Lab Dog Names: Amazing Names for America’s Top Dog

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Emily Young
Written by Emily Young

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the United States and for a good reason. Labrador Retrievers are easy to please, easy going, affectionate and physically capable of many things. Hunters also love Labs because of their stamina and their abilities on land and water. It’s no wonder that many people are searching for Lab dog names.

First-time dog owners also gravitate towards Labs because they are easy to train, love to play, and excel in dog sports like agility and obedience. Labradors are popular in movies too. The Disney classic Old Yeller is about a boy and his dog who loved to steal meat. But perhaps the most famous Lab is Marley from the movie Marley and Me. It follows Marley’s behavior which ranges from getting kicked out of obedience school to destroying his owner’s house during a thunderstorm.

One of the most exciting things about adopting a new dog is finding the right Lab dog names. However, it can also be a daunting task. To make the task easier, we have some Labrador Retriever dog names that you can consider for your new pup. We have names for Labs with coat colors ranging from black to yellow and silver. In case you’re not interested in naming your dog based on their coat color, we also have many other options. We’ve separated them into boy dog names for Labs and girl names to make things easier for you.

Black Lab Dog Names

black lab's head

If you have a black Labrador, then these cool black Lab dog names will do your awesome dog justice! We’ll start with black Lab dog names male.

#1: Male Names

  • Bandit – bad guys are usually depicted as wearing black or have a black mask over their faces.

  • Blackjack – popular card game.

  • Charcoal – the fuel used for cooking.

  • Choco Chip – a yummy ingredient.

  • Douglas – very cute when shortened to Doug; it means “black water.”

  • Espresso – a very strong name.

  • Knight – a play on “night” but more gallant and dashing.

  • Kuro – Japanese for “black.”

  • Midnight – the darkest part of the night.

  • Raven — the bird from one of Edgar Allan Poe’s works.

  • Shadow – good strong name for a Lab.

  • Smudge – that black ball of fur who likes to cuddle in your bed.

#2: Female Names

  • Black Beauty – the thoroughbred horse that was famous during the Victorian Era.

  • Brenna – Irish word that means “black-haired”.

  • Cerny – “black” in Czechoslovakian.

  • Cinder – a blackened piece of wood.

  • Dusky – means “having little light.”

  • Ebony – a black hardwood.

  • Inky – very dark like black ink.

  • Koni – the black Lab owned by Vladimir Putin.

  • Licorice – a black colored candy confection.

  • Melanie – a Greek word that means “dark” or “dark skinned.”

  • Morticia – the character in Addams family who always wore black.

  • Onyx – a dark-colored semi-precious stone.

  • Sable – a small carnivorous mammal that’s valued for their fur.

  • Sadie – the black Lab who saved soldiers by detecting a bomb.

Yellow Lab Dog Names

yellow lab puppy

Got yourself a cheery yellow Labrador? These bundles of joy deserve yellow Lab dog names that are just as bright as they are!

#1: Male Names

  • Biscuit – for a cute dog you can’t do without.

  • Blaine – Scottish name that means “yellow.”

  • Brownie – another yummy dessert.

  • Butter – yummy condiment that can be used for your bread or for cooking.

  • Charlie – the character in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Dusty – can be a shortened version of Gold Dust.

  • Dwight – Dutch name that means “blond.”

  • Flavian – Latin name that means “yellow hair.”

  • Harry – the Sanskrit version Hari means “yellow.”

  • Lemon – a versatile fruit that’s rich in Vitamin C.

  • Midas – a character in Greek Mythology who was known for his golden touch.

  • Mustard – a well-known yellow colored condiment.

  • Popcorn – yummy snack.

  • Simpson – the characters in the cartoon the Simpsons are yellow colored.

  • Xanthos – sounds menacing but is actually “yellow” in Greek.

  • Yeller – Old Yeller was a yellow Lab.

#2: Female Names

  • Amber – a yellow or golden colored gemstone.

  • Blondie – what blondes are sometimes referred as.

  • Caltha – a yellow-colored flower.

  • Canary – a small yellow songbird.

  • Cheddar – a type of delicious cheese.

  • Daffodil – a yellow colored flower.

  • Giallo – means “yellow” in Italia. Can be shortened to Gia.

  • Gouda – delicious cheese.

  • Honey – food of the bees and humans.

  • Nana – shortened version of banana, a yellow fruit.

  • Naples – a shade of yellow.

  • Nelia – “yellow” in Spanish.

  • Poppy – a type of flower that is yellow in color.

  • Summer – season characterized by sunny weather.

  • Sunny – like a Lab’s personality. Can also be short for Sunflower.

