Little Dog Names: Cute Names for a Cute Dog

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Finding a name for a big, scary dog is easy. Names like Spike, Jumbo, and Brutus were specially created to fit fierce guard dogs. But what if your dog isn’t big or scary? What if he’s a teeny tiny Pomeranian? Or a cute little Chihuahua? While intimidating names like the ones we mentioned above could work in a roundabout, funny way, wouldn’t it be better if you could choose from a list of little dog names specially created for your cute pooch?

small dog wearing blue collar

Your dog is at a size disadvantage already, so you might be worried about other dogs or people making fun of him if you give him a cute little dog name. But remember, everyone has their own talent and their own path to take in life. Since being little is what makes your dog so unique, why not shout that out for the whole world to hear? Don’t hide your dog’s cuteness behind a name that doesn’t fit him because he’s awesome just the way he is.

We have come up with plenty of cute little dog names for your new pet. Expect to get the cream of the crop when it comes to little dog names on this list. Don’t believe us with all these talks? Let’s dive right in and meet again when all is said and done, then.

Little Dog Names by Gender

Going for gender-specific names is wise especially if you’ve just adopted a pup instead of an adult dog because their personality traits might not be apparent yet. We’ve got a collection of names for both male and female dogs right here. Most of these names are inspired by Disney movies because many Disney characters are exactly that—little—but at the same time, they are brave.

Little Boy Dog Names

boy chichuachua wearing bow tie

Male little dogs are just as cute as the females, and it can sometimes be hard for them to be taken seriously because of that. But we realize that your boy deserves a name that not just underlines his cuteness, but also how masculine he is despite his appearance. So here are some little boy dog names you should consider:

  • Aladdin – Inspired by a boy from a movie of the same name. Aladdin isn’t the biggest guy around, but he’s smart and agile

  • Bernard – Have you seen The Rescuers? This name is inspired by one of the mice from the movie

  • Bolt – We can never forget the little dog that made the movie “Bolt” a huge success. The dog has a heart that’s too big for his body

  • Buzz – Short for Buzz Lightyear. Woody’s best friend in Toy Story. He’s not very tall, but he’s certainly got a big reputation

  • Robin – Inspired by Christopher Robin, the little boy who stars alongside the bear in Winnie the Pooh

  • Dewey – A nephew to the infamous Donald Duck. He’s tiny, but he’s smart

  • Morty – Mickey Mouse’s nephew

  • Mickey – Mickey Mouse may not be all that small, but remember that he was created in the image of a little creature that you and I know very well

  • Mowgli – An adorable name in itself, it belongs to the little boy who’s the main character of The Jungle Book

  • Nemo – The little fish from Finding Nemo

  • Pluto – As small as Mickey Mouse is, it is interesting that he has a dog. Also, Pluto is the smallest member—or non-member—of the solar system

Little Girl Dog Names

white dog in blue dress

What can be cuter than an energetic little girl dog? Here we have some little girl dog names suggestions for your princess, and we’ve made sure that each and every name we’ve included is the pinnacle of cuteness.

  • Anjo – It means ‘angel’ in Portuguese

  • Artemis – A name borrowed from a Greek goddess, whom, despite being a slender female, is actually an expert hunter

  • Button – Cute as a button

  • Cotton – Elegant name for a little girl dog that has fluffy hair

  • Daisy – Always goes well with any white female puppy, no matter their size

  • Oreo – All Oreos are sweet, and they are also little bundles of joy. The same can be said for your dog. It would even be more fitting if she has white and black hair

  • Puff – Awesome name for a poofy dog

  • Sugar – A cute name for your sweet little dog

Uncommon Little Dog Names

How often do you see a dog that dedicates their life to staying cute and little forever? Dog breeds that belong to the “Toy” category are a rarity, and that’s why they tend to cost a pretty penny. That is why we thought they should be treated to some uncommon names. Before you go scanning for ‘Fido,’ we’d like to give you a heads-up: you won’t find such general options in this list.

