Husky Dog Names: Cool and Tough Names for Your Wolflike Dog

Husky Dog walking on the snow
John Walton
Written by John Walton

Siberian Huskies have a kind of irresistible beauty to them. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good because they never fail to become the center of attention and make us proud. Bad because if we call out to them with a ridiculous name while onlookers were enchanted by their graceful figure, the effect would be negated, and we could end up embarrassing ourselves. We know the stress that comes with choosing a name for your dog. In light of that, we have compiled a list of the best Husky dog names for you.

When giving your Siberian Husky a name, you will want something that is unique, tells a story, and makes your pet stand out from the crowd. Taking these factors and others such as trainability into consideration, we have come up with some great names for your dog. Not many names can live up to the natural exuberance and beauty that these dogs are graced with, so if you’ve reached the end of your rope trying to think up a suitable one, rejoice because reinforcements have arrived.

close-up image of a husky dog with brown and white coat

Drawing inspiration from the environment, the origin of the dog, some other cultures, and genders, we’ve made sure that this list contains a very even mix of names from different backgrounds.

Husky Dog Names by Gender

Both male and female huskies are equally tough and beautiful, but it is clear that some names are better used for male dogs while others are designed for female dogs.

Dog Names by Gender #1: Male

This list is for male Husky dog owners who do not mind considering name options from a general pool.

beautiful image of a husky dog with  white coat

If that is you, then this list is halfway to helping you choose the ideal name for your strong, masculine, and fierce-looking canine companion.

  • Atlas – Owing their ancestry to the frosty lands of Siberia, today this breed has become widespread across the entire world (atlas)

  • Chinook

  • Comet – A name that pays homage to the speed that a Husky can reach when running

  • Echo

  • Fable

  • Jericho – Name your pup after the strength of this ancient city’s walls

  • Max

  • Moose

  • Neo

  • Orion – A constellation of beautiful stars. While it is appropriate for any Siberian Husky, it would go best on those detailed with black and/or white

  • Smokey

  • Yukon

Dog Names by Gender #2: Females

After the list for male Huskies, it’s just right that we consider those designed for the females as well.

  • Akira – In Japanese, it translates to either ‘intelligent’ or ‘clear.’ It’s a unisex name that can be used for males too

  • Anastasia – Since Siberia is a part of Russia, what better way to name your female pup than by giving her one that used to belong to a famed Russian princess?

  • Astra – Means ‘star’

  • Celeste

  • Elke – Denotes a breed of noble birth

  • Empress

  • Espirit – Because Huskies have a tendency to be lively and witty

  • Genesis

  • Indigo

  • Kira – said to mean ‘shining’ or ‘glittering’ in Japanese, just like the fur on a Husky

  • Mika – if you believe that this dog is a ‘gift from God’ to mankind, let your dog know that

  • Sasha – Defined as “a defender or helper of mankind.” Having worked as sled dogs, and keeping the job of man’s best friend in the same vein, Huskies are truly a helper of mankind

Husky Dog Names Inspired by Geography/Nature

Huskies are native to Siberia. Due to their higher thermal resistance to cold in extreme places, they were employed to drag sleds in the place if other beasts of burden such as horses.

gorgeous husky dog in a winter enviroment

Their early popularity was achieved in places such as Alaska (another very cold region) where they were used to pull sleds. Taking a cue from these locations, and the kinds of conditions they are used to surviving in, here is a list of names that can help your dog stay strongly connected to his origins.

