Old Lady Names for Dogs: Old Fashioned Names for An Old Soul

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Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

Is your pup someone that loves babysitting the kids? She’s not into playing with other dogs but would rather sit on the couch and watch the news with you? Well, it sounds like you have yourself an old soul. Then it sounds like you should be looking for some old lady names for dogs.

Your pup doesn’t need a young and lively name—they need one with depth and age to it. A name which shows their wise years. A name that shows off your dog’s matronly side. Now, you probably thought that there were only a handful of old lady names, but that’s where you’re wrong. In fact, there are tons of old lady names to choose from; you just have to look in the right places.

You’ve come to the right place for old lady names for dogs because we have a great selection for you. In this article, you’ll be given a vast variety of names for your gal. We recommend that while going through the list, you write down the names that catch your eye, and pick the one that sings to you or your dog’s old soul the most.


Our Top Picks

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If she were human, she’d be baking cookies and knitting. You might have thought you’re getting a young and lively girl, but on the contrary, she’s one old soul. She’s warm, sweet, and loves hanging around the house, poking her nose around. All dogs are different, your girl is one that loves the sweet things in life.

  • Agatha: you love Agatha Christie, so although Agatha is an old lady name, it’s also a great name for your dog.

  • Alma: your gal is basically the mother of the house. She watches the children and makes sure everyone is safe. Well, then name her Alma. This name means “nurturing soul” and is great for a motherly gal.

  • Amelia: your pup is a farm girl. She loves running around, herding the livestock and helping you out as much as she can. Amelia means “work”—a great name for a girl that loves to get her paws dirty all day long.

  • Antonia: you wouldn’t trade your pup for anything in the world. No money could buy the love and joy she gives you and your family. Antonia means “priceless one,” and it’s a strong and bold name for any old gal.

  • Bertha: now, you don’t mess with Bertha—no way. She’s one chunky pup that loves to sit on you; she thinks she’s smaller than she really is.

  • Bessie: though you may not have thought it, Bessie actually means “pledge to God.” On top of this, it was a highly popular name back in 1889. Old Bessie—what a great name.

  • Betty: this is actually another form of the name Elizabeth but with a more countryside vibe to it.

  • Brenda: Brenda is thought to mean “sword wolf.” It’s an old lady name, but a uniquely powerful one. It used to be associated with battles and wars. Your dog certainly has a matronly side to her, but she’s not one you want to mess with. She will fight to defend what’s important to her.

  • Charlotte: whether you’re a fan of Sex in the City or not, Charlotte is an incredibly old-fashioned name. It means “free man” or in this case, “free pup.” There’s nothing that can stop good old Charlotte.

  • Clara: you probably guessed the meaning, and you’re right! Clara means “bright, clear.” It could be that your pup is pure white or has crazy blue eyes. Definitely a name for a pup that’s always with it.

  • Cora: this is a beautiful traditional Greek name that was the name of Zeus’s daughter. Cora is also the goddess of fertility. If you’re breeding your dog, then this is a pretty great name for her.

  • Darlene: it’s a cozy and comfy name for a pup that lives in the countryside. You can just picture her relaxing on the porch.

  • Dora: your girl is one big explorer. But, she’s not someone that’s going to be reckless. She’s a wise soul, so although she’s curious about the world around her, she explores with both eyes open.

  • Dorothea: This name means “gift of God.” What else can your pup be? It’s not every day that you find a young pup with such an old soul. She must have been sent from above to guide you through life.

  • Edith: if you love jazz, then this is a great name. Aside from your musical interests, Edith is a strong female dog name for a strong pup.

  • Eleanor: well, if you’re a Beatles fan, then you’re in luck. Eleanor is actually quite a serious and calm name. She doesn’t take anyone’s nonsense, and she won’t have a problem letting you know it either.

  • Erma: this name means “universal, complete,” and if your pup has changed your life for the best, then Erma is the name for her.

  • Ethel: it’s an Old English name which means “noble.” Ethel is full of grace and nobility; that’s why you have to cook her organic dog food.

  • Etta: the minute your pup entered the home, she’s ruled it. In fact, she’s the one that makes sure everything’s in line. Etta is the name for her then. It means “estate ruler”; could this name be any more perfect?

  • Fay: this name originally means “fairy.” Your pup is lighthearted, yet wise beyond her years. She loves to jump around but also knows when she reaches her limits.

  • Flora: this is actually the Latin word for “flower.” Sweet, right? It’s also the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. Maybe your pup is a spring baby, or maybe she just brings the color back into your life. Flora is a beautifully gentle and sweet name for any girl.

  • Gertrude: it’s not the most beautiful name, but it’s certainly one of the oldest names. Gertrude is actually the patron of cats, but still is a great name for dogs.

