Old Fashioned Dog Names: Classic Names for Your Retro Dog

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

Naming a puppy isn’t easy. You’re choosing a name which will be with them until they’re old and grey—a name which has to show their personality and represent them. That’s why you shouldn’t name your puppy on a whim or after a fad that comes and goes like the wind. Calling your dog Pompadour is fun and all, but what happens when the hairstyle goes out of style? You need an evergreen name, and when it comes to that, you can never go wrong with old fashioned dog names.

Old-fashioned names remind you of the good old days. They sound noble. They inspire awe, and they never get old—perfect for man’s best friends that have stayed by our side loyally over the course of history—through the world war and the industrial revolution and all other significant moments.

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If you like old-fashioned names, then you need to choose one which your dog responds to and one that you won’t have a problem calling out hundreds of times a day. Not sure where to start? Well, that’s why we’re here. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the traits of old-fashioned dogs and provide you with some great old-fashioned dog names that you can choose from.

Old-Fashioned Dog Traits

So, you know that you want to give your dog an old-fashioned name. If you’ve come this far, then you’ve probably noticed that your dog has some old-fashioned charm in their personality. But what counts as old-fashioned charm anyway?

Typically, old-fashioned dogs are dogs that carry this energy of pride and regalness. Now, they’re not actually kings or queens, but they definitely exude a high-class aura, and they don’t act like your average farm or house dog.

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Sure, they play with other dogs, but they’re not into getting their paws dirty or rolling in the mud. Old-fashioned dogs are affectionate, protective, noble, and polite. Now, the breed doesn’t play too big of a role, as this is more associated with their personality and lifestyle.

Having said that, we want to remind you that your dog doesn’t have to have a certain personality trait to be given an old-fashioned name. If you like some of the names on our list and it suits your dog, we encourage you to use it. Now, it’s time we show you the best old-fashioned dog names.

The Best Old-Fashioned Dog Names

Our goal is to help you find the perfect old-fashioned name for your dog. We’ve done some research and have come up with what we think are the best old-fashioned names for dogs.

Grab a pen and a paper, go through both lists while skimming the names, then write down the names which stuck to you the first time. We think it’s best not to look for only one name—especially if your dog doesn’t end up responding well to it. Having too many options is better than having too few.

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Now that you know the procedure for finding your dog a name, it’s time to get started. We’ve broken down our lists into two categories: female and male old-fashioned names. Though they’re broken down into two categories, we suggest that you look through both lists as there will be some names which are unisex.

Male Old Fashioned Dog Names

If he were human, your dog would be wearing a top hat while walking with a cane. He’s a true gentleman, and you need a name which will show his kind-hearted ways. You’ll be wanting to stay away from military or aggressive names because old-fashioned names are all about class and pride.

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Show people your dog’s respectful and regal persona with a name that emits that. Some of these names will have historical meaning while others just sound strong and proud.

  • Albert – many great people, were named Albert. This name will always be remembered.

  • Archibald – “brave,” perfect for dogs who are always true to themselves.

  • Cedric – after Cedric Diggory, the ill-fated Hogwarts heartthrob.

  • Charlie – Charlie Chaplin.

  • Chester – it means “fortress,” perfect for a steadfast dog.

  • Cornelius — you can’t get any more old-fashioned than this.

  • Duke – if you’re a fan of English nobility.

  • Earl – another English nobility-inspired name.

  • Edmund – it means “defender.”

  • Eugene – it means “of noble birth.”

  • Fido — a classic name for dogs; we had to include it on our list.

  • Floyd – perfect for dogs with salt and pepper coat.

  • Franklin — a great name for a puppy who’s a little shy, yet full of charm and charisma once you get to know him.

  • George — a great name if you’re a Seinfeld fan.

  • Gilbert – it means “vow.”

  • Harold – it means “the ruler of an army.”

  • Harrison – after Harrison Ford.

  • Hugh — it means “one with a noble heart.”

  • Jonas – if you believe that your pup comes from above.

  • King — is your pup already the king of the house?

  • Leonard – for pups that are brave as a lion.

  • Leroy – for pups that have the bearings of a king.

  • Maurice — this name is for a puppy that has his chest out and walks proudly.

  • Montgomery – for pups that are as immovable as a mountain.

  • Napoleon — if your pup is of a smaller breed, he may have a complex. Why not honor him with the name of a conqueror that was all about complexes.

  • Otis – it means “rich.”

  • Quincy — the name of famous trumpet player Quincy Jones holds an old-fashioned charm to it.

  • Randall – if your dog is more like a wolf.

  • Roger — if you’re wanting to give your dog an old man name, well this is a great one.

  • Rufus – if you have a ginger dog.

  • Samson — a biblical name, Samson’s strength came from his hair. If your pup has thick flowing locks, then this will suit him perfectly.

  • Stuart – perfect name for reliable guard dogs.

