Maltese Dog Names: Cute and Trendy Names for Your Adorable Pet

Maltese Dog
Emily Young
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Owning a Maltese dog is one of the most rewarding pleasures in life. Maltese dogs are popular not only for their beautiful appearance and show-stopping manes, but also for their charming personalities. If you’re planning to get one, isn’t it just exciting to think about the numerous awesome Maltese dog names you’ll be choosing from?

Maltese dogs are simply adorable with their small bodies and beautiful white coat. You can’t just use any name to call your cute Maltese dog. Choosing the right name for your Maltese pet may be challenging, but it will be worth it. We’ll make sure to give you a comprehensive list of fitting Maltese dog names to choose from.

In this article, we’ll first talk about the Maltese breed and the common features of a Maltese dog. We’ll then give you some tips on things that you need to consider before you choose a name for your cute pet. Since Malta is so close to Italy, we’ll give you a list of Italian names you can choose from. We’ll also share with some fun and trendy name choices for your Maltese pet. Lastly, we’ll give you some tips on how to care for your precious Maltese pet.

The Maltese Breed — Knowing What Your Dog Is Like

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The Maltese is one of the most popular dog breeds. It is named so in reference to the breed’s place of origin, Malta, which is located south of Sicily. The breed is believed to date back to ancient times, with members of the royalty such as Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Victoria owning one.

Because of their playful yet gentle temperaments, Maltese dogs are excellent family pets. This toy breed is known to be both affectionate and charming. They’re usually small, weighing only up to around 7 pounds. Despite their size, Maltese dogs have a compact body. Maltese dogs move with a smooth gait and are sprightly in action.

The head of a Maltese dog is of medium length, with a slightly rounded skull. Their heavily-feathered ears are set quite low. The black-rimmed eyes of Maltese dogs are rounded, dark, and set not too far apart. Maltese dogs have a tapered medium-length muzzle, and their nose is black.

Maltese dogs are quite famous for their long silky coat. They don’t have an undercoat, and their hair hangs long and flat along the sides of their body. The American Kennel Club does not accept Maltese dogs with curly, kinky, or woolly-textured hair. The accepted color is pure white. Maltese dogs are low-shedding.

Maltese dogs usually have an aristocratic bearing. However, they’re actually adaptable and hardy. They’re usually very alert, and they can be fearless like a watchdog, albeit in a charming and adorable manner. They’re also agile, and they can be easily trained as they respond well to rewards.

What You Need to Consider Before Naming Your Maltese Pet

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You know your pet best, and you’ve probably noticed a particular character trait your dog has which could serve as a naming basis, but you might want to consider these traits as well:

  • Color. Maltese dogs are almost always pure white in color, so you may want to think about choosing a pet name that’s related to your pet’s coat color. In fact, names that are associated with the color white are commonly used as names for Maltese dogs, such as Snow, Cotton, or Blizzard.

  • Size. Their diminutive size simply adds to the charm of Maltese dogs. You may want to choose a name that reminds you of how small and precious your tiny white pet is. Examples of size-based names are Teeny and Minnie.

  • Temperament. Although quite gentle, Maltese dogs can be quite sprightly. And they’re playful and love to have fun. You may want to take your pet’s personality into consideration when you choose a name. For instance, you can choose a name like Sprite or Tinker.

  • Name Change. If your pet was already named before you got them, or if you feel that the name you gave them no longer suits their personality as they grow older, that’s alright. You can actually change the name of your Maltese dog on the pet registration. Plus, Maltese dogs can easily learn to respond to new names when used often.

  • Multiple Names. It’s alright to give your Maltese pet multiple names, and you can also include those names on your pet’s registration. This is actually a good idea if you’re not sure yet which name suits your pet better, or if you feel like the two names sound nice together.

  • Avoid names with the same beginning syllable or sound as other members in your household. If your child is named Harry, naming your Maltese Pet Hannah or Harold could be confusing for your pet since dogs usually only listen to the beginning sound or first syllable of a name.

Maltese Dog Name Suggestions

Here’s what you came here for. Check out our list of dog names! We have Italian names, inspired by the Maltese dog’s place of origin, funny and trendy names, and unique and cute names.

#1: Italian Names for Your Maltese Dog

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Italian names are excellent choices for Maltese dogs, simply because Malta is so close to Italy. Plus, Italian names do sound both romantic and beautiful. Here are several Italian names you can choose from.