little dog wearing pokemon costume

  • Aika – A short and sweet name straight from the Asian culture. To the Japanese, this means “little love”

  • Alexander – Now, you are playing a practical joke on the dog. The name is inspired by Alexander the Great, and your dog being little makes the contrast funny

  • Archimedes – Named after the famed mathematician and scientist. For short, you could use ‘Archie’ instead

  • Aspirin – Because your little, cute dog would be able to cure you of most headaches with their undying love and amazing energy

  • Balto – Know that by taking this name, you would be naming your dog after the famous canine that made the serum run during the time of the black plague in Alaska

  • Bandit – Works for a little dog with black eyes or one that is prone to being mischievous

  • Bonita – Those who understand Spanish will tell you that this means “pretty girl.” Of course, that points to which sex deserves the name

  • Casanova – Small dogs are very loving creatures, and they can be very jealous too. Let’s be honest; they deserve all the attention they can get. Starting to see the resemblance?

  • Cash – Cash can play a huge or a very small role in somebody’s life depending on their outlook

  • Chemmie – For the solid chemistry that you hope to build between the two of you

  • Cub – Let’s face it. The dog will remain little for a long time. Someone has to let it be known and make it stick too

  • Cupcake – Better suited for a female dog. Another way to let them know they are not getting to the big cake leagues but will still be sweet nonetheless

  • Dara –The Bulgarians use this word to say ‘gift.’ If your little dog is one, no matter the sex, the name fits

  • Diamond – Because no matter how little they are, they will always be precious

  • Fluffy – A great name for a small dog who’s got a lot of hair to go with it

  • Guess – When someone asks you what the name of your dog is, you can play a little (pun score!) joke on them when you reply with this name

  • Hercules – Way to make your dog’s reputation precede them in the neighborhood

  • Jack – Inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s just one pirate, but he’s got all these important figures scrambling after him

  • Pacman – Another name from a video game character, and a small one at that

  • Pokémon – Inspired by the popular video game. Perhaps your dog will evolve from a small Growlithe to a powerful Arcanine as well? If he’s going to stay unevolved forever, might as well name him Pikachu

  • Squeaky – Small dogs usually come with weak, high-pitched barks, especially when they are still young. Squeaky does make for a good fit

  • Sweet Lips – This may be a mouthful, but your dog would have the honor of answering to a name that used to belong to the dogs of the first president of the United States

Little Dog Names Inspired by Lord of the Rings

If you have seen the Lord of the Rings movies (if you haven’t, we think you should go binge the entire trilogy right now), you will know why we’re inspired by them (as well as the non-hobbits) when the topic of little dog names came up. Let’s get to the Shire and come up with some names now, shall we?

lord of ring dogs

  • Aragorn – The rightful heir to the throne of Gondor. He is also a mighty warrior and a ranger. Perfect for a hunting dog

  • Baggins – The last name of both Frodo and Bilbo

  • Bilbo – The hobbit who first found the ring

  • Frodo – The most prominent of all the little people in the story. He is often called the ringbearer and performs the noble task of destroying the ring

  • Gamgee – Samwise’s last name. It rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it?

  • Gandalf – If your dog is very white or grey, Gandalf is an awesome name

  • Gimli – A brave and loyal dwarf

  • Legolas – Although your dog won’t be trying archery anytime soon, that does not take away the natural keen eyesight he has. Same as Legolas

  • Pippin – One of the many cousins Frodo has. He’s kind of a troublemaker

  • Samwise – Sam started out as an ordinary servant to the Baggins and ended up becoming Frodo’s most loyal ally. In the same way, your dog starts out as a stranger and then becomes your best friend

Little Dog Names Inspired by Snow White

dog in snow white dress

The story of Snow White is never complete without mentioning the kind-hearted dwarves who saved her. What most people do not know is that the names of the seven dwarves as you know it is not the only version there is.

