Nerdy Dog Names: The Best Names for Your Geeky-Pawed Friend

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Did you just adopt an adorable rescue puppy that’s in need of a name? Maybe they’re super nerdy, or maybe you’re the nerd in the family. Regardless of who’s what, they’re going to need a name, so why not give them nerdy dog names? If you’re a fan of science or Star Wars, well, keep on reading because you’re going to find the perfect name for your pooch on this list.

The name that you choose for your dog is essentially how people are going to see them. You want their name to suit their personality and also the bond that you have between you and your four-legged friend. If you’re lucky enough to have a canine companion that understands your passion or one that you can nerd out with, you came to the right place because we have some of the best nerdy dog names for you to choose from.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed nerd or if your dog is actually the true nerd, in this article, we’re going to show you a bunch of nerdy dog names. We’ve divided the names up into two categories: female and male names. That way, it’s a little easier for you to scroll through. However, we recommend that you look through all the names as there are some which are gender neutral.

Nerdy Male Dog Names

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Your pup is a guy that loves to sit next to you watching Star Wars while dressed up as R2-D2. Or maybe they sneeze just like Pikachu. Whatever the reason being, he’s a complete nerd, and you love it.

Some of these names are specific to movie characters while others have a nerdy vibe to them. Go through the list and see which ones you like!

  • Anakin: a Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic, Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars is a hero and a Jedi as well. He’s strong, agile, and an emotional character, perfect for a dog with these characteristics.

  • Bilbo: we all came to love Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. What’s not to love about him? His giant feet and warm heart made him a favorite among the fans. He’s a great side-kick, and your pup is one as well.

  • Chewy: also known as Chewbacca, this fictional character from Star Wars is a Wookie. He’s big and intelligent, known as Han Solo’s best friend and right-hand man. This is a perfect name for a pup that stands by your side no matter what and is someone you can always rely on. It’s also a great name if you have a pup from a large breed such as a Cane Corso or a Great Dane.

  • Gandalf: a fan of wizards? Then why not name your pup after one of the most well-known wizards from The Lord of the Rings? The name Gandalf comes from Norse mythology and means “wand-elf” or “staff-elf.” Gandalf is known as being very wise, strong, and brave. A perfect name for a pup that has an old soul.

  • Gizmo: remember Gremlins? Well, Gizmo is a cute, innocent, and lovable Mogwai. He doesn’t have an evil bone in his body, much like your pup, which means Gizmo is what he needs to be called.

  • Goku: if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z, then you know all about Goku. As the main star of the show, Goku fights evil and is known for his strength and resilience.

  • Jabba: a chubby alien-like guy, Jabba the Hutt is an ideal name for a pup that, well, may not be much of a mover, but rather loves to be served instead.

  • Luigi: everyone knows Luigi! The brother of Mario from Mario Kart, Luigi is best known for his green outfit and his ability to jump high.

  • Potter: for Harry Potter fans out there, why not name your pup after Harry? He’s intelligent, curious, and cute—everything that your puppy is. A great name for a dog that has something special that sets him apart from all the rest.

  • Spock: for Star Trek fans, a great way to pay respects to the series would be to name your pup after a character. But which one? How about Spock? This mixed human-Vulcan character isn’t necessarily warm and loving. However, he always does the right thing. A great option for a dog that’s a little reserved, however, has good intentions.

  • Vader: maybe your pup is as black as night or has a little bit of a mean side to him. Well, then you need to name him after the father of darkness, Darth Vader from Star Wars.

  • Yoda: originating from a mysterious species, Yoda is a Jedi Master who’s known to be very wise and skilled. Perfect for a dog that is a mixed-breed or is old for their age.

  • Yoshi: this cute little dinosaur is a favorite among fans of Super Mario World. Though, his squishy nose and soft body shouldn’t be taken for granted. He has a powerful tongue and can jump very well.

  • Zuko: the young Prince Zuko from Avatar is someone that everyone knows from this cartoon. Though he encountered great difficulties, he pushed through and managed to solve many crises. A great name for a dog that’s already been through quite a lot, however, managed to end up in your arms.

Nerdy Female Dog Names

dog working at computer

Who said guys are the only ones that can be nerdy? You don’t need a male dog in order to give your pup a nerdy name. There are plenty of fantasy, video games, and nerdy science dog names which suit any female pooch.

Take a look through this nerdy female dog names list and see if there are any names which would suit her!

  • Akira: everyone loves a good anime every now and then, but if you’re a nerd, well, then you really love them. For huge anime fans, it’s time you paid your respects to the beloved genre by naming your pup after the anime Akira. As you know, it’s the most expensive anime of all time and is based in a dystopian 2019.

