Hunting Dog Names: The Perfect Name for Your Perfect Dog

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Wyatt Robinson
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Before dogs were kept as household pets the way they are today, they first earned the title “man’s best friend” from the loyal way they accompanied veteran hunters on their escapades. Although most dog breeds today have been domesticated, it doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their instinct to hunt. You can let them stay true to their amazing heritage by thinking up cool hunting dog names for your new pet.

Your dog’s name is very important. Just like a human, the name should caption in essence who they are. The name of your dog is going to be the tool you use to get a response from your dog. Especially if it’s a hunting dog, the name should be short, concise, and clear so you can utter it quickly and get an immediate reaction from your dog in the heat of the hunt.

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So, in this article, we’re going to talk about how to name your dog and give you some hunting dog names to choose from. Even if you plan to keep your dog not to accompany you during hunts but just to guard your home, giving him a hunting dog name will make him sound all the more intimidating and reliable.

 The Best Hunting Dog Names

For hunting dogs, there are a couple of different categories we’re going to group the names by. These categories will help you break down the type of hunting dog you have, and we can then use some of the more popular names associated with their status. First things first, we are going to group the names by gender:

Hunting Dog Names by Gender

While female hunting dogs can hunt just as well as any male dogs, if not more so, it’s important to give them names that resonate with their gender. There are just as many cool femme fatale female hunting dog names as there are badass male hunting dog names.

Names by Gender #1: Female Hunting Dogs

She may be a lady, but while hunting your dog is fierce and quick. Thus, you’ll want her to have a name which represents that.

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We’re going to show you some female names and some unisex names which also work well for female hunting dogs:

  • Liberty

  • Dakota

  • River

  • Sage

  • Meadow

  • Willow

  • Dawn

  • Aurora

  • Xena

  • Shiloh

  • Sky

  • Dixie

  • Finch

Names by Gender #2: Male Hunting Dogs

It’s important that your male hunting dog is given a masculine name which gives them the sense of power and strength when on the open field.

Image showing a hunting dog

You want a name which will encompass the life of a hunter, and some of them would be:

  • Hunter

  • Bud

  • Gunner

  • Duke

  • Artemis

  • Colt

  • Beast

  • King

  • Sarge

  • Orion

  • Diesel

  • Kody

  • Benny

Did you find a good name for your hunting dog from the above list? If you didn’t, don’t worry because we’re far from done.

Hunting Dog Names by Personality

Perhaps you’re less concerned about your dog’s gender and more about their personality. While each dog is an individual and would certainly have their own unique characteristics, we’ve noticed that the personality of hunting dogs can largely be divided into two categories:

Names by Personality #1: Duck-Hunting Dog

By duck hunting dog names, we don’t mean that the dog has to be confined strictly to hunting ducks. We would just like to use ducks as an example because duck hunting dogs have to be extremely loyal and hardworking to be effective.

duck hunting dog with a duck in his mouth

Whichever sporting breed you choose as your hunting dog, if they are intelligent, patient, and has an endless supply of stamina like most duck hunting dogs, we’ve got a couple of names that can emphasize those characteristics:

  • Hawk

  • Drake

  • Zeus

  • Porter

  • Bear

  • Glock

  • Porter

  • Rex

  • Spike

  • Ryder

  • Boomer

  • Rambo

Names by Personality #2: Rabbit-Hunting Dog

Rabbits are extremely quick and agile. And so, by rabbit hunting dog names, we are referring to dogs that are quick on their feet.

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Some of these names really get straight to the point in showing their speed and sharpness:

  • Trapper

  • Chase

  • Dash

  • Bolt

  • Gunner

  • Finch

  • Jag

  • Maverick

  • Max

  • Boone

  • Jesse

  • Cash

Now that you know some of the best dog hunting names, it’s time you chose one which really suits your dog! Don’t rush. Take your time and choose a name which you feel reflects them. The great part about naming your dog is that it’s a lot easier than naming a child. You don’t have to worry about other dogs not accepting yours just because you named him “Fluffy.”

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However, if you’re still confused because there are just so many names to choose from, don’t worry because we’re not going to leave you to struggle alone. Below we’ve got some extra tips that can help you choose the best name for your dog from the options we have presented to you.

Tips on Naming Your Hunting Dog

If an important part of the name is the tone used when saying it, then why do we put such a strong emphasis on naming our dogs the right names? Well, the names we select are important because there is a specific rhythm to them. The name you choose will affect the way you say their name if you’re praising or commanding them. This is directly linked to their respect of their master which is you.

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As your dog will be a hunting dog, it’s important that they are able to respect you and respond quickly to your commands. So, there are some things you should consider before naming your hunting dog. Use these tips when coming up with a name for your hunting dog.

Observe Your Dog’s Behavior

Before naming your dog, take a couple of days to look at their behavior and get a grasp of them as an individual. Their appearance and personality can greatly affect the name you’re going to choose for your dog. So, don’t rush, take some time and get to know your dog before you name them.

Keep it Short

Dogs respond quickly to names that are easily said. Thus, you might want to pick a name that’s short and to the point. Try not to go over two syllables when naming your dog.

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Three syllables are too mouthy and can become confusing for some dogs. You want their name to be easily pronounceable by anyone who uses it. In addition, because they’re hunting dogs, you’ll want a name that you can easily pronounce and quickly call out while you’re on a hunt.

Stay Away from Common Names

You may think that naming your dog after you or your uncle’s dog would be a good idea, but it’s not. You want to steer clear of names which are already being frequently used around you and your home. This will only cause more confusion for your dog as they won’t be able to differentiate between their name and another dog or person’s.

rhodesian-ridgeback dog lying down looking far away

Stay away from names that sound like a command too. Dogs are highly intuitive and emotional, so they can easily distinguish a person’s mood through speech and energy.

Dogs aren’t able to understand their names in the same way we do. This isn’t their fault. This is simply because they interpret what we say to them through sound. What they focus on is the intonation.  You don’t want them to confuse a command with their name and wonder why you are calling out to them so agitatedly.

Stick to Sharp Consonants

This is a rule that can be used for any dog, regardless of their status. Male and female hunting dog names should stick to sharp consonants. Why? Hunting dogs are well-known for having an extremely sharp hearing. Dogs respond extremely well to sharp and short sounds.

springer-spaniel-running with a stick in his mouth

Thus, you want their name to start with k, t, d, ch, s, sh, etc. because these will help in getting your dog’s attention. Also, you may want to have a name which ends with a vowel—in particular, a long ‘e’ or a short ‘a’ such as Simba or Lola.

Test it Out First

Once you’ve selected a name, you’ll want to try it out to see if it’s the right name for your hunting dog. Are they responding to the name? Is the name easy to say? Does the name suit them?

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There’s no rush when it comes to naming your hunting dog. Plus, it’ll be permanent so make sure that it suits you and your dog. If, after a couple of days, you’re finding that the name doesn’t fit your dog, choose a different name and try again.

Pick a Respectful Name

You may think choosing a name that’s funny would be a good idea. However, if your dog’s going to be hunting, then you may want a name which is a little more serious.

After all, they’ve got a proud status that should be reflected in their name. Hunting dogs are bred to be extra agile, calm, and intelligent. Non-hunting dogs are also agile and quick. However, hunting dogs are trained from puppies to develop their natural hunting skills. Thus, if you want your dog to be a successful hunter, you’re going to have to give them a proper hunting name.

jack-russel with a lake behind him

Usually, when we name our dogs, we tend to give them human names such as Jack, Sampson, and Charlotte. Now, these names aren’t bad, but they tend to lead us to anthropomorphize our pets.

You end up believing that your dog is more human, giving he/she human characteristics which they don’t have. If your dog is a lap dog, this may be understandable to a certain extent, however, if your dog is a serious hunting dog, this isn’t what you want to happen. Yes, you can appreciate your dog. However, it’s different from treating he/she as if they were a human child.

Wrap Up

Everyone loves the arrival of a puppy. They’re full life and energy. However, you can’t call your new puppy a “puppy” forever. Once you have a new dog in your home, the one question that pops up is: What are we going to name it? This is important because as people, we develop a personal attachment to animals when they’re named. It helps us to create a bond with them.

Most of us can go on for months without thinking of a name, which is understandable. Naming a dog isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if it’s a hunting dog. If you’re looking for a hunting dog, you’re already aware of some of the best hunting breeds. Nevertheless, once you have your hunting puppy, you’re going to have to name it.

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Hunting dogs have a long history as man’s best friend. They are extremely loyal. You know that through thick and thin, they’ll be by your side. Also, if you have children, you’ll know that your dog will become their protector and friend. Such great dogs deserve equally great names, don’t you think?

Of course, we want you to find the perfect name for your dog, which means you’ll need to go through some names and see which ones you like. Don’t just pick one at random. Create a list of your favorite hunting dog names and then go from there. Choose a name which not only represents them but is also easy to pronounce and quick for them to respond to.

Above everything, you want to choose a name that you, yourself, is proud of. Remember, you’re going to be saying this name hundreds of times out in public. So, you want to choose a name that you actually like saying.

jack russel dog sitting and looking far away

We’ve told you the importance of naming your dog, what’s in a name, tips on choosing a name, and some of the best hunting dog names. Take your time when naming your hunting dog as that’ll be the name that they’ll have for life.

Do you have a hunting dog? What do you think is a good hunting dog name? We’re sure we missed some great names since there are just so many of them. So if you have any recommendations that shouldn’t be missed, let us know in the comment section below!

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