Italian Dog Names: Puppy De Amor

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Anna Smith
Written by Anna Smith

With how prevalent the Italian culture is today, we’ve all fallen in love with it in one way or another—movie nights just aren’t the same without some pizza, and no one would contest the fact that Italian fashion is the vogue. Wanting to give your dog an Italian-sounding name isn’t strange at all. That being said, we know how hard it is to choose between so many available Italian dog names. Not to worry though, as we have taken it upon ourselves to source the very best, top of the cream names for your furry buddy.

For us, Italian dog names are a combination of three things: class, style, and beauty. The kind of diversity and uniqueness that Italian names command mean you’ll have no problem picking a name that fits your dog, no matter what kind of traits or characteristic he has. The deal is sweetened by the fact that the names would be unique to your dog. In a park where there are a bunch of Bingos and Spikes, your little Alberto would surely stand out from the crowd.

In this article, you will find a host of wonderful Italian names. To make things easier for you, we also tack on the meanings—that is in addition to making sure the names we put on this list are all easy to pronounce, go well with dog-training, and are appropriate for all audiences. Get ready for a ton of fantastico names for your dog.

Italian Dog Names by Gender

Is your beloved pup a signore or a signorina? Italian names tend to sound melodious no matter the gender, but there’s certainly a distinct difference between the two. You’ll find a comprehensive collection of names for both the broader and the fairer sex respectively below.

Male Italian Dog Names

Here we have some really masculine names with an Italian touch. Italian males tend to be romantic. They feel everything very deeply. Does that describe your dog? See if any one of these Italian male dog names catches your fancy.

Cane Corso standing

  • Alberto – Commonly used to refer to a ‘noble’ person

  • Aldo – Translates to mean a ‘rich’ person

  • Alfredo – If you are looking for a mystical name for your dog, this one just about does it; it translates into English as ‘the counselor of the elves’

  • Andrea – Not that you have any reason to doubt the sex of your male dog, but this name reinforces his ‘manly’ nature

  • Bruno – Means ‘brown hair.’ Guess what dog this name fits best

  • Corrado – A tough-sounding name that means ‘bold’

  • Dante – This has always been an awe-inspiring name—considering it conjures images of Dante’s Divine Comedy as well as the video game, Devil May Cry. It is said to mean ‘lasting’

  • Elmo – A simple yet endearing name, it means something/someone ‘worthy to be loved,’ which suits your dog perfectly

  • Enea – It might be hard to get to this level, but if your dog is the ‘ninth born’ to a mother, this name fits well

  • Enzo – The first name of Ferrari’s brand founder, the name translates to ‘Ruler of the House’

  • Este – Depending on the origin of the dog breed, this can be a great option. It translates to something/someone that ‘comes from the east’

  • Fabio – A hilarious name for when your friend asks about the meaning. In essence, you are calling your dog a ‘bean grower’

  • Faust – Not inspired by Dr. Faustus, because we know he is not exactly the coolest of people. Rather, this means ‘lucky’

  • Flavio – Should your dog have a golden coat, you could call him ‘blond,’ the Italian way

  • Giorgio – This is one funny Italian name for your male dog. It means ‘farmer’ in the language, and we won’t see your dog holding either a cutlass or a hoe anytime soon

  • Guido – An apt name for guide dogs since it translates to ‘guide’

  • Leo – We don’t feel the need to tell you what this means, but it translates to ‘lion.’ It would be a great name for a hairy dog breed

  • Leonardo – A small improvement over Leo, the name translates to ‘a bold lion.’ Not that we have met one that isn’t bold, though

  • Marco – What message does a dog in the house send to intruders? A ‘warning,’ maybe?