  • Beta: for true computer and programming nerds, you’ll love the name Beta. For those that aren’t computer savvy, Beta is a version of a program that’s unfinished and released to the public to test for bugs and glitches. Now, that doesn’t mean your girl has a glitch, but it’s a cool name, right?

  • Buffy: if you lived wild in the 90s then you all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If your dog appears to have supernatural powers or always seems to know exactly what you’re thinking, then it’s time you named her Buffy.

  • Cloud: it’s where we all keep our online private information, which means, well, maybe your pup is someone that you confide everything to—your personal secret keeper. If your dog is someone you can tell everything to and she keeps all your secrets close to her, well, why not name her Cloud?

  • Etsy: if your favorite online shop is Etsy, we know why. This online marketplace has everything for fans of homemade items. If most of your paycheck goes to them, you have to step it up and pay homage to them by naming your puppy after this fabulous store.

  • Halo: if you’re a fan of video games, then perhaps you’ve played or maybe even mastered the game Halo. This first-person game is brutal as you’re in an interstellar war. If your pup is a girl that fights for her beliefs and doesn’t mind getting dirty, name her Halo.

  • Hermione: for Harry Potter fans of the world, if your pup is opinionated, highly-intelligent, and gifted, then you need to name her Hermione. Her name is derived from Greek mythology and means “well born.” Hermione was the daughter of King Menelaus of Sparta and Helen of Troy.

  • Java: when we’re trying to watch a video or build a program, we’ve all heard of Java. It’s the general-purpose computer language that basically ever computer nerd knows. It’s the basics of the basics—an essential. A great name for a pup that maybe changed your life for the better and you can’t imagine a day without her.

  • Katniss: you’ve probably seen the movie The Hunger Games, and if so, you love the fierceness and bravery of Katniss Everdeen. She stands up for what she believes in. If your beautiful pup is courageous and will protect you no matter what, then why not name her Katniss?

  • Koopa: for all those Mario Kart fans out there, you’ll adore the name Koopa. A Koopa is a fictional race of turtle that appeared in Mario Kart. If you have a lazy Bulldog or a pup that loves to take it nice and slow, Koopa is the name for her.

  • Leia: for those Star Wars fans out there, what’s a better name than Leia? If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you know that Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan is the twin sibling of Luke Skywalker. She’s brave, compassionate, and beautiful.

  • Pixel: a pixel is an element of an image. It makes up something greater than itself. Name your girl Pixel if you have a small to a medium-sized pup that doesn’t need to be the center of attention but you know she’s awesome.

  • Seren: if you’re a fan of astronomy and a nerd about the stars, then you better name your pup Seren. This is a Welsh name and literally means “star.” You can’t pay homage to the beautiful night sky better than that. Check out our list on astronomy dog names for other dazzling inspirations.

  • Siri: if you’re an Apple fan then you would be missing out if you didn’t name your dog after Siri. Perhaps your dog is always there next to you—someone that you can truly rely on. Siri is always there when you need her and gives you a helping hand when you need it the most.

  • Wiki: maybe your dog loves getting her nose into everything; she just needs to know what’s going on all the time. Why not name her after Wikipedia?

  • Zelda: as a kid, you may have spent hours in front of the computer playing Legend of Zelda. This fantasy action-adventure game took the hearts of many as their goal was to rescue Princess Zelda from danger. Of course, you played the heroic Link. Your pup is your Princess Zelda, and you’re protecting her from the dangers of the world.

Wrap Up

star wars dog

No one said that choosing a name for your puppy was going to be easy. Plus, we didn’t make it easier by giving you all these amazing names to decide from.

We recommend that after going through the list, if you have a couple of names you like, write them down. Then, from those selected names, test them out with your pup. See which name flows the best and which one he/she responds well to.

You’re going to be calling out their name hundreds of times a day, so it’s important that the name can be easily used and understood. Within a couple of days, you’ll see which name suits them the best.

Whichever name you decide to give your dog, we know that it’s going to suit them perfectly. We hope that this article of nerdy dog names helped spark some inspiration or even helped you pick the name to give your dog. If you’re a proclaimed geek or just like the idea of nerdy dog names, then this list has the best names for your geeky pup.

Do you have another dog with a nerdy dog name? If so, what’s their name and how did you come up with that particular name? If you have other nerdy dog names that you think our readers would love, we’d love for you to share it with everyone! Leave your feedback in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out our article on can dogs see TV to figure out if the two of you can nerd out together.

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