the End of the World”—a must-read for every book lover. And you can give a cool name to your pooch as a bonus.

  • Nemo. When we’re talking about Jules Verne, we have to mention this legendary captain from “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” who wreaked havoc with his submarine, “Nautilus.” Crazy but brilliant, this fictional pirate captain is an obvious choice for every fan of classic literature.

  • Pie-Rat. Do you have an ever-hungry canine companion who is famous for stealing food off the table? Then you might be interested in watching the “Pocket Dragon Adventures” cartoon series. It’s a bit old and very short, but charming. Among other characters, it features a band of rodents dressed as pirates who specialize in stealing pastries.

  • Poochie. This loyal dog from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” is owned by Captain Edward Teague and is famous for his unwavering sense of duty; he is the keeper of the prison keys. Poochie is played by a dog actor who is a Terrier mix, so if you have a shaggy but dutiful good boy, this might be the perfect name.

  • Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow is, after all, the main character of the movies. Rugged but insanely charismatic, this fictional pirate captain is probably one of the most beloved movie characters today. Some might find naming a pet after him a bit unimaginative, but if you love “Pirates of the Caribbean,” it’s an obvious choice.

  • Starjammer. The Starjammers is a team of space pirates appearing in Marvel comics. Unlike the usual pirates, this group had a very good reason for becoming space-sailing outlaws. They sought justice and revenge.

  • Tiger. The hero dog from “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”; he’s saved his owner multiple times and helped Pym stay alive in many dangerous situations.

Pirate Names Inspired by Historical Characters


People listed in this part of the article were real badasses. It’s always hard to separate myth from actual facts when it comes to famous (or infamous) historical figures, but there is no doubt that these real-life pirates made a difference. They inspired common folks and historians alike.

  • Awilda. To this day, there is a dispute about the historical accuracy, and even the existence of this woman. The story says that she was the daughter of a Scandinavian king, betrothed to the prince of Denmark, Alf. Alas, Awilda refused the marriage and ran away with a couple of female friends. They snatched a ship and commandeered it, dressed as sailors. They took charge of another pirate ship that recently lost its captain, and with time, they became a real nuisance to the Danish king. When the Danish prince finally sailed to the open seas to take care of those pesky pirates, having no idea who he’s dealing with, he boarded Awilda’s ship and fought fiercely. Awilda was so impressed with his fighting prowess that she revealed her identity and agreed to marry him. They lived happily as the king and queen of Denmark for a long time. Now, who wouldn’t want to believe this awesome story?

  • Black Caesar. Originally an African war chieftain, this man of great strength and sharp mind evaded slave traders numerous times. When finally captured through trickery, he was sent with others to the New World. But destiny was on his side, and one of the crew members became his friend, releasing Black Caesar at the right moment to take over the ship. The tandem then took refuge on one of the islands of the Florida Keys, where they stacked their enormous loot and, allegedly, had a harem counting over one hundred women. After he got bored of that, Caesar joined Blackbeard’s crew and continued his ill-doings on the high seas. A cool name for a dog with a dark-colored coat.

  • Blackbeard. The Golden Age of Piracy is mostly known by the deeds of this hardy fellow. He had a long, black beard, and he knew how to make a trademark out of it—tying ribbons and smoking fuses into his braided facial hair. He was killed by the British Navy in a fierce fight, allegedly receiving more than five gunshots and twenty stab wounds before finally falling. Blackbeard was an inspiring figure for centuries, being featured in countless works of art, writing, and movies. Let your dog continue his legacy.

  • Bonny. Now here is a legendary female pirate if there ever was one. A red-haired beauty, she had a turbulent life from the very beginning. She entered the business of piracy through marriage, as her husband was a small pirate in the New World. She left him for the pirate captain Calico Jack and joined his crew as one of the men. No one except her new lover and another female pirate knew that she was a woman. After Calico and the crew, Bonny included, were caught and sentenced to death, she pleaded for mercy because she was pregnant. After she gave birth in prison, she disappears from records. No one knows what happened to her and whether she resumed the life of piracy or not.

  • Canoot. This French pirate raided the coasts of New England. Little is known about him, but his efficient raiding in the region brought a lot of grief to the local inhabitants and lords. He escaped justice together with his crew and was never seen again. No one knows what happened to this greedy pirate. It’s a great name for smart, naughty dogs you can never catch red-handed.

  • Captain Kidd. William Kidd is also one of the outlaws from the Golden Ages of Piracy. He didn’t start as an outlaw, though. Before he joined the pirates, Kidd was a renowned privateer. His treasure was, as it should be, buried on the island after one of the expeditions. Unfortunately, he was soon arrested and brought back to England where he was executed. Kidd, just like Blackbeard, inspired many pirate-themed novels in later centuries.

  • Cheng. For Madame Cheng, piracy was a family business. In the late 19th century, her husband formed the biggest pirate fleet in known history. When he died, she took over the captainship of the fleet, which counted 1800 at the peak of her power. Her band of pirates racketeered the coastal cities and wreaked havoc in the South China Sea, stealing goods and smuggling opium, making her one of the richest ladies of common ancestry in the history. And in the end, she got away with it; she was pardoned for her misdeeds in 1810.

  • Drake. After Sir Francis Drake. Yes, there was a pirate who was knighted. He fought the Spanish for Queen Elizabeth I and raided Spanish ports, obstructing the trade. But his most prominent endeavor was circumventing the globe in the late 16th century, which made him the first English captain to do so. This pirate was such a badass that he even defeated the famous Spanish Armada. Perfect name for a noble and brave dog.

  • Red Beard. A name inspired by the Barbarossa brothers (Barbarossa means “red beard” in Italian) who raided the Mediterranean sea in the late 15th century. They were so good at sailing and fighting that the Ottoman sultan put them in charge of the Barbary coast. Christian Europe disliked them so much that the Pope even assembled a “Holy Fleet” with the sole purpose of destroying these pesky pirates.

Wrap Up

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If you are a fan of the rich pirate history, there are a lot of original names you can give to your pooch.

What makes pirates a good source of inspiration for dog names? Well, they have a lot in common—courage, hunger for adventure, and love for freedom. If your pooch is also enamored with sailing and water, there is no better place to look for a moniker than this article.

Did you find the perfect name for your dog? Which one is it? Do you know of any other cool pirates whose names should have been displayed on this hall of fame? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, check out our article on how to teach your dog to swim so your little pirate can start his/her legacy on the open seas.

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