Mastiff Dog Names: Dogs with Big Personalities

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Do you love big breeds? We all know the answer to that since you brought home a Mastiff. Though your Mastiff is still a pup, you’re finding out that their personality is as big as their body. This breed is not only one of the largest, but their personalities definitely match their size. As your pup continues to grow, you’ll see their personality shine. Well, since they’re a pup, it’s a good time to look for Mastiff dog names.

The Mastiff names we’ve come up with focus on accentuating both their large size and soft side. The best part is this breed is a gentle giant and wants nothing more than to hang out with their family, making sure they’re safe and sound. We’ve got plenty of names that are perfect for your lovable big dog.

While going through the lists, make sure you write down the names that really pop out at you as these are the names that you’re drawn to. Once you have your favorite names written down, then test those names out on your pup to see which one they respond best to.

In this article, we’ve done the work for you and come up with some of the best Mastiff dog names. You’ll see that the names are divided into female and male categories, but we recommend you take a look at both categories as some names are unisex.

Female Mastiff Dog Names

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She’s a big girl full of personality. Most people would be scared to handle her, but she’s not a problem for you. You managed to find her sweet spot. She loves lounging on the couch while watching Netflix with you, and when you’re too tired to go for a walk, she doesn’t mind spending the day by your side.

  • Angel: if you could describe an angel, you would describe your pup. She’s sweet, she’s angelic, and she brings calmness to your life.

  • Bella: your pup is the most beautiful girl you’ve seen. Well, in Italian, Belle means ‘beautiful,’ which is exactly what your pup is.

  • Boda: inspired by Angrboda from Greek mythology. She’s a giantess, and she’s also the wife of Loki. This is a unique name, and at the same time, it’s easy to pronounce.

  • Big Bertha: if you want to play upon her size, then this is the perfect name for you. Big Bertha makes her the mama of the house; it’s a name of pride and size.

  • Daisy: even though your girl is big, that doesn’t mean she’s not a delicate and sensitive soul. If anything, she has a bigger heart than anyone else. Daisy is a delicate flower and would be a touching name for your girl.

  • Delilah: it means ‘weakened another’; whenever someone meets your pup, they fall in love with her. What can we say? Your girl has the power to bring people to their knees.

  • Duchess: your girl walks as if she’s a royal heir. She has her nose in the air and doesn’t give her attention to just any dog. You’re starting to think maybe she has noble blood.

  • Gracie: she’s a big girl, but when you see her run around, she has a sort of grace that you didn’t think big dogs could have. But she’s a real lady.

  • Hera: the minute you brought your new pup home, she put her paw down and showed you who’s running the house. Well, Hera is the wife of Zeus, the ruler of all gods. Though Zeus may have been the ruler of all gods, she was the definitely the one who wore the pants in the house.

  • Honey: what more can we say about this name? She’s the sweetest dog you’ve ever seen.

  • Lily: your girl may be big, but she’s also elegant and dainty like a flower. Lily is a sweet and gentle name for a big and beautiful Mastiff.

  • Lucinda: this name means ‘light,’ and the moment you saw her, your world became even brighter than before. She lit up your world, and it’ll never be the same.

  • Luna: this name means ‘moon.’ Though its meaning is symbolic, it’s also an extremely feminine and elegant name for a big girl.

  • Mandy: this name means ‘loved,’ and it couldn’t be more accurate to how you feel for your girl. She has the biggest spot in your heart and your love for her grows every day.

  • Missy: your girl’s personality is full of sass. Not only is she big, but she has an opinion, and she’s never afraid to let you know how she feels. Didn’t get her a treat for being a good girl? She may chew your slippers up as payback.

  • Peaches: we all know what peaches are. They’re delicious! They’re super sweet, tasty, and get your hands all sticky. Well, that sounds more like your girl than a peach, right?

  • Precious: this means ‘dear one,’ and when it comes to your pup, she’s the dearest thing to your heart. Since she came into your life, she’s become the most precious thing to you.

  • Princess: she’s the daughter of the king and feels that she’s entitled to everything. Your girl loves a luxurious life and has no problem telling you.

  • Priscilla: this means ‘ancient.’ Now, maybe you rescued an older Mastiff, and you want to give her a new name, a fresh name for her new life. Priscilla is a great name and, well, since it’s for an older girl, it’ll suit her perfectly.

  • Rose: if you’re a fan of flowers, then you’ll love this name. Rose is incredibly soft and sweet—a name which would be perfect for a gentle giant.

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Male Mastiff Dog Names

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Your big guy may look like a tough pup, but at the end of the day, he’s nothing but a bunch of cuddles. He loves sitting on the couch, mostly on top of you, thinking he’s a lap dog—when he’s really not. But he’s so sweet and squishy, you can’t bear to move him. Well, it’s about time you picked out a name for him that brings out his sweet side.

