Lazy Dog Names: Fun and Cute Names for Your Lazy Pooch

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Emily Young
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If you’ve got a pup that loves your couch or recliner more than you do, then it looks like you’ve got yourself one lazy dog. For canine pets that love to lounge and nap more than playing fetch or going for walks, a name like Lightning or Blizzard just won’t do. Instead, lazy dog names will suit your pooch better, don’t you agree?

Not every puppy has the desire or the energy to play and run around. When your dog would rather snooze than chase after whatever you want them to chase, giving your pet a name that highlights their love for inactivity will definitely be fun for you and suitable for them.

In this article, we’ll first go over dog breeds that are known for their low energy and love of lounging and sleeping. Then we’ll give you an awesome list of cute and fun canine names for male dogs, followed by another excellent list for female canines. We’ll also give you some names inspired by lazy fictional characters.

Most Popular Lazy Dog Breeds

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These are the breeds that qualify for the title of champion lounger. They love to nap, chill on your lap, and just lounge indoors. They’re the couch potatoes of the canine world. And they’re all the more adorable for it.

  • English Bulldog. These big babies are one of the best snoozers in the canine kingdom. They love nothing more than just curling up beside you on your favorite couch. That’s probably because they easily get hot and exhausted, which is why they don’t like being active and outdoors.

  • Pug. Although quite playful and sometimes extremely hilarious, Pugs are prone to overheating and breathing problems because of their short muzzles. Thus, after a short stint of indoor frolicking, you’ll find your pet napping heartily on your couch. Because of their love of inactivity, Pugs are also prone to getting overweight.

  • Chow Chow. Who would have thought that the adorable Chow Chow is a lazy dog? If you’ve got one, you’ll soon realize that you just got yourself a cute rival for your favorite sofa. Chow Chows are actually sensitive to heat and naturally have low energy, which is why you’ll often find them just lounging in their fave spot.

  • Basset Hound. You would think a hound is an active dog, but the Basset Hound actually loves to just cuddle up with you and lounge around. You can make them move, but you definitely won’t break a sweat with their slow-moving bodies. Plus, their droopy ears and stubby legs do make them look like moving about is just too difficult for them.

  • Bull Mastiff. In contrast to their massive size, these dogs are actually extremely calm, low-energy, and laidback. The one thing that can make them happy is napping. They’d curl up on your lap if possible. Otherwise, they’ll be content just to sleep beside you.

Lazy Dog Names by Gender

When your pet doesn’t do anything but stay cute and adorable, then you’ve got one lazy pooch. Here are some of the best monikers for your low energy, sleep-loving dog. We have categorized the names into those for males and those for females for convenience. Hey, why make things difficult when it can be nice and easy, right?

#1: The Best Names for Your Laidback Male Pooch

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AlbanyInspired by a popular brand of recliners and sofa
AndyA cute laid back name for a lazy canine
ApneaA cute name for a pet that always sleeps and snores
ArionIn Greek mythology, Arion was a talking horse. But in scientific terms, Arion refers to the genus of slugs, which are extremely slow-moving animals
BarcaInspired by BarcaLounger, a popular maker of recliners
BarnacleA crustacean that never moves from wherever it's attached
BarneyShort for barnacle
BeavisOne of the laziest cartoon characters
BerkInspired by Berkline, another popular brand of sofas and recliners
BreakerAn excellent name for the dog that's always taking a break, even if he's not doing anything
BroyhillAnother popular sofa and couch brand
BubbaUsually used as a term of endearment, but it can also refer to a slow-moving individual
BubbyNickname for Bubba
BumIdeal for the pet that loves to bum around
ButterbeanUsually used as a nickname for someone who's big and lazy
Chill or Chillin' or ChillyPerfect for the pet that just loves to chill
CouchBecause that's your pet's favorite spot
CoucherPerfect for the pet that lounges on the couch all the time
CrashA great name for the dog that loves to crash on the couch
DallyBecause your pet loves to dilly dally
DawdleBecause your pet loves to be slow and waste time
DillyThe other half of dilly dally
DormantA great name for the dog that's always dormant and inactive
DozerPerfect for a pet that's always snoozing
DroopyAnother lazy cartoon character
DrowsyBecause your pet is always sleepy
EasyBecause your pet loves to take it easy
EatsA great name for the pooch that only wakes up when it's time to eat
EeyoreInspired by the slow-moving donkey in Winnie The Pooh
FiddleTo fiddle means to waste time or tinker with something
FritterBecause your pet's favorite hobby is to fritter the day away while sleeping
GeorgeWhat some people call a slow individual
HamShort for hammock
HammockA good name for a pet that loves to sleep a lot
HelixFrom Helix hortensis, which is what scientists call the white-lipped snail
HitchBecause you slow down if there's a hitch
HolidayBecause your pet always seems to be on a holiday
HomerInspired by Homer Simpson who is also known for his laziness
InertiaA synonym for inactivity, which is what your pet loves most
KingBecause your pet acts like he's the king of the household and you always need to wait on him
KoalaPerfectly cute, but also perfectly slow-moving
LaxBecause your pet is always relaxed
Lazy BonesSimply because your pet looks so lazy
Lazy BoyOne of the most popular recliner brands
LBIf you don't want to be too obvious about it, it's short for Lazy Bones
LimaxThe black slug is scientifically called the Limax cinereoniger—a good name for lazy black dogs
LingerBecause your pet loves to linger on the sofa
LoaferAnother term for a lazy individual, and one that perfectly describes your pet
LoungeTo lie or sit in a lazy manner
LoungerBecause your pet does nothing but lounge
LullAn interval of inactivity, which is what your pet seems to be doing all the time
MeanderTo walk here and there at a slow pace
MolassesA thick syrup; a good name for lazy brown dogs
MopeyBecause your pet doesn't move much and just mopes around all day
MoseyTo wander slowly, which is what your pet does best
Napper or NappyBecause your pet loves to nap
NodBecause you always catch your pet nodding off
NoodlesA fun name for a pet that stays limp and inactive all the time
Pokey or PokieTo be slow, which is exactly what your pet is like
RecessTo take a recess is to take a break
RockNot because your pet is as strong as a rock, but rather because your pet is as unmoving as a rock
RustyBecause your pet is always slow-moving
ShuffleBecause your pet doesn't walk or move—he shuffles
Shut EyeA great name for the pet that's always sleeping
SlackerBecause your pet loves to slack off
SleepyAnother excellent name for the pet that's perpetually drowsy
SlothInspired by the slow-moving animal
Slow MoA common name for someone who is lazy
SlugBecause everything that your pet does is in slow motion
SluggoA cute nickname for your slug-like lazy pet
SnoozeAnother cute name for your sleep-loving dog
SnoozerBecause your pet is asleep all day