  • Alaska – A region that has a very high percentage of Husky dogs. They are used as sled dogs here

  • Alpine – European mountain ranges associated with very low-temperature conditions

  • Aspen

  • Aurora – Beautiful streams of light that occur in the earth’s atmosphere, and is mostly visible in high arctic regions. The keywords in the name are ‘beautiful’ and ‘arctic’

  • Blizzard – describes the conditions of the dog’s home

  • Dakota

  • Fargo

  • Frosty – Another play on a variant of an ice-cold region

  • Ice – Self-explanatory. This is a dog whose ancestors lived most of their lives running on ice

  • Igloo

  • Juneau – The name of Alaska’s capital state—another very cold region

  • Kenai – The name of a beautiful city in Alaska

  • Luna – The combination of white and black on the dog resembles that of the moon in the night sky

  • River

  • Siberia – This is the name of the native home of the dog. It can be used for both males and females

  • Sky – Characteristically carrying some white on their coat, this name is apt for both males and females

  • Snow – This name is unique for two reasons. Not only does it describe the kind of white coat Huskies have, but also the conditions of their homeland

  • Storm – A form of precipitation, just like the snow

  • Tundra

  • Winter

Husky Dog Names Inspired by Their Working Dog Status

All dogs are born and bred equal, but while other dog breeds were born in warm or tropical regions, Huskies o not have such luxury. Not only were they born in a very cold environment, but they were also made to ‘work’ to earn a living too. If that is not a strong, tough dog, we don’t know what is.

gorgeous husky dog on top of the mountain with his owner

For that reason, you could appreciate your dog (or his ancestors) for being able to hold their own against the harsh conditions of their environment by picking from any of the names below.

  • Athena – Greek goddess of warfare and craft. If your dog is both brave and resourceful, this could be a good name for her

  • Blaze – Sounds like a very cool and unique name for a lightning-fast dog like this. It also provides a nice contrast given the white coat present on most Husky dogs

  • Boomer

  • Fang – Because the dog is not afraid to bare their teeth to show displeasure at strangers and intruders

  • Grizzly – Have you ever seen a Husky dog growl? Entice them to do that, and see how this name fits

  • Havoc

  • Hunter – Aside from being sled dogs; Husky dogs will also get into the wild and hunt down their own food

  • Jet – They would not have been made sled dogs if they were not fast

  • Magnum – This is a Latin word that could be translated to mean either ‘the greatest’ or ‘the largest.’ An exotic name from another language

  • Major – Huskies are tough enough to lead other packs of dogs. Show them some respect

  • Maverick – While they work well together, Huskies are generally free spirited

  • Nitro – Again, another name inspired by the speed of the dog

  • Outlaw – A tough name for a dog that can survive in the wild, under very extreme conditions

  • Ranger – Considering the amount of ground a Husky dog can cover in his lifetime, you’ve got a ranger on your hands

  • Rebel

  • Rocky – Inspired by the sturdy nature of the dog’s build

  • Saber – Inspired by their sharp teeth

  • Thor – This name has a nice ring to it. It’s tough and easy to utter, so if you ever need to cry out to your working dog, you can do so quickly

  • Trapper

  • Walker

  • Wolf – Most Husky dogs have the same kind of body and facial structure as that of wolves. Their fur also helps make the impression complete

  • Wrangler

  • Zeus – No matter what kind of dog gets this name, it always seems to stick. Not to be used on females, though

Husky Dog Names Inspired by Game of Thrones

You thought we were going to run through this list and not suggest names from our beloved pop culture? Well, you were wrong. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you would not have missed the part where the children of the Stark House adopted some direwolves. That is a part of the pilot season of the series, and the direwolves turned out to be some of the most interesting animals we saw in the series.

They bear a lot of semblance to the Siberian Husky too. Their white coat, playful nature, free spirit, and toughness all remind us of the Siberian Husky. That is, not to mention their instinct to protect their owners/parents—as evident from the series.

gorgeous husky dog lying down near a camp fire

Even without looking for further points to draw from, it is certain that these two have a lot in common. That is why we feel the names given to the direwolves could be a great fit for your Husky too. Should you be a big fan of the series, that is a plus point for you.

  • Ghost – This was the direwolf that was picked by Jon Snow. He was the albino of the litter; his striking characteristics were further highlighted by his red eyes

  • Grey Wind – Grey Wind was owned by Robb Stark, and killed during the Red Wedding. Since the name is longer than we would recommend you to use for a dog, you could consider ‘Grey,’ Wind,’ or a combination to yield ‘Grind’

  • Lady – This was the direwolf with the shortest life, but she still holds a place in this list. She was the one picked by Sansa Stark

  • Nymeria – Currently on the loose somewhere in the Riverlands. This part depicts the character of undomesticated Siberian Huskies; these dogs are outlaws that can survive in the world on their own. Lest we forget, this one belonged to Anya Stark

  • Shaggy Dog – If the name is too long—which we think it is—simply naming your dog ‘Shaggy’ is just fine. Belonging to Rickon Stark, this direwolf is distinguishable with his black hair

  • Summer – the direwolf that belonged to Bran Stark

Foreign Husky Dog Names

Huskies are foreign to most of the lands that they are found in today. Thus, it is not out of place for you to consider a foreign name for your dog.

black-and-white image of a husky dog lying on the floor

We have chosen the best of the best, made sure they have a nice ring to them, are applicable to either gender and ensured that they would be easy to pronounce. Lest we forget, we also made sure the literal meanings of these names will be appealing to you and your dog. These names commonly have Inuit origins.

  • Atka – A good way to call your dog ‘King’ in a foreign way

  • Imnek – Another name that plays on cold regions. This one translates to ‘cliff’

  • Nanuq – Literally meaning ‘polar bear,’ this name fits well on Husky dogs that are predominantly white in color

  • Pukak – A beautiful name for a ‘snow-smart’ dog—likewise incorporating some of their history

  • Qilaq – Another way to say ‘sky’

  • Shila – Translates to ‘flame’

  • Sierra – Translates to ‘rugged mountains’—the kind of dangerous region that these dogs have managed to navigate for hundreds of years

  • Sikkoo – Translates to ice

  • Siku (Indian) – Also translates to ice. While it suits any gender, it is better suited for males

  • Suka – Appreciating the speed of the dog, this name means ‘fast’

  • Tongass – This is the name of a natural forest. Remember that the ancestors of your dog were no strangers to forests

  • Ulva – If ‘wolf’ doesn’t sound tough enough, we don’t know what does

Husky Dog Names by Colors

Before we put this list to rest, we thought it would be nice if you were able to pick your dog’s name based on the predominant color they have.

close-up image of a cute husky dog sitting in the sun

We have put together a little something for that instance.

  • Bear – Works for Husky dogs with brown and white furs

  • Cocoa – For Husky dogs with brown fur

  • Cupun – Meaning coal, it can be used for either male or female black dogs

  • Espresso – For dogs with brown hair

  • Grey – As the name implies, this is a good option for a grey Husky

  • Kanut – It means ‘White Geese.’ It is best suited for a white, female Husky

  • Mocha – For dogs with brown or golden fur

  • Night – For a Husky with black hair

  • Pepper – For dogs with brown or black hair

  • Rose – Since roses can be red, black, or white, you can name like-colored dogs after them. We believe it to be a better fit for female dogs

  • Ruby – For those whose dogs come with red patches on the fur

  • Shesh – Meaning ‘brown bear,’ the name is best suited for brown-haired dogs

  • Soot – Another name for a black Husky. Unisex too

  • Stripe – For when your Husky has a near-even distribution of different colors

  • Taffy – For dogs with brown fur

Wrap Up

After going through our list of Husky dog names under different categories, perhaps you’ve even managed to pick up more than one suitable name for your dog. If that is the case, then we are happy to have gone above and beyond to help you. Make sure you choose something you will be comfortable with—something that resonates with a meaning you would like to keep in mind for a long time.

husky dog lying down in the middle of the door

Did you find a good name for your Siberian Husky in the lists above? If you did, would you mind letting us know which one you picked? If you’ve got suggestions for us too, you’re welcome to drop it in the comments section below.

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John Walton

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