Indian Names for Dogs: Say Namaste to the Best Indian Dog Names

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John Walton
Written by John Walton

Dogs hold a very special place in our heart. We have been together for thousands of years—fighting battle after battle for each other’s survival. For a bond this profound, you want everything to be special. When a new four-legged friend is about to enter your home, understandably, you would prefer to give the best and the most meaningful moniker to them; Indian names for dogs promise both.

India is a culturally-rich territory; the country’s language is full of diversity, and it is very widespread. According to estimation, about 400 million people speak this language. Now, even if you don’t technically speak the language, we believe that you will still find Indian dog names interesting and suitable for your dog—especially if your dog belongs to one of those rare Indian dog breeds that are little-known and yet all the more exotic for it, such as the Kumaon Mastiff or the Indian Spitz. You deserve to be proud of your dog’s unique lineage.

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Having said that, finding a suitable Indian name for your pup isn’t easy if you’re unfamiliar with the language—since most Indian words have several syllables and are difficult to pronounce for those sporting a US tongue. But you are in luck as we are here to save the day. In this article, we have canvassed a bevy of epigrammatic names from the Indian culture for your pooch.


Indian Names for Male Dogs

Make sure you pick a name for your male dog that would complement his personality and overall appearance. Choosing human names for dogs is the latest trend, but you can use other unique words as well.

brown dog lwith big eyes ying on his bed

The list we have created for you below contains many different types of Indian names for boy dogs. We hope that you would find the best fit for your dog here.

  • Adil: it is used to describe someone as ‘sincere’; a great term of endearment for a straightforward doggy

  • Ajit: a Sanskrit word that states someone as ‘invincible.’ Perfect for a champion dog

  • Ajitabh: conqueror of the sky

  • Akash: sky

  • Alagan: is your dog ‘good looking?’ If yes, this is the name for him

  • Alok: a cry indicating triumph

  • Amla: perfect for a ‘pure’ pup

  • Amrit: of Sanskrit origin, this word means ‘immortal.’ Because we all want our canine companion to live forever

  • Anant: eternal or everlasting

  • Anish: the ultimate

  • Apurva: unique

  • Arav: peaceful and calm

  • Arjun: the best name for a ‘white’ dog

  • Ashok: for cheerful dogs that are always ‘full of joy’

  • Bari: for dogs destined for ‘greatness’

  • Batuk: it literally means ‘boy’

  • Beta: son

  • Buland: elevated

  • Chottu: short (use it for a mini-sized dog)

  • Dakshi: glorious

  • Doga: a famous super dog from an Indian comic

  • Drisana: for dogs that are so cheery it almost seems like they are ‘sun’s child’

  • Falgun: for dogs that were born in ‘spring’

  • Gaman: journey

  • Gayan: intelligence

  • Hardik: from the core of the heart or sincere

  • Jani: loved one

  • Jaysukh: the pleasure of triumph

  • Kalia: the word means ‘black.’ Try it for a black pup.

  • Kalu: someone with dark complexion (use it for your black or brown canine)

  • Kanak: of gold (use it for a pup with golden fur)

  • Kaushal: resourceful

  • Kirit: if you think your dog deserved a ‘crown’ all of his own

  • Kumar: someone with a princely status

  • Kuta: this Indian word means ‘dog’; quite meaningful!

  • Laghun: a Marathi word that means ‘quick’

  • Laksh: this Indian word stands for ‘target or aim.’ Perfect for a hunting dog

  • Lalit: handsome

  • Lamba: very long/tall (a perfect name for dachshunds)

  • Lasaak: it is a Marathi word that stands for ‘dancer’; pick it for a playful dog

  • Layaak: a Marathi word that means ‘clever’

  • Loha: for dogs that are tough as ‘iron’

  • Mahavira: a great hero

  • Mani: precious jewel

  • Mitesh: someone with a desire to fulfill. Don’t you think this applies to all dogs?

  • Mohan: attractive or handsome

  • Nalin: lotus flower

  • Nikunj: for dogs that love nothing more than to frolic in the ‘garden’

  • Nimai: rich with light

  • Niraj: a precious gem

  • Nirav: calm or still

  • Nirvana

  • Paras: a wise man’s jewel

  • Parth: warrior

  • Praful: flourishing

  • Prasoon: a cute name for a cute dog that means ‘flower’

  • Pratyush: sunrise

  • Praveen: skilled

  • Preetish: the king of love. Where else would you find a name that seems to have been tailor-made for your dog?