  • Matteo – Depending on how lucky you feel about adopting a new pup, you could want to name him a ‘gift of God’

  • Orlando – For the really brave dog breeds, a name that means ‘heroic’ is just apt

  • Paolo – Dog breeds that don’t tend to grow much can be given this name; it translates to ‘little’

  • Primo – If your dog is the first of the litter, you should give him a name that translates to ‘First Born’

  • Roberto – Translates to ‘fame’

  • Romeo – Contrary to what you must be thinking, this does not have anything to do with the legendary loverboy. It, instead, means ‘a pilgrim from Rome’

  • Sergio – Recall how your dog is always following you around? Does that not remind you in the least of how an ‘attendant’ would treat you?

  • Tino – Rhyming with Tiny, this is an Italian word with the same meaning

  • Tito – The opposite of the name above, this one is a match for ‘giant’ dogs

  • Ugo – Dogs have always been classified as ‘intelligent’ animals. Naming him that won’t be considered a tautology, trust us

  • Vito – For every vanquished, there has to be a ‘victor’

Female Italian Dog Names

Italian ladies boast an exotic, ethereal beauty. But don’t take them as fragile, because they can be just as tough as the guys. If your dog finds herself on the other side of the sex game, here are some Italian female dog names we find irresistible for her.

Dog standing on Venice bridge

  • Alonza – Got yourself a female dog of an aggressive breed? Meaning ‘ready for battle,’ Alonza is an ideal name for her

  • Anita – This name has crept into other cultures so much, people forget it’s from Italy. Before we get carried away, it means ‘grace’

  • Aria – A nice-sounding name for your dog, and it even means ‘melody’

  • Bianca – This one suits dogs with a ‘white’ coat

  • Bruna – Specific to dogs that have ‘black’ hair

  • Carmela – Translates to ‘garden’

  • Dona – Apparently, you can call your dog a ‘lady’ in more ways than one

  • Gemma – The first syllable should have given the meaning of this name away. Yes, its ‘jewels’

  • Leola – lioness

  • Liona — lioness

  • Maria – This name translates to ‘bitter.’ If you’ve got a pair of male and female dogs, you could pick Mario for the other

  • Mona – Also the name of a popular painting by Da Vinci, Mona translates to ‘mean lady.’ If you wish, you could opt for ‘Lisa’ instead

  • Octavia – You will have to work with the breeder to see where the dog falls in her family. Should she be the ‘eight born,’ you can rest assured that this is the name for her

  • Paola – For a ‘small’ female dog

  • Pippa – If you live with your dog on a farm, and you notice that she ‘loves horses,’ this is the name for her

  • Regina – Hear how regal the name sounds? You won’t be surprised by the fact that it means ‘queen’ then

  • Rufina – For female dogs that have a touch of the color ‘red’ on their coat

  • Serena – Just like the tennis star, the name points to a ‘serene’ being/setting

  • Sofia – You can spell this name in a number of ways on your dog’s vet card, but it would still mean the same thing: ‘wise’

  • Terza – If your female dog is the ‘third’ in her litter, she would be deserving of this name

  • Violet – It is not what you are thinking. In Italian, this word doesn’t refer to the color, but rather, a ‘flower’

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Common Terms

Affectionate dog Tresoro

The everyday vocabulary of an Italian can be very enticing to the ears of someone that doesn’t understand the language. That is because these people can make even the most ordinary of words sound very charming. We know your dog is charming too, so here are some everyday words in the Italian dictionary that work such wonders:

  • Amore – Means ‘love’

  • Bambino – This name sounds both cool and cute at the same time. If you were hoping it had a suitable meaning too, you should be happy that it translates directly to ‘baby’

  • Bellissimo – It is an Italian expression used to refer to something which is ‘really beautiful’

  • Cane – This literally translates to ‘dog’ in Italian. You will be naming the dog after his entire species, while still managing to keep people guessing

  • Cucciolo – This is a word that comes with many meanings. It can mean ‘cub,’ ‘puppy,’ or any other kind of baby from any animal. You can shorten the name to ‘Cucci’

  • Grazie – Your dog rewards your care and love with even greater love and loyalty. Such a friend deserves a ‘Thank You,’ and in a cute way too

