Musical Dog Names: The Top Music-Inspired Names for Your Pup

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Naming a brand new pup can be a little difficult especially when you have too many options to choose from. As a general rule, it’s always good to stick to a theme. Taking this into account, today we’re going with the best musical dog names for your furry companion.

Sometimes being creative is not enough when it comes to dog naming. As is the case with music, even geniuses have moments when they need a little help to get their ideas going and the tunes flowing. Music lovers, especially, usually like quite a few songs or singers from different genres, so it can be hard to figure out where to start. But don’t worry as we’re here to help.

In this article, we will provide you with the top female and male musical dog names for your convenience. We’ve also got a list of names inspired by famous musicians and some unique musical names. So if you’re ready to start this musical adventure, play your favorite song for motivation, and take a look at our list.

Musical Dog Names by Gender

Music may transcend gender, but picking a name for a new pup based on gender is still the easiest way to go, which is why we have divided our list into names for male and female dogs.

#1: Female Musical Dog Names

jazz dog

If you’re the proud owner of a lovable female pup, here are the best musical names for your dear pet:

  • Aria: An aria is a long song that typically accompanies a solo voice, like the ones in the opera, for example. The word “Aria” means “melody” or “air” in Italian. This name can be a good way to reference your pup’s howling if she does that.

  • Bop: If your doggie loves to move along the music, choose this name for her.

  • Cadence: This popular girl’s name means “rhythm” or “flow.” In the music world, a cadence is a sequence of either notes or chords that close a musical phrase. This is a good name for an owner who has musical knowledge and would like to bring attention to that fact.

  • Flamenco: This Spanish musical genre makes a great name for pups with a fiery and intense personality.

  • Funky: This word is used to describe a style of music that’s usually for dancing. Pick this name if your pup has graceful, dance-like moves.

  • Harmony: In music, harmony is the mix of simultaneously sounded musical notes, to create chords and progressions, with a pleasing effect to the ear. This is a good name for a calm and peaceful doggie.

  • Jazz: Jazz is a music genre inspired by improvisation. Choose this name for an inventive and spontaneous pup

  • Lyric: The word lyric refers to “the words of a song.” Go for this name if sometimes your pup seems like she’s trying to say something to you by howling or barking.

  • Nocturne: This name makes a reference to a typically gentle piece of classical music. Choose this name for dogs with a gentle nature.

  • Serenade: A serenade is a piece of music which you play standing in front of your lover’s house. Choose this name if your pup loves to bark at you when you’re sleeping.

  • Skiffle: This name refers to a type of music in which performers use instruments that they created with their own hands. If your dog is inventive like a skiffle player, choose this name for her.

  • Song: This name can be great for a sweet pup that loves music.

  • Songstress: If your dog loves to howl a lot, then she may remind you of a skilled female human singer. Go for this name if your dog is from a breed that howls non-stop.

  • Soprano: The word soprano is used to describe a woman who can sing the highest notes. Choose this name for an adorable and small pup with a bark that sounds like a squeaky toy.

  • Symphony: A symphony refers to a long piece for an orchestra. This name will suit pups with long bodies and short legs.

#2: Male Musical Dog Names

dogs' chorus

So you’re looking for a name for your boy dog? The world of music has plenty to offer on that front too. Take a look at this list. You’ll find what you’re looking for in no time:

  • Ballad: This name will perfectly fit sensitive and emotional dogs, just like ballads.

  • Band: A good way to reference you and your dog’s friendship.

  • Baritone: This name refers to the second lowest when talking about musical pitch. Go for this name if your pup has a low or deep bark.

  • Bebop: Bebop is a musical style that features fast tempos and complex chord progressions not intended for dancing, at least not initially. If your dog is quick and smart, choose this name for him.

  • Blues: In this slow musical genre, the vocalist often sings about their difficulties in life and love. If your pup can be gloomy sometimes, choose this name for him.

  • Bolero: A bolero is a one-movement orchestral piece, of Spanish origin.

  • Chord: A chord can be defined as a group (typically three, or sometimes more) notes that are sounded together, to create harmony. If your dog has a harmonious barking, choose this name for him.

  • Chorus: The word “chorus” has two meanings in music. It can refer to the part of a song that’s repeated after each verse, or to a larger and organized group of performers that sing together usually with an orchestra or opera company. Choose this name for a dog who prefers being a part of a pack.

  • Euphony: The word Euphony refers to the quality of sounds that are pleasing to the ear. This name can be a good way to reference the cute noises your dog makes.

  • Musically: Choose this name for your dog if either of you loves music.

  • Note: A note describes a single particular sound in music or the written symbol that represents said sound. Choose this name for a dog that makes peculiar sounds, like whimpering a lot.

  • Sing: Choose this name for noisy pooches. If your pup is one of those that howl along with music, then this name will be perfect for him.

  • Tenor: A tenor refers to the highest voice of the ordinary male range. Choose this name for a male pup with a high-pitched bark.

  • Waltz: This name can be good for your pup if you like to dance with him by holding his paws in the air.

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Famous Musical Dog Names

Maybe you just want the name of a famous musician or band for your pup. Here are some suggestions:

#1: Female

madonna dog

  • Britney: Name your pup after the Princess of Pop. The name Britney means “from Brittany, a Breton”; it is derived from a peninsula and former province of France.

  • Celine: The name Celine is of French origin and means “sky” or “heaven.” This name is best associated with Celine Dion, a great Canadian songstress. This name is great for pups with a powerful bark and great hair.

  • Cranberry: This name was inspired by the titular Irish band, the Cranberries, formed in 1989—most famous for their hit song “Zombie.”

  • Kiss: If you’re a fan of hard rock and will love to show that fact to the world, pick this name. It is chosen after the famous band, Kiss. Bonus points if your pup is one of those who’s always licking your face.

  • Lady Gaga: Originally, Lady Gaga took her name from Queen’s hit Radio GaGa. This name will be great for a doggie that you love dressing up the way Lady Gaga used to dress up when she was at the peak of her career.

  • Little Mix: Go for the name of this all-female band if your pup is of small stature.

  • Lorde: Lorde is one of the most popular female singers of the new era. Choose this name for your lady pup if she has a thick coat just like Lorde and her beautiful locks. Perfect if your dog also has a pair of haunting eyes.

  • Madonna: Name your pup after the Queen of Pop if you’re a fan of ‘80s music.

  • Shakira: Shakira means «thankful» in Arab. We took this name from Shakira, the famous Colombian singer and dancer. Choose this name for your pup if she loves to dance around.

  • Spice Girl: This name is inspired by the popular ‘90s all-girls band. For pups that spice up your life.

#2: Male

deaf dog

  • Barrett: This name, of Norman origin, which means “bear power,” was taken from the mythical member of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett. Choose this name for unique and odd-looking pups.

  • Beethoven: Beethoven is considered to be one of the most important and influential music composers of all time, even after becoming completely deaf. As a bonus, there is already a famous dog named Beethoven.

  • Bieber: The name “Bieber” is of Germanic origin and means “Beaver.” Choose this name for a pup with a long fringe that covers his eyes, just like Justin Bieber when he started his musical career.

  • Biggie Smalls: Christopher George Latore Wallace, also known as The Notorious B.I.G., or Biggie, was an iconic rapper who died at the age of 24 and is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Choose this name for a burly dog with a dark coat.

  • Lennon: This name, of Gaelic origin (meaning “lover”), belongs to the most popular member of the Beatles, and one of the most influential rock musicians of all time. If your dog is a trend-setter, choose this name for him.

  • Mozart: One of the world’s most famous composers was Mozart. Known for the many musical pieces he created and a flair for music from a tender age, pick this name if your pup is young and talented.

  • Oasis: This rock band from the ‘90s can be a good name for a dog with an ashy coat and a rude attitude.

  • Ringo: If you’re a fan of classic rock, you can always name your pup after Ringo Starr, the underrated yet talented drum player from The Beatles.

Unique Musical Dog Names

dog with ipod

Maybe you have a unique taste in music. In that case, we have something here for you:

  • Autotune: This name refers to the software used to enhance a singer’s pitch accuracy.

  • Bass: The word bass can refer to either the lowest male singing voice, to a member of a family of instruments with the lowest pitch, like a bass guitar or clarinet. Choose this name for a pup with short stature.

  • Dirge: A dirge is a slow type of music that’s played in gloomy occasions. Choose this name for a pup with droopy ears and a sad gaze.

  • Fender: The name Fender means “defender” in medieval English. In this case, we took it from the famous Fender Electric—an acoustic and bass guitar brand. If you’re a guitar player, this name can be a great way to reference that fact.

  • Gibson: This name of Germanic origin and unclear meaning was taken from the popular guitar manufacturer Gibson. Since this is a brand of luxurious and unique guitars, choose this name for a special pup.

  • iPod: Take your music everywhere with an iPod. Name your pup after this handy gizmo from the late 2000s and early 2010s and amp up the nostalgia with this name if they’re as important to you as your trusty iPod.

  • iTunes: There’s no iPod or iPhone without iTunes. If your dog has many striking physical characteristics, as varied as the iTunes music library, go for this cool name.

  • Mosh: To mosh means to dance energetically, and, most of the time, erratically at a rock concert. Choose this name for highly energetic furry friends.

  • Playlist: If you’re one of those people who like to make a playlist for everything, make a playlist and take your pup out for a walk.

  • Sax: Sax, short for saxophone, can be a good name for a male pup who’s versatile and peculiar.

  • Stratocaster: Or Strat, for short, is a guitar model designed by Leo Fender. Choose this name for a reliable and adaptable pup, just like Stratocaster guitars are.

Wrap Up

musical dog

We hope that with our help you managed to find the best musical dog name for your four-legged friend. Remember that picking the right name for your pup is extremely important since that’s the way you’ll be referring to them for the rest of their life, so it’s crucial to choose something that not only sounds good but is also meaningful!

Did you pick a name from the list above? Which one is it? Did you get inspired and came up with some other musical dog names? Leave us a comment below! And don’t forget to check out our list of celebrity dog names for some more naming inspiration.

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