  • Vanilla – contrary to popular belief, this orchid is not white but actually yellow.

Chocolate Lab Dog Names

chocolate lab puppy

In love with a lovely chocolate Labrador? These chocolate Lab dog names will steal your heart.

#1: Male Names

  • Forrest – Forrest Gump’s mom said “life is a box of chocolates.”

  • Hershey – famous chocolate maker.

  • Latte – a coffee drink that consists of coffee and milk or cream.

  • Mars – a food company known for their chocolate bars.

  • Mousse – a light chocolate dessert.

  • Peanut – chocolates with peanuts are very delicious.

  • Pudding – another type of delicious food.

  • Reese – the peanut butter and chocolate combination.

  • Snickers – is an example of a chocolate bar with peanuts in it.

  • Toffee – a brownish yellow confection.

  • Twix – the chocolate and caramel coated biscuit.

  • Willie – Willie Wonka owns the chocolate factory that gave away the Golden Ticket.

#2: Female Names

  • Amber – a light golden brown color.

  • Candy – cute name for a brown or chocolate coated dog.

  • Chocolat – pronounced with a French accent. It’s also the title of a movie.

  • Coco – the delicious chocolate drink.

  • Cocoa – the beginning of all things chocolate.

  • Cookie – tastes best with choco chips.

  • Fudge – a very delicious confection.

  • Hazel – a light to dark yellow color.

  • Java – another name for coffee.

  • Lady Godiva – the inspiration for Belgian chocolates.

  • Maya – the first people to cultivate and harvest the cocoa plant.

  • Minnie – she made the famous chocolate pie in the movie and book titled “The Help.”

  • Mocha – chocolate coffee flavor.

  • Praline – confectionary that contains sugar and nuts.

  • Pudding – a sweet treat.

  • Taffy – sweet, chewy treat.

  • Tootsie – a chewy chocolate candy.

Silver Lab Dog Names

Silver Lab Dog

Silver Labs are always so cool and ageless. You’ll find dog names for silver Labs befitting those aristocrats here.

#1: Male Names

  • Ash – short and sweet name.

  • Blizzard – a violent snowstorm.

  • Chrome – very nice name for a gray or silver furred Lab.

  • Foiler – from the word foil or to prevent something from happening

  • Ghost – very quiet and can appear suddenly.

  • Granite – strong and uncompromising.

  • Greywind – one of the direwolves from the TV show Game of Thrones.

  • Liard – another word for gray.

  • Mink – a creature known for its fur.

  • Pewter – a type of alloy.

  • Silver – in reference to their silver coats.

  • Smokey – silent and silvery.

  • Sooty – residue from the chimney.

#2: Female Names

  • Cinereous – also known as the color ash gray.

  • Comet – a heavenly body made of dust and ice.

  • Crystal – very pretty name.

  • Gridelin – a sort of violet-gray color.

  • Halley – perhaps the most famous comet in the solar system.

  • Monsoon – rainy and gray days.

  • Pearl – a very precious stone.

  • Pebbles – small stones usually gray in color.

  • Silverbelle – amazing name for a gray colored dog.

  • Sky – beautiful soft gray sky before sunrise.

  • Tinsel – the Christmas decoration.

  • Twilight – the time between night and day.

Other Lab Dog Names

brown lab puppy with a ball

Do you think your dog’s coat color shouldn’t define them? Then you might not find the names above suitable. In that case, we’ve got a couple more options for you here.

#1: Male Names

  • Alfie – derived from the old English word alfrid meaning “handsome.”

  • Brian – the martini-loving Lab in Family Guy.

  • Buck – for King Buck, the first Lab to appear on a postage stamp.

  • Buddy – the name of the Lab owned by former US President Bill Clinton.

  • Caleb – a Hebrew name meaning “a dog; faithful.”

  • Cash – for American singer Johnny Cash.

  • Cooper – for actor Bradley Cooper.

  • Cupid – the god of love in Classical Mythology.

  • Dillon – means “faithful.” Very apt for a Lab.

  • Dorado – was a guide dog who helped his owner down 70 stories before Tower 1 collapsed during the 9/11 attacks in New York.

  • Douglas – very cute for a dog when shortened to “Doug,” means “dark water.”

  • Dylan – after famous artist Bob Dylan. It is also Welsh for “son of the wave”; perfect because Labs love water.

  • Elvis – after the King, Elvis Presley.

  • Endal – was the most decorated service dog in the world.

  • Fisher – did you know that Labradors have webbed feet because they like to swim?

  • Gabriel – Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength.”

  • Gilbert – has French and North German derivatives that mean “bright” or “famous.”

  • Hobbs – means “son.”