AldoMeans rich; great for Maltese dogs because of their rich-looking hair and aristocratic appearance
AllegraMeans joyful; an excellent name for your sprightly and fun-loving Maltese pet
AlonzaMeans battle-ready; a good name for an alert and fearless Maltese
AmaleaMeans hardworking; because your Maltese pet is working hard to keep you entertained
AmalfiIn reference to the breathtaking Italian Amalfi coast
AngeloBecause your tiny white furball is simply an angel
AnitaMeans grace; a fitting name for a Maltese dog that always moves gracefully and elegantly
BacioMeans kiss; a perfect name for Maltese dogs because they're known to be affectionate
BambiMeans child; if you're always calling your Maltese pet your baby, might as well call her Bambi
BellaA classic Italian name fitting for a beautiful princess like your pet
BiancaMeans white; perfect for all-white dogs like the Maltese
CannoliA Sicilian pastry; perfect for sweet dogs like the affectionate Maltese
CarloMeans manly; great for male Maltese dogs
CatarinaMeans pure; because your all-white Maltese simply looks innocent and pure
CesareA noble name for an aristocratic Maltese
CiraMeans sun; because your Maltese pet shines like the sun
DolceMeans sweet; another excellent name for your affectionate Maltese pet
DonaMeans lady; because your precious pet is an elegant lady
DonatelloMeans gift; a great name for a Maltese pet that was given to you as a gift
EttoreMeans loyal; a perfect name for loyal dogs like your pet
FarfalleItalian name for bow-tie pasta; a fitting name if you're looking for a fun food name for your Maltese dog
Faust or FaustaMeans lucky; because you're lucky to have a beautiful pet like a Maltese dog
FlorenceA famous Italian city that was once home to numerous great Renaissance artists
GabbanaMeans creative man; a trendy name for your fashionable pet
GraziaMeans grace; a pretty name for your graceful pet
IlarioMeans cheerful; a perfect name for fun-loving Maltese dogs
Linguineanother fun pasta-based Italian name
LucioMeans light; because your tiny Maltese pet is as light as a feather
LunettaMeans little moon; because your adorable Maltese pet shines like the moon
MonaMeans lady; a perfect name for chic Maltese pets
PavarottiIf your Maltese pet loves to howl, you may want to name him after the famous Luciano Pavarotti
PeloMeans hair or fur; a great name for a dog that has an amazing coat like the Maltese
PrimoMeans first; a perfect name for your first Maltese dog
ReginaMeans queen; because your tiny Maltese pet rules your heart like a queen
RoccoMeans battle cry; a great name for a feisty and brave Maltese dog
RomeIn reference to the globally famous Italian capital
RomeoMeans pilgrim from Rome; a fitting name if your little Maltese has stolen your heart
RosettaMeans little rose; a pretty name for your tiny but adorable Maltese pet
SerenaMeans serene; because your Maltese pet is a gentle dog
TinoMeans small; a perfect name in reference to your Maltese pet's tiny size
ValentinoMeans brave or strong; if your Maltese pet loves to act as a watchdog, this will be a fitting name
Veniceone of the most famous cities in Italy
VivianaMeans alive; for your playful and lively pet
VolanteMeans flying; a great name for sprightly Maltese dogs
ZittoMeans quiet; an excellent name for Maltese dogs that don't bark much

#2: Fun and Trendy Names for Maltese Dogs

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Because Maltese dogs are quite playful and fun-loving, giving your pet a fun name will go well with your dog’s cheerful temperament. Here are examples of fun names that are fitting for Maltese dogs.

AnjoPortuguese for angel; a beautiful name for your little angel
AngelAn excellent name for your angel-like Maltese pet
ArtemisA pretty name for your goddess-like dog
AspenIn reference to the snowy mountains of Colorado, because your Maltese pet looks like a ball of snow
AvalancheAn ideal name for energetic Maltese dogs
BlancoMeans white in Spanish; a great name for male Maltese dogs
BlizzardAnother popular name for energetic and playful Maltese pets
BlondieA great name if your pet is a happy-go-lucky dog
BoltIn reference to the character in Disney's Bolt
ButtermilkBecause your Maltese pet is so small and cuddly
CarnationAn excellent name for any sweet white dog
CasperIn reference to the cartoon ghost character
ChalkyA fitting name for any all-white dog
ChampagneA classy name for your Maltese
ChardonnayAnother classy wine-based name for elegant dogs like the Maltese
CloudyBecause your Maltese pet looks like a puff of cloud
CottonA popular name for white dogs
CreamerAnother excellent name for all-white dogs
Cream PuffBecause your Maltese pet is sweet and cuddly
CrystalA pretty name for your crystal-white Maltese with a calm demeanor
DaisyA beautiful name for a white female dog
DazzleBecause your Maltese pet has a dazzling white coat
DiamondAnother dazzling name that's great for all-white dogs
DogbertA silly name in reference to the cartoon character
DoveA pretty name fitting for small white Maltese dogs
FeatherA cute name for your all-white Maltese
FluffyAnother classic name for fluffy white dogs
GardeniaA beautiful name based on a beautiful flower
GeloPortuguese for ice; because Maltese dogs have snowy white coats
GlacierA cute name for an all-white dog
IcebergAnother great name for any white dog
IvoryA beautiful name for your female Maltese pet
JasmineA pretty name based on a beautiful white flower
KayaMeans pure in Greek; because your pet is pure white
LightningAnother excellent name for energetic Maltese dogs
LilyAnother pretty white flower-based name
MagnoliaAn adorable name for your elegant Maltese pet
MarshmallowBecause your Maltese dog is so cute like a marshmallow
MilkyOne of the most popular names for white dogs
NimbusA cute name in reference to a luminous cloud
OpalA jewel-based name for your precious pet
PearlAnother excellent name for your treasured Maltese pet
PopcornA silly but cute name for a white dog
PuffAnother popular name for fluffy white dogs
QuartzAn excellent name for your fancy dog
ShimmerA beautiful name for pets with shimmering white coats
SiriusIn reference to the white dwarf star commonly associated with dogs, because your pet is the star of your life
SnowballAnother popular name for white dogs
SnowdropA cute name that's ideal for tiny white dogs like the Maltese
SnowflakeAnother cute name for a female Maltese
Snow WhiteBecause your beautiful Maltese is just like the Disney princess
SparkleBecause your Maltese has a sparkling personality
StardustAn awesome name for any white dog
StarlightA great cosmic-based name for your cute Maltese
SugarBecause your Maltese dog is the sweetest of them all
TofuA cute name for your tiny Maltese
VaporA cool name for white dogs
YukiMeans snow in Japanese; because your pet looks like a ball of snow. Here’s how you pronounce it: “You-Key”