  • Axel: this means ‘father of peace.’ Your dog may be the biggest guy at the park, but he’s the one that’s always trying to bring peace among his fellow dogs. He doesn’t want to see anyone fighting; he just wants hugs and cuddles.

  • Bear: have you seen a Grizzly bear? They’re huge! But you know the old saying, as soft as a teddy bear? Well, if your pup is a giant teddy bear, this name is perfect for him.

  • Beau: you’ve never seen a more beautiful dog than your big guy. He’s big, he’s strong, and his soul is full of love. Well, Beau means ‘handsome’ and suits him perfectly.

  • Boomer: this name means ‘full grown or large’; it’s the best name for a Mastiff, don’t you think?

  • Buck: this is the name of the dog in the book The Call of the Wild. It’s a strong and noble name for any Mastiff.

  • Capone: your dog is one big guy and always walks around with that tough guy act. He comes off as a little bit of a gangster, so why not name him after the most famous gangster of all time?

  • Chunky: your Mastiff loves to eat. Can you blame him? We sure can’t! Sure, he doesn’t mind going for a walk, but his real love is the fridge. He has a couple of extra pounds on him, but you love him regardless of his size.

  • Dozer: when your Mastiff sleeps, you can feel the whole house shaking with his snoring. Did you expect him to be a sound sleeper? No. But now, you can’t get enough of his snoring, in fact, without it, the house feels empty.

  • Grizzly: you know how big bears are. Your dog doesn’t match the size of a Grizzly. But in the dog world, he the biggest guy around and the sweetest.

  • Harley: if you have a motorcycle and love to drive around with your pup, then you have to name him after your favorite motorcycle, Harley Davidson. It’s big, it’s loud, and it’s strong.

  • Hulk: if you’ve watched superhero movies or read comic books, then you know who the Hulk is. He’s a man/monster that’s big and green. He can tear through anything, including his dinner, so you better be ready.

  • Jaws: since you’ve brought him home, you’ve noticed how big his appetite is. How much can one little pup eat! Well, the more he grows, the more you’re realizing he’s similar to Jaws. He just puts whatever he can into his mouth.

  • Jumbo: he’s a big guy with floppy ears; it gives slight elephant vibes, don’t you think? Jumbo is certainly a goofy and quirky name for a dog with a young soul.

  • King: this means ‘the ruler,’ and when your pup is at the dog park, he owns it. He makes himself the king of the park. When he’s at home, he’s the king of the house. Actually, now that you think about it, he’s the king.

  • Max: this name means ‘the greatest,’ and it’s pretty fitting for your pup, right? He’s the greatest dog to ever come into your life, and you can’t get enough of him.

  • Moose: if you’ve seen one in real life, you’ll be astounded with their size—they’re huge! Moose is a cute, quirky, and strong name for your Mastiff pup.

  • Oscar: your pup is a little moody; well, actually, he’s just a grumpy guy. But you still love him. Why not name him after Oscar from Sesame Street?

  • Rocky: you’ve probably seen the movie Rocky dozens of times, but have you ever thought about naming your dog after this persistent and strong character?

  • Samson: this is a biblical figure known for his strength. And your pup is one strong dog. Whatever you give him, he can do it all. Pull, push, rip—he’s the strongest dog you’ve ever seen.

  • Spud: this is a potato, and can we just say how cute this name is. As he grows, the name Spud will make him look even cuter. Especially when he’s 100 times the size of a potato.

  • Thanos: your dog is huge and he has a mean glare. He only shows his soft side to you.

  • Tiny: well, we just love this name. Your dog is one of the biggest breeds—naming him Tiny is not only funny, but it’s also adorable. We just can’t get enough with this name.

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Wrap Up

mastiff lying on grass

Mastiffs are big dogs. Even though they may look big and mean, they’re really just giant drooling teddy bears. Mastiff names can be either super soft and angelic or can play on their size and tough appearance. The good thing is you have a full list of names to choose from, so don’t stress yourself out.

Remember, the best way to choose a name is to write down the names which catch your eye. Once you have those names written down, try them out on your dog and see what happens.

We know that you want to find the perfect name for your pup and this can definitely turn into a stressful task. But it shouldn’t be something that you’re worrying over. You’re already one step closer to finding the name for your pup.

When looking for a name for your pup, have fun with the process. Get the rest of your family involved and listen to their suggestions as well. They may be able to help you narrow down the names on our extensive list.

Do you have any cool names to add to our list of Mastiff dog names? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d also appreciate any other tips or suggestions. Next, check out our article on how to make dog food. Mastiffs eat a lot, and the food bills can quickly build up if you don’t go DIY every once in a while.

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