Human Names for Dogs: Perfect for Dogs that Have a Unique Character

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Anna Smith
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Did you just get an adorable puppy? Does your new dog have a lot of personality and character, just like us humans? Maybe your dog is just like a grumpy old man, a chill dude, or a fancy diva. Perhaps they remind you of somebody you know. If so, you might want to consider human names for dogs.

Classic dog names like Bear, Spot, Buddy, Scruffy, and Patches are still very much popular, but kind of boring and don’t reflect your dog’s unique character. So giving your new puppy a human name might be a much better choice.

It is hard and time-consuming to go through thousands of human names to find the right one. That’s why we have decided to compile a simple list with all the best human dog names that will help you with this important decision.

Naming your puppy is serious business, and we want to make sure that you pick the right one. We have put together only the most interesting and unique male and female human names for dogs that reflect different personalities. You will also find an explanation on each name which is perfect for those of you who don’t want a random name, but one that perfectly describes your new puppy.

Male Human Names for Dogs

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So your new male puppy is already showing a lot of personality, and you want a cool human name to emphasize it even more. Some of these human names are very common for dogs, but others are not, which actually makes it really funny when you call your dog in public. So make sure to check out the quirky ones as well!

  • Barnaby: A very old-fashioned, but unique-sounding name which means “son of consolation.” It is the name of the hero from the Dickens’s famous book Barnaby Rudge. A great name for a dog that’s an old soul and is quite intelligent.

  • Burt Reynolds: Since you’re giving your dog a human name, why not make it a famous human name? Burt Reynolds is a great actor famous for his roles in western TV shows and movies, especially the movie Deliverance. He was also considered to be a sex symbol in the 70s and 80s, so if your dog has that old-school swag, name him after this famous movie star!

  • Byron: This is not a very common name in modern times, but it sounds very poetic and even royal. As you might know, Lord Byron was a famous 19th-century poet and British nobleman. If your dog’s mannerisms are very elegant and he’s noble and smart, Byron is a great choice!

  • Cecil: Granted, this is a very funny name to give to a dog, but that’s the beauty of it. Human names given to dogs are often very humorous which makes it even more fun to call your dog in public. And some dogs just look like a Cecil.

  • Cooper: This is a human name that’s actually quite often given to dogs because it’s actually a great dog name as well. A dog named Cooper is confident, handsome, and fast. Plus, you can call him Coop for short. Perhaps you also have a friend or a co-worker named Cooper that your dog is really similar to in some way.

  • Douglas: A slightly old-fashioned name that is great for an older dog that you adopted or rescued. A dog named Douglas might have cute salt and pepper hair and be a bit on the serious side. You could also call him Doug for short.

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: If you love naming your dogs after celebrities, then this is a very cool and funny choice. We all know The Rock as a famous actor and wrestler with an impressive physique. This might be a great name for a strong and muscly Bulldog. Just for fun, you can call your dog by his full name, but Dwayne, Rock, Rocky, and Johnson also work great.

  • Floyd: This name is great because it has many different meanings and references. The actual meaning of the name is “grey-haired,” and Floyd is also a guitar part and is in the name of a famous band called Pink Floyd. The most famous celebrity with this name is Floyd Mayweather, a professional boxer. So if you have a grey-haired Boxer puppy who loves music, you now know what to name him!

  • Geoffrey: There is something just so cute and funny about a dog named Geoffrey, especially if he’s very tiny and hairy. You can call him Geoff for short.

  • Homer: The two most famous people with this name are quite different from each other. One is a legendary writer famous for Iliad and Odyssey, and the other is a beloved fictional character who’s famous for his lack of intelligence and clumsy behavior. So whether your dog is really intelligent like Homer the author or clumsy and funny like Homer Simpson, you got yourself a great name!

  • Hugh: This is a very popular and classic human name meaning “heart, mind, and spirit,” so why not give it your new puppy? There are many famous Hugh’s including Hugh Hefner, Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie, and many others. Plus, you can also call your puppy Hughie when he’s being particularly adorable.

  • Jeff: We imagine Jeff as a simple, chill, laidback surfer dude who likes to hang out on the beach and take it easy. If your dog possesses any of these qualities, this might be the perfect name for him.

  • Julian: Some dogs remind us of humans who are very artsy, sophisticated, and elegant. This is a dog who always likes to be perfectly groomed and walks in a very campy way. If your dog is anything like this, Julian sounds like a great name for him.

  • Kanye: A cool sounding, celebrity inspired name for your male pup. Kanye is one of the biggest rap stars in the world, famous for his eccentric personality. If you choose to pick this name for your canine, you can also have many nicknames for him like Ye, Yeezy, and West.

  • Marcus: This is another name that’s suitable for a dog who has a certain campiness and sophistication about him. Perhaps he’s a Poodle.

  • Max: A very common human dog name. It is simple and classic, perfect for those who are not looking for an over-the-top human name. Puppies respond great to this name, and it is a good fit for many different personalities. Maybe you also have a friend or family member named Max and your dog is just like them in some way.

  • Mr. Stephenson: Are you looking to a humorous human name to give to your new puppy? Then Mr. Stephenson is a good one. It’s one of those names that are perfectly normal for a human, but when you give it to a dog, it’s hilarious. Especially if your puppy is very tiny.

  • Nikola: Do you love science? Are you passionate about discoveries and the pursuit of knowledge? Is your dog very intelligent? Does he like to explore and learn new things? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should name your new puppy after the inventor, engineer, and scientist, Nikola Tesla, famous for his experiments with electricity.

  • Ricardo: Is your dog very flashy, confident, and constantly seeks attention? Is he very popular with his dog friends? If that’s the case, you should name him Ricardo. It’s a Spanish version of Richard and means “powerful leader.”