#3: Unique and Cute Names for Maltese Dogs

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Maltese dogs are so cute, they deserve equally cute names. Here are several examples of perfectly cute names for your adorable pet. And we’ve added a sprinkling of unique names, too.

AnubisBased on the Ancient Egyptian God that has a dog’s head.
ArgosGreek literature's Odysseus actually had a dog named Argos
BasilMeans royal; because members of the royalty find the Maltese deserving of the honor of being a royal dog
BoMeans precious one; because your Maltese dog is extremely precious
ButtercupSimply because you adore your sweet little Maltese
ButtonsA cute name fitting for cute dogs like the Maltese
EzraA popular cute name for your classy but cute Maltese
FritzA not-so-common name for your unique Maltese
LaceyBecause your pet's hair is as white as lace
LolitaBecause your pretty Maltese has you wrapped around her tiny paw
OreoAfter your Maltese pet's black nose and white coat
PeabodyIn reference to your Maltese dog's tiny body
Pee WeeA cute name for a tiny Maltese
Polar BearBecause your pet is cute, white, and furry
PowderIn reference to the powder-white coat of Maltese dogs
PugsleyA cute and silly name for your silly but adorable pet
RoxyA sassy name for your sassy but cute pet
Sir-Barks-AlotA silly name for your noisy but adorable Maltese pet
SpeedyBecause your Maltese pet always speeds away after causing some trouble
SquirtA silly but cute name for your quirky Maltese dog
Teddy BearSimply because your Maltese pet is such a cuddly teddy bear

Caring for Your Precious Maltese Pet

Maltese Dog eating

Maltese dogs are quite hardy and healthy, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to do anything to care for your pet. Here are some tips to guide you as you care for your cute dog.

  • High-quality dog food. Your pet needs to be nourished properly. Hence you need to give them high-quality dog food. You can buy a commercially manufactured dog food, or you can make your pet’s food at home; just make sure you get your vet’s supervision and approval. Check out our homemade dog biscuits recipes here.

  • Prevent obesity. Whether you’re giving your pet treats as rewards of good behavior or giving them a home-prepared meal, be mindful of the calorie count and portion size. Some dogs are prone to obesity, and your Maltese won’t look as cute if they are overweight.

  • Daily brushing. Maltese dogs are known for their long, silky coat. However, your pet’s coat won’t always stay silky. Your pet’s lustrous coat needs daily gentle combing and brushing so that you can prevent tangling and matting.

  • Regular baths. A Maltese dog would need regular baths to keep her coat clean and shiny. Make sure you only use dog shampoo. Once in a while, you will also need to use coat conditioning products to ensure that your pet’s beautiful hair stays shiny.

  • Nails, ears, and teeth. Maltese dogs have fast-growing nails. Your pet’s nails need to be trimmed regularly. Make sure you remove any wax or excess hair that may have accumulated in your pet’s ears. Maltese dogs also need their teeth brushed regularly to prevent dental diseases.

  • Occasional exercise. On their own, Maltese dogs are playful and full of energy, so they tend to move around a lot. But it would also help to take your dog for an occasional walk, or you can simply let them play around in your fenced yard.

  • Use positive training methods. Maltese dogs are actually great at competitions; you simply need to be consistent in their training. They’re very intelligent, athletic, and talented, so they can be easily trained. Make sure you employ positive training methods. And don’t forget the treats for rewards.

Wrap Up

Maltese Dog puppies behind log

Maltese dogs are excellent companions with their elegant looks and playful personalities. Do you have a favorite name for a Maltese dog? Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.

If you’re a fan of Maltese dogs, you may also be interested in learning more about a hybrid breed called the Maltese Shih Tzu.

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