  • Mamma Mia – We hear this term so often, many have started to wonder if real-life Italians say it. Let us be the one to tell you that they do, quite a lot

  • Piccolo – If you are looking for a name that would fit the little bundle of joy well, ‘little one’ sounds apt. We know your dog won’t be little for long, but you might as well remember the first moments and be forever fond of that

  • Tesoro – For a very affectionate dog, you could want to him them your ‘Treasure’

  • Topolino – In Italian, this term means ‘little mouse.’ Before your dog gets unhappy that you have likened him to a small variant of another species, let it be known that this is used in an endearing way in Italy

Italian Dog Names by Locations

Dog riding the gondola

Italy is a country with many historic landmarks, places with tourist attractions, and beautiful locations. We have sought out some of the best which can easily become your dog’s new name:

  • Como – After the popular Lake Como. Yearly, the lake plays host to wealthy families from all around the world

  • Florence – A beautiful city which also happens to be the capital city of Tuscany

  • Milan – This large city in Italy is not only known for its beauty but also its fashion hold on the world. A place of many beauties, you might say

  • Pisa – This is where one can find the famous leaning towers, alongside other important landmarks

  • Pompeii – This is the name of a place that is often used as a setting for stories of tragedy. Your dog is guaranteed popularity if he or she is named after a city that fell to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

  • Roma – The Italian pronunciation of ‘Rome’

  • Sienna – No, we are not talking about the Toyota-made car. We are talking about the location that inspired the name, and it is nothing less than an amazing city in Tuscany

  • Venice – If the culture of the city does not captivate you, the numerous canals and catacombs sure will. It is a city of both beauty and mystery

  • Verona – Situated in the northern parts of Italy, this is another one of the many historical sites the country has

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Famous People

Pug dressed as Julius Caesar

The history of Italy is one of the richest in the world. The country boasts an array of names that carry with them the pride of war generals, inventors, poets, painters, and writers, to mention but a few. Here are some historically-significant names that we feel your dog would love:

  • Augustus – Credited to be the man who founded the Roma Principate movement. He was also said to the first Roman emperor

  • Caesar – Inspired by Julius Caesar—one of the most celebrated war heroes in the history of Italy

  • Da Vinci – Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most gifted men to have ever lived. He was a painter, a scientist, a poet, a writer, and an inventor, all in one

  • Donatello – A respected sculptor who came from Florence

  • Galileo – One of the fathers of modern science as we know it, he is revered for standing by his research even in the face of death

  • John Paul – He served as the Pop between the years 1978 and 2005. Since the name is long and might not be easily picked up by your dog, you can choose either one of the two

  • Michelangelo – One of the most famous sculptors in all of history; some of his works still gather critical acclaims up to this day

  • Nero – Nero was the last emperor of the recorded Julio-Claudian dynasty

  • Raphael – A highly-respected painter during the time of the High Renaissance

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Food

Italian food pesto

Italian foods have made their way into a lot of cultures, and they are here to stay. That is why you can name any dog breed after an Italian food variant, irrespective of where they are from. More naming and less talking. Look at what we’ve cooked up for you:

  • Gelato – Italian ice cream. It is very addictive

  • Pesto – Italian sauce that is made with pine nuts, garlic, basil, cheese, and olive oil, alongside other ingredients

  • Ziti – Looks like spaghetti, but had a hole through the centre of it

  • Zuppa – This is an Italian word that means ‘soup’

Wrap Up

So, which one did it for you? Did you choose to name your dog after a popular person, or does geography hold more water for you? Maybe you went for the sex-based names. Either way, we know you have made a solid choice, because the lists of Italian names we presented above are so varied, it is impossible to not stumble across one that fits your dog one way or another.

Dog in Venice Italy

Now that you have them all at your disposal let us know which you finally went for. Did we miss any good Italian names? Care to share them with us? Don’t hesitate to write a comment in the box below!

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