  • Salvador: A beautiful Spanish name that comes from the Latin name Salvator which translates as “savior.” Also, it is the name of a famous artist Salvador Dali who was known as being very eccentric and quirky. If those are the characteristics that describe your new four-legged companion, and you are also a big fan of art, you should definitely consider this name.

  • Sigmund: A bit weird and unusual for a dog, but that’s what makes this name unique and interesting. Psychology buffs will love this one because it is the name of one of the most famous and prominent neurologists, author, and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Maybe you also have a weird uncle named Sigmund and find it hilarious to name your dog after him.

  • Vincent: Are you an art lover and want your dog’s name to reflect that? Why not name him after the most famous impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh? Famous for his “The Starry Night” painting, if you like this name, you may also find our article on astronomy dog names interesting.

Female Human Names for Dogs

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If you want to further accentuate your female dog’s character and unique personality, definitely check out these awesome names. Our dogs are as good as family to us, so why not give them a human name?

Sometimes these types of names sound very funny when given to a dog; other times, they describe the mannerisms and behavior of the dog perfectly. But in both cases, they’re very unique dog names.

  • Adele: Is your female puppy noble, kind, and tender? Then Adele is a great name because it means just that. Plus, you might want to pay homage to the amazing British singer and pop star.

  • Amelie: Perfect human name for female puppies who are very feminine, gentle, pretty, charming, but also smart and intelligent. It is also the name of a character in a cult French movie Amelie. Those who are into French cinema or simply great movies will love this one!

  • China: This name is becoming very popular in English speaking countries, and it’s obviously inspired by the country. It has a nice sound to it and actually works great as a human as well as a dog’s name. Maybe your dog’s breed is of a Chinese origin, or you like the celebrity, Black Chyna.

  • Eleanor: This is usually a name that old ladies have, and it’s very old-fashioned. Maybe you have rescued an older female dog, or you have a puppy who’s an old soul. It’s kind of hilarious to give your dog an old lady’s name.

  • Frida: A great name for a female puppy that’s very quirky and has a unique personality that stands out. It is also an unusual sounding name that means “beautiful.” The most famous person with this name is surely Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist famous for her self-portraits and depictions of the Mexican culture. We also know her for her unique eyebrows, so if your canine friend has a distinct brow or something that resembles a unibrow, you should definitely name her Frida.

  • Gertrude: Is your female pup a bit uptight, serious, and moves in a slow, elegant way—kind of like a rich old lady? Name her Gertrude! Not only is it a totally hilarious name for a dog, but it’s also a beautiful, old-fashioned name.

  • Helen: If you are a history buff, then you are definitely familiar with Helen of Troy whose abduction by Paris, A Trojan prince, started the Trojan War. She was also believed to be the most beautiful woman in the world, which makes Helen a perfect name for a female puppy who exudes beauty.

  • Kim: Love them or hate them, but the Kardashians have become the most famous family in the world with their reality TV show, as well as their presence in the social media. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is also famous for their K names—Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall. If you’re a fan of the famous sisters, why not name your dog after one of them? Plus, each sister has a unique personality which you might recognize in your dog.

  • Leia: It is a unique name that all Star Wars fans will be familiar with. Princess Leia is a famous character played by Carrie Fisher from the cult franchise, known for being fearless, strong, and confident. If those are the words that describe your new puppy friend and she’s a real leader of the pack, you have found yourself a great name. Don’t forget to check out our article on Star Wars dog names.

  • Linda: Another great name for particularly pretty female pups because Linda means “beautiful” in Spanish.

  • Oprah: Not a lot of people are named Oprah because it’s actually quite an unusual name, but we all know the most famous one—Oprah Winfrey, one of the most famous female talk show hosts ever to exist! It is a great name for a dog that is very excitable and loves humans.

  • Paris: A cool human name inspired by the city of lovers, Paris. Also the name of the famous celebrity Paris Hilton. Perfect for tiny dogs with a big personality who love to dress up in cute clothes.

  • Rachel: We all know Rachel from Friends and her iconic 90’s haircut. If your dog has long hair that resembles Rachel, like a Collie, for example, this name fits perfectly. And it’s also quite funny.

  • Roxy: Is your female canine very attention seeking, loud, and behaves just like a rock star? Name her Roxy or Roxanne.

  • Zoe: Short names are perfect for dogs since you’re going to be yelling it many, many times a day. You can also make it even shorter and call her Zo. It sounds cool, and it’s not a common human name.

Wrap Up

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Now that you’ve been inspired by all of these amazing human names for dogs, we hope that you will soon come to a decision because your new puppy can’t wait to get his or her new name.

Choosing a human name for your canine can be a bit tricky because there are so many names out there. Although having a lot of different choices is awesome, it can also make it that much harder to choose. That’s why we hope that our curated list of great human names will make the process a lot easier.

We recommend that you first think about your dog’s personality and character. What are some of the traits or behavior that stand out and are they similar to us humans? Keeping those in mind, you can go through the list one more time, and you might notice that your puppy simply looks like a “Jeff” or “Helen.” Also, you might have some famous people that you love and want to pay homage to.

So don’t give your dog the first human name that comes to mind. Give yourself some time to think about it and read through all the different meanings of the name. You can bookmark this list and come back to it any time. Your puppy deserves a perfect name!

Which name from our list of male and female human names for dogs did you like best and why? Do you think we might have missed some cool ones? Make sure to share those with us and our readers and leave your feedback in the comments below! Dogs are a part of the family, and now that you’ve got the perfect name for them, you might want to start thinking about taking them to the vet for puppies’ first shots.

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