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#2: Adorably Cute Names for Your Lazy Female Canine Companion

relaxed dog

AiryAlso means delicate; a cute name for a female pooch that doesn't like heavy and tiresome activities
AllayTo allay is to put at rest; a fun name for your pet that's always resting
BettyA cute name for a lazy girl
BreezyBecause your pet always appears relaxed
CalmBecause your pet is always calm—in fact, too calm
DaisyInspired by “lackadaisical” which means carelessly lazy
DreamyBecause your pet always has that sleepy and dreamy look on her face
DustyA great name for a pet that doesn't move much
IdleBecause your pet is always idle and asleep on the sofa
LacunaRefers to an interval, gap, or pause; because your pet is always on pause
LaneFrom a popular recliner and sofa brand
Lazy GirlThe female version of Lazy Boy
LGShort for Lazy Girl
LollTo loll means to lay sprawled about
Loose or Loosey GooseyTo hang loose, which is what your pet loves to do
MarshmallowA cute nickname for a lazy, fluffy pet
MellowBecause your pet is so laid back and mellow
MildIn reference to your pet's mild temperament
PiddleTo piddle around is to waste time on trivial things
SaunterBecause your pet doesn't walk—she saunters
SereneBecause your pet is laidback and calm
SiestaBecause your pet is forever taking a siesta
SimmerA nice name for a pet that doesn't seem to get overexcited no matter what's going on
SnorlaxA fat and lazy Pokemon character
SoftieBecause your pet loves to enjoy the good life—just lounging all day
StretchBecause the only time your pet gets up from sleep is to stretch, and then she goes right back to dreaming again
StrollFor pets that hate running around but love strolling lazily
ToddleBecause your pet always does everything in a leisurely manner
VacayPerfect for pets that act as if they're on vacation all the time
Wag LagA cute name for the laziest of all puppies—perfect for the ones that are too lazy even to wag their tails
WeekendBecause your pet is always on weekend and downtime mode
WinkyA cute name for the pet that's always sleeping

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Dog Names Inspired By Fictional Lazy Characters

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If you’re tempted to name your canine pet Garfield, after the world’s laziest cartoon feline character, go ahead and do so. Naming your pet after fictional characters is a fun way of highlighting your pet’s most adorable laziness. But there are other lazy cartoon characters you can gain inspiration from aside from Garfield.

Al BundyFrom the sitcom Married... with Children, he’s a lazy shoe salesman
BartlebyFrom Bartleby, the Scrivener by Herman Melville; if you've ever worried that your pet may die from doing nothing, then this is the perfect name for your pooch
Bill or TedFrom the Bill and Ted movie series, two characters who are known for their extreme laziness
EdFrom Shaun of the Dead, a character that sits on the couch all day long while playing video games
GarfieldFrom Garfield and Friends, one of the most popular cat characters and one of the laziest ones in the cartoon world.
Homer SimpsonFrom The Simpsons; the lazy and overweight father figure of the Simpson family
HypnosThe god of sleep in Greek mythology
Jeff LebowskiThe Dude—the one and only king of slackers in the movie world; a character from the classic The Big Lebowski
LotusFrom the lotus-eaters in Homer's The Odyssey; when you eat their lotus, you wouldn't want to do anything but just lie down and eat all day
Mary MusgroveFrom Persuasion by Jane Austen; a character that lies around and does nothing.
OblomovThe slothful main character in Ivan Goncharov's novel Oblomov
Patrick StarfishOverweight and lazy, Patrick is the best friend of Sponge Bob in the cartoon series Sponge Bob Square Pants
Sakata GintokiFrom the Gintama series, he is a highly skilled samurai, and yet he is also famous for being carefree and lazy
Shikamaru NaraA Naruto character who is known for his lazy tendencies and his attitude of going through life with only the barest minimum of effort
WimpyA close friend of Popeye, he's known for mooching off of his friends

Wrap Up

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When you give your pet a name that denotes laziness, it doesn’t mean that that’s all your pet means to you. It’s just a fun way of highlighting what you love best about your adorable pooch.

Do you have a favorite name for lazy pooches? Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us. We’d also like to suggest that you read our next article on how to train a dog to roll over. Perhaps your dog can’t be bothered to learn “sit” or “shake hand” but with “roll over,” they won’t even need to get up.

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