Over the course of time, the names have continued evolving. Here are the names of the seven dwarves that we know would go well with your dog too.

  • Bashful

  • Biddy

  • Blick

  • Blossom

  • Boss

  • Chamomille

  • Chubby

  • Chuck

  • Cornelius

  • Dexter

  • Diddy

  • Doc

  • Dopey

  • Eustace

  • Ferdinand

  • Fidddy

  • Flick

  • George

  • Giddy

  • Glick

  • Goldie

  • Gorm

  • Grouchy

  • Grub

  • Grumpy

  • Gurkin

  • Happy

  • Huckepack

  • Iddy

  • Jolly

  • Kiddy

  • Klutzy

  • Knirps

  • Lenny

  • Liddy

  • Lazy

  • Marina

  • Muddy

  • Napoleon

  • Naseweis

  • Niffel

  • Packe

  • Pick

  • Plick

  • Puck

  • Quarx

  • Quee

  • Querx

  • Sleepy

  • Sloopy

  • Smiley

  • Sneezy

  • Snick

  • Spanky

  • Terrence

  • Vet

  • Whick

  • Wolf

  • Woodie

Little Dog Names Inspired by Harry Potter

korgies wearing harry potter costumes

The majority of the cast from Harry Potter were all very little at the time the movie started. It was interesting to watch them grow on screen right alongside us, and we have come to fall in love with them.

Your little dog is also similar in some ways. They start out as a little bundle of joy, and they might not grow much, but they will still come to hold a special place in your heart. That is why it is just fitting if you pick a name from the cast here. If not for that reason, have you considered how magical and sweet these names are? See for yourself:

  • Cedric – Inspired by the Cedric Diggory, a noble, brave, and smart character. He died rather quickly in the movies, but he made a big impact

  • Dobbie – Inspired by the house elf

  • Draco – The name has a nice ring to it. If your dog is a little bit mischievous, he might be a Draco

  • Ginny – Harry’s love interest who later becomes his wife. The name would be fitting for a quiet, female dog

  • Hagrid – If your dog is small now but might grow up to be big and strong, this name is just apt

  • Harry – The lead character of the series. A young wizard possessing powers that he unlocks as he grows

  • Hermione – A loyal friend to Harry. Perfect for a smart, curly-haired, and rather chatty dog

  • Luna – A friend of Harry’s; kind of spacey. Also refers to the moon, which is considered ‘little’ compared to the sun

  • Millicent – This name made the list not because of anything remarkable the character might have done, but just because it’s cute. Starting with “Milli” makes it fitting for a little dog

  • Ron – Short for Ronald. Reward your dog’s loyalty and friendship with this name

  • Sirius – A relative of Harry’s who also happens to be a dog Animagus. If your little dog is black, this name fits even better (because Sirius’s last name is Black)

  • Snape – A friend who was under a disguise as an enemy throughout the course of the series

Little Dog Names for Techies

dog with a laptop

A single computer used to take up all the space available in a very large room, but today, as technology advances, high-tech gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller. Are you a technology-savvy person with a new, little dog on your hands? Trust us when we say we’ve got you covered.

  • Applet – This is a small application that needs another (bigger) application to run

  • Byte – This is one of the smallest units of measurement of data in a commuter system. Perfect for a tiny/little dog, and it also rhymes with “Bite”

  • Bit – No, this is not the past tense of ‘bite.’ It is another unit of measuring data, and a very small one

  • Chip – A great name for a male dog. It is ideal because chips are usually small as compared to the rest of the motherboard

  • Flash – Named after the Adobe Flash plugin. A hyperactive/ fast dog would love this name

Wrap Up

small dogs sitting together

We wish we could continue, but all good things have to come to an end eventually. That aside, something tells us you have already made a choice from the tons of names we listed up there.

Let’s know which one it was that caught your fancy. If you’ve been struck by a bolt of inspiration and you’ve come up with a name that wasn’t mentioned in the list above, please share it with us!

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John Walton

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