  • Sultan — perhaps your puppy is all about the luxuries of life; is he your mini-sultan?

  • Warren – it means “guardian.”

  • Willard – it means “the courageous one.”

  • Winston – after Winston Churchill.

Female Old Fashioned Dog Names

Don’t forget that females have old-fashioned names as well. If your dog is a lady who has class, doesn’t like to get her paws dirty, and would rather sit on your lap than play with other dogs, then you have yourself a true lady in your hands.

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With the names we’re going to suggest you, they’ll give her the feeling that she’s not just some dog, she’s your dog. She’ll feel important and respected. Some of these names will have historical meaning while others just sound feminine.

  • Abigale – for joyous dogs.

  • Agatha – after Agatha Christie, the famous novelist.

  • Agnes – for innocent pups.

  • Arabella — if you’re living in the countryside, this name has a little southern charm to it, yet is classy and inviting at the same time.

  • Bernadette – if your dog is as fearless as a bear.

  • Bertha — if your pup is a little chunky or wrinkly, this name gives her strength and gusto with each step.

  • Betty – another form of Elizabeth.

  • Charlotte — you’ve seen the show Sex in the City, right? Charlotte is the embodiment of a true, classy lady.

  • Clementine – it means “kind.”

  • Darlene — a warm and cozy country-side name.

  • Dora — a name for a puppy that’s a true explorer.

  • Doris – for dogs that love the sea.

  • Edith – for strong female dogs.

  • Edna – perfect for a dog that’s great at cheering you up.

  • Eleanor – it means “light.”

  • Elizabeth — this is the name of the United Kingdom’s queen; it’s a name that’s old fashioned, yet highly respected and regal.

  • Ella — a classic name in storybooks, Ella is light on her feet but sharp-witted.

  • Esmeralda — is your puppy mischievous? Esmeralda has wandering eyes for adventure.

  • Fannie

  • Felicity

  • Florence — if she has that Italian look, why not name her after one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

  • Gertrude – it means “a spear-wielder’s strength.”

  • Gloria

  • Grace

  • Harriet — for a puppy that’s a little bit on the mischievous side, yet can make you forget what she did with just a glance.

  • Helen – for cheerful dogs that never fail to brighten your day.

  • Hilda – it means “glorious fighter.”

  • Irma – a dog’s name can’t get any nobler than this.

  • Jane — an old-fashioned classic name for an affectionate house dog.

  • Lady — it’s a classic name for a female dog; we had to include it.

  • Lucy – it means “bright.”

  • May — the month where flowers bloom, and the sun starts to shine.

  • Myrtle – it symbolizes evergreen.

  • Olive

  • Opal

  • Priscilla – perfect name for old souls.

  • Rosemary — though it’s a herb, it’s a soft and sweet name for a dainty female pup.

  • Ruth – derived from the bible.

  • Scarlet — this name means red. Perfect for a puppy who’s warm, fiery, and vibrant.

  • Stella – for dogs that twinkle like the stars.

  • Vera – for dogs that are always honest and straightforward.

  • Victoria — another classical English name which shows power, nobility, and class.

  • Violet

  • Yvonne – a very old-fashioned name with a long history.

Wrap Up

The second your puppy steps one paw into your home, you know nothing will ever be the same. You’ll be overwhelmed with affection and love, while at the same time, be thrown a handful of new responsibilities that you need to take care of.

It’s not just you anymore that you need to feed, bathe, and love—you have a puppy now. They may be polite and dignified, but they don’t know the rules of the house, so, you’re going to have to teach them and have them adapt to your lifestyle.

We can’t lie to you—having a puppy is a lot of work, especially in the first couple months, noble or not. You may have to call out to them firmly really often the first several months in an effort to scold them so they wouldn’t make the same mistake. This is why it’s so important to choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and one that your dog will readily respond to.

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If your dog is old-fashioned and noble, they won’t respond to a common name—oh no, they deserve better. If your puppy has that old-fashioned charm, you want to choose a name which emphasizes it.

Now, your puppy doesn’t have to wear a crown or a top hat to be given an old-fashioned name, but if your dog has an old spirit or if they just remind you of someone from the past, then what could be better than giving them a name with an old-fashioned twist to it. Or perhaps it’s not your dog—it’s you who have a flair for old-fashioned names. We completely understand—they’re great names for a dog with an old soul.

We have provided you with a list of male and female old fashioned dog names. The hard part is now choosing which name you’re going to give to your dog. Remember, take your time and don’t rush when it comes to picking a name. Once you choose a name, try it out on your dog. If you feel they’re not responding to it well after a couple of days, give another name a try. Make sure you like the name as well.

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Do you already have a dog or are you planning to adopt one in the near future? If you’ve already got a pup in your home waiting for a name, in what way does he/she make you want to give them an old-fashioned name? What do you think is a good name for an old-fashioned dog? Let us in on any opinions and suggestions the comment section below!

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