  • Harriet: this name is full of mischief. She may act old, but there are moments where she’s poking her nose into everything she can. Her “old lady” act is getting old.

  • Helen: it’s a great name to call out when you’re trying to find your pup after she ran off chasing a rabbit. Helen means “bright shiny light” and that name fully shows off your pup’s qualities.

  • Ida: your pup loves to work. If this is the case, then Ida is the perfect name. It means “industrious one” and originates from Germany. She’s not one to just sit around; she wants to get her paws dirty.

  • Imogen: if you’re a fan of Shakespeare then you already know this classic name. Imogen was a very popular and classy name back in England. Not only is it pretty, but it’s also distinctive; everyone will know who your pup is.

  • Ivy: you guessed it—Ivy is the name after the botanical plant. Ivy is definitely a name for an upbeat and quirky gal. Recently, Ivy has become a popular name in Hollywood, so if your pup’s a star, you have to give her a celebrity name to match.

  • Jane: this is definitely one of the easier names to call out as it’s one syllable. If you love reading books or watching movies, then Jane is the perfect name for your pup. It’s strong, yet romantic.

  • Josephine: though this isn’t the shortest name, it’s certainly a dated name. This is a name which consists of class and character. Perfect for a gal that thinks she’s a cut above the rest.

  • Lady: If you love Disney movies then you’ve seen the movie The Lady and The Tramp. Of course, you know what the main character’s name was. She’s classy, she’s wise, and she’s one girl you can’t fool.

  • Lenora: if you’re a fan of opera, then Lenora is a great name for your pup. It’s the name of three major opera characters; if you’re a fan, you already know who we’re talking about. It’s a strong name for a strong pup.

  • Lucy: this name means “bright.” Lucy is one smart cookie that you can’t out trick, but you sure can teach many tricks to.

  • Mabel: you’ll love the definition of this name if your pup is constantly giving you kisses and cuddles on the couch. Mabel means “lovable,” and your pup is one squishy pup. Whether you’re cooking dinner, watching TV, or relaxing in the bath, she’s right by you giving you licks every now and then.

  • Martha: maybe you’re a fan of cooking; in that case, you can pay homage to Martha Stewart. Martha means “lady,” and your girl is certainly one.

  • May: your pup May is full of life and love. May is the month where everything blossoms and when you met May, your life bloomed.

  • Mildred: can you get any older? Though this name means “gentle strength,” when you think of Mildred, you think of a giant, uncoordinated pup.

  • Miriam: you’ve wanted a dog for as long as you can remember, and now, you’ve finally made your dream come to. Yes, it’s an old lady name, but the meaning will warm your heart. Miriam means “wished-for child”; yes, we know she’s not technically your child, but she pretty much is.

  • Olive: this name, of course, originates from the famous olive tree. The olive branch is a symbol of peace with the olive wreath symbolizing success. Whether your pup has been a success in your life or a peaceful addition, it’s a stunning name.

  • Pearl: we all know how valuable pearls are. If your pup was born in June, well, why not name her after her birth month’s stone? But she doesn’t need to be born in June in order for you to give her this name. If she’s the pearl of your eye, then that’s a good enough reason as any.

  • Priscilla: Priscilla means “ancient”; couldn’t get any more accurate than that! Your pup is one old gal. There’s just something ancient about her. A great name if she’s a little arrogant.

  • Rose: this is quite an old lady name, as not too many people nowadays are named Rose. It, of course, refers to the lovely and romantic flower. A great name for a beautiful and soft pup.

  • Rosemary: yes, it’s a herb and a nice smelling one too. But Rosemary is more than that. Rosemary is a soft and subtle name for an elegant and dainty pup.

  • Ruth: if your gal has become a true treasure in your life, then Ruth is the name for her. It means “compassionate friend,” and we all know that your pup is one loyal gal. Ruth is a calm and soft name—great for a pup with a kindhearted soul.

  • Sadie: this is a charming and loving name of an old gal. It actually means “princess,” and well, we all know she is a princess.

Wrap Up

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We really hope this article helped inspire you with finding the best name for your pup. If we know anything about pets, and we do know a lot, finding the name for your new pet is never easy. But don’t let that stress you out.

Take some time in finding a name which suits both you and your new pup. We recommend writing down the final names and testing them out on your pup; one of them will stick.

We know that picking a final name is hard, there are so many good ones to choose from! If there were some names from this list that you loved, we’re happy to know we could help you out. If you decide to choose a name that’s not from the list, let us know which one you decided on for your pup! Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Finally, you might also be interested in our list of flower names for dogs. Flower names also make great old lady names!

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