  • Hudson – a river in New York. Perfect for Labs because they love water.

  • Hunter – Labs were originally bred as hunting dogs. Therefore, this name would suit him to a T.

  • Jackson – is based on John or Jaques which means “God has been gracious.”

  • Krypto – Superman’s Labrador.

  • Loki – the trickster god in Norse Mythology and the Avengers movie. For mischievous Labs.

  • Lucas – comes from the Latin lux which means “bright” or “shining.”

  • Max – the quintessential dog name.

  • Milo – from a German derivation that means “peaceful” or “calm.”

  • Noah – means “peaceful”; because Labs are easygoing.

  • Odin – the highest of all Norse gods.

  • Oscar – Norse for “divine spear.”

  • Scout – a great name for a friend who will love to go exploring with you.

  • Tahoe – derived from the Washo word dá’aw, meaning “lake.”

  • Truman – means “loyal one.”

  • Tucker – has French origins, from tout-coeur, meaning “all heart.”

  • Wyatt – means “guide.” Labradors make great guide and service dogs.

  • Zeus – the sky and thunder god in Greek Mythology.

#2: Female Names

  • Abby – a Hebrew name that means “bring joy.”

  • Adele – for the English singer Adele. It also means “graceful and noble.”

  • Arya – the fiercest and youngest Stark in the HBO drama Game of Thrones.

  • Bella – Italian word for “beautiful.”

  • Bindi – animal lover and daughter of Steve Irwin.

  • Bonnie – Gaelic word that means “pretty.”

  • Boo – the therapy dog in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black.

  • Brianna – a Celtic name that means “strong.”

  • Callie – Greek for “most beautiful.”

  • Cherish – to guard a precious treasure.

  • Cleo – shortened version of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.

  • Dakota – means “friendly” in certain Lakota Sioux language.

  • Daphne – was a beautiful nymph that was pursued by Apollo in Classical Mythology.

  • Dory – one of the protagonists in the cartoon Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Great name for a goofy Lab.

  • Ebba – “strength of an animal” in German.

  • Galena – “small intelligent one” in Spanish.

  • Gracie – Labradors can be graceful too.

  • Isa – German for “strong-willed”.

  • Jem – a play on the word gem.

  • Joy – for the happiness your dog brings.

  • Kaya – means “wise child” in many different cultures.

  • Kiki – something short, sweet, and cute for your Lab.

  • Lady – excellent name for a Lab who knows how to behave.

  • Lenna – Old German meaning “lion hearted.”

  • Maude – French for “mighty in battle.”

  • Mia – means “wished for child” in Latin. Nice name if you’ve wished for a dog for a long time.

  • Mila – German for “gracious” or “dear.”

  • Minerva – one of Hogwarts’s best professors and the Roman goddess of wisdom.

  • Moana – famous Disney character that loves exploring.

  • Nakhti – Egyptian name that means “strong.”

  • Peaches – sweet just like the fruit.

  • Precious – any dog that is beloved.

  • Sabi – an explosives detection dog that went MIA for 14 months before being recovered.

  • Sally – Hebrew word that means “princess.”

  • Sasha – meaning “defender.”

  • Sasika – has North German origins; means “protector of humankind.”

  • Serena – after tennis star Serena Williams. Perfect for tennis ball loving Labs.

  • Sophia – means “wisdom” in Greek because Labs are smart.

  • Sparky – a lively Lab.

  • Stella – means “star.”

  • Sweetie – Labs are known for their affection and sweetness.

  • Tandy – means “flower” in Greek.

  • Trigger – great name for a female hunting Lab.

  • Valencia – means “brave and strong” in Spanish.

Wrap Up

labs with different coat colors

The best Lab dog names show not only your taste and personality but your dog’s too. Choosing a name can be an intimidating task, but dogs need to have an identity. It also makes it easier for you to train them. Once dogs recognize their name, learning other new things will be easier for them.

Sadly, not all of us have a list of cool dog names. If you don’t have a clue as to what to call your dog yet, don’t worry because you still have a lot of time on your hands. Labradors are smart so proper training will help them recognize their names no matter what their age.

If you’re confused, give it a few days to observe your dog. This will give you time to figure out their personalities, what they like, or how they behave around you and other pets. Observation of their traits will help you come up with a suitable name.

Ultimately, the best name for your Lab is something you are happy with. It should also be something you are proud to call out loud in a busy dog park or even in your front yard. Always choose something dignified to avoid embarrassing you or your pet.

What do you think of our Lab dog name selection? Do you think you will be considering a name from our list? Tell us by leaving your comments below. Finally, check out our article on dog hip pain next because larger dogs like the Lab are known to be prone to developing this health issue.

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