  • Prithu: humane

  • Puranjay: victor

  • Purujit: the winner of love. Our canine companion became this the moment they set foot in our lives

  • Raftaar: speed

  • Rahul: ‘efficient’ hunting dog

  • Rohit: red

  • Ronak: for pups brimming with ‘radiance’

  • Safaid: white

  • Sagar: ruler of the water or the ocean. Perfect for dogs that like to swim

  • Sanat: everlasting

  • Sanjiv: for dogs that come from an ’ancient’ lineage

  • Sanjog: our dogs never lose their ‘faith’ in us

  • Santosh: satisfied or contented

  • Shera: for dogs that are brave and appear ‘lion-like’

  • Shera: use this name for a canine who is ‘brave and courageous at heart’

  • Shvetank: excellent

  • Siddharth: someone who has achieved all his wishes

  • Sikander: the Indian version of ‘Alexander the Great’

  • Subodh: a perfect choice for ‘intelligent’ dogs

  • Sukumar: even male dogs can be ‘delicate’

  • Sumantu: the word stands for ‘consultant.’ We all confide in our dogs, don’t we?

  • Sumit: best buddy

  • Taran: because ‘heaven’ is by our dog’s side

  • Tej: for dogs that symbolize ‘excellence’

  • Teja: the illuminated

  • Tosh: for dogs that inspire ‘a feeling of satisfaction or contentment’ in us

  • Tushar: for dogs that were born in the middle of ‘winter’

  • Uday: to rise

  • Umeed: hope

  • Vasuman: a heart full of longing

  • Vidvan: resourceful

  • Vishal: it literally means ‘huge,’ so don’t hesitate to use it for your Great Dane or other large breeds

  • Waghya: in Marathi, this word means ‘tiger.’ Waghya is also the name of a legendary mixed breed hound who acted as a guide dog for the sightless Chhatrapati Shivaji; the dog ended his life after his owner’s demise

  • Yashpal: preserver of reputation

  • Yasti: slim

  • Yogi: master of one’s own self

  • Zanjeer: a heroic Indian dog—known for his great services for saving many lives

Indian Names for Female Dogs

The Indian names for dogs female you have been in search of for your furry sidekick is probably on the list given below.

White Female Dog sitting on the grass and playing with a leaf

We have collected a passel of Indian words that is suitable for female pooches of all breeds.

  • Aaba: for bright and cheerful dogs that always seem to be ‘glowing’

  • Abha: lustrous beauty

  • Abhati: splendor or light

  • Abhilasa: desire

  • Acira: is your canine companion ‘fast or swift’?

  • Adhira: or is she ‘restless and impatient’?

  • Adhiti: abundance or freedom

  • Adrika: celestial

  • Advika: it literally means ‘unique.’ Because we all know that no two dogs are the same

  • Adya: forunparalleled’ dogs—be it in certain fields of study, or in your heart

  • Agrata: for alpha dogs that exhibit great ‘leadership’

  • Ahilya: maiden

  • Ajanta: a sacred Buddhist cave

  • Alisha: in God’s protection

  • Amisha: for dogs that never fail to be ‘truthful and righteous’

  • Amiya: for dogs that bring ‘delight or joy’ into our lives

  • Amrita: if we were granted ‘immortality,’ we would want to spend it with our canine companion

  • Anamika: ‘ring finger.’ It symbolizes a lifetime’s worth of devotion

  • Anandi: for ‘jovial’ dogs

  • Anju: someone who is close to heart

  • Anya: unique or different

  • Apsara: maiden with celestial beauty

  • Archana: worship

  • Arshia: heavenly

  • Arunima: the glow of dawn. A beautiful name for a beautiful dog

  • Arushi: red sky in early morning or dawn

  • Asgari: devotee

  • Asha: hope

  • Ashna: ‘friend.’ Truer words have never been spoken

  • Aslesha: a star

  • Atasi: a blue flower

  • Avani: earth

  • Bala: young lady

  • Bhagya: an Indian equivalent of ‘lucky’

  • Bhavna: for quiet dogs that don’t mind keeping you company while you’re in deep ‘meditation’

  • Bhoomi: earth

  • Bijli: lightning

  • Binal: princess

  • Champak: flower

  • Chandra: bright moon

  • Devi: goddess

  • Haddi: this short word stands for ‘bone.’ It’s a good pick if bones are your dog’s favorite food

  • Hetal: warm-hearted

  • Indra: rainbow

  • Jhilmil: shining

  • Jihan: cosmos

  • Jyoti: light

  • Kaali: for canines that are ‘black’ in color

  • Kahkashan: stars

  • Kerana: bells

  • Kirtana: a song to glorify

  • Komal: ‘something smooth and soft.’ Doesn’t this describe our dog perfectly?

  • Komala: ‘someone that pleases the senses.’ Because our dog is the prettiest in the whole wide world!

  • Krupali: ‘a person who forgives others.’ Because no dog will ever be angry with her master

  • Ladki: literally means ‘a girl’

  • Laksha: white rose

  • Lalasa: lovable

  • Lavanya: beauty

  • Maanikya: jewel

  • Magan: thoughtful

  • Manjula: amiable

  • Nandita: ‘someone who comforts others.’ Need I say more?

  • Neeta: ‘someone loyal or sincere.’ No better name out there for your best bud

  • Neha: beautiful or cherished

  • Nimmi: ‘someone with sparkling eyes.’ You might want to skip this one, though, because those puppy dog eyes are powerful enough as they are! Give her a name like this, and she will wipe the floor with you!

  • Niral: marvelous

  • Nitara: something with deep roots

  • Nivedita: in god’s dedication

  • Niyati: fate or chance

  • Phoollen: a name derived from ‘Phoolen Devi,’ a notorious bandit woman from India. Does your dog have one foot in the dark side?

  • Prama: ‘someone with great knowledge.’ She knows more than you think

  • Preyasi: darling

  • Pritika: loved one

  • Pulkita: happy

  • Rani: queen

  • Rasna: joy

  • Ridhi: well-being or wealthy

  • Riya: singer

  • Roshni: light

  • Rubaina: clarifying

  • Sagara: for dogs who love the ‘ocean’

  • Saheli: there is no better ‘friend or companion’ than our dog

  • Sahila: a great name for a ‘guide’ dog

  • Sajni: darling

  • Sakari: lovely

  • Sakti: power

  • Saloni: good looking

  • Sampriti: true love

  • Sanam: affectionate

  • Sanjula: wonderful

  • Sapna: a dream or fantasy

  • Sarika: this word has two meanings: ‘bird’ and ‘vocalist’

  • Seema: ‘boundary or restriction.’ For dogs that understand when to pull back

  • Sevati: for a ‘white’ pup

  • Sevita: beloved

  • Shaila: for dogs that like to climb up ‘a hill’

  • Shaili: for dogs that respect ‘traditions or manners’

  • Shanata: for dogs that symbolize a ‘sanctuary’ for you

  • Shandra: for dogs that are beautiful like ‘the moon’

  • Sheetal: for dogs that are like a breath of ‘fresh’ air

  • Shikha: for competitive dogs that always aim for the ‘top spot’

  • Smita: isn’t it nice when we come home after a long day of work to be greeted by ‘a face reflecting happiness’?

  • Sneha: affection or companionship

  • Snigdha: because our dog is always ‘gentle and nice’

  • Sona: use this term for your ‘golden’ girl

  • Sonakshi: someone with eyes of gold

  • Suchi: this word defines something as holy, truthful, or enlightened

  • Suchitra: eye-catching portrayal

  • Sudha: this word has several meanings: wealthy, pure, superb, and nectar

  • Sujata: for dogs that are ‘a well-mannered and decent woman’

  • Sukanya: attractive young woman

  • Sundara: beautiful

  • Sunila: for dogs with beautiful eyes that are a striking ‘dark blue’

  • Suprabha: dazzling or glittering

  • Supriti: true love

  • Surabhi: perfumed or fragrant

  • Surupa: amazing or wonderful

  • Sushanti: calm or peaceful

  • Sushma: sparkling or attractive beauty

  • Suvrata: a respectable lover

  • Swati: for dogs that shine like ‘a star’

  • Tanvi: young woman

  • Tarala: for dogs that are always ‘dynamic’

  • Tejal: for dogs that seem to have a certain ‘glow’ to them

  • Toril: for dogs with a nice ‘temperament’

  • Triveni: a location where several sacred rivers cross. It’s a great name that symbolizes a sacred meeting point

  • Trusha: this word is used to define a craving to drink something. Perfect if you always crack open a cold one with your best bud in the evening

  • Ushma: for dogs born in spring

  • Vida: wisdom or intelligence

  • Vilina: well-disposed

  • Yamini: night

Wrap up

Finding the best name for your pet requires you to follow certain rules. The name must flow easily off the tongue, it should be concise (no more than two syllables), and crisp; lastly it should not match with the sound of a command or some other pet or person in the house. Following the above-mentioned rules is the best way to protect your pup’s individuality.

black white and brown dog sitting up with his head in front of the camera

In the massive list of dog names above, we have tried to add the most practical terms from India. As far as pronunciation is concerned, you do not need to focus on the exact sound; simply utter it the way you feel easy or right. The name should come naturally to you; if it doesn’t skip it. After all, you will be uttering the word every day, so what’s the point of going for one that doesn’t speak to you?

Have you ever given an Indian name to your canine companion? Please share your dog’s naming story with us in the comments section below! Plus, how helpful was this article? Did it help in finding a suitable name for your cuddly companion? If your answer is yes, what name did you pick?

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John Walton

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