Military Dog Names: Finding the Perfect Name for a Tough Dog

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Emily Young
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When a new puppy enters your home, it’s a pretty exciting moment. Now you’re responsible for taking care of him/her, making sure they’re properly fed and, of course, naming them. Though it may not sound like it’s a lot of work, naming your puppy isn’t going to be as easy as you originally thought—especially not if you want your puppy to grow up smart, strong, and courageous like those inspirational military dogs that deliver messages, sniff out landmines, and defend their country with all they have. They will need some tough-sounding military dog names for that.

Whether your puppy will be trained as a military dog or you simply want to honor those who have served your country, you’ll want to choose a name which is strong, assertive, and respectful. A military dog name will stand out from the rest, and it will be a name he/she will proudly respond to. So, if your puppy seems to be more of a macho type or if he exhibits the traits of a serious and firm leader, giving him one of those profound military dog names would be fitting.

A millitary carrying his dog on his back

You may already have a name picked out, but after spending some time with him/her, you realize that the name you chose doesn’t suit the dog at all. You want a name that’ll either represent their personality or symbolize hope for greatness in their future. So, in this article, we’re going to talk about how to name your dog and provide you with some amazing military dog names to choose from.

Military Dog Traits

Now, if you’ve decided to give your dog a military dog name, they probably have military dog characteristics, hence why a strong and assertive name would suit them. Typically, military dogs are usually German and Dutch shepherds and Belgian Malinois breeds. This is because these breeds are aggressive, intelligent, athletic, and loyal. This combination of traits is highly valuable on the battlefield.

Of course, your dog doesn’t have to have these characteristics in order to have a military name. Your dog can be a pug—it doesn’t matter. But usually, all puppies exhibit at least one or two traits that are commonly associated with service dogs. We’re sure your puppy is loyal to you the way military dogs are loyal to their country.

A brave millitary dog with a medal on his neck lying down

Though this article is about military dog names, we want to remind you that your dog does not have to be in the military service in order to have one of these names. If you’re a fan of history or combat, then you’ll appreciate this selection of dog names. So, now that you know the common characteristics of military dogs, it’s time you go through the names and pick a couple that sticks to you.

The Best Military Dog Names

We want you to find the best name for your military dog. To do so, we recommend you to go through the lists—just reading the names once—then go through the lists again and choose the names that really stick out.

Make sure you write down the names that you really like. It’s important to not focus yourself on finding only one name. This puts too much pressure on the task and takes away from finding a name that suits your dog. So, instead, make sure you have a couple of names that are your favorites. That way, you’ll be able to test out the names on your dog, seeing which one suits them and which one they respond to the best.

A Belarussian military dog rides a platform being held by a group of soldiers carrying it

So, what we’ve done is broken these lists down into military dog names male and female. Now that you have a good selection to choose from, picking a good military dog name for your new puppy no matter the gender will be a breeze.

These two categories will make it easier for you to decide on gender-unique names. However, some names are unisex. Therefore, we recommend that you go through both lists, regardless of your dog’s sex. With that being said, here are the best male and female military dog names.

Male Military Dog Names

When you have a male military dog, you want to give him a name which makes him feel responsible and authoritative. Military dogs are trained to lead and assist their masters. Thus, you want a name which will already make him feel like he has some level of power.

Millitary dog lying down next to his owner

Some of these names do not have any back history, but many of them are famous warriors, heroes, and gods. Thus, they already have the weight and strength in their name.

  • Ace

  • Ajax — Ajax the Great was a Greek mythological hero who was known for his strength and size.

  • Alex or Lex – after Alexander the Great.

  • Ares — the Greek mythological god of war

  • Arthur – after King Arthur Pendragon.

  • Atilla — Atilla the Hun. He was the leader of the Nomadic Hunnish people. His army was most feared in his era. He was known for his ruthlessness in battle.

  • Bradley — it’s a tank that was used in WWII that’s still used today since it’s known for its reliability.

  • Brutus

  • Bullet — maybe your dog is quick and agile, just like a bullet.

  • Cannon

  • Charlie

  • Chips — one of the most decorated war dogs of WWI.

  • Commander — if you’re a fan of military positions, this is another cute name for your dog.

  • Crockett

  • Dagger

  • George

  • Geronimo — was a leader and medicine man in the Apache tribe. He led his people to the defense of his homeland against the US army.

  • Goliath — a warrior in the Bible, Goliath was fierce and famous.

  • Hercules — a Roman hero and god, Hercules was famous for his strength and numerous adventures.

  • Hester

  • Homer

  • Hoover

  • Hunter

  • Jet

  • Julius – a Roman general who was responsible for the rise of the Roman Empire. He was ambitious and highly feared and loved.

  • Khan — after Genghis Khan. It’s a fierce name after one of the most ruthless and powerful leaders hailing from China.

  • Lava

  • Lincoln

  • Luke

  • Major — a high military rank.

  • Maverick

  • Midas — a king in Greek mythology. He was famous for turning everything he touched into gold.

  • Murphy — after Audie Murphy, one of the most decorated US soldiers. He single-handedly held off the Germans which led his men to victory.

  • Nero

  • Nuke

  • Panzer — the Panzer is a German armored vehicle which was the backbone of the German Blitzkrieg. It’s sturdy and extremely powerful.

  • Pilot

  • Private

  • Rags — a famous war dog, he ran a message through falling bombs in WWII. Through all obstacles, he delivered the message and made it out alive.

  • Rambo — if you’re a Sylvester Stallone fan, then you’ll love naming your dog after one of his most famous roles.

  • Sarge

  • Sergeant

  • Sinbad- the fictional sailor and hero who went on various voyages throughout the world, sailing the seven seas.

  • Smokey

  • David — a biblical name, David is a king in the Bible. He defeated Goliath when he was just a boy.

  • Tank — if your dog is muscular and husky, what better name to give him than Tank?

  • Titan — if you’re a fan of Greek mythology, Titans ruled the world before the Olympians.

  • Trojan — we’re not talking about condoms—we’re talking about the Trojan War in Greek mythology.

  • Ulysses – another way to spell Odysseus, the legendary Greek king and hero known for his game-changing war tactics.

  • Yuma – a famous military conflict.

Female Military Dog Names

Just because she’s female, doesn’t mean she cannot be an exceptional military companion. Female military dogs can be just as aggressive as male dogs, however, a little more tactile and agile in body and mind.

A woman and her millitary dog

You will want to give her a name which gives her the feeling that she’s in control and will be by your side no matter what. Some of these names do not have any back history, though, many of them are famous warriors, heroines, and goddesses.

  • Amelia — named after the famous Amelia Earhart, American pilot who was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was known for her bravery and adventurous spirit.

  • Aphrodite — the Greek goddess of love, victory, beauty, and pleasure. Though she is beautiful and loving, she is fierce.

  • Cleopatra — the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Though she was a strong leader, she was extremely complex, tactical, and seductive.

  • Dakota – meaning “friends or allies.”

  • Elise – meaning “the vow of God.”

  • Elizabeth — if your dog has more of a regal charm to her, then naming her after the elegant yet strong Elizabeth, the Queen of England, is appropriate.

  • Harriette – meaning “mighty ruler.”

  • Helen — named after Helen of Troy, she was the Queen of Sparta. One of the most beautiful women in the world who was said to be the cause of the Trojan War.

  • Hera — if you’re a fan of Greek mythology, then you’ll know that Hera is Zeus’ wife and sister.

  • Joan — after Joan of Arc, a French national heroine who led the French army to victory over the English.

  • Judy — one of the most well-known female military dogs, Judy served the Royal Navy. This holds not only history but honor.

  • Juliet — we all know Shakespeare. Juliet was the daughter of a Capulet who fell in love with a Montague. Both families had a blood feud between them.

  • Justice — if your dog is serving in the military, well, there’s a reason why — justice!

  • Liberty — the Roman goddess who embodied liberty.

  • Missile — she’s quick, she’s fast thinking, and she’ll tackle anything in her path.

  • Portia — the heroine in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. She was beautiful and extremely intelligent.

  • Rosa — a hero to many African Americans and women, she was known as ‘the first lady of civil rights’ and the ‘mother of the freedom movement.’ A name with honor and everlasting respect.

  • Sabi — this name originated from an Australian special forces explosive detection dog who went missing in Afghanistan during service.

  • Savannah

  • Shiba — named after the Queen of Sheba. She’s warm, very intelligent, yet there’s a little darkness in her. In essence, she held feminine power.

  • Venus — not only a planet, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She’s the Roman counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite.

  • Wilhelmina — the Queen of the Netherlands, her name means ‘willing to protect.’

Wrap Up

Let’s face it; dogs are man’s best friends. When your puppy enters your home, things will never be the same. You now have the immense responsibility of training them and showing them love and affection.

Military dogs are no different. They need to be trained and also given companionship. With that being said, though your military dog is your friend, they’re going to be in charge of much more heavier responsibilities than sleeping on the couch.

If you’re training your dog for military service, then you’re already aware of the responsibilities and challenges that lay ahead of them. Only 50% of dogs being trained for military service actually make it into the army, so there’s a lot of pressure. However, choosing the right name for your dog can already put you one step ahead.

Image showing a Retired Military Dog

Not only do you want a name which suits them, but you want a name that they’ll quickly respond to since you’ll be using it during training. This is why choosing a name is so important for you and your dog as you need a name which will get their attention.

We talked about the characteristics of military dogs and provided you with a list of male and female military dog name. The names we listed above can be given to your dog even if you never intended to sign them up for duty. Any domestic puppy also deserves those names for being so loyal. Now, when it comes to picking the name, this is now in your hands.

Military dog running through a water

When deciding on a name, take your time and choose a couple of names that you like. If your dog isn’t responding to one name after a couple of days, try another one and see if anything changes. Remember, this is the name they’ll have for life, so make sure you and your dog like it.

Do you already have a military dog? What do you think is a good military dog name? We’re sure there are many that didn’t make it to this list, so let us know in the comment section below!

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