Hungarian Dog Names: The Mysterious and The Exotic

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When it comes to dog naming, it can get a little difficult to make up your mind about which name is the best for your pup. There is such a thing as too many options! But no worries, because today we will present you with the best selection of Hungarian dog names.

If you have a penchant for the exotic and the mysterious, then Hungarian dog names will be a perfect choice for you and your pup. Hungarian dog names can be sort of lengthy and seem difficult to pronounce, but we’ve selected only the best ones to help narrow down the options for you. Thanks to our wide selection of nicknames, you don’t have to worry about which one will fit your four-legged pal the best!

In this article, you will find the most interesting Hungarian female and male dog names. And for your convenience, we took the time to add the meaning of the name right next to it! So, are you ready to start looking for the most amazing Hungarian dog names? Make sure to keep reading to find the correct match for your doggie:

Female Hungarian Dog Names

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If you’re in need of a good Hungarian female dog name, here’s a complete list of the most popular names:

  • Abigél: This name means “my father’s joy.” If you’re the proud owner of a clever and cute female doggie, then this name will suit her perfectly.

  • Adrienn: This interesting name means “the dark one”; it is a mysterious and alluring name for a pup with black fur.

  • Aliz: This short yet sweet name means “happy.” Go for this name if you have a perky and bubbly puppy.

  • Biborka: This name is derived from Hungarian word bibor which means “purple.” Purple is the color of royalty, so it’s perfect for dogs with a noble bearing.

  • Blanka: This Hungarian variant of the name Blanca (which means “white” in Latin) can be a good way to name a puppy with a white coat.

  • Boglarka: Boglarka is the second most popular girl’s name in all of Hungaria. This interesting name means “buttercup” or “jewel.” This name is perfect for dogs with a shiny, pristine coat.

  • Bórbala: This Hungarian given name is the equivalent of the English name “Barbara,” which in turn means “strange” or “foreign.” Choose this name for female pups of exotic and strange origins.

  • Dalma: This name means “from Dalmatia.” This female given name is an extremely popular choice amongst Hungarians.

  • Dorottya: This name is the Hungarian version of the Latin name Dorotea, which means “gift from God.” Choose this name if your dog is kind and understanding.

  • Dszenifer: This name means “fair lady.” This name is also a variant of the name “Guinevere.” This is a good choice for female pups with a light-colored coat.

  • Emese: This name is commonly used in Hungary as a girl’s name and means “mother.” If your pup has a motherly and caring nature, choose this neat name for her.

  • Hanga: This short and unusual Hungarian name means “build.” Go for this name if your female puppy is chunky but beautiful.

  • Hanna/Anna: This beautiful name means “favor” or “grace.” Choose this name if your pup’s movements are full of grace.

  • Hédi: This popular Hungarian name means “the provider of guidance.” This can be a good name for a service pup.

  • Janga: This name of Hungarian origin and unclear meaning can be a short, sweet way to name your pup. This name will perfectly fit pups of all sizes and breeds.

  • Jazmin: Jazmin is the name of a flowering plant that belongs to the olive genus. This flower is extremely fragrant; it is a symbol of grace, elegance, and class. The name also means “gift from God.” Choose this name for perky, lovely pups.

  • Kata: The name “Kata” is the Hungarian version of the female given name “Katalin,” which means “pure.” Go for this name if your doggie is calm and sweet-natured.

  • Katalin: This cool Hungarian name means “pure.” This is a great choice for innocent doggies.

  • Kiara: This name has many meanings. From «bright» to «dark-haired» and «the first ray of sun,» the name Kiara is perfect for any female pup.

  • Kincso: This Hungarian name is derived from the word “Kincs,» which means «treasure.» Dogs are our treasure, so this name is a great way to reference this fact! This name, in fact, was created by Hungarian author Mor Jokai for his book “The Novel of the Next Century.”

  • Kitti: This name of unclear origin is thought to mean “fame and glory.” Choose this name for dogs who have their own Instagram accounts and have the potential to become really famous.

  • Krisztina: This female name is the Hungarian variant of the popular name “Christina.” This name is perfect for preppy, upbeat dogs.

  • Lotti: This Hungarian variation of the name Charlotte means “petite” and “feminine.” Go for this name if your beloved pup has these physical characteristics.

  • Natasa: The name Natasa is the Hungarian variant of the Russian name Natasha, which is traditionally given to girls born in December. Pick this name for your pup if she was born this month.

  • Szonja: This nickname is short for the Hungarian name “Zsofia,” which means “wisdom.” Choose this name for bright puppies.

  • Vanda: The name Vanda comes from a small, fragrant flower. Go for this name if your pup is tiny and has a colorful personality.

  • Vanessza: This name is the Hungarian variant of the English name “Vanessa”; it which was invented by author Jonathan Swift in one of his books. It is thought to be based on the name of a Greek goddess named “Phanessa,” which means “butterfly.” If your dog is beautiful like a butterfly, then this name will be perfect for her.

  • Veronika: This Hungarian variant of the name «Veronica» means «of true image» or «honest image.» It is thought that this name came about when the image of Christ appeared mysteriously without any explanation on a handkerchief. Choose this name for your doggie if she tends to appear out of nowhere.

  • Zita: This Hungarian name has many meanings, and they’re all extremely beautiful. In this case, the name “Zita” means both “young girl” and “seeker,” so it can fit young female puppies who love to play hide and seek, or are always eager to play catch with you.

  • Zorka or Zora: This name means “dawn.” Choose this name for a dog with auburn or orange fur.

  • Zsófia: This chic girl name means “wisdom.” This could be a great way to name an intelligent female pup. Does your dog belong to one of these smartest dog breeds?

Male Hungarian Dog Names

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If you have a male pup and would like to give him a Hungarian name, then fret no more. We have the best, most interesting, and extremely fitting names for any male dog of any size and breed, all of Hungarian origin, just for you:

  • Akos: This name possibly means “white falcon,” and it is thought to be the Hungarian version of a Turkish word of the same meaning. Choose this name if your dog is as vicious and fast as a beautiful falcon.

  • Attila: The name Attila is derived from the Gothic word “atta,” which means “father.” Mixed with the suffix “ila,» the name then stands for «little father.» This name can be good for pups who are from a small breed but are no less loyal and protective of their owners.

  • Balazs: No one knows for sure what this name means, but experts are sure that it’s the Hungarian equivalent of the French name “Blaise” (“deformed, stuttering”). This name can be good for a dog with particular physical characteristics.

  • Balint: This name means “strong and healthy.” If you want a dog who lives many years by your side, then choose this name.

  • Bence: This male given Hungarian name is derived from the Latin word “vencere,” which means “to win” or “to conquest.” Choose this name for competitive dogs who love to play with others.

  • Casaba: This Hungarian name comes from a type of winter melon with a hard, yellow rind, and delicious sweet white flesh. Choose this name for pups who are mellow on the inside but tough-looking on the outside.

  • Gabor: This name means “God is my strength.” Pick this name if you feel that this is a good way to honor this fact.

  • Hunor: This male Hungarian given name comes from an ethnic group that can be found in Hungary. Choose this name for dogs who prefer to live in packs and hate being alone.

  • Istvan: This name of Hungarian origin means “victorious.” Choose this name for dogs who like to win at everything.

  • Janos: This name means “God has shown me His favor.” This cool name can be a good way to call your pup if you’re religious and you’re thankful for having such a good pet by your side.

  • Kristof: This name means «Christ-bearer.»

  • Laszlo: This extremely ancient Hungarian name was also the name of the Knight-King Saint Ladislaus I; it means “glorious ruler.” If you have a thing for historical and old names, choose this one, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s perfect for brave pups.

  • Levente: This peculiar Hungarian name means “knight.” Go for this name if your dog is valiant and proud. Also, you can shorten it to “Levi.”

  • Marton: This unique Hungarian male given name simply means “warrior of Mars.” Choose this name if you love science fiction movies and games.

  • Mate: This short Hungarian name means “a gift from God.” Go for this name if your pup truly feels like a gift from heaven. Sometimes dogs are our saviors, so why not reference this fact with the name Mate? Also, it’s perfect since your dog is your best Mate.

  • Noel: This festive name is extremely popular in Hungary; it means “Christmas.” Choose this name if your favorite holiday is Christmas.

  • Sandor: The name Sandor means “defender of men.” As an interesting fact, this name was chosen by George R.R. Martin for the popular A Song of Ice and Fire character Sandor Clegane. If you love these books, go for this name.

  • Tamás: There’s a saying that every dog looks like his owner. If that’s the case for you and your pup, then the name “Tamás” (which means “Twin”), will be a perfect fit.

  • Zalan: This Hungarian name is believed to mean “hitter, thrower.” Choose this name for doggies who are active and like to play outside.

  • Zeteny: This name is of unclear meaning, but that doesn’t make it any less popular in Hungary. It is believed to have belonged to a famous chief who headed the Middle of Duna and Tisza. Choose this name if your pup has an authoritarian nature and behavior.

  • Zsolt: This old Hungarian name is derived from the Turkish word “Sultan,” which in turns means “ruler” or “emperor.” Go for this name if your dog sometimes behaves like a spoiled king.

  • Zsombor: This name of Turkish origin means «bison.» Perfect for big and strong dogs.

Wrap Up

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Hungarian dog names often sound mysterious, so if you’re looking for a unique name, you’ll definitely find it here. The names here are not ones you’ll often encounter at a dog park. However, remember that it’s best to keep your dog’s name short and easy to recall.

Hungarian names can be long and complicated-looking, but you can always give your dog a nickname. That’s a good way to build a deeper bond between the two of you.

We hope that with these selections of Hungarian dog names, we’ve helped you find the perfect way to call your new and beloved pet! Do you have other Hungarian names you can share with us? Leave us a comment about that and any other opinion that you may have in the section below!

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