Names for Blue Eyed Dogs: Accentuate Your Dog’s Unique Beauty

puppy with blue eyes
Wyatt Robinson
Written by Wyatt Robinson

Did you just welcome a cute blue-eyed puppy into the family? Are you in desperate need for a good name? Well, people often name their dogs according to some of their unique physical features, so why not get inspired by those stunning blue eyes? Just like with people, having blue eyes is rare and it is something that immediately stands out, so names for blue eyed dogs really make a great choice for your new furry friend.

There is something special about blue-eyed dogs. Their gaze is so captivating. Not that you wouldn’t adore your pup if he/she had brown eyes, but it’s hard to resist getting lost in those big eyes. Those striking eyes really make it easy to come up with a multitude of cool names because they serve as wonderful inspirations.

So if you want to honor your puppy’s unique eye color, we have compiled a huge list of names for your blue-eyed friend. This list of awesome names will certainly make the important job of naming your new dog much easier. To make things more convenient, the names are divided into male and female categories, although many of them are gender neutral.

Names for Male Blue Eyed Dogs

brown puppy with blue eyes

So your new male dog has gorgeous blue eyes, and you want a name that accentuates that unique feature even more. In this list, you’ll find names inspired by the color blue. Some are less obvious than others, but we are certain that you’ll find one that you’ll like.

  • Berry: Short for blueberry. Not only is this a very healthy fruit, but it makes for a very cute puppy name. If your dog is very tiny and cute, Berry might be the perfect fit.

  • Blue: This one is pretty obvious, but it’s a beautiful name for a dog nevertheless. Sometimes simple names are the best ones.

  • Brad: If you like to give your dogs human names, Brad might be a cool choice. The name is inspired by Brad Pitt, one of the most famous blue-eyed celebrities. He is also considered to be one of the most good-looking and sexiest men ever. So if your dog is particularly handsome, why not name him Brad?

  • Cookie: Me want cookie! That’s right; this name is inspired by the Cookie Monster who is blue. If your new puppy is constantly hungry and just loves to eat, this might be a very cute name for him. Check out our article on ten dog cookie recipes for your pet.

  • Cyan: A wonderful blue-green color that symbolizes relaxation, tranquility, and spirituality. This is a perfect name for a dog with mystical blue eyes who likes going on calming and meditative walks with you.

  • Icy: A name for a dog that is cool, fast, and strong. If your canine is not timid and exudes confidence, Icy will be a perfect fit.

  • Indigo: Another shade of blue which makes for a beautiful dog name. It symbolizes intuition, wisdom, and magic. The name sounds very mysterious.

  • Kyan: If you’re looking for a dog name that sounds very special and different, we recommend the name Kyan. It comes from Kyanite, which is a precious blue crystal which represents communication, truth, and balance.

  • Lazuli: If you like unique dog names, this might be the winner. It references a stunningly beautiful blue gemstone. Lapis Lazuli symbolizes royalty, honor, wisdom, and truth. So if you want your new puppy to stand out from the crowd and be unique, you should definitely consider this name.

  • Levi: If you’re into fashion and love the timeless denim material, you might want to call your puppy after the most famous brand of blue jeans. It is a name for a cool puppy who likes to be trendy and attract attention.

  • Neptune: A stunning blue planet that’s farthest from the Sun and is considered to represent inspiration, spirituality, and mysticism. If you are a very creative person who wants their dog to stand out and be different, Neptune might just be the perfect name for him.

  • Ocean: If your dog’s blue eyes are as deep as the ocean, then this is the perfect name for him. The ocean is big, blue, and mysterious, and some dogs certainly have those qualities. Or maybe your dog loves playing in the ocean and is naturally drawn to the water.

  • River: If your blue-eyed pup loves being in nature and likes water, this name might be just what you’re looking for. It is simple but very symbolic and meaningful. A river symbolizes movement, the passing of time, and the source of life.

  • Royal: Royal blue is a darker shade of blue, and it is also known as imperial. If your four-legged friend is very elegant and noble just like a king, this name will definitely suit his personality.

  • Sky: When we look up at the sky, we think of tranquility, beauty, and the infinite space. If you’re into spirituality, this name might be very meaningful for your new puppy. Each time you look into his gorgeous blue eyes, you can feel the peaceful presence of the sky.

  • Slate: A bluish-gray rock that makes for a cool-sounding name for a blue-eyed male dog. This is a name for a dog that’s cool, fast, and playful.

  • Turk: A short version of turquoise, which is a gorgeous blue-green shade.

  • Uranus: Another blue planet which would make a cool name for a dog, but this one is for all the pun-loving owners out there. If you slightly mispronounce the name, you get a very funny joke; let’s see if you can spot it. It would certainly make calling your dog in a crowded park really interesting.

Names for Female Blue Eyed Dogs

gray dog with blue eyes

If your blue-eyed canine is female, there are plenty of blue inspired names to choose from. Some are very unique while others are more classic, so there’s something for everybody.

Here are some that we think are the best fit for a gorgeous female dog with striking blue eyes.

  • Aqua: This name represents many different things. The obvious one is water, but Aqua is also short for Aquamarine, which is a unique shade of blue and also a stunning blue gemstone that symbolizes fearlessness and protection. So if your female dog has those qualities, you might want to consider this great female dog name.

  • Azura: If you’re looking for a unique sounding name for your new female canine friend, Azura might be the one. It represents a sky blue color and will accentuate your dog’s blue eyes even more. Plus, it’s very unique, which is perfect for a dog that looks very exotic and unusual.

  • Baby: As you probably know, baby blue is a very light and soft shade of blue. So the name Baby could not only reference your female dog’s peepers, but also her personality. If your puppy is very small and cute and has a very gentle personality, this name would describe her perfectly.

  • Belle: Bluebell is a gorgeous springtime blue flower that symbolizes new beginnings. Belle is also a famous character from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It also means beautiful in French. So if your new four-legged friend has unique blue eyes and is stunningly beautiful, we recommend this elegant name.

  • Dory: A famous blue fish from Finding Nemo. Also, the name Dory means someone who loves all creatures on this planet and is very kind. So if your new female puppy gets along great with everybody and is very loving, this might just be the perfect name for her.

  • Hinto: A traditional Native American name which translates to “one that has deep blue eyes.” The name is very unusual and sounds very cool, which is perfect for a female dog that has a lot of confidence and strength.

  • Iris: Not only is this name a reference to the stunning eyes of your dog, but Iris is also a gorgeous blue flower that represents faith, hope, and beauty. If your dog companion is particularly stunning and beautiful, we are sure she would love this name, or maybe one of our many other flower-inspired dog names.

  • Lan: A one syllable name that’s short for blue in Chinese. This name is read as “Lahn.” This is a great name for those who want simple names that are easy to pronounce. You are probably going to be calling your dog a hundred times a day, so why not choose a cute, short name like this?

  • Nakesha: This unique-sounding name translates to “the ruler of blue skies” in Sanskrit. It is perfect for a blue-eyed female dog who was born to rule and protect. Additionally, the name is very unusual—perfect for those who want their new dog to stand out and be different from other dogs.

  • Nilima: It means “blue” in Sanskrit and also translates as “the goddess of blue.” Perfect for confident canine goddesses with striking blue eyes.

  • Odeta: A great name for blue-eyed female dogs because it means “blue sea.” Also, it sounds very interesting, and it’s quite unusual, which is perfect for your special female canine friend.

  • Periwinkle: If you like nature and gardening, you have probably heard about Periwinkle, a stunning blue flower. Since it sounds so cute, we thought it would be a great name for a playful female puppy.

  • Robyn: A name inspired by a type of bird called Robin which lays blue eggs. If your puppy likes chasing birds around, this might be a very cool name.

  • Sapphire: If your female dog is very elegant and royal, this name might accentuate these qualities. Sapphire is a wonderful blue crystal that signifies wisdom, good fortune, and royalty.

  • Veronica: Not only is this a very popular human name, but it can also be a great name for a blue-eyed female dog since Veronica is also a gorgeous blue flower that symbolizes love, purity, and youth.

Wrap Up

dog with blue eyes

If you were struggling with naming your new blue-eyed dog, we hope that we gave you some great ideas and made the process much easier.

Referencing his or her blue eyes in the name is pretty cool and will really emphasize your dog’s beauty even more, just like we have shown in this list. You can now see how many cool dog names that reference the color blue there are to choose from.

We recommend that you go through the list carefully and really give a chance to all of the names, even if you don’t like some at first. It is also important to say the name out loud to hear how it sounds, or maybe even try it out on your dog and see how you feel and how he or she responds. That’s the best test to find out whether the name really is for you or not.

Also, you might want to pick a couple of favorite names and try them out before picking the best one. Give yourself a couple of days to choose because naming your dog is a really important thing and you will have to stick with this name forever.

If you forget some of the name meanings, you can always come back to this page and look at the list again to refresh your memory.

Although the names are separated into male and female categories, you don’t have to strictly follow it; these are only our suggestions. If you really like a name from the male list for your female dog or vice versa, don’t worry about it—we are sure your dog will love the new name regardless if it’s male or female.

We also want to hear from you. What names for blue-eyed puppies did you like the most and why? If you think that we have missed some awesome names that reference the color blue, make sure to let us know in the comments below and give us your feedback!

Finally, we’d like to suggest that you read our next article on how to keep your dog’s eyes clean so his/her beautiful baby blues will stay that way instead of being marred by tear stains.

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