Nature Names for Dogs: For Your Pal Who Can’t Stay Put Indoors

dog and nature
John Walton
Written by John Walton

There are dogs that can’t do without the outdoors. When left bored for too long indoors, these dogs may even exhibit destructive behavior. However, once you’ve put on your jogging or hiking shoes and their leashes, they are the most jovial of animals, jumping all over the place and being the first out of the door. Well, if you have such a dog, you know nature names for dogs will be perfect for them.

With so many nature-inspired dog names out there, it can be difficult to decide on just one name. Since we do not want you to keep calling your dog ‘pup,’ we have done the legwork for you. Read our comprehensive list to find the perfect nature-inspired name for your lovely companion.

We have narrowed down the nature-inspired dog names into different genders—those inspired by animals, flowers, and colors. We also provide you with the meanings of these names. Whether you’re a lover of flora, fauna, or other parts of nature, know that you will be inspired as you make your way through our article. Here we go.

Nature Names for Dogs by Gender

Whether you have a radiant pup who is as beautiful as a flower or a masculine dog you just can’t keep indoors, nature has great names to offer such dogs. You can get inspiration from the animals, the plants, or from the other bounties of nature.

Below is a comprehensive list of names for both female and male dogs inspired by nature.

#1: Nature Names for Female Dogs

dog and the sky

There are so many nature-inspired names for your wild and beautiful pooch. You can’t run out of ideas with nature. Below are a few names that are not only unique but will make you think of the outdoors whenever you call her name.

  • Azzurra – It means ‘the blue sky’ in Italian; it is a sweet name for a dog who loves to run around when the skies are blue and clear.

  • Chloe – This name means ‘a green shoot’ and is a superb name for a young but fast-growing dog.

  • Ellie — This name means ‘light’ and would work for a dog that just lights up a room with her great personality.

  • Holly — This name, as you probably know, refers to a plant with red berries that is usually a symbol for Christmas. If your dog loves Christmas or the snow, here is a beautiful name for her.

  • Kalani — This name means ‘the sky’ and is a perfect name for a calm yet dominant dog.

  • Kelsey — This name means ‘fierce island’ and would be a great name for that fierce dog who likes to keep to herself.

  • Lindsay — Also means ‘lime,’ which is a sour fruit but with lots of benefits. This name is perfect for that dog who is very helpful to the family.

  • Olive — This name comes from a tree found in Ireland that bears fruits called olives. It would be a perfect name for a dog that is peaceful and calm.

  • Peaches — This name comes from the peach fruit and would be perfect for a dog that is sweet and playful.

  • Pearl — This name would be perfect for a treasured dog—probably one that was given as a gift.

  • Rasha – This name means ‘a young gazelle.’ Perfect for a free and wild-spirited dog.

  • Ruby — A ruby is a precious jewel that is rare to find. This name would be good for a dog that is of a rare breed or one that is highly valued.

  • Skye — This name means ‘breezy or full of air.’ A perfect name for a dog that loves the outdoors and the smell of fresh air.

  • Stella — This name means ‘stars.’ Perfect name for a dog that is bright and beautiful just like the stars.

  • Talia — This name means ‘the morning dew’ and is perfect for a dog that is soft and gentle just like the morning dew.

  • Willow — A type of tree that is graceful and slender. Would be a perfect name for a graceful or shy dog.

  • Xia — Meaning ‘glow of daylight.’ This name is perfect for a dog that brings cheer and joy to the family.

  • Zola – Meaning ‘earth,’ this is perfect for a dog that loves the outdoors and adventure.

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#2: Nature Names for Male Dogs

dogs lying in autumn leaves

A masculine dog is often the perfect companion when you are out on a morning jog or when you go hiking. If you are at a loss on what to call him, the below names will give you an idea for the perfect name.

  • Aki – This Japanese name means ‘autumn’ and would be a great name for a dog that is bright and playful.

  • Alfresco — Meaning ‘in the open air.’ A perfect name for a dog that likes to run wild outdoors.

  • Basil — This is known as the king of herbs. This name would be perfect for a dog that is brave and dominates over other dogs.

  • Bentley — Meaning ‘a ranch or a farm with grass.’ A perfect name for a shepherd dog or one that works on a farm.

  • Blizzard — A great name for a dog that is wild and hard to tame.

  • Caden — Meaning ‘marshy land.’ This would be a beautiful name for a dog who loves the water—for whom you might want to build a DIY dog pool.

  • Calbex – Meaning ‘shepherd.’ This would be a great name for a shepherd dog.

  • Clay — A type of soil that is highly malleable. This would be a great name for a dog that is easy to train and tame.

  • Cliff — A steep rock face. This would be a good name for a rough and scraggy dog.

  • Cove — A small, sheltered bay. This name is perfect for a dog that is shy and likes his space.

  • Cypress — A type of tree that is evergreen. A perfect name for a dog that is always healthy and full of life.

  • Daegal — This means ‘dweller by the stream.’ A perfect name for a dog that loves calm spaces.

  • Dael — This is a male dog name that means ‘dwells in the valley’; a good name for an outdoor-loving dog that loves to explore.

  • Daileass — This means ‘from the waterfall.’ A perfect name for a dog that is graceful yet strong.

  • Earie — Meaning ‘from the east.’ Check out our article on Korean dog names if you have an eastern breed.

  • Earwine — This name means ‘friend of the seas.’ A perfect name of a dog that loves to sail or one who is unpredictable just like the sea.

  • Fabio — A Spanish name meaning ‘bean grower.’ This name would be perfect for a farm dog or one that loves the farm or the garden. It can also be given to a dog that is patient.

  • Felding — This is a male dog name which means ‘lives in the fields’ and would be a perfect name for a playful and wild dog.

  • Flynt — This name means ‘a stream’ and would be perfect for a quiet and peaceful dog.

  • Ginko — This name is derived from a type of Chinese tree that is used in herbal medicine. This name could be perfect for a dog that is helpful to the owners.

  • Grove — This means ‘a small stand of trees’ and would be a perfect name for a small dog.

  • Jasper — This is a name that is used to refer to a semi-precious stone. This would be a great name for a beautiful dog.

  • Reed – A tall plant growing in swampy areas. This would be a great name for a tall, strong dog.

  • Sky — A perfect name for a dog that is soothing.

  • Terran — It means ‘earth.’ This name would be perfect for a dog with a great and profound personality.

  • Vernon — This name means ‘full of life.’ Perfect for the dog that is strong, playful, and fun loving.

Nature Dog Names Inspired by Other Animals

dog and bird

Perhaps your dog takes the character of a certain animal such as a wolf. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. Below are a few names that are inspired by the animal kingdom.

  • Alpaca – An Alpaca is a type of longhaired mammal found in South America. This name would be perfect for a type of dog who is very furry.

  • Bear — This would be a perfect name for a strong, large dog.

  • Bengal — This would be a good name for a fierce and fearless dog.

  • Birdie — Does your new friend love chasing and barking after birds? Here is a name for them.

  • Boa — This is a type of snake that is strong and often constraints its prey. This name would be perfect for a strong and intelligent guard dog.

  • Chui – This Swahili name means ‘leopard.’ A great name for a male canine who is spotted and has courage like a leopard.

  • Foxy – Perfect for a cunning and sleek dog.

  • Fridolf — English name which means ‘a peaceful wolf.’ This name is perfect for a dog that is strong but peaceful. Do you have one of these wolf-like dog breeds?

  • Hawk — A type of bird that is quiet and swift. This name would be perfect for a swift, quiet, yet lethal dog.

  • Inu – This is the Japanese word for a dog. Great name for a lovable companion, or perhaps a Shiba Inu.

  • Lark — This is a name for a small songbird. This name would be perfect for a dog that loves the outdoors.

  • Leona — Another name for a lion; would make a perfect name for a courageous and strong dog.

  • Lupo — Italian for the wolf. Great name for a giant dog who is fierce.

  • Ndovu – A unique Swahili name that means ‘elephant.’ If you have a giant dog who is noble, call them Ndovu.

  • Oriel — A Latin name for the Oriole bird with a mixture of orange and black colors in its body. This name would be perfect for a dog with patches on their coat, like the English Foxhound.

  • Queen B – Could refer to the bees or Beyoncé. If you have a glamorous dog, she will love this name.

  • Simba – A Swahili name that means ‘lion.’ Great name for your male pooch who is brave and is a great watchdog.

  • Tabitha — This is another name that means ‘gazelle,’ which is a cheerful, free-spirited, and alert animal. This name would work perfectly for your always alert and cheerful dog.

  • Yael — This name refers to a type of mountain goat in Hebrew. A perfect name for a dog who is hardy and able to survive in harsh conditions.

Nature Dog Names Inspired by Flowers

dog sitting in yellow flowers

Flowers can be fantastic inspiration for the perfect name for your pooch who is in love with the outdoors. Flower dog names do not have to be limited to female dogs only. We also have unique flower dog names for your male dog. Check them out below.

  • Acacia — A genus of shrubs and trees that belongs to the subfamily Mimosoideae. Great name for a canine who is innocent and honest.

  • Aster — This name is coined from the low-lying perennial plant that has daisy-like flowers. Perfect for a male canine who loves the wild.

  • Azalea — This Hebrew name literally means ‘flower.’ A great name for your girl who radiates warmth and has a powerful personality.

  • Begonia — This name is coined from the Begonias flower. The perfect name for a female guard dog who is always alert.

  • Bluebell or Belle — Borrowed from the plant with a bell-shaped flower that is blue in color. Great name for a female dog with blue eyes like the Bluebell flower.

  • Buttercup — Coined from the yellow flower. This is a girl’s name is ideal for a humble dog.

  • Calla — This Greek name means ‘beauty’ and it borrowed from the Calla lily that is prized for its beauty. A unique name for a pooch who is a lady in terms of how she carries herself.

  • Clematis — This name is coined from the name of a vine that has attractive brightly-colored flowers. A unique name for a male dog who loves the outdoors one who will climb on walls to get out of an enclosed space. Make sure you build a tall fence for such a dog.

  • Clover — This cute 2-syllable name means ‘lucky’ as the four-leaf clovers are considered a symbol of good luck. If you have a female dog who has brought you nothing but good fortune, clover will be a great name to give her.

  • Coreopsis — This brightly-colored flower is very attractive to butterflies. Great name for your dog who is loved by other dogs.

  • Daffodil — A yellow spring flower; would be a good name for a dog who is always a breath of fresh air.

  • Daisy — A perfect name for that cute and beautiful dog.

  • Dandelion — This simple yellow flower is a sign of joy and happiness. If your dog is a source of joy to you and the entire family, this name is perfect.

  • Fiorello — This Italian name means ‘little flower.’ Perfect name for your miniature male dog who is as radiant as a flower.

  • Fleur — This French name literally means ‘flower.’ If you have a delicate and beautiful friend, this name will suit her perfectly.

  • Honeysuckle — If your dog has a sweet disposition, this name will suit them perfectly.

  • Hyacinth – This plant grows fast. A good name for a dog that grows on you quickly.

  • Ivy — Perfect name for a companion and a dog who can’t stay away from you.

  • Jacob — This name is coined from Jacob Ladder—a climber plant that has blue bell-shaped flowers. Great name for a male dog who loves to climb walls or one with blue eyes.

  • Jasmine — This Persian name is derived from a flower with the same name. Great for a beautiful dog who loves to roam the wild.

  • Lavender — Coined from the beautiful purple flower known to have a calming effect. Perfect name for a pup who is calm and collected, or one you go to for support.

  • Lily — A lily is a type of flower with a pleasant smell, and this would be a perfect name for that dog who likes to keep clean and fresh.

  • Mimosa — The mimosa flower is great for a sensible dog who keeps you grounded.

  • Niraj — This Indian name means ‘lotus flower.’ A unique name for your dog who is white in color.

  • Petal – Give this name to a dog that is as delicate as a petal.

  • Posey — This is slang for a flower. Perfect for a pup who is cute and adorable.

  • Primrose — This name is from a kind of flower that has wonderful medicinal benefits. It would be perfect for a dog that is beneficial to their owners.

  • Rosie — This name would be perfect for a pretty and cheerful dog.

  • Sage — This flowering plant is related to mint and often used for medicinal purposes. Great name for a male canine who is a source of peace for your family.

  • Thistle — This flower name is great for a canine who is brave and devoted.

  • Yasmin — Referring to the jasmine flower. This is a perfect name for a dog that is shy and delicate in nature.

Dog Color Names Inspired by Nature

Painted Puppy

If you want to name your dog by his or her coat color, or you are inspired by the color of their eyes, you can find lots of color names inspired by nature. Below are just a few of them.

SlateHebrewFine-grained rockBlack or greyMale
DenverFrenchA green valleyGreen eyesMale
PeriwinkleEnglishPeriwinkle flowerBlue coat or eyesFemale
AlbionCelticWhite cliffsWhiteMale
SterlingEnglishSterling silverWhite or greyMale
AdamHebrewRed-earthRed or brownMale
ForestEnglishInspired by the green forest colorA dark shade of green coat or eyesUnisex
OliveLatinInspired by green olivesGreen eyesUnisex
TurquoiseTurkishA precious stoneBlue-green eyesUnisex
AmberEnglishThe color of the fossilized resin of ancient treesOrange coat or eyesFemale
RavenEnglishA highly intelligent black birdBlackUnisex
NgaireHawaiianSilver fernSilverFemale
ChloeGreeceGrowing green shootGreen eyesFemale
EerinAustralianSmall grey owlGreyUnisex
GoldieYiddishPrecious metalGold or brownFemale
EbonyEgyptianThe wood of the ebony treeBlackUnisex
CoalAmericanCharred woodGrey or blackMale
FoggyAmericanFoggy or misty weatherGreyUnisex
BerlyGreekGreen or blue mineral used for its healing propertiesBlue eyesUnisex
ArgentFrenchSilver stoneSilverUnisex
GleamEnglishA light that pierces the darknessSilverUnisex
NickelGermanA metal alloy that has a silver colorSilverMale
Ice or IcyEnglishArctic blue ice that occurs when snow compacts into iceBlue eyes or white coatFemale
MarigoldEnglishThe golden flower’s nameGolden coatFemale
PoppyLatinA type of flowerRed or brownFemale
RoseEnglishCoined from the rose flowerRed coatFemale
CinnamonGreekA warm brown spiceBrownUnisex
GingerEnglishA root that is red-brown in color and used as a spiceRed or brownUnisex
PepperEnglishA spicy plantYellow or red coatUnisex
JuniperEnglishThe name of a small evergreen shrubGreen eyesUnisex
JetAmericanA minor gemstone that is black and shinyBlackMale
OnyxGreekPrecious stone with bands of colorMulticoloredUnisex
SandyGreekInspire by the sandy beachesBrown or yellowUnisex
SaharaArabicThe Sahara desertBrown or yellowFemale
TeaGreekA type of drink made by infusing herbs or plantsGreen eyes or brown coatFemale
IvoryEnglishMaterial derived from the tusks of animalsWhite or greyUnisex
JasperPersianSpotted or speckled stoneSpotted coatMale

Wrap Up

dog in the wood

Nature holds so much inspiration. Just by looking outside your window, nature gives you enough options to give your dog a wonderful name. Whether you are a lover of the outdoors or it is your pooch who is always digging and climbing walls to have a look at the outside world, we hope you have found a name that fits him or her perfectly.

If you would like to add a few more names to this list or you have a comment about any of the names mentioned, we would like to hear from you. Feel free to leave us a comment in the section below. Also, please check out our next article on backpacking with dogs if you want to have an epic outdoors adventure